Breaking! News from friends in Shenzhen shows that China fighting an all-out attack on its people. This is war. TRANSCRIPT+VIDEO+AUDIO. China Rising Radio Sinoland 221105


By Jeff J. Brown

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Before watching/listening, here are two ESSENTIAL articles to really understand why Baba Beijing is on a bioweapon war footing, and has been since 1935,

Harvard illegally collected DNA samples in China throughout the 90s, right up to SARS. Lies upon lies and many cover-ups have kept this criminal conduct hidden in plain sight. Looks like bio-engineered germ warfare to target ethnic Chinese. China Rising Radio Sinoland 200225

Special explanation to address the many concerns global citizens have about China’s “Zero-Covid” policy, with Shanghai now in the headlines. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220409

Western empire has been committing chemical and biological war crimes for over 100 years. I am a co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of its Global Online Library. It is free and is the largest collection of audio, video, visual and print media on these subjects, something for which I am humbly proud. Use it as amazing reference to get educated,


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Hello, everybody. I’ve got some really interesting news from Shenzhen. Of course, you probably know or maybe you don’t that I teach Chinese students online. My wife and I taught in international schools in China for nine years. Then one year, we had our own tutoring school called Professor Brown. No surprises there. So, I still teach these students because we went belly up in 2008 with the subprime rape of the middle class and poor people. Thus, I have to keep teaching and working to supplement our limited retirement income, because of all that happening.

Anyway, I talked to Chinese friends there along with my Chinese students. I just learned that Shenzhen, which is right north of Hong Kong, there is a river running between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I’ve walked across the bridge many times. I’ve taken the bus across many times, the metro many times, the train many times. So, it’s very close to Hong Kong. And I found out that Shenzhen is really in super zero-covid mode. Everybody in Shenzhen that I know of is having to take a daily NAT test. NAT stands for nucleic acid test. It’s not as invasive as the ones they like to plunge up our sinuses here in Europe. They just swab the inside of your mouth.


However, Shenzhen is one of the most advanced technological cities in the world. It is the home of Huawei, ZTE, BYD, which is the world’s biggest electric car maker. Fourteen million people. And the government is asking, requiring students, workers, everybody to do a daily NAT test. My Chinese friends tell me they usually do it before going to work, or for the students during lunch, during lunch hour. And it’s not the nurse, it’s not the nurse at the school, or the nurse at the businesses that are doing all this. It is actually teams of government medical specialists every day going in to, likely thousands of businesses, schools, etc., in Shenzhen, testing for Covid. They also report to me that depending on what they’re finding, you have to show a 24-hour, negative NAT test to get into different places, restaurants, etc.

This is really draconian, yet I know why. The reason is that Baba Beijing would not be doing this to 14 million people just to be nasty. I know that Epoch Times and a lot of the many, many mainstream media Big Lie Propaganda Machine platforms that are Sinophobic, China hating, communist hating, socialist hating, want to believe that the government is doing the zero COVID policy to punish and control the people. Although Shenzhen’s is obviously one of the most extreme that I’ve heard of for right now, it is not because they’re tyrannical, that they are dictatorial, authoritarian and want to control everybody.

Can you imagine how much this is costing the Chinese government to do this? How many billions of dollars or euros or yuan, if you want. This is costing them –  how this is affecting productivity and also profitability in one of the world’s most important high-tech centers anywhere. We lived there for three years. It’s just an amazing city and they are doing this, not because they hate their people or because they are tyrannical and dictatorial and control freaks. They are doing this because they know that the Covid in China that is being spread around is a Western bioweapon.

I want you to read, I will give you the articles. I will post the articles on my web page, on China Rising Radio Sinoland. I did an entire exposé about how Harvard, all during the 1990s illegally and unethically harvested hundreds of thousands, maybe up to 2 million lung, throat and nasal DNA samples from Han Chinese for ten years. They did this. The Chinese, unfortunately, back then trusted them.

Of course, later the bioweapon source came out, which was patented by Pfizer months before it was released in southern China: SARS. Therefore, the Chinese know all this. They know these are bioweapons. And very, very likely we know that in 2019 Covid was released in Wuhan at the World Military games, by the by the U.S. team that went there, because they were awful (athletes). I even wrote a whole article about that. Just search World Military Games or soy sauce soldiers on my website to learn all about how the 312 soldiers that went over there were not athletes. They were bioweapons specialists.

We know that the variant released in Wuhan was the most virulent. All the other variants that were in the rest of the world were less deadly. There were five variants. There was the one in Wuhan, which was really, really dangerous. Then there was one in Iran, which was also very dangerous, killed lots of people. They targeted the leadership and a lot of the leaders and politicians were killed. The third, the third most virulent, was the one that was released in Europe, not as virulent as the others. And it just so happened that it all broke out around all the US/NATO military bases in Northern Italy. What a coincidence. And then the two that were that were released in the United States were highly infectious. But not deadly at all.

That being the case, the Chinese government, of course, can’t tell their people this publicly, because the that the people would demand retribution against the United States, and China does not want to go to war. That would be the only other option. Thus, they have to play the game that this is the latest, variant of Omicron, whatever. I am sure that these nucleic acid tests, they are able to go in, as they see these variants being released, that they can immediately, do the genomic profile on each of these variants that are coming in, and they can adjust to the nucleic acid tests immediately to test for those.

You’re asking well how can the United States get all this stuff in, or the United States’ Western vassals, get all these viruses into the into China? It’s very easy because they all have embassies and consulates and they have diplomatic pouches. And according to international diplomatic law, the host country can never request to look inside a diplomatic pouch. A diplomatic pouch is considered to be the property of that country. Therefore, countries can, if they want, embassies can bring in viruses, guns, drugs, money, whatever they want. And the host country cannot touch it. Of course, the United States has, I think, for four: Wuhan, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shanghai, at least four and maybe a fifth, up in Shenyang, on the Korean border. Four if not five consulates that also have diplomatic pouch privileges. These test tubes full of bugs can be easily put in heavy Styrofoam boxes, protected. And then somebody at the embassy or the consulate who is qualified to handle this stuff can go out and drop it in a market or drop it in the subway or whatever.

I can promise you this is proof, the fact that what’s going on in Shenzhen is proof that Baba Beijing knows that it is being attacked with Covid bioweapons by the West. I can guarantee you, vassal Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, England, if they were asked by the United States to do this, they would have no choice but to do so.

It’s very interesting. I can now understand why my students are so stressed out. I even gave one of my students a 13-minute Buddhist meditation on compassion, which is helping him. They’re obviously feeling the strain. It cannot be fun doing this. I mean, we basically did it here in Europe for several months, too. But we didn’t have the daily nasal test. But, if we wanted to go into into a restaurant, we had to go get our sinuses jabbed with the swab, because my wife and I refuse to get the RNA genetic treatment.

Anyway, this is very, very interesting news. I think it tells us a lot about what’s going on. So, the next time someone talks about Chinese Covid versus American Covid, they’re not the same thing. They’re not the same variant. And the Chinese are reacting as such. For them, Covid being spread in their country is an act of war. Thank you.



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