TRANSCRIPT: James Bradley and Jeff J. Brown with an important announcement concerning your future. 5-minute podcast.


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James Bradley and Jeff J. Brown with an important announcement concerning your future. 5-minute podcast.


James Bradley: Hello, I’m James Bradley. I’m in New Zealand. I’m an author. I wrote four books, am best known for Flags of Our Fathers. But my second book was about war crimes is called Flyboys. And I’ve developed a relationship with a guy who has the same initials as me. He’s also handsome but he’s way out in France and I’m way-out in New Zealand. So, to keep it simple for our small minds, I’m JB East and he’s JB West. Hello, JB West.

Jeff J. Brown: Hi, good to hear from you JB East. This is Jeff J. Brown on the beaches of Normandy, the D-Day beaches of Normandy. I have written three books about China called The China Trilogy, but for today’s discussion, I’m also a co-founder and the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission. And so, bioweapons mean a lot to me and the human race has been duped by a bioweapon during the last two years called Covid-19 and it’s no accident and it’s a US-created bioarm. So that’s why we are here together today to tell you about it.

James: And here we are with what has bound Jeff and me together is caring about humanity in general and something happened on December 6th, 2021 and that was a filing in The Hague at the International Criminal Court (ICC). And it was a war crime filing regarding this plandemic. And Jeff and I read the document, 46 Pages.

You can see it on our site and its wow, war crimes are not just in vials, war crimes are masks put on kids that stops their cognitive development and gives them diseases. War crimes are locking down the healthy population of the world, ruining their businesses and driving him to suicide. Read the document like Jeff and I read the document. We care a lot and we said, how can we get the word out? Jeff doing most of the work. So, tell us how you’re getting the word out, Jeff.

Jeff: Well, first off, JB East we wrote a Joint Declaration of War Crimes, and there’s all kinds of links in there. And then, every time we put out something, we’re trying to do something regularly, I will include the link to the ICC PDF file, which will be in every one of the postings of JB West and JB East Present: See you in The Hague!, I will also include a PDF of our Joint Declaration on War Crimes, which is full of all kinds of good hyperlinks that people can use to prepare themselves for the future.

So, you know, knowledge is power, the truth shall set you free and the fact that 16, rich powerful people from the West are being brought before the International Criminal Court – the first Westerners in the history of the ICC – is absolutely earth-shaking and it’s already starting to have an effect that we are seeing. We will share this with people. It’s already starting to have an impact around the world, and so it’s well worth following our work to keep up-to-date because it’s not being divulged by the mainstream media.

James: So, follow JB East and follow JB West. As we move towards The Hague, and I want to say no matter how dark it is, how it might seem there in the news, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we got the light, because when it’s dark in the West, the sun’s coming up here in New Zealand and when it is dark in New Zealand, the sun’s coming up on JB West in France. So, follow us. Go to the light and see you in The Hague.

Jeff: Absolutely, we are 12 hours apart so he’s absolutely right. We are committed to investigating these genocidal perpetrators, be they individuals, businesses, organizations or government. So, here’s the wishing you good health and be safe. Bye, bye.


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