BREAKING-Russia adds 20,000 more pages of irrefutable evidence of US WMD bioweapon war crimes since 1945. JB West and JB East Present: See You In The Hague! #48. Transcript and podcasts.

Pictured above: just a handful of the many war criminals who need to be brought before justice and if found guilty of WMD bioweapon crimes, hanged.


 Downloadable PDF file of all these slides, or download them as JPEG images, one by one. Also available in the Bioweapon Truth Commission Global Online Library, in the “Ukraine” directory (

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For Americans to write letters asking to their representatives in WDC to conduct inquiries into US bioweapon research, this form has been created by David Martin,

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James Bradley (Host): Hello, this is James Bradley. My initials are JB. So, they call me JB East because I’m way in the East. I’m out here in Saigon, Vietnam, and way out there in the West is another JB. We call him JB West. His name is Jeff Brown. How are you doing, Jeff?  

Jeff J Brown (Guest): Great.  

James: Hey, let’s talk about bioweapons and why should we talk to Jeff J. Brown about bioweapons because he was one of the co-founders of the Bioweapon Truth Commission. Folks, if you want to open your eyes, do yourself a favor. Go to And as our listeners, we’re gaining thousands of new listeners every week. You might want to go back to our other podcasts and see that Jeff was talking about bioweapons research long before anybody else ( And Jeff, why don’t you bring us up to date on that little delicate subject of bioweapons? 

Jeff: Also on the website, I’ll put the link. Just search to JB and you’ll have all 47 now 48 of our shows that we did. And I do want to remind everybody that this goes all the way back to the original complaint that inspired James and me with the International Criminal Court, where 16 wealthy, powerful Westerners were requested to be prosecuted by the ICC. And that’s really what kind of got this whole ball rolling. I do want to point out that James and I have covered everything from Unit 731 in China with the Japanese, taken over by Fort Detrick in the United States.  

The US military, the US has used bioweapons in Korea. They tested bioweapons on 800,000 of its own citizens starting in the 1950s. If you’re an American, you may have been affected by bioweapon attacks by your own government. The Russians, and a lot of this is based on the evidence provided by the Russians that they have found and investigated in Ukraine. Of course, US using chemical weapons in Southeast Asia in the sixties and seventies. The Russians just came out and showed that the Rift Valley fever outbreak that infected millions of people in Egypt in the 1970s was an American bioweapon attack.  

James and I have covered Cuba’s Dengue fever and agricultural WMD bioweapon attacks in the 1980s by the United States. We’ve covered Harvard collecting DNA in China in the 1990s. James and I have covered SARS and MERS as US bioweapons in the 2000s. Zika and Dengue fever in Africa are ongoing. These are all US bioweapons. COVID-19 development affects all of us today, done in Ukraine since 2010. And of course, it’s deployment up to now. James and I have covered in spades in Ukraine all the evidence that the Russians have brought forth about the Democratic Party.  

Hunter and Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, and the NIH. We have covered several universities in the United States, Big Pharma, the Department of Defense, money laundering, child and human trafficking in Ukraine, Israeli and Red Cross organ harvesting, drug experiments, and torture of the mentally ill and hospital patients, infecting children with incurable tuberculosis on purpose.  

Working and getting Germany, Britain, Poland, and Canada involved. And now, unfortunately for people like James in Southeast Asia, the US is moving what is being lost in Ukraine and found by the Russians. Bioweapon production is being brought back to the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia, and Southeast Asia not far from where James lives. So, this is affecting everybody around the world. The United States Department of Defense has 330 WMD bioweapons labs on every continent in the world except Antarctica.  

And we need to remember that these are heinous WMD bioweapon war crimes and crimes against humanity. And when you add it all up, it makes what the Nazis did in World War Two look like child’s play. It’s that serious. Until now, the Russians presented thousands of pages of evidence at the December 2022 Bioweapon and Toxin convention in Geneva in December that James and I covered. And now this week, the Russians have come out with 20,000 more pages of evidence that they have dug up in Ukraine.  

In fact, they found a bunch of them at a US WMD bioweapon lab in Ukraine, which they hurriedly tried to bury in trenches, as the Russians were invading, and they captured a bunch of it. This is now going to all be presented to the world. And what’s really amazing about all this, James wrote Flyboys, which is about World War Two in the Pacific. And he did thousands of hours of research, years of research on Japanese and US war crimes in the Pacific in World War Two.  

And he always talks about the importance of connecting the dots to find relationships between this and that. Well, with everything that Russia has presented now, it has created an ironclad lattice of war crime evidence for future Nuremberg trials. So, what we need to understand is that this goes back to 1945 in Fort Detrick, and the United States has been imperiously and totally flaunting every law and moral and ethic in the human race since 1945, and has a global WMD bio bioweapon chemical weapon network spanning across the continent.  

And so, thanks to Russia and work like James and mine. I mean, our shows get about 20,000 visitors each and we’ve done 47 shows. So that’s almost a million visitors that we’ve had since we started doing our shows. And the world is starting to take notice. The Eurasian Economic Union, which is basically Russia and the Central Asian states that used to be part of the Soviet Union, just signed a resolution saying that they were going to ban all bioweapon cooperation and not have any bioweapons.  

The problem is for right now, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan do have US WMD bioweapon labs in-country and they will have to get rid of those. And we may not be hearing much about this in the Western press, but the Turkish press has started to publish articles about this. The Indonesian press, the Italian press, and the Arab press, there have been protests in Armenia and Kazakhstan. Of course, in Kazakhstan, there are protests because they have a lab there.  

And as soon as the citizens found out about it, they were not happy. The Armenians went to the Kazakh border to protest against the lab in Kazakhstan. So, there is becoming, thanks to the magnificent connecting of the dots like James likes to talk about, that the Russians have put together in the last year. There is becoming more and more awareness around the world. It’s getting harder and harder and harder for the West Big Lie Propaganda Machine to censor all this. It is just becoming too overwhelming to try to contain it.  

There have even been investigations initiated in the United States itself and the US Congress and the Senate because Americans are starting to ask questions. And James found a really cool and I’ll put the link here on the web page for this post-David Martin. James and I have also talked about David Martin. We did a whole show on his stuff. He’s quite a guy. He’s a lawyer and a biological patent, the most renowned biological patent expert in the world. And he has created a site called Prosecute Now ( 

And what’s really cool is you can unfortunately this won’t work for non-Americans, but if you’re an American, you can go to this, put in your state like Wisconsin for James and Oklahoma for me. And they actually have it all set up so that all you have to do is put your name and address to show that you’re a voter in that state. And it creates letters for the senators and representatives of the House automatically asking that there be an inquiry into bioweapon use by the United States Department of Defense. And it’s hopeful there does seem to be some more awareness here in Europe.  

And this will eventually come out. It may take years. The good news is, is that Russia announced that it is going to continue to dig. They haven’t stopped as they gain more territory in Ukraine. They will undoubtedly come across more treasure troves, because a lot of this stuff is hard to get rid of. And when they did try to get rid of the 20,000 documents in the trench outside of a WMD bioweapons lab, the Russians were able to get them. They didn’t have time to burn them or shred them.  

So, the Americans must be looking over their shoulders. The West in general must be looking over its shoulders because they all cooperate. Britain, Germany, Poland, Canada, and Australia. They’re all in cahoots with the United States, to Georgia in the Caucus and some other countries are all in cahoots and equally guilty. So, James, let’s keep our fingers crossed and I will put the latest slides that the Russians put up this week where they name names. They have pictures of people. I mean, they’ve got mug shots of people.  

And everybody that I just named above from Soros to Obama to Clinton to Biden and everybody else, the Rockefeller Institute, the original ICC complaint that included Rockefeller, the CEOs of the four big pharma companies for COVID vaccines, Tedros of WHO, the World Health Organization. Fauci, Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance, Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina who weaponized COVID-19. All of these people will hopefully one day receive the justice they deserve. Tried and if found guilty, hung just like, or hanged, I guess is the correct adjective for people is hanged. 

James: I’ll take it either way. 

Jeff: And just like those Nazis in Germany who didn’t do nearly as much as these people have done to the human race since 1945. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed, James. It’s looking hopeful. And I think there will become an increasing awareness as we keep doing more shows and as Russia keeps releasing all this information and we share it with the world. 

James: And I just like to add that for those who think this bioweapons concept is far away from them, you could go to the RAIR foundation at and see a preview of what Jeff and I are going to do in February. I’ll read the headline: Pharmaceutical Whistleblower- COVID is the bioweapon created by the US Department of Defense. It’s actually COVID and the toxic vaccines are bioweapons created by the US Department of Defense. So, 600 million shots in America. Those are bioweapons. And the proof is there. And Jeff and I will be doing an interview in February with these people. 

Jeff: On the 18th, yeah, we’ll have it out by the 20th. 

James: So, let’s wrap it there, folks. You’ve got to listen to this and pass it on. The documentation is there. It’s the truth. And get it out and let’s stop the poisoning. 

Jeff: Thank you, James. 

James: Hey, JB East in Saigon. I bet I got better weather than you, JB West. 

Jeff: That’s for sure. Normandy is awful in the winter. 

James: Well, it’s beautiful and sunny here. I’ll see you next time, Jeff. 

Jeff: Bye, bye, James. 

James: Okay. 


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