Here is what is really happening in China right now, concerning the Zero-Covid protests. China Rising Radio Sinoland 221201


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Hongkongers putting on a good show for the Global Minority in the West.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Note: the audio and video podcasts are what I read, is in bold,

This is what happened to Iran two months ago. Foreign, mostly US and UK hired saboteurs trying to succeed with a color revolution. Incidentally, the reason the young woman died was from a lifelong heart problem and Iran could not import the drugs she needed to stay alive, due the West’s hundreds of life-killing sanctions. She would probably be alive today, if this were not the case. Who really killed her? Think about that.

1989 Tiananmen Square protest and Falungong organ harvesting internal US Department of State docs on Wikileaks admit they are lies. I reported on this and wrote about it in The China Trilogy.

 Recently a rep of the US consulate in Guangzhou admitted in a public meeting that they know the Xinjiang gulag/Muslim persecution story is fake, but “we have to keep the pressure on”, meaning overthrowing the government and the Chinese people’s communist-socialist way of life.

 The West does not do diplomacy unless forced to. Otherwise, if your country does not want to be a human and natural resource whore for global capitalism, if you do not want to be occupied and a vassal pawn on the imperial chess board, Eurangloland will do everything in its power to subvert and destroy your way of life. Western color revolutions against the Global Majority have been nonstop since 1953, when the US and UK overthrew Iran’s elected socialist government, to install the dictator Shah and brutally kept him in power until the people’s revolution in 1979. 1989’s Tiananmen was just one of hundreds, ongoing around the world. In China: Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, now in China, again.

 I also caution everybody to not believe every image you see on Twitter or YT. Media from decades and years ago, from other countries and incidences are recycled and reused, to say they are happening in China and elsewhere. Many times, I’ve seen rehashed photos from long ago, in Indonesia, Myanmar and elsewhere in Asia, claiming these human rights abuses were in China. This happens all the time. This is something I’ve written about too.

 A case in point: Twitter was showing a supposed government protest in Nanjing, China, showing a candlelight vigil. As it turns out, it was a photo from the annual remembrance of Japan’s WWII Rape of Nanjing.

 For recent examples, below are hyperlinks of fake photos used against Russia in Ukraine.

 In sum: anything and everything that the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) reports on China is nothing more that brainwash vomit, to try to destroy the people’s desired way of life.

 Like Tibet, Tiananmen, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and now with all these foreign organized astroturf protests, they will fail, because the people have the Communist Party of China as their vanguard protector.

 DPRK has a strong central government protecting the people’s traditional, Confucian way of life. Like China, Vietnam keeps foreign intervention in check. Socialist Cambodia, Laos, Eritrea, Angola, Mozambique and Bolivia are fighting the anti-imperialist good fight. Buddhist Thailand, which practices a royal form of socialism, has been skillfully keeping Western claws off its people and resources for 1,000 years.

 They are failing in Iran, because the people have the Basij and the Iranian Revolution Guard Corp ( They are failing in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, because their 99% know the alternative is being Western slaves, and are prepared to make the sacrifices for having war declared on them for decades.

 There are a many others around the world, among the global majority.

Jeff J. Brown


From a CWG member,

Sorry, no time to translate.

I listened to this while having my dinner. Really good.

 1) Both Shanghai and Beijing white paper protests very close to US embassy and consulates.

 2) large number of people arrived in those protest cities from Hong Kong and Taiwan,

 3) money was given to protesters, Beijing received the highest amount rmb1000, Shanghai rmb500, and other part of the cities with much lower amount.



BBC journalist fomenting protests in Shanghai: agent provocateurs using Telegram and WeChat to astroturf fake or very limited protests. MOFA publicly called out the BBC,

 Other reports on TikTok are saying the same thing. The Chinese public know what’s going on, via their massive and extensive social media platforms. These are foreign organized astroturf events.


Did you see this Western guy directing protesters?



  1. Australian Jerry Grey who lives in Guangdong province: «Unprecedented Protests?»

Comments at YouTube:

… the photo @4:48 is actually taken on Urumuqi Rd in Shanghai, not in Urumuqi Xinjiang. However, that writing is clearly written by someone either from HK or Taiwan because they don’t know simplified Chinese very well, thus proving there is foreign interference that funded those non Shanghai residents to join the protests from thousands of miles away. It is also widely spread that people who joins the protests while holding an A4 paper gets paid 1000RMB in Beijing or Wuhan, 500 in Chengdu and 300 in Guangzhou. The photos of the protest leaders, who appear to be Westerners, are also shared in the «Telegram» chat groups that organises and collaberate the protests.

 Two of them, both of ethnic Taiwan background even confronted Shanghai police with their southern accent – one of them is Su Yitong who works for RFA/VOA Chinese, but of German citizenship

 The protestors in Shanghai don’t have Shanghainese accents and the protestors in Chengdu don’t have Sichuanese accents. 

 Read a message circulated in WhatApp from a guy describing what happened in Haizhu Square, Guangzhou.  According to him, those brats probably entered separately from HK and they didn’t do their homework! They thought that Haizhu Square in located in Haizhu, but in fact it’s in Yuexiu District. They exposed themselves as soon as they rallied by saying «People of Haizhu, let’s unite together!»

 Note: I provided ample evidence on the exact same modus operandi during the bogus 2014-2019 color revolution in Hong Kong… Jeff

  1. Evidence for foreign involvment in the Shanghai protests emerge

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  1.[Protesters were being instructed by Western media agents that work for Radio Free Asia, CNN, BBC] 2. [questionable knowledge of Chinese language and characters] 3. [Agent instructing protest tactics] 4.[Telegram group instruction :”Look for the director, when you get there»; pictures a white man]


Attached PDFs 1 – 4: available on this report’s China Rising Radio Sinoland webpage.






Published November 29, 2022

Video: US CIA & NED are the black hands behind the protest in China universities campuses, US & UK agents disguised as foreign press & many entered China through HK

Today is November 28, 2022. The shocking news from different cities in the mainland last night kept coming from my mobile phone. At first, I watched it and thought it was an old video from Hong Kong in 2019. After communicating with netizens, I learned that it was the latest mainland video. Major cities live. When everyone was still spreading the news that Taiwan Province Tsai Ing-wen resigned as the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, it turned out that foreign forces had already deployed in the mainland.

 Netizens who love the country and love Hong Kong immediately use the power of the Internet to investigate and track down these black violence promoters. It turned out that one of them was an extreme anti-China element. He was originally the leader of the Hong Kong gangsters. Because of the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy in Hong Kong, he quietly fled to Guangdong. Announced that color revolutions were launched in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places last night, inciting mainland citizens to gather and protest against the mainland’s epidemic prevention policies.

 He also said that the Weibo account certified by the mainland publicly threatened and slandered him.

On the other hand, netizens in Shanghai have found out the WeChat accounts, names, and occupations of important contacts at the protest rally. They are all reporters from foreign media organizations, including the New York Times and CNN. Many of them, as journalists, took advantage of the relaxed anti-epidemic policies between Hong Kong and Shenzhen to enter various provinces and cities in the mainland. Mainland netizens have sent relevant information to the National Security Agency.

 Based on my recent experience in Hong Kong, these reporters are very young. They were sent by these media organizations to different think tanks and mainland organizations to inquire about news. At first, most of them used the interview method to extract information and pretend to report for you, but after many months, not a single report has been published, and you are required to provide more information on the structure and deployment of the mainland’s official agencies. All discerning patriots know that these reporters are collecting information on behalf of foreign forces. In addition, if you invite these journalists to participate in some patriotic activities, most of them will keep their distance and refuse, saying that they are media organizations, so they must be neutral, and it is inconvenient to participate in related activities.

 Today, as long as everyone opens the news of these foreign media organizations, the headlines will all say that many places in China have erupted in protests due to epidemic prevention policies or social accidents. Please everyone, when distributing news on the Internet, you must first objectively analyze whether the news is true, or whether someone is deliberately acting to challenge and incite public dissatisfaction with the epidemic prevention policy. Secondly, please be more careful about the initiative and enthusiasm of journalists from foreign media organizations. Their superficial ignorance and stupidity are just to get your news and use your network to obtain more information.

 Now is the troubled time, all patriots must be mentally prepared, another struggle has quietly begun. Please unite and send the information of the person in charge of the protest rally to the National Security Agency and other law enforcement agencies, so that they can have first-hand information and stabilize the overall situation of the country.

Johnson Choi


Whenever the MSM says something about China, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s patently false. I don’t ever waste any time to verify the what or wherefore. To say nothing of fretting about it. 

 Since you may not know as much about China as some of us do, I’ll share some YouTube clips that may help allay your fears. Next time, you may laugh when you see something like this.

(caveat: I don’t agree with everything CJ and Barrett say, but they represent a good example of foreigners who have spent some time in China. Both CJ and Lee Barret have a good heart, but their knowledge of China or geopolitics are rather limited)

Andy is a Kiwi who is working for Shanghai Daily.

Rest assured that what you’re getting from the MSM are all completely fabricated rubbish. Remember the bank runs? Remember the housing and therefore Chinese economic collapse? Remember the embassy attack? How about the revolution in Hong Kong? (me too and reported on…) Western and even some Asian MSMs’ frenzy reporting on “widespread” protests and the imminent collapse of the CPC is beyond inane. Gordon Chang who penned The Coming Collapse of China over twenty years ago must be having a field day.

 China actually has hundreds of protests every day. I’ve seen quite a few in my days living there (me too and reported on…). Unlike in some fascist countries, Chinese people are not afraid of the cops. 

China, as usual, does not know how to deal with lying journalists and lying MSM news organizations, but it has always been like that. I’m not surprised. Their best bet is probably to ignore it as before, and everything will be forgotten in a few days, as always.

A suggested website to learn more about China and Hong Kong

Nury was a MSM journalist who used to join every march in Hong Kong against China, until he realized who was behind the lies. He met the enemy, and the enemy was him.



I think the protests are very small and isolated.

They will fizzle out IMO.

But the NED et al have their hand in it – not with much effect it seems.



I did not spent time on this issue. But my impression as follows;

1) US did play a part in making it an organised white paper protest. Chinese media already openly making such complaints. 

However, the frustration also a result of the following:

1) recently, fake Covid test result uncovered in certain regions, cities in China due to pharmaceutical companies profit seeking activities. As a result, there were news of arrests and companies shut down by authorities.

2) certain regions officials in charge simply lockdown the entire areas once they received reports of a few cases and certain community organisation in charge of the respective lockdown areas not trained, and badly handling the public.

This is hard to prevent, as China is too big and not all officials uncharged are as capable and quality.

There is an internal investigation and review of the procedure at the moment.

After 2 years of real-life vaccine effectiveness data, Chinese authority appear to have confidence about the effectiveness of their vaccines in preventing hospitalisation and deaths. So, I think a mass vaccination will carry out so as to relax lockdown policy.

In China, every nationwide policy will end up with mix result, but will be fixed overtime once negative incidents detected.



Dear CWG,

 I think most if not all of the members of this distinguished group are already aware there is a color revolution ATTEMPT (already aborted according to me) evolving right now in China by the usual suspects. 

 But bear with me, I have an uncanny pleasure writing the following lines. And be reassured, it’s a short message.

 A color revolution is part of the tools of what is called a hybrid war.

 At the center of any color revolution, the Western BLPM (Big Lie Propaganda Machine) stands with the usual brainwashing, gaslighting, astroturfing and predictive programming…

 And not forgetting the inevitable house negro at the right place & at the right time playing the assigned role. In the video, the ching-chong (Asian house negro) is a certain Cecilia Wang…

 The hype this time being making non informed people (especially those people living in the so called collective West) naively believe there is a widespread discontent against the Chinese ruling team especially Xi Jinping and the Chinese are supposedly living a second Tiananmen.

 Dream on…

 Most Western people ignore, as Clayton Morris stressed rightly in the video, that protesting is a lifestyle in China. It’s part of the usual everyday conversation between the Chinese government and the Chinese people. It’s a promoted and authorized mode of communication within the Chinese system of whole process democracy. Morris mentioned rightly there are normally about 500 legal protests everyday in China.

 Of course, there are dissatisfactions related to the so called zero Covid policy and other stuff in China but a second Tiananmen ?!


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