Katherine Watt is preparing Nuremberg 2.0 vs. US Presidents, HHS and DOD Secretaries for domestic bioterrorism. Build the gallows! JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #50

Pictured above: the tireless and dedicated Katherine Watt, with her amazingly informative Substack channel, “Bailiwick News”. Bring on the hangman’s gallows!


Really wonderful to have Katherine Watt on the show today. She is doing critical and courageous work, for the betterment of humanity. We need more Katherines in the world, for a hopeful and just future.

Katherine Watt earned a philosophy and natural sciences degree from Penn State in 1996 and then worked as a reporter for small newspapers. In 2003 she earned a paralegal certificate and has provided legal research and writing for small firms practicing constitutional, civil rights and environmental law. She also published several independent journalism blogs and worked on local food, water and energy security campaigns. She founded Bailiwick News in 2016. Since early 2020, Katherine has focused on Covid-19 issues, including legal framework investigations. She is married with two children, and lives and works in Pennsylvania.

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Within the transcript is a free, downloadable book and at the end, for fun, a song dedicated to Katherine and her fine work.

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James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley. I am JB East out in Saigon, in Vietnam, and I’m here with JB West, Jeff Brown out in Normandy. Jeff, how are you doing?

Jeff J Brown: I’m doing great, James. Thank you.

James: Hey, we have a great guest today. She is Katherine Watt. Welcome, Katherine.

Katherine Watt: Thank you.

James: Katherine is up at 8 AM. Katherine, thank you. Two kids and a husband. And to help me because I’m here in Vietnam, Katherine agreed to do this at 8 AM. So thanks a lot, Katherine.

Katherine: You’re welcome. Thanks for inviting me.

James: So, the reason we’re talking to Katherine today is that since early 2020, Katherine has focused her considerable skills on COVID-19 issues, including legal framework investigations. Now, what’s her background? Katherine earned a philosophy and natural sciences degree from Penn State in 1996. She has reporter chops. She was a reporter for a number of different newspapers. In 2003, she earned a paralegal certificate and has provided legal research and writing in constitutional law, civil rights, and environmental law.

Katherine has published several independent journalism blogs. She’s worked on local food, water, and energy security campaigns, and she founded Bailiwick News in 2016. Folks, we will give you the URL at the end of this. I’ll just say it right now, Bailiwicknews.substack.com. Check-in with Katherine Watt at Bailiwicknews.substack.com. (https://substack.com/profile/8540123-katherine-watt). You’re going to want to know about Katherine Watt. So, Katherine, can I tell you a story and then ask you two questions?

Katherine: Sure.

James: Okay. I published a book called Flags of Our Fathers, and Newsweek magazine said Bradley writes on the level of a 17-year-old and my family was upset for me. And I said they got it right. It took me five years to write the book. If I wrote on the level of a master’s degree, it would take me about two years. Kurt Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse-Five. It took him 18 years. It’s less than 200 pages. So, my point is that to make it simple, I’m not saying a 17-year-old isn’t very bright.

You are bright at 17. I was. But we have an international audience. We have Japanese, Vietnamese, French, and everybody listening to us. So, I’m not as educated as you. And I’d like to get two simple things simply stated upfront. Number one is why is this a bioweapon? If an 18-year-old walked in here right now, how could I explain why this is a bioweapon? Number one. And number two, how did they get this done? Now, let me say it in my civilian language and then you correct me or let’s just simplify this.

So, if somebody said to me, James, the COVID-19, whatever it is, it’s not a vaccine. But the COVID-19 vaccine is not a bioweapon. I would answer and say, yes, it is. The reason we know that is because the Defense Department DARPA says uses the euphemism countermeasure for a weapon. They don’t say to develop a laser weapon. They say to develop a laser countermeasure. And in their paperwork, they said this was a bio countermeasure. Therefore, it is the COVID-19 injection is a bioweapon. So, what do you say to that, Katherine?

Katherine: I think that’s right. I think a more accessible way to understand it might be by observing what happened. In some ways, we couldn’t know it was a bioweapon right at the beginning because we hadn’t seen all the adverse effects and deaths and neurological problems and fertility problems and autoimmune disorders everything that has happened since. So, I think the most persuasive argument is that even after it became clear that it was injuring and killing people, they did not end the program. They expanded the program to more and more people to more and more injections. And that, to me, is the biggest evidence that the deaths and the injuries are intentional. And that’s what makes it a bioweapon, in my view.

James: Well, I have friends who say there aren’t deaths, there aren’t excess deaths and injuries.

Katherine: Well, I’m not going to argue with them that they can’t see it. They can’t see it.

James: Okay. And then the other thing that you described very well in a few podcasts is the management, the legal what I call the under-structure. So, I’d say to the audience, imagine Washington, DC. There’s the White House, you can see the building. Down the street is Congress, there’s the Supreme Court, and we imagine that that’s our government. Well, let’s go underneath and look at the plumbing, like let’s literally go under the street and realize that Congress over the last six years and the executive branch kind of rewired the plumbing without us seeing.

And they hooked up the Department of Health and Services, DHS, and they made DHS the emergency controller. So, while we civilians look to the White House and to Congress for leadership, it’s actually they switched it to DHS so that the head of DHS is an emergency dictator and he has the emergency powers or she has the emergency powers to get this all done. So that’s my civilian take on that. How would you describe that?

Katherine: I would mostly agree it’s not DHS. DHS is the Department of Homeland Security, it’s HHS – the Department of Health and Human Services. But it’s actually, the rewiring I think is correct. I think the more I learn about it and watch what they do and talk to other people who are looking at it, too. I think the HHS secretary is the person who is set up as the frontman to look like the dictator. Well, he’s not supposed to look like the dictator. He’s supposed to look like he’s doing a public health service. But it’s actually as far as I can tell now, more of a committee.

People call it the deep state. People call it the administrative state in which all of these different cabinet agencies and their upper leadership are coordinating activities across departments, across the HHS, across Homeland Security, across the Department of Justice, and across DOD. USDA – Department of Agriculture is key. The Veterans Administration all the way across, and they meet together in several different committees. The one that I think is most relevant is called the Public Health Emergencies Medical Countermeasures Enterprise.

James: Can you repeat that?

Katherine: Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Administration_for_Strategic_Preparedness_and_Response#:~:text=The%20Public%20Health%20Emergency%20Medical%20Countermeasures%20Enterprise%20%28PHEMCE%29,medical%20countermeasures%20to%20deal%20with%20public%20health%20emergencies). And it’s very similar to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as government-sponsored enterprises during the mortgage market, housing market meltdown, and the great financial crisis. In that, this enterprise is quasi-public, quasi-private. It has some legal aspects of being public because most of the people on it are appointed cabinet secretaries or undersecretaries.

And it gets public funding, but it spends the money on private corporate contracts through pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. So, I think that’s where the United States branch of what I see as a globalist criminal enterprise is coordinated in the United States on that committee the PHEMCE and DOD and HHS are sort of probably the two co-chairs, let’s say, of that committee.

James: Okay. And then going back to the bioweapon, isn’t there no paperwork or DARPA says that we’re creating a countermeasure, a biological countermeasure?

Katherine: Yes, that’s there are contracts and there’re guidance documents and there are regulations and you can track the word countermeasure in a public health context, medical countermeasures, qualified countermeasures, and security countermeasures. They have a lot of different modifier words to go with the word countermeasures. You can track that back to the late nineties, and early 2000s in both public health law and also in military law and it sort of jumps back and forth between those two. They refer to each other from one section to the other, which is part of how you can tell that it’s a coordinated bioweapons program run mostly by HHS and DOD.

James: Okay, so now I focused you on two questions, and I’m going to turn you over to Jeff. You guys are both brainiacs on bioweapons. But before I do, if you are addressing our international audience, what would you like to tell? What does Katherine Watt have to say about February 2023 and this whole COVID thing that we are involved in? I’ll give you the floor.

Katherine: I think that it looks much more impenetrable. Their power looks much more impenetrable or overwhelming than it actually is because so much of it depends on people believing lies to be true. And so, the more you can see through the lies and see what’s actually true, the less power they have over you and the more power you have to work with other people to push back against the programs that they’re trying to put in place and the programs they have already put in place. I could say more about that. But that’s the basic message is that it’s built on lies and so it’s made to look much, much stronger than it actually is.

James: So, if I’m listening to you for the first time and hearing a message of hope, what are my next steps? So, there is hope. There’s a bunch of lies. How do I begin to penetrate?

Katherine: Number one is to keep talking about it. People have been talking about it for three years now. And talking about it with each other is how we have figured out so many pieces of it. And that’s why it was so important for them to do all the censorship and all the propaganda to confuse people and to put out false information and pretend it was true. And so, continuing to talk, even when they try to get you to shut up is, I think, priority number one.

And you could talk to anybody you could think of to talk to in any format, writing or speaking or whatever. And then beyond that, the other major piece of what the globalists need for their system to clamp down as hard as they want it to is for people to give up on their own national governments, which is easy to do because it looks like your national governments have completely betrayed you and elements of your national government have completely betrayed you.

But I still think it’s important to stick to your loyalty, to your constitutions, and to the concept of having a national government that represents the people and protects the people in a nation-state. Because the reason they need to undermine your loyalty to that is so they can bring in the one world government and tell you this is a solution to the problem that you have with your terrible corrupt government, when in fact they are the entity that has corrupted your national government and they cannot fix it.

They do not want to make it any better or more responsive to you or more protective of you than it is. So, you have to be on the other side saying no. World Health Organization, get out. World Economic Forum gets out. The United Nations, get out. We do not want your one-world government. We want our own national government back in our own hands.

James: And what’s the end of the road or the hope? I mean, is there going to be a Nuremberg 2.0? It’s so confusing because I can talk to you and people in your field and, gee! this is a bioweapon and it’s killing people and it’s got to end. And then I look at New Zealand and they’re injecting babies in America. You look at the media and everything’s fine. You get your booster and Australia is on its fifth one. What is happening in the world? Are we any closer to any accountability?

Katherine: I think we’re closer than we were, but there’s no way to know how long it’s going to take. It’s already taken much longer than anybody thought it would. I know when it started happening back in 2020, I thought, wow, something about our Constitution, something about our Congress, something about people’s own interest in living their own lives is going to push back on this and make it stop.

And that has not happened yet. But the momentum and the number of people who are really concerned about it and learning much more about it is bigger now than it was three years ago. And it’s getting bigger every day. It’s not shrinking. It’s not like people on our side are suddenly saying, oh, you know what, I was totally wrong. That’s not happening. More people on the other side are saying, wow, I can’t believe it.

Now I have some idea of what’s going on. So, it is moving in the right direction. It’s just moving extremely slowly and nobody has any way of knowing what that final straw is going to be. And when that final straw is going to get on the camel’s back and make it tip. So, the project as I see it is just to keep pushing and keep pushing and keep pushing in that direction without knowing when it’s going to push through the wall.

James: Okay. Yeah. Turn it over to you.

Jeff: I agree with you. The one-world government thing is a huge part of it. And this goes back to Malthus and their depopulation agenda all through the 19th century and into the 21th century and the elite. So, this is not changing for 200 years. I feel like Seymour Hersh just came out with this incredible investigation about the Nord Stream two terrorist attack and clearly showed that it was the United States. It’s Biden who personally ordered it.

And yet I can tell you that if you probably ask ten Americans and ten Europeans where I am about it, they’ve never heard of it. And I think that’s to me, they control the media now so much and that’s my biggest concern. I call it the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. And it is so ruthlessly effective by censorship and PSYOPS fake news. Do you have any comments about how we can kind of overcome that, Katherine? Because to me, that’s the biggest hurdle. If we had a really truly free press, everybody would be informed, but they aren’t.

Katherine: Right. My basic answer is just perseverance and persistence and keeps going. It’s not up to us how fast it unfolds. I think that’s up to God. It’s our job to give him the material he needs to work with to push it forward at the pace that he wants it to be. We do have independent media. That’s why awareness is growing because of independent platforms like yours and all the independent platforms, podcasts, and things like that.

And those are small. Some of them have smaller audiences, but in the aggregate, they reach a lot of people. Those people talk to other people. I think also the way the mainstream media portrays itself as being widely viewed as credible is false. I think most people, even if they watch it, watch it thinking this is garbage and don’t trust it.

And the useful thing is that as long as they need the Internet to do their moneymaking and to do their own corrupt globalists, I’m talking about as long as they need the Internet to be functioning to do the stuff that they want it to do, some parts of it are still available to independent journalists and people who want to talk about information in an accurate, true way. And so, I do think at some point they’re going to shut it down and do like the cyber-attack or whatever. But I also think they’re going to try to get it back up on the other side. And we will still have to just be persistent and keep going.

Jeff:I just recently restarted using Twitter. Now that Elon Musk has bought it. There’s a lot more freedom, and a lot more information on Twitter right now about COVID. I’m putting posts up that would have been censored by the previous deep-state management team. So that is an area to really look into. And as both you and James and I can attest for the time being, fingers crossed, Substack is an incredible platform. It is an amazing platform.

There are so many amazing people on that platform who are just reporting and reporting and reporting. And it’s just it’s amazing. And I understand they have some kind of peer-to-peer ownership to keep it diluted and to keep the deep state out of it. But right now, I think Twitter and Substack are really the two places to help get informed. And then James and I, our show. I’m the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and its Global Online Library (www.bioweapontruth.com).

The information is out there and so it’s just trying to inspire people to quit to turn off MSNBC and BBC and quit reading The Washington Post and the New York Times and expand their horizons. I guess that’s my biggest encouragement to all the people out there that are listening. Katherine doing incredible work. And James and I are really happy to be able to promote her efforts. Can I ask you one more question, Katherine?

Katherine: Sure.

Jeff: One thing that just amazes me I’m producing changes in my last show. It’s about the connections between the JFK assassination, Richard Nixon being pushed out of office, and the whole Trump fiasco of him being cheated out of the 2020 election and the January six false flag done by his enemies. And what really James has done is an incredible amount of work on this. And what’s impressive is the number of people that are involved in these things. He was talking about just the JFK assassination, 200 people over the decades have been assassinated for speaking up.

And I’m thinking of Anthony Fauci at NIH and giving Ralph Baric the COVID virus and he weaponized it. And Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance spends tens of millions of dollars giving it to universities and elsewhere. So many people are involved. And it’s just how they did they do or is it these inter-departmental meetings? I mean, did Fauci get together with the groups with HHS and DOD or do they do it by email or how did you see this happening? It’s amazing. There must be thousands of people involved.

Katherine: Yeah, I think it’s incentive structures. I think there are people who know what the overall program is and they know how to motivate other people to go along with it. And the part I think that’s the main reason why they did this sort of conversion of it that I write about. It was a DOD program. It was the chemical and biological warfare program. And then they transferred it and relabeled it to be the Public Health Emergencies Medical Countermeasures Program.

And there are a lot of people who really do believe that what they’re doing is a public health service because it hasn’t been as clear as it is now until COVID came. And then they did the forced injections and the adverse effects and covering up the adverse effects and deaths and refused to stop the program. All the things that I think make it very clear that it’s a bioweapons program and not public health. But up until that happened, we could see it happening in real-time, it was very, very difficult to see.

You could very easily go along with it and say, sure, H1N1 is an outbreak of communicable disease and wow, it’s so great. They have come up with a vaccine and they’re offering it to us. And that was the thing. They did it incrementally like it was first with 2003, the first SARS. It was like, oh, here’s a communicable outbreak. We should all be worried because this is global or whatever. That was why we should not be worried, because it’s just an ordinary cold, basically. And then they add pieces each time. So, the next time with H1N1 in 2009, they were like, oh, there’s this global outbreak.

Now we have a vaccine and we suggest that you take it. And a lot of people did because it still looked like it was a benevolent program. When they got to 2020 and COVID and they did the lockdowns and they did the mask mandates and then they did the bioweapon mandates, it became much more clear that there is nothing benevolent about this. But it’s much easier to keep people going along with the program if they think they’re actually doing a good thing. And now that people are figuring out, they were not doing a good thing, they were doing a really, really bad thing. It changes. It changes the dynamics.

Jeff: I guess a lot of there’s probably a lot of compartmentalization.

Katherine: Yes, but I do think Fauci does.

Jeff: This person doesn’t know what this is. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, he was the one that gave Ralph Baric the coronavirus to weaponize it at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Katherine: Well, I just wanted to say Fauci has been in a position in the Health and Human Services since the late 1960s when the whole program started. So, he was right there. He was right there to manage the AIDS outbreak. He was right there to manage the swine flu in 1976. So, he has been at the center of it since the very beginning in the late sixties.

James: Katherine?

Katherine: Yeah.

James: So, I’m in Vietnam and have not been in the States for a number of years. And listening to you, it sounds like people are becoming aware. You’re using words like facts and damage and growing awareness. Well, I have a friend who’s on the board of directors of a major clinic in the Midwest. And how is it possible that a civilian board of directors, bankers, lawyers, people from all walks of life, not just doctors that there is a board and then underneath that board, there’s an administrator major clinic.

There are many doctors and nurses in this clinic and they have been administering a bioweapon for three years? So how is that possible that there’s not a demonstration that no one’s throwing exit the window, that the board is allowing this to happen? I mean, how do you get hundreds of people in an institution? They must be hearing the feedback that you’re talking about.

Katherine: You incentivize them. You tell them and you demonstrate to them that if they cooperate, they will continue to get funding. They will continue to have jobs. They can do to be the leaders of this type of organization. And if they do not cooperate, they will be cut off for money in their personal and professional contexts. They will lose their businesses. They will lose their homes. Their marriages will fall apart. It’s a carrot and stick and it’s extremely effective.

And it runs from the very, very top for the Bank for International Settlements, holding that carrot-and-stick-like system over each national government and each central bank of each government. And then the central banks and the national governments hold it over the state governments and the state governments hold it over the counties and the counties hold it over the towns and the school boards and the hospitals. And then they hold it over people who work at all of those organizations. And it’s very effective.

James: Well, I wanted to say that is a brilliant and succinct answer, and I appreciate you going all the way up to the BIS. Not many people do that in this field talking about COVID, talking about the financial motivations. And if the audience doesn’t know what BIS is, they should read Tower of Basel. Tower of Basel, I think is the name of the book.

Katherine: Adam Lebor (download free book: https://archive.org/details/tower-of-basel-2013-by-adam-le-bor).

James: Yeah. And I just really admire what you just said. And I’d like to say to the audience, this is Katherine Watt and look her up at Bailiwicknews.substack.com. Okay, Katherine, thank you so much. This is JB signing on.

Jeff: Yeah, I said thank you very much. This is JB West signing out from Normandy.

Katherine: Thank you.

James: Okay, Katherine, thank you so much. That was brilliant.


Katherine is a self-proclaimed Gen-X journalist and researcher. So, here’s a great Gen-X song dedicated to her mission, Gallows Pole, by Led Zeppelin. No amount of gold and silver will save the thousands of bioterrorists that need to be brought to justice. Hang ’em high!


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