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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Rogue News’ host, “V”, their producer, “CJ” and yours truly.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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What a great pleasure to be on Rogue News. V, the host is informed and well-prepared, asking great questions. CJ, the engineer is a real pro. Thanks to Matt Ehret for introducing me.

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V: Hey, good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, folks. Wherever the heck in the world you are, it’s the grill economists coming to you live on this edition of Rogue News. And we have with us a very special guest. Jeff Brown is with us. Jeff’s work, I’m actually a fan of it. I actually ran into his work a couple of months back on China Rising Radio Sinoland. And I was like, wow, this guy gets it. He’s a westerner. He’s been to China. And folks, Jeff is the author of 44 Days. He’s also written the book “Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English”.

He’s also the author of “China Rising, Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations – The Truth behind Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus” and “The Big Red Book on China”. He’s been a speaker at TED Talks. He’s been a contributor to Bookworm Library and various festivals. He’s been also featured in an 18-part series of interviews on Radio Beijing, AM 774 with former BBC journalist Bruce Connelly. He has been a guest lecturer at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, as well as various international schools and universities.

He’s been a guest on radio and television programs like PressTV, The Daily Coin, Truth Jihad, Wall Street for Main Street, KFCF FM 88.1, and Crush the Street, as well as having articles published on Covert Action magazine, Titanic Lifeboat Economy, OPED News, UNC or the UNC’s Review, Paul Craig Roberts and many others. And now he’s here on Rouge. He is an Oklahoman and he grew up on a family farm in Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma State University.

He’s a Sooner and he went to Brazil while in graduate school at Purdue University. And here he is. This guy has quite the resume. And Jeff, there’s so much more Jeff has done. I rather have Jeff introduce himself. This is the first time he’s here. Folks, you’re going to learn a lot. You’re going to get your paradigms broken in half and your minds are going to be absolutely enlightened and enthralled. Jeff, welcome.

Jeff: Thank you so much, V and CJ, for having me on. It’s a real honor. I think, first off, I just want people to know that I’m not some guru and like some Indian guru, nor have I just flippantly come up with all of these ideas. My arc of awareness has been long, hard, painful, and sometimes really, really difficult. I was born in the fifties. I grew up with Sputnik and all the anti-communist hysteria and the US, USSR, and Kennedy’s assassination when I was in the third grade.

We were so imbued with a sense of purpose and a sense of righteousness, the temple on the Hill. And I don’t think Americans really fathom just how much we are inculcated with this, with this propaganda. And I mean, it starts in the womb, church, school, television, advertising Hollywood. It’s just it is so pervasive. And so that’s where I started out feeling very smug and superior about my origins.

V: Right. Well, Jeff, we still are the temple on the hill, except we’re the Aztecs on the hill. And there’s quite a lot of chests with missing hearts inside of them, and the blood is flowing through them.

Jeff: So, I am really proud of America and it potential. I just learned the dark underbelly of the imperial empire. I was even in the Peace Corps to help people and am very idealistic. I lived with poor people in Tunisia for two years. But I still had this sense of I am not racist. I mean, if I said.

V: A little biased.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. If I said the N-word when I grew up, I would get literally a bar of soap stuck in my mouth. So, it wasn’t racist. It’s just this sense of cultural and technological and moral superiority. I had that all the way through Peace Corps. And then I traveled. And while I worked all over Africa in the Middle East for the next ten years and learned foreign languages. But I still had it. And I felt very smug about being quote, a Liberaloid Liberal. I caree. I was a Peace Corps volunteer, but I still had this smugness.

And I got married in 1988 to a French woman and 34 years ago or now I guess it will be 35. And so, we decided it was time to leave. And so, we moved to China. And we were there from 1990 to 1997. I was a general manager of 2 companies. We don’t need to go into all that detail. But I learned the language fluently reading, writing, and speaking, managed dozens of Chinese employees, and traveled all over the country. We had our two children there. And so, we then decided to go to France for five years and be entrepreneurs.

And we opened up a used compact disc and DVD shop in Normandy, where I am right now. And seeing France for the first time as an entrepreneur was very, very edifying. It still had a lot of postwar socialism. And as entrepreneurs, my wife and I, were growling about all the rules and regulations. And then we moved back to the United States in 2001. In fact, I was on that first United flight from Paris to New York after 911, the one that was on all the televisions, the first commercial flight to return back into American airspace.

V: Oh, wow.

Jeff: And so, my wife and I went back to Oklahoma for the next ten years. It was great for my mom and dad because they hadn’t been grandparents, because we had lived overseas for so long. And so, it was great for my family. It was horrible for my wife and me. And I was shocked at how much the United States had fallen socially. Infrastructurally, things were just falling apart. Nothing had changed. It was just the same. Nothing had changed. And it was just looking dirty and a lot of poverty. It was a lot of poverty.

So, I was like going, there are socialist programs in France maybe are not so bad after all. I mean, even for entrepreneurs like us, it was tough because of all the rules and regulations. But I suddenly developed a healthy respect for the fact that France and Europe, in general, it is being completely dismantled now with the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, but still have a strong socialist style medical system, etc.

So, then, unfortunately, we went bankrupt and I don’t want to go into the details, but it was a nasty, ugly, contentious bankruptcy and we got caught in 2008, what I call the rape of the middle class by the Lehman Brothers and Wall Street. And we were in real estate and we lost everything. So, in 2010, we went back to China with our younger daughter. Our older daughter had just graduated from high school. She stayed there on her own and went to college on her own. And so we went back with our younger daughter, China.

And so, our first time there was 1990 to 1997, Deng Xiaoping, the Wild East buckaroo days, just street-level capitalism, Fast Eddie, make a buck, lying, cheating, stealing. It was extremely wild for those seven years, nobody trusted anybody. It was just total street-level jungle capitalism. And so, then we had the socialist thing in France, and then we had the neoliberal thing in the United States. And I think it really helps to have these comparisons because otherwise, we don’t know where we are.

We don’t know what is relative. And when we went back to China in 2010, this was after the 2008 Olympics, my wife and I were just gob-smacked. We just said what in the hell is going on here. It had changed so much and for the better the people there, just the mentality of the people, not just the infrastructure, which was mind-blowing, but just the people, how they had changed and evolved and became much more Confucian and much less Fast Eddie and more Confucius and Confucian. So, we were really, really, really blown away.

At this point, I had got out of the business world and we were actually teachers in an international school. We have been certified, alternatively certified in Oklahoma before we left. So, we were teaching wealthy Chinese, mostly wealthy Chinese kids in international schools in Beijing. And I was so gob-smacked. We were just like, this is unbelievable. And so, it was like I was still very much in this: communism is evil and we’re superior and socialism is bad. Well, French socialism is okay, but so I was kind of wavering there, but communism is evil and we’re morally superior and we’re just better than everybody.

V: Well, we have socialism here, too, Jeff, except it’s only for the government.

Jeff: And the 1%.

V: Exactly for them, they’ve privatized all the wealth and they socialized all the risk. It’s a win-win situation.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, for the 1%.

V: It’s what our founding fathers envisioned, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah, not exactly.

V: Not exactly. Not even close.

Jeff: So, I told my wife, I said we used to travel in the 1990s, we traveled all over China and it was really spectacular. But we had now the daughter going to high school in the US and the younger middle school in Beijing. So that the summer of 2010, I started a little blog on Google Blogspot. I started a little blog.

V: I remember BlogSpot.

Jeff: I remember when I got 100 people looking at one of my articles and I was like, Oh, wow. And I said, you know what? I have got to get out and see what’s going on in the rest of the country to see because Beijing’s the capital. And I said maybe it’s a Potemkin village and the rest of the country is falling apart at the seams. And I really had to get out and see it. And so, my wife indulged me and I took off in the summer of 2012 and which ended up being the book 44 Days Backpacking in China.

And I intentionally went to six of the poorest provinces in China. And to see for myself what was going on, I basically hiked, took local buses, and local trains, didn’t fly and I was just boots on the ground. And of course, I speak, read, and write fluent Chinese. So, I was able to talk to hundreds of people. And so, and it was like, wow, it’s the same thing all over the place. This whole country has been completely transformed and the people have completely had just evolved mentally and socially.

And it was like everything that I had been raised with Eisenhower and Kennedy and everything else. It was just like this is cognitive dissonance about how we’re supposed to be so much better than everybody else. But I was looking at all of this incredible development and change, the radical change in the people. And I actually did a recent article on this ( I went to a Cultural Revolution restaurant in a little town in southwest Sichuan as I was going down to Yunnan and I was going to a Cultural Revolution restaurant.

I thought 80 million people were killed in the Cultural Revolution. Why are they celebrating the Cultural Revolution? And just the cognitive dissonance and I kept saying, well and I compartmentalized it and kind of forgot about it. And then I started noticing Mao posters everywhere. And of course, they were back in Beijing. But I think I just didn’t look at them. But I was starting to, like, notice everywhere, Mao posters everywhere. He’s supposed to be a monster. He’s supposed to have claws and not fingernails.

He’s supposed to have fangs and not teeth and blood dripping off of them. And he has green moss between his fangs. And he woke up every day to kill a millions of more people. And so, I had all of these conflicts are in my mind. I got back and actually, I didn’t even think I was going to write a book, but I used whatever that Swype, whatever it is where you can handwrite on a tablet. I came back with like 30,000 words and I thought, well, this is not a blog, this is a book. So, that’s how 44 Fays got developed into a book.

Well, during writing, 44 Days, I went back in researched genocide because I was basically thinking about genocide. That Mao was an exterminator and all this other stuff. And I got to the point when I finished the book and it got published it was a question now of moral equivalency. I said, well, Mao and the communists were evil. They killed all these people. But I did a lot of research on the West and colonialism and imperialism and discovered that they were just as bad.

V: No, Jeff, we’re pure as the wind-driven snow. We’ve never done anything wrong. We’ve never broken treaties.

Jeff: And I did mention the Native Americans. I mentioned Palestine. I mentioned Southeast Asia with the French and the Japanese starving 8% of the Southeast Asian population. So, at that point, I was like, well, we’re both bad. But something just kept eating at me, and I realized I needed to do more research. And so, I decided at that point and this is where the second book, China Rising came into play. I realized I needed to do really a lot more research about the West and a lot more research about China.

So, I spent the next two or three years working thousands of hours. And the more I looked at the West, the worse and worse and worse it got. And it was really interesting because at about that same time, actually what happened was about 2010, I saw a little clip. Somebody sent me a little clip of the World Trade Center Building Number Seven collapsing in freefall with no planes hitting them.

V: Well, that’s because of the fire. I don’t know if this Jeff, but the fire has the incredible ability to melt steel, especially pulverizing construction concrete.

Jeff: Absolute. Absolutely. And I’m a certified science teacher. So, anyway, I was still sort of halfway blue pill instead of the red pill. And so, we compartmentalize this stuff. We have an amazing capacity to just compartmentalize things and not see them. And so, I actually saw that. But it was when I started doing research about all the genocide, the Native Americans and African slavery, and all that. I remembered that video and I looked at it again.

And so, then I started getting way deep into the Western deep state. And so, the first hundred pages of China Rising are actually about Western mal-governance of, Western evil, the false flags, and everything. I do regret at that point, especially coming from Oklahoma that I did not think about the Oklahoma City bombing. And of course, now I know that was an inside job. But anyway, I came away with it.

I looked in a mirror, a Western mirror and it was not a pretty sight. And I came away extremely revolted and all those ideals I had growing up just were shattered. I mean, just shattered on the rocks of truth. And it was painful. I mean, I even cried and I was like, really? I mean, it was really painful for me to go through all this because America is like we are number one.

V: City on the Hill, the city of freedom.

Jeff: The city of freedom and all that. And then at the same time, I did a lot of research into the Mao era. And I traveled to Hunan where he was born. Saw where he was raised and where he went to school and where he taught and really did a lot of research on Mao. And I realized that as hard as it is for probably most of the listeners out there to accept, and of course, I was doing a ton of reading, and what I came to realize is, is that everything all this anti-China propaganda is, first off, I’ve now realized is fundamentally at its heart goes all the way back to the 19th century Yellow Peril, very anti-Asian race, racism against Asians, but especially the Chinese.

V: And before that was the red peril against the Native Americans.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, the Red Peril. Exactly.

V: We’re always been in peril since for quite some time that’s going on.

Jeff: Yeah, basically China Rising and The China Trilogy just I mean I don’t want to get into it, but what we have all been brainwashed about the Great Leap Forward and then the Cultural Revolution is a manufactured lie, just like Russia, Russia, Russia. COVID, COVID, COVID. I mean, it’s just we are very, very, very good at just implanting these memes in people’s minds. And I realized that, of course, at that point that Deng Xiaoping, when Mao died in 1976, Deng could not have gotten out of his chair without the incredible advancements that happened in China during the Mao era from 1949.

He died in 76. But the Deng policies came into effect in 1978. So, the Mao period kind of bled over for a couple of years. And I keep reading and I started reading books. I thought, well what a novel idea, why don’t I read books on China by the Chinese? It’s just like, wow, what an original idea. And so, let’s hear their side of the story. And that’s what I did. And I’ve read thousands of pages. I read books by people who were there during the Great Leap Forward. I read books by people who were there during the Cultural Revolution.

A couple of them. Mobo Gao is a professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia ( The other one, Dongping Han, is a professor at Wilson College in North Carolina ( These guys grew up in extremely poor, dirt-poor villages in China during both the Great Leap forward from 1959 to 1961 and the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, they were there and they tell the truth that it’s not all this scar literature. All these writers who were paid millions of dollars to just write the worst lies about China, like Frank Dikötter, Mao’s Great Famine, and Jung Chang, who wrote Wild Swans and her husband Jon Halliday, and it’s called Scar Literature and Mao’s Physician.

And I had read all those. And I had already read all of those before I came back in 2010. And that’s why when I was sitting in that restaurant in southwest Sichuan in the middle of nowhere and they’re like praising the Cultural Revolution. I was like, what in the hell is going on here? But then I realized the Chinese are not stupid. They know who has helped them and they know who saved the country. And it was Mao Zedong, the People’s Liberation Army, and the Communist Party of China.

So, it’s just been crazy. And I know I piss a lot of people off and I probably hurt my readership and donations and everything else. But I just tell the truth and I know the truth. I know what happened in China. I know what is happening in China. I talk to people there every day. And in fact, I’m going to try to go back next month. Now that the COVID thing is at least temporarily blown, I’m going to try to fly back in February or March, be my first trip back since we left in 2019. So, anyway, also I can tell you is unless you want me to go into detail about the Mao era, it’s not what you think it is.

V: Let’s start, Jeff, let’s start with this. The Cultural Revolution is a major sticking point, and we all know the whole narrative that we get out of the West 52 million people were killed and so on and so forth during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. That’s the number that’s been thrown around often everywhere, 52 million, 52 million. There’s been zero real accounting done whatsoever in this regard. So, why don’t you break it down for us? What the heck really happened with the Cultural Revolution? What was the real truth behind that?

Jeff: Well, let’s start with the Great Leap Forward because it is an amazing story. From 49 until 59, when the Great Leap Forward started, China and the Soviet Union cooperated a lot together. The Soviet Union had thousands of engineers and technicians and scientists in China to help them. We have to remember that when China got its independence in 1949, the Western imperialists were flooding the country with heroin and morphine, and earlier opium. Approximately somewhere between 15 and 25% of the population was addicted.

It’s sort of like you wherever you live. Imagine every fourth house on your street being a drug house. And that’s kind of like what it was in China. And the life expectancy is 1949 was 35 years if you can believe this. And so, literacy, 20%. China had a steel industry the size of Belgium. The infrastructure was only to the extent that the imperialists, basically France, Britain, and the United States could bring in all the drugs and haul out all the booty.

When they called it the sick man of Asia, it truly was the sick man of Asia from 1839 from the Opium War, the First Opium War until 1949 when the Communists liberated the country extremely, extremely in bad shape. And so within two years, and this is a fact within two years after 1949, Mao and the communists got rid of all the drugs, gambling, prostitution, child trafficking, loan sharks, and the mafia, everything was wiped out.

All of the scum of Chiang Kai-Shek, the KMT, and the typical crimes of criminality, robberies, and all that was gone in two years. They did it in two years. And so, at that point, they were able to build. The Great Leap Forward was ambitious. Let’s put it that way. It was ambitious, maybe a little bit overly ambitious. But to put things in perspective, China knew that it needed to industrialize if they were going to become a world power and take care of the people and serve the people. I want people to realize just how successful the Great Leap Forward was.

And if industrially if you take the British Industrial Revolution, the German Industrial Revolution, the American Industrial Revolution, and the Japanese Industrial Revolution, the Meiji Restoration, in the 1860s and 1870s, take those four industrial revolutions’ three best years and China’s Great Leap Forward outperformed all four of those industrial revolutions by 10 to 30%. So, in fact, in those three years, they use 25% of all of the coal that was used in China from 1949 to 1976 in those three years.

Nine of the ten largest hydroelectric dams still existing today were built during the Great Leap Forward. What’s the number one? Well, the 10th one, of course, is the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River. They installed tens of thousands of kilometers of roads, and tens of thousands of kilometers of telegraph lines. They installed a very efficient postal system. They restored irrigation control. Thousands and thousands and thousands of miles of kilometers, whichever you prefer, of the riverbank.

I saw these little dams. They made over 10,000 hydroelectric dams for small villages, which I saw during 44 Days on these small rivers. These little dams were producing enough electricity for people out in the middle of the boondocks to have electricity. I could go on and on and on. And so, what does the West harpoon, at least industrially? Oh, well, they melted. They decided to melt. They needed more iron. They needed more pig iron to make steel. And so, they tried to recuperate old iron and old pots and pans. Ok, it didn’t work, but they quit doing it after about a year. But that’s all you’ll hear people talk about the Great Leap Forward.

Now as far as hunger is concerned, unfortunately, at the same time that this started, of course, they had collectivized all the land, and the agricultural land had all been collectivized, which is a big boogie bear word in the West. It was actually going quite well, but unfortunately for two years straight, 1959 and 1960, China had the northern half was in drought and south of the Yangtze River was in floods, 200-year droughts, and 200-year floods, 2 years straight. So, if everybody wants to blame the collectivization policy for hunger. There was some small amount of starvation, but it was mainly just good old-fashioned hunger.

V: It is basically natural disasters that have done the work. The floods and the droughts have wiped out the crops, the harvest season wiped out the crops. And therefore, again, this is against the backdrop of just coming out of World War Two.

Jeff: Yeah, exactly.

V: That makes sense.

Jeff: So, let me just finish. At the same time in 1960, Mao Zedong knew that Khrushchev, who had taken over from Stalin, who was again another one of these, he was actually an incredible leader. Anyway, Khrushchev was the Gorbachev of his era. He was the was Gorbachev. He was the one that destroyed the Russian Revolution. He was the one that destroyed basically the country. He set it up. And in fact, I’ve talked to Russians who think he was maybe even a CIA asset. And Mao was an excellent judge of people. And he and Stalin had a testy relationship, but they respected each other tremendously and supported each other.

Not great friends but they respected each other. Mao hated Khrushchev. He called Khrushchev a saboteur, a counterrevolutionary. He was destroying the Soviet Union. And he was right. He was right. So, because of that, the Soviets in 1960, it was in the fall, I think it’s something like October 21st or something like that. The Soviets just hopped up, left the country, took all the blueprints, and left the Chinese holding the bag with all of these developmental projects at the same time as these droughts were going on. So, it was just a terrible realignment.

And I know that what I’m saying is true because of Mobo Gao in Adelaide, Australia and Dongping Han at Wilson College in North Carolina, you would think that it would be so easy for them to just go along with everybody else and say, oh yeah, it was horrible, horrible, horrible because there are PhDs at these universities but they wrote books and said, in fact, the collectivization saved lives because they were able to allocate and reallocate and move resources around food resources around the country.

There was a lot of hunger. Remember, almost all of the people who did die of hunger or starvation, almost all of them were 60 or 65 years old. And this was when the life expectancy was still only 50 years of age. So it was a huge rip-roaring success. They became a steel-producing powerhouse. They developed infrastructure and agriculture. It was a huge success. Now people will tell me that, oh, you’re just full of poop, Jeff. That’s just a lie. Well, I’m sorry. I’ve done my research and not only Mobo Gao and Dongping Han whom I interviewed. People want to read their interviews and their books are outstanding ( and

They said it’s not true. And they were in really poor villages one in Qingdao and one in Jiangxi Province. And what’s really interesting is, is that before the Great Leap Forward in the 2,000 years before the Great Leap Forward, China had at least one major famine for 1,826 something like that, 1,800 and something years. Out of 2,000 years, China had at least one major famine basically every year for the last 2,000 years. How many famines have they had since the Great Leap forward? Zero. Zilch.

So, let’s get to the Cultural Revolution, all during Mao, like everybody else, there were a lot of counterrevolutionaries. Well, first off, there were millions of left-behind Japanese imperialist soldiers who were left behind. There were millions of fascist KMT, and Chiang Kai-shek KMT fascist soldiers left behind. So, there were a lot of people left behind in the country who wanted to destroy the revolution. So, they had to either reeducate those guys or get rid of them. Believe it or not, compared to other revolutions, they estimate that only about 2% of all of these bad guys were actually killed, which is an extremely low number.

And most of those, it was done locally by the local people to the landlords and the super-rich who were basically exploiting them, raping them, beating them, and ripping them off. Some of those about 2% of those were killed. The rest were educated and reeducated. And of course, Americans hate the idea of reeducation, but these people are re-educated. The problem for Mao was is there was a lot of corruption. He had six campaigns from 1949 to 1966, trying to rid the country of corruption, basically in the Party, the Communist Party.

He tried everything. He couldn’t do it. The people were upset and everybody was extremely unhappy with the way things were going. Also, the rural people were extremely unhappy, which was at that time about 80% or 85% of the population was rural. Their kids were not getting the education they were promised, because all the old Confucian-style teachers who were embedded in the Ministry of Education and all the schools were very elitist. That’s the one bad thing about Confucianism. It’s a little bit it’s elitist.

And they were very upset that their kids could not get a decent education. That’s why it’s called the Cultural Revolution. So, Mao got so upset at failing six times to rid the country, basically the Party of corruption. Even there’s a famous quote where he said, “I hear you can buy a county Party leader for a pack of cigarettes”. He was extremely disgusted. So, the Cultural Revolution was number one for education for the masses. And the masses were all the peasants. That was 85% of the people at that time. So, the other one was to get rid of corruption.

So, he said, well, if the Party is not going to clean up its act, the people are going to clean up the Party. And so basically the Cultural Revolution is nothing more than the world’s greatest direct democracy in the history of humanity. Basically, that’s when he said to bomb the headquarters. He was saying kick the living ass out of the Communist Party of China and clean it up. And that’s exactly what happened. The people at the local level, if you can imagine, it’s a billion people at the local level decided we’re going to get rid of corruption. And they did. Were there some innocent people hurt or killed, but not millions?

But were there some innocent people hurt? Were there some grudges settled, some personal grudges settled, etc.? Of course, you can’t. A billion people doing this, the greatest direct democracy experiment in the history of the world. Of course, there were some innocent people who got hurt. However, it’s very interesting. And this gets into false flags. It’s actually been proven that when during the first couple of months of the Cultural Revolution, supposedly all these temples were destroyed, Buddhist temples were destroyed and ancient artifacts were destroyed, and all that.

Well, you know who those were? This is classic counterrevolutionary stuff. It was the people who were the elites who were the ones that were being attacked by the peasants and the workers. They were the ones who were getting the short end of the stick on this deal. They were the ones who dressed up all of their people in Red Guard uniforms and went out and destroyed all this stuff to discredit the real Red Guards who were out trying to clean the house.

And so, anyway, it worked. The only reason that Mobo Gao and Dongping Han are full professors at Western universities today is because of the Cultural Revolution. Because before that they would have never gone to school. They may have gotten up to sixth grade, US sixth grade, but thanks to the Cultural Revolution tens of thousands of schools were built, and it was all done locally. It was the people who did this locally. You want local government. Well, this was the greatest experiment in local government that ever happened.

It was the local people who got their resources together, built schools, and did the best they could. Maybe the teachers weren’t Confucian, but they found the best and the brightest to educate their kids. Tens of millions of children who never got to go to school maybe third grade, maybe sixth grade. We’re now going to middle school and high school and being given an opportunity to go to university. And that’s exactly what happened to many, many people like Dongping Han and Mobo Gao.

They got to university in China thanks to the Cultural Revolution. All right? I want people to understand this. There is so much BS.

The other thing is, well, there was no production. That is wrong. It is true. The first year in 1966, the GDP dropped like, I don’t know, 15 or 20%. I mean, because it was total chaos because all of a sudden, a billion people were going, okay, we’re going to clean house. And all these Jung Changs and all these scar literature writers who now suffered during the Cultural Revolution that’s because they were the 1% who were corrupt.

V: Yeah. They were the proxies.

Jeff: Yeah, they were living it up while everybody else was… They were the corrupt people in the Party, the Communist Party that who got taken down who got their shorts sheared. And so, of course, they all escaped and now they’re making millions of dollars with chairs in supposed think tanks.

V: Well, I’ll tell you what, if Americans ever take back their country, if we ever take back our country, Jeff, you could bet a lot of guys in Wall Street in Washington, DC and places like that will be like, oh, how it was terrible. The Second American Civil War, how we suffered. Oh, my God. I’m sure that you write the same books.

Jeff: I tell you what if anybody in the United States wants a good primer on how to do it, read how the Chinese did it with the Cultural Revolution.

V: Interesting. That’s something we need to look at.

Jeff: At the end of the Cultural Revolution, there was no corruption. I mean, there was zero corruption. There was zero crime. Nobody even locked their houses. There was total honesty. And if you want to used the Gini index, the index about how wealth is spread. A Gini index of one means one person owns all the wealth and a Gini index of zero is the entire wealth of the country is spread perfectly evenly between every person.

The Gini index at the time of the Cultural Revolution was 0.15. I mean, it was extremely egalitarian. So, the first year the GDP dropped, I think it was like 15 or 20%. And even including the first year of the Cultural Revolution, the average GDP growth was 8% a year. So, this BS that it was chaos during the Cultural Revolution? They built an atomic bomb. They built thermonuclear weapons. They built intercontinental ballistic missiles. They built satellites and launched satellites into space.

V: That’s the Leap.

Jeff: It’s just unbelievable. But you’ll never know this and people will deny it, oh, It’s not true.

V: It’s not true. They’re all driving around in ox carts, man. That’s not true. How can these grimy Chinese communists come up with such great technological advancements? My gosh.

Jeff: So, the weak link, then if you look at the entire Mao Era from 1949 to 1978, I mean, when he died, I mean, China already its life expectancy, when he died, was 65. So, it was 35 in 1949 and 65 in 1976, he almost doubled the life expectancy. Literacy rates went from 20% up to like 70%. And so, it is infrastructure, everything. So, the other thing that’s just fascinating is, is how they dealt with this afterward because Deng Xiaoping, unfortunately, his son got thrown out of a window and was paralyzed from the waist down after that for the rest of his life. He never gave up.

His son actually never gave up on China or the revolution. And I think he’s still alive today and has been a proponent of the Party and everything. But Deng had a bit of a grudge against what happened. And so how did they finesse this? And so, the whole thing when they came out, I will tell you that Deng and afterward in 1980-1982, they did a thorough study of the Great Leap Forward. And they calculated based on census reports and everything that approximately 25 million people died during the Great Leap Forward.

And we’re talking about out of a total population of 700 million. But again, it was mainly the weather. Well, it was weather driven. They decided that Mao was 70% correct and 30% incorrect, which is very funny because Mao used that same quote in one of his speeches. If someone can do 70/30, we should keep them. And Deng could not have gotten out of his chair without the Mao era. He basically took a broken, miserable, addicted, flat on its back country with no hope and no future.

And in 25 years, another thing for all you ladies out there, Mao was the greatest women’s libber in the world. Before independence, when they were up in Yannan, holding out against the KMT and the Japanese, he kept telling his associates the first law we were going to pass is a law, as we called the marriage law. But it basically gave women equal rights. And because before that, it was pretty bad. I mean, before Mao came along, women couldn’t own property. I mean, they were basically chattel property. And so, he did that.

And when the first law they passed in 1950 was called the Marriage Law, and it gave women full equal rights. When my wife and I would open up a bank account, we got bank accounts still open in China. A man and a woman cannot open a joint account. They will not allow that to happen because they don’t want the husband to control the woman’s money. So, my wife and I have to have two individual accounts. That’s why China has so many women doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, and researchers, plus in the military. And then you name it. They’re business owners. So, he liberated overnight 250 million women.

V: That’s amazing. So, Jeff, you’re telling me that if CJ and I were to move to China, our wives will not be able to have the same checking account as us, and have to be separate. This is ruining us.

CJ: Move on. Just move on.

Jeff: Let me just mention the weak link. The worst aspect of the Mao era. It was food. Even though he increased the GDP six times in 25 years. He increased food production three times in 25 years. But the problem was, is that when the Communist Party took over in 49, there were about 480 million people, which was extremely low. The population from 1839 to 1849 didn’t even barely grow by 100 million people because everybody was sick and dying and addicted to drugs. So, after they took over food and health, the barefoot doctors millions of barefoot doctors. And that’s why they were able to increase the life expectancy so much and better food and sanitation. And they got rid of parasites and diseases. But so, they went from 500, basically 500 million in 49 to over a billion by about 1970.

V: That’s incredible.

Jeff: So, the population was increasing so fast that even though they increased food production by three times, they really needed to increase it about five or six times to keep up with the rapid increase, but they couldn’t because the West blocked imports of fertilizers. So, in 1976, when he died, nobody was starving. It was pretty lean. It was a pretty lean meat. The meat was a bit of a splurge. But anyway, I know the Mao era really, really well. I think Mao Zedong on the whole was the greatest. I am talking for the people. For his people, he was the greatest leader of the 20th century. As I always say, no man did so much for his people in so little time the Mao Zedong. And that’s true.

V: That’s incredible. I mean, this is the complete opposite of what the West teaches us, man. I mean, the West for decades now, we have had nothing but a hollowed-out economy where a paper tiger was masquerading as a civilization. It’s ridiculous where we are. We are taught narratives. I was just listening to Lieutenant Scott Ritter interviewing Viktor Bout.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, the Russian who was framed for gunrunning.

V: Yeah, the God of war. They made the Nicholas Cage movie Lord of War, and they loosely based it on Viktor Bout’s thing, which Viktor Bout was doing contracts with the DOD. He was just delivering supplies, some of the supplies or weapons or there were like MREs and God knows, whatnot, no drugs, no human trafficking, nothing. They needed a narrative. The West needed the narrative.

This is 2008 when the West was actively involved in regime change operations, which they’ve done in China with Tiananmen Square, which is repackaging of Operation Yellow Bird, which they did in Burma back in the earlier eighties, right? So, it’s amazing that you have this innocent man’s life ruined for 14 years over a lie. And every American says, oh, yeah, he’s the Lord of war. The guy had nothing to do with that. It’s incredible.

But people just believed it. And they had an idiot jury in the Southern District Court of New York, which is my old home state, right? Where they just they’re like, oh, yeah, well we saw the movie, Nicholas Cage. He played you. It’s most likely you’re an evil man and you’re going to go away for 14 years. Ridiculous. So, this is what they do in the West. Character assassination and narrative are the greatest power that these Western oligarchs have. Why? Because their ultimate game is wealth extraction.

Jeff: And that’s why I call it the Big Lie propaganda Machine. Unfortunately, it’s so effective.

V: It’s hugely effective.

Jeff: I was just reading yesterday. I didn’t even know about it. But apparently, there were some letter bombs in Spain next door. There were some letter bombs that went off in Spain. The police didn’t know who did it. But then, of course, the Big Lie Propaganda Machine in Washington and London jumped on it and said, oh, it must be the Russians trying to destabilize Europe.

V: I mean, the Russians have the ability to do that. I don’t know if this job, they can mail a few letters out and put baking soda in and will destabilize an entire Western democracy, just like they can buy 10,000 Facebook ads and steal an election in 2016. It’s incredible what the Russians could do.

Jeff: Incredible. And so even the Spanish police in security said it’s not the Russians, but I just saw this the day before yesterday, The New York Times, which is nothing more than a CIA chop shop, came out saying. But what is it? Unidentified or high-level sources they always use. These anonymous sources said that it is very likely the Russians are doing this to destabilize Europe. But what is so sad V is, is that that will get picked up by CNN, MSNBC, BBC, all the whole Big Lie Propaganda Machine will pick that up and we’ll just run with it. And then in four weeks you can interview people anywhere in the West and ask, is Russia involved in the letter bombs in Spain? Yeah, 75% say yeah. It was just like the Uyghurs, the Muslims.

V: The biggest lie ever.

Jeff: The Xinjiang concentration camps, George Soros, and Ned – the National Endowment for Democracy, CIA, create this East Turkestan Liberation Organization with their own flag the typical color revolution. So, what do they do? They get a guy from that organization who probably lives in a townhouse in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. They ship him up to New York.

And at 8:00 at night, he goes into the General Assembly of the United Nations and gives a speech so that it’s officially recorded. So, it’s officially recorded in the United Nations records the Journal of all the speeches given that there are at first off, it was hundreds of thousands and then it was a million and then it was 2 million. And of course, it was like ten or 20% of the population, but ended up being supposedly imprisoned in gulags and Xinjiang. But they took that and gave it to New York Times. And gave it to the Washington Post. Gave it to CNN. Gave it to MSNBC. Gave it to the BBC.

V: And they ran out.

Jeff: And now you ask anybody, well, of course, there are gulags there. Of course, Trump was involved. Of course, Trump is responsible for what happened on January 6th in Washington. Of course, it was. Hell, tt was the damn Democrats who did it to stop the Republicans from questioning the vote.

V: Correct.

Jeff: So, but now it’s become so much a part of the. You can’t question it. It’s just you can’t question it. And that’s why you can’t question the Cultural Revolution. You can’t question at least the paradigm that we have. You can’t question that. Mao was a murderer. Stalin was a genocidal murderer.

V: Everybody was a murderer except us. Because these were God’s gifts on this world we are pure as the wind-driven snow. We fight for freedom wherever there’s trouble. I’m a real American so on and so forth. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And the whole thing on Xinjiang, I’ve said so many times before, this is probably the most incompetent genocide program I’ve ever seen, Jeff. I mean, how do you create a genocide program where in Xinjiang, the people’s life expectancy went from 42 years of age to now it’s about 71?

They had 400 mosques about 30 years, 40 years ago. Now they have 22,000 mosques. Yeah, the number one pop singer in China is a Uyghur woman. The Uyghur language is written on Chinese notes. The Uyghurs have special access to the university where halal meals are for them and prayer rooms are provided for them. They’ve radically changed Xinjiang through economic development, where you had CIA proxy groups and terrorist groups that used to pull off 300 terror attacks per year have been whittled down to practically zero.

Thanks to the policies over there. This is the most incompetent genocide program I’ve ever seen. They really need to consult with some of like, I mean, God rest his soul. What is his name? Zbigniew Brzezinski could have advised them how to do this properly. Come on, man. It’s unreal. It’s unreal which brings us to the next thing, Jeff. Now, I’m a money guy working in the former financial industry, spending many years. But so, my talent is to follow the money and figure this stuff out. A lot of Americans are confused. They’ll say things that China’s working with the American Deep State in order to overthrow America.

Well, if the Chinese are working with the American Deep State to overthrow America, then why is the American Deep State trying to encircle China in the South China Sea, sanction China where every chance to get, create terror groups in Chinese provinces, set off false flags and then use Taiwan as Ukraine 2.0. You can’t have it both ways. But the average American has to figure this thing out which brings us to COVID. And people wanted to know about China so terrible to their people. They’ve locked them down. They’re using drones. Their drone strikes the people like in the Obama years when Obama would kill a 16-year-old American citizen in the Middle East without due course or whatnot.

Jeff: Due process.

V: Exactly. So, would you like to comment on China’s response and how they actually viewed COVID versus the West? Because I’ll also tell you my side of the story, which you and I haven’t talked about this before we went live, but I guarantee you bet your bottom dollar that you and I are going to put together some two pieces of a puzzle and it’s going to be magic. Go ahead, Jeff.

Jeff: Well, we need to understand that China is the most biologically weapon-attacked country in modern history. The Japanese, from 1935 to 1945 had unit 731 in Harbin up near the Russian border. And it is estimated that they killed somewhere around 300,000 people. And they perfected biological weapons from airplanes making bombs out of ceramic and sort of like corrugated iron bombs that would break open on contact and release mice and voles and insects. And they got as far south as Ningbo, which is north of Shanghai.

And they got very good at it. The Chinese at that time learned how to fight against these biological weapon attacks. And they got really good at compartmentalizing and separating people who had contact with all these bugs and stuff. And so, they got really good at that. And then in 1945, the United States, of course, the United States took Unit 731 back to Fort Dietrich, took Shiro Ishii, the head guy, the head psychopath, 8,000 biological slides, microscope slides, and a couple of containers of information.

That’s what started Fort Detrick, the biological weapon, the biggest biological weapon operation in the world. And so, they basically took 731 blueprints and tried to do it on the Yalu River between North Korea and China in 1951-52. It was in the winter, and a few hundred people died. But they definitely did biological weapons against the Chinese and the North Koreans ( So, the Chinese are very used to this.

The fact of the matter is, is that in Wuhan in 2019, there were the Military World Games, and I think it was October, the two weeks in October. And 312 American military showed up to compete. And I put compete in quotation marks because I’ll tell you what happened. Usually, these are really serious. I mean, these games are really taken really seriously by the military. It’s like the Olympics of the militaries around the world.

Usually, of course, you can imagine it’s a duke out between first, second, and third place between Russia, the United States, and China, because those are the three biggest militaries. Well, for some strange reason, in 2019, The United States didn’t even win a gold medal. They didn’t win a gold medal. They were called, the Chinese mocking them in Chinese media, calling them soy sauce soldiers. And the United States came in like 47th or 48th place, like between Bahrain and Guatemala, something like that. I’ve written about all of that.

V: That’s because we’re elite. We don’t want to show forth how elite we are lest we intimidate the competition, Jeff. That’s what happened.

Jeff: That’s so obvious the people that were sent over were not athletes. They were bioweapon experts. And they were at the Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Wuhan, all 312. And it’s unfortunate that China hushes this all up because they don’t want a hot war with the United States. So, they deny, deny, deny, deny. Because if the Chinese government came out and said, we know the United States did this, they would lose face to their people unless there was an appropriate response. And the only appropriate response would be a hot war. And the Chinese don’t want a hot war. So, unfortunately, they also cover this up to keep on the development track, infrastructure development economy. And the very first symptoms, the very first symptoms were among the local staff at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Wuhan, where the Americans were.

V: Tell me it didn’t happen at a wet market between a pangolin and a turtle.

Jeff: Yeah, well, the wet market is about 300 meters down the road from the Oriental Mandarin. But again, that was the Americans who did that. And the Chinese are trying to cover it up and they don’t want to get into it. But clearly, they were attacked in Wuhan. I think to be quite honest with you, there was a double benefit for the World Economic Forum crowd because they knew what the Chinese would do, when they realized that they had been attacked. They knew they would do just like they did against the Japanese in 1935 and 1945.

They knew what the Chinese would do, just like they did against the United States during the Korean War. They went into war footing. They went into total mobilization to stop this from spreading. And that’s why when they had 50 million people quarantined in the Wuhan area. China had to assume that it was a bioweapon. They have to assume that it’s a bioweapon. And that has been the way they treated this until recently. And I’m still trying to go through why they decided to suddenly lift it.

Now, I’m a little bit curious as to why unless they have the vaccines now that they can produce or maybe they just got tired. The people were getting tired of it. I’m in contact with a lot of Chinese. They were getting tired of the lockdowns, although but you know what, until they up until they change the rules recently, poll after poll in China showed 82% of the people polled supported the zero COVID measures. And I have friends in China who are still afraid to go outside because they’re afraid of a Western bioweapon.

V: Correct. And that’s the thing that people have to understand. This is what I’ve said before, years ago as well. They’re taking it that this is a bioweapon. I mean, you look, folks, there are over 300 labs. A lot of them are up and down Asia that are ringing China. And so, these are US bioweapons labs. So, they take it as a biological threat. And I watch this trick, right? Here I’m going to bring this up, this is the other missing piece of the puzzle I’m tied into on the financial side of things. This is very key, very clutch, and very important. All right, here we go. Affinity. I talked about these guys briefly before I’m going to dive deep in here and try to put it together because I don’t have all the pieces back then.

Jeff: Oh, yeah, yeah. I read. I saw a deal about them. They’re the COVID propagandists.

V: Bingo. These guys are basically the ones who were hyping up. They were using the original Niall Ferguson concept. Dr. Niall Ferguson, the guy who told everybody locked down, it’s going to have like a 90% fatality rate. Of course, I’m exaggerating here. But Niall Ferguson is the one that convinced the British government to lock everything down. Meanwhile, while he was having an extramarital tryst on the side with a mistress.

That was okay for him to do, but everybody else had to be locked down and scuttled. And the fear porn is big business, right? And fear porn serves a purpose. They knew if they can get Affinity’s data over into China and initiate a severe lockdown, right? That all of a sudden, it’s going to work in the West’s favor because the hope was it’s going to hobble China’s economy, it’s going to break their economy, it’s going to slow them down.

But the narrative in the West is like, oh, China released the virus to slow our economy down, to make us stumble and fall, and to remove Donald Trump from president because they’re working with the American Deep State. That’s the narrative they told us. But the narrative on the Chinese side, Affinity sent in a lot of people and said, hey, look, China is a data-driven country for good and for bad. In the sense that if you give them false, they’re going to act on the data because it’s democracy on the bottom, data in the middle, and then talent at the top.

I forgot the gentleman who said that I think was probably a colleague of yours. So, this is the situation. So, Affinity goes there. They give them the data work again based on fake multipliers, based on fraudulent information concocted and cooked by Niall Ferguson, as well as Western intelligence agencies that spruce the numbers. And then Affinity, which has tie-ins with MI6 has ties-ins with Soros and wanted men in China Soros, as well as various NGOs, they’re the ones who told the entire world to lock down.

They have their tentacles in the World Health Organization. And because of that, China, what they’re trying to do, just like you said, Jeff, they responded as if it was a bioweapon. That’s why the death rate was extremely low, right? And then what they also did to scare the Chinese, you see in the West, they started recommending Affinity started recommending PCR tests. PCR tests, which were originally created by the creator of the test said this is useless for diagnosing COVID. It’s useless. And COVID only has a 99.97 survivability rate.

So, you don’t need to lock down. So, when the PCR tests, which are throwing in 90% false positive and this is why every day in the West we started hearing 1 million new cases today. 2 million new cases of COVID. 10 million new cases of COVID today, right? And I know you got to go in 15 minutes. So, basically, so the West got all these hyped-up cases of COVID and then fraudulent increased the death rate in the West. While 1 million people died of COVID, you could have died of a shark attack and then said you died of COVID.

Then they killed those numbers and then Affinity went back to China and said, hey, look, look at what the West, they’re not shutting down and locking down like you guys are. That’s why they have millions dead and only 4000 Chinese dead. See, keep locking down. It was a tactic to hobble their economy. That’s what the whole thing is. And meanwhile, then the West unlocked, right? So much death here. But we unlocked it, right? That was the whole entire thing. And then what happened? $10 trillion worth of wealth in the Western markets transferred from have-nots to the have.

Jeff: To have. Absolutely.

V: Jeff, we are limited on time. Go for it.

Jeff: Well, but I just want to say that they knew by releasing it in Wuhan, they could say, well, look at the Chinese. They’re locking down. They’re wearing masks. We should do the same. And so, it was really diabolical. And the problem is, of course, the Chinese government, if they went the Swedish way and basically didn’t do anything, there would be a huge loss of face for the government. There would be a huge loss of confidence in the government. It could be a bioweapon.

So, we have to be safe anyway. And so, China had to go on to a war footing. I’m a little bit mystified as to why they stopped suddenly. Maybe they just realized that the people just can’t handle it anymore. Maybe I know. another interesting thing. They never forced anybody in China to get a vaccine. I still have Chinese friends who are not vaccinated. Nobody was ever forced to get a vaccine in China. And of course, they don’t have the mRNA genetic treatment. They have just  good old-fashioned attenuated vaccines.

V: That’s the loving Western governments to dispense upon their own populations because they love us so much, Jeff.

Jeff: They never forced anybody. I think they just decided people were just getting just burnt out. And I think maybe they’ve realized a lot of the people have gotten three and four of the attenuated virus vaccines, and I think they just figure they probably have enough herd immunity that they can stop it. I think also since the vaccines are government controlled. If they see a new mutation coming on in China, they can probably switch the vaccine production to the new genome. And I do want to point out that there’s a really wonderful exposé on Expose News in the UK.

They have a timeline of the history of COVID going back to the 1980s with Anthony Fauci. But to make a long story short, Anthony Fauci and then Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance, they were the ones that gave money to the Wuhan virus lab to teach the Wuhan lab how to weaponize COVID. What Fauci and the guys got out of it was some bat DNA that got shipped back to the United States, I think, Ralph Baric got $68 million to weaponize COVID in North Carolina. China, the Wuhan lab, got a total of, I think, something like 5 million.

So, who did the real work to weaponize COVID? And I think actually, although it’s been terrible for China from a PR standpoint with the Kung Flu and everything else, and the Wuhan, the CCP virus. But I think it probably saved a lot of lives because Wuhan had the genome of the COVID of SARS-CoV-2 before anybody else did. And so, they were already developing vaccines for it. That’s why they were able to come out with a vaccine just like within months of the public outbreak because I think they already had the genome from 2015.

That’s when Fauci and Ralph Baric and Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance gave Wuhan the COVID, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to teach how to weaponize it. So, unfortunately, it’s been terrible PR and it’s unfortunate. Again, China has to go with the W.H.O. propaganda. It was from bats. And because, again, if they came out and said, we know that this was done by the United States, the people would be demanding justice and revenge. And the only thing that China could do would be to.

V: At that point, we’ll be at a war.

Jeff: War or destroy its economic development by kicking all the foreign companies out. And they don’t want to do that. They’re focused on development, infrastructure, economic development, and improving people’s lives. So, they play along with this lie. But actually COVID-19 is as American as apple pie.

V: Yep, 100%. Jeff, thank you so much. We covered a lot of ground. I know you’re pressed for time. Love to have you back on.

Jeff: Yeah, sure. It’s been fun. You’re a great host.

V: You’re welcome, man. It’s definitely been a lot of fun.

Jeff: And CJ is a good engineer.

V: He is.

CJ: Well, thank you for that, Jeff. I appreciate it.

V: I can barely walk. And hold my drool, so there’s no way I can multitask. Well, CJ makes it so much easier.

Jeff: Thank you so much for having me on. And I will get this transcribed. So, it will be in print and I will promote it on my website. I’ll promote your website and we’ll have a win-win mutual benefit together.

V: That’s what we love. Definitely, Jeff. Absolutely. Folks, get Jeff’s book. Follow him on Twitter. We have all the links in the description box without being said. CJ, take it away.


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