Who is in charge? How the fate of three US presidents is a lens on postwar democracy. JB West and JB East Present: See You In The Hague! #49. Transcript and podcasts.

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Jeff J Brown (Host): Good morning. This is JB West on the beaches of Normandy in France and I’m Jeff J. Brown talking to my good friend and partner, James Bradley, a.k.a. JB East in Saigon. How are you doing, James?

James Bradley (Guest): Hey, Jeff. I’m great. Very Sunny in Saigon.

Jeff: James has been telling me some incredible information. Information that 99% of us have never heard about the modern postwar history of the United States. And he has to crystallize it down into a short show today to get you all started. And the name of it is “Who’s in Charge”. So please take it away, James.

James: So, my question is to everyone who’s in charge in America, and we’ll try to answer it at the end. Now, the disclaimer here is that I’m going to do like 50 or 60 years of history and every single subject deserves a couple of hours of a multimillion-dollar movie. And I’m going to assume a lot of knowledge with the audience. We have to go back to the origins of the CIA in 1947. The audience should know about Operation Mockingbird and the control of the press. And what basically happened was the CIA got out of control and the guns that they had pointed out are now pointing in.

And the regime changes that they did overseas, they’re now doing it domestically. So, let’s start with JFK. I just looked at Wikipedia and I looked up the name Lee Harvey Oswald and it said, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F Kennedy. Well, that’s just so ridiculous in 2023. And again, subject of JFK’s assassination, I’m a student of people, who are reading 5 to 600 books on this subject. The amount of film and evidence is just absolutely overwhelming. So, I’m going to do this in about 10 minutes, the JFK assassination. So, it’s going to be very simplified.

Now, if you have any doubt that there was a conspiracy, just why don’t you turn it off right now? Because I’m not going to convince you. You’d have to go through these 500 to 600 books and hours and hours and hours of research. But let’s look at it simply. JFK, if you look at the film, he puts his hands up to his throat. He just got shot from the front in his throat. There are photos and testimony of a bullet hole coming into the front of the car. So, the right front window had a bullet hole in the glass.

So, he gets that shot and Jackie looks at him, what’s wrong? And then he gets a headshot to his right temple and his brain blows out to the left. Folks, have you seen this? I often ask people, have you seen the Kennedy assassination video? And they say, oh, yeah, Jackie, climbing on the. No, no, no, no. Go to the slow motion, colorized headshot, and look at your president. Look at the bullet entered his right temple and go out in his head, going violently to the left and back, and his brain is blown out in the back. Well, just a minute.

The Warren Commission said that he got shot three times from behind. So right there, this is ridiculous. I mean, the Warren Commission was a pile of lying junk. Did you know that Gerald Ford who was a congressman took a pen and on the autopsy report, moved the bullet hole from Kennedy’s right shoulder and moved it to the neck? So that the Oswald shot from behind in the neck theory would be correct. The people might say, well, James Bradley says Gerry Ford. Gerald Ford admitted it.

In print, he said he did it for the good of the country. I mean, conspiracy, there was a cover-up. There was a conspiracy. There are how many shooters? They found bullets all over the place. This idea that there were three shots from a lone gunman, it’s just too ridiculous, folks. You’ve got to look at the research. There was a conspiracy. Cui bono, who benefits? Lyndon Baines Johnson. When Lyndon Baines Johnson was offered the vice presidency, he had his bag man, Malcolm Wallace.

Go to the library and research how many presidents died in office. And when he saw the answer, he said, “Oh, man, I’m a gambling man. I’m going to take those odds. Lyndon Baines Johnson hated Kennedy. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a giant compared to the pipsqueak Kennedy in Washington. We look at history now. Lyndon Baines Johnson is the vice president behind the glamorous John F Kennedy. But that’s not how Washington looked at it. They looked at Johnson as the most powerful man in the Eisenhower administration.

He was the Senate majority leader and he ran the show while Ike was out on the golf links. And LBJ just hated the Kennedys. And the Kennedys hated LBJ. Who ran the Warren Commission Investigation? LBJ’s friend Allen Dulles got fired by John F Kennedy. Again, I’m going fast. If you don’t know why Allen Dulles got fired, then do some research. It’s called the Bay of Pigs. He was the head of the CIA but failed at the Bay of Pigs. Allen Dulles thought he was above presidents, and all of a sudden Kennedy fired him and said, “I want to destroy the CIA.”

Well, guess what? Who the mayor of Dallas was? He was the brother of the number two guy at the CIA that got fired with Allen Dulles. Folks, when you do the research, it’s like this Secret Service had the mayor, the chief investigator of the police, this guy over here, this guy over there, they were either previously CIA or they went to work for the CIA later. It’s amazing what a big conspiracy this is. J. Edgar Hoover flew into Dallas the night before the assassination and was at a party at Clint Murchison’s home, and they were having a secret meeting to put in the last details on the assassination.

If you don’t know who Clint Murchison is, we don’t have time for this. Clint Murchison H.l. Hunt, a huge, powerful Texas oilman who hated JFK Kennedy because he was going to take away their oil depletion allowance. The head of the Secret Service was in on this good buddy of Lyndon Baines Johnson.J. Edgar Hoover lived across the street from Lyndon Baines Johnson. Johnson told his girlfriend the morning of the assassination they were in a hotel room together. Boy, those Kennedys are never going to humiliate me again.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a powerful murderer who had a number of murders chalked up before the Kennedy assassination. One of the murders is in Covert Action magazine just today. The CIA had three sets of assassination templates set up, one in Chicago, one in Tampa, and one in Dallas. And they were all the same. Kennedy was going to make a turn, a tight turn slowly, the Secret Service driver was going to slow down and there were office buildings off to the side and there would be shooters.

Well, in Chicago, the plot got broken up. It’s a long story right there. I could do 2 hours on the Chicago plot. Kennedy was supposed to go to Chicago. They found this plot to kill him. He didn’t go to Tampa. The same thing. They found the plot. He didn’t go to Dallas. The exact same CIA cookie-cutter plot. He went into Dallas, the home of LBJ. LBJ spent a month on his ranch preparing for this visit with a lot of the conspirators. Read the book by LBJ’s personal attorney. LBJ’s personal attorney did a book on how LBJ killed JFK and how was LBJ agonizing with a psychiatrist in his post-presidential years about the assassination.

And those psychiatric files are still locked up in his law firm. So, what I’m trying to say here is that there are forces much larger than just LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover. There was a conspiracy. Curtis LeMay was smoking a cigar during JFK’s autopsy. They lost the brain of JFK which would have shown the entrance bullets. How can you lose the brain of the president? How come to the guy who did the autopsy never did an autopsy in his life and he was a military guy under the command of these military admirals and generals who were watching the autopsy?

Folks, JFK’s body was head was operated on the plane. Two different bodies were delivered to Bethesda for the autopsy. Look into it. I’m not trying to say belief just what I’m saying. I’m saying why don’t you do some research here? Go to America’s untold stories. Repeat, go to YouTube America’s Untold Stories. Watch the best storyteller I ever encountered. Mark Groubert. You can watch 5 hours on the Kennedy assassination. 5 hours on the LBJ cover-up. You can watch individual segments on, for example, Ruth Payne. Who’s Ruth Payne?

She was the lesbian lover of Marina Oswald, the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald. She was CIA. Ruth Payne was CIA through and through. No doubt about it. And she was a handler of Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruth Payne got Lee Harvey Oswald the job in the Texas Book Depository. Who was George Mohrenschildt? George de Mohrenschildt was a Texan who handled the Oswalds. Look into this. George Mohrenschildt was going to be questioned by the assassination committee in the 1970s. Guess what?

He committed suicide with a rifle to the brain. I mean, it’s too fascinating. The evidence is overwhelming. You’re getting lied to by Walter Cronkite, Wikipedia, and all the networks that this was a lone gunman who shot him three times from behind. This was a massive conspiracy. And people say, well, somebody would have spoken up. Yeah, there are a lot of people who have spoken up. Look at the research. There are over 200 people involved in this situation who was shot, strangled to death, mysterious deaths in the woods, and murders.

They had to kill over 200 people to keep this a secret. And it’s not a secret. The proof is there. It’s just not up on the level of The New York Times and The Washington Post, those Lying CIA Mockingbird Publications. Let’s move on to Richard Nixon coming in after LBJ. Well, Richard Nixon is CIA approved. He was running the Bay of Pigs in the 1950s. He helped devise it under the Eisenhower administration. What I’m saying is Richard Nixon was CIA approved. We’re not getting presidents who are not pre-approved by the deep state.

Folks, if you want to learn more about how Nixon was railroaded out of the office and how we know very little about Watergate, look at Nixon’s lawyer, Geff Shepherd. It’s spelled Jeff with a G and Shephard on the internet. You can look at Shephard on Watergate.com. I watched 10 hours of him laying out evidence that only became available in 2018. Folks, if you think you know the Watergate story because you saw the CIA movie about Watergate in the 1970s, you’re wrong.

There’s information that is just coming out on Nixon on the JFK assassination. And it’s fascinating. Take a look. Now, Nixon. Nixon is in power. He’s the most popularly elected president in history. And he’s a problem for the CIA. He’s having multiple meetings with Richard Helms, the head of the CIA, and he’s saying, I want information on that Bay of Pigs thing, on that Bay of Pigs thing. And H.R. Haldeman, his chief of staff, is like, what’s this Bay of Pigs thing? He’s writing his notes. Well, the Bay of Pigs thing meant the Bay of Pigs.

And then the fact that Kennedy did not support the Bay of Pigs when it went into operation, and then Kennedy fired the CIA creators of the Bay of Pigs, and then they basically shot him for revenge. The short story there. But Nixon kept saying to the CIA, “I want their files. I want the files.” And then there’s a recording of him with the CIA head, Richard Helms, “Hi Dick, you and I both know who killed John. I’d like to see the files.” So, Nixon wants to see the files of how the CIA did the Bay of Pigs and killed John Kennedy. Oops, guess what? What happens?

A guy named Bob Woodward comes along. So, Bob Woodward, the great crusading Washington Post column writer, right? Hey, hey, hey, how come we never learned about Bob Woodward’s background just before Watergate? He worked for Naval Intelligence. Naval intelligence is one of the military kinds of CIA units. George Bush headed the CIA and came out of Naval intelligence. A number of people around the Kennedy assassination were Naval intelligence. Bob Woodward is working for the intelligence community within the Nixon White House.

He’s a Navy officer, guys, and he’s running documents back and forth. He’s part of the secret deep state working in the Nixon administration. And then just like that, he goes civilian. The sheep dip them in a small newspaper. And then magically, the number one paper in Washington hires Bob Woodward and dusts them off, and presents them as a crusading writer for The Washington Post. And we have Watergate. Folks, it was an inside job. Look at the evidence. The CIA took down Richard Nixon.

Deep Throat, which was so exciting in the Watergate movie, All the President’s Men, Robert Redford, and Dustin Hoffman, and Deep Throat was a secret guy. And oh, that’s so exciting. Well, now we know who Deep Throat was. He was the alcoholic number two guy at the FBI Mark Felt who felt that he should have been Hoover’s replacement. And when Hoover died, Mark Felt wasn’t promoted and he was pissed at Nixon. And then all of a sudden, the FBI’s collaborating with the CIA to take Richard Nixon out. Folks, have you been awake in the last five years? FBI, CIA collusion through The Washington Post?

Does that sound familiar? Do you ever hear of a guy named Trump and Russiagate? It’s the same thing. The CIA and FBI working together took out Richard Nixon. Gerald Ford was a nice, upstanding congressman from Michigan. Well, guess what? When they took out Spiro Agnew, the Democrats in Congress who controlled Congress and this is in testimony gave Nixon only one choice. You have to have Gerald Ford. Well, Gerald Ford was CIA. He’s the guy who moved the autopsy bullet in the Warren Commission.

He was a big fat liar for the CIA covering up the assassination of John F Kennedy. Yeah, Gerald Ford is CIA approved. Let’s have him in. Jimmy Carter takes over. Where did Jimmy Carter come from? No one ever heard of Jimmy Carter. He was an obscure peanut farmer Governor. Well, he’s ex-Navy. This deep-state ex-Navy and what’s her name? Morning Joe. His hostess is Mika… Brzezinski. So, Brzezinski becomes the head of the National Security Council for Jimmy Carter.

Well, it was Brzezinski who made Carter. Brzezinski was connected to the Rockefellers, and he was in the Bilderberg Group and he convinced David Rockefeller and the Bilderberg people that, hey, here’s this Jimmy Carter, US Navy, a nice moldable guy. And then all of a sudden Jimmy Carter is smiling on the cover of Time magazine and becomes president of the United States. Again, folks, my question is, who is in charge?

My purpose in doing this is to encourage you to look beyond the headlines. Look underneath what’s happening. Ronald Reagan was an FBI informant in Hollywood in the 1950s. A great friend of the FBI. Who was his vice president? His vice president was the former head of the CIA, George Bush. Now, folks, I’m not trying to get all conspiracy theorists and woo, woo but look at how many hundreds and hundreds of times have you read that Vladimir Putin, ex-head of the KGB, the KGB thug, Vladimir Putin, The KGB Vladimir Putin?

Well, you don’t hear ex-CIA thug George Bush, George Bush ex-head of the CIA. It gets cleansed when we talk about the FBI and former Ronald Reagan. It gets cleansed when we talk about Gerry Ford, part of the conspiracy to cover up the assassination of John F Kennedy. So, I’m just asking you to look underneath the headlines, let’s wake up. This is extremely interesting stuff. Who takes after over after Ronald Reagan?

Well, gee, I wonder if the CIA approved of the ex-head of the CIA becoming president. We move on to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton went to Oxford on the Rhodes Scholarship. Jeff and I have talked about what that means, the Rhodes Scholarship. You’re part of the inner circle. Your conspiracy to rule the world. If you’re a Rhodes scholar, Cecil Rhodes, look who set it up. Look at what type of club you have to be in.

There are a lot of murky waters about Clinton when he went to Moscow as a student with no money and was able to stay in great hotels. Bill Clinton worked with the CIA, running huge amounts, billions of dollars of cocaine through the MENA airport in Arkansas. Folks, you don’t believe me? Well, then it’s I don’t know. You got a problem in your head. Mena Arkansas was a CIA operation that George Bush was running through the MENA airport and doing with Bill Clinton. You see them post-president.

They’re so friendly and arm in arm. And Barbara Bush said that Bill Clinton is the son she didn’t have. Well, they were working together with the CIA, bringing in cocaine through the MENA airport. And it was Bill Clinton who consolidated bank control. Banks couldn’t go all across the country until Bill Clinton came along and he consolidated, I forget the terminology, but he allowed them to go national. The reason we have such a small controlled media is because of Bill Clinton.

Before there were a lot of laws that kept the media segmented so that every different city and state had a lot of different TV stations and newspaper stations, it was Bill Clinton that consolidated this for easier CIA control. Then we go on to George W Bush. Folks, his father was head of the CIA. What can I say? His vice president was head of Halliburton. What was Halliburton? Halliburton was the old brown and root. What was brown and root? Oh, they were the financial sponsors of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Folks, look at all these different strings. They’re fascinating. Obama just arose out of Chicago and became this hero. Really?

Well, his mother was a teacher anthropologist in Indonesia which is a common CIA cover. For females, they had them teach and be anthropologists all over the world. If Obama wasn’t CIA, how come John Brennan? John Brennan before he was CIA was out there in Indonesia going village to village in young Obama’s tracks, warning villagers to not give interviews about Obama and his family in Indonesia. Folks where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

All I’m saying is, is, these are not individuals coming from the middle of nowhere that we’re electing. They all have deep state ties. Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize before he even spends many days. I can’t remember. He was a month old or a couple of months old during his presidency and he gets the Nobel Peace Prize. What are you talking about? That wasn’t manipulated from behind the scenes. The guy goes on to become the number one warmonger of my lifetime. He was bombing nine countries at the same time.

He’s quoted in a book that I’m pretty good at this killing business, but we covered him with the Nobel Peace Prize and that big smile as he did all that CIA skullduggery around the world. And, folks, the 2020 election. Now let’s go back to 2016. The deep state thought that Hillary had it in the bag. And then when Trump pulled it out on Inauguration Day, The Washington Post ran an article that said the takedown, not takedown, but what do you call it, Jeff, when you take out a president legally, he was indicted. When you indict the president, what is that?

Jeff: Impeachment.

James: Yeah, impeachment of the president begins. The Washington Post on his inauguration day said that the Washington Post is CIA. It’s been Ben Bradlee, the editor during the Nixon time, he was at the CIA since 1951. It’s documented, folks. Documented. The editor of The Washington Post. Who owns The Washington Post? Well, let me tell you a story. Amazon never made any money. They lost money year after year after year.

And the first year they made money. When was that? Oh, that’s when they gave Jeff Bezos of Amazon. The CIA gave him a $600 Million contract. The reason Amazon Cloud Services is so huge is because of CIA and Defense Department contracts. And then Jeff Bezos, just out of the goodness of his heart purchases, The Washington Post. Come on, folks. That’s not an independent newspaper. That’s how they do it.

Look at Twitter’s way over on the coast. Washington, DC is way over here. There’s no connection. And now with the Elon Musk papers, we find the FBI was in the middle of Twitter. They are most of the executives were FBI or CIA. So, they take Jeff Bezos from way over there in Seattle, and he just happens to be interested in newspapers. Come on, folks, grow up. Washington Post is CIA media, and they took Donald Trump out in the 2020 election.

Come on, COVID. Covid scare. Do you guys really think that that was a deadly virus put on the masks? How come when COVID popped up in early 2020, the first mask that Hillary Clinton wore said to vote on it? Just a minute. It’s February, or March 2020. The election isn’t until November. And the first mask that Hillary puts on says vote. They had those boxes where anyone could throw in ballots. The deep state helped take Trump out.

So, in conclusion, what I’m saying is that they’ve taken out three presidents, Kennedy with a bullet and Nixon and Trump in other nefarious ways. Now, they got tired of Joe Biden and they’re taking him out. Folks, Joe Biden’s papers are in his garage and in the Biden Pen Center. Those were there for years. Who found those papers in the pen center? A lawyer makes $1,000 an hour. His personal lawyer. What was the lawyer making $1,000? What do you think they were cleaning up the pencils and the rulers and the pads for Joe at the Penn Center?

No, no, no, no, no, they were aware of these papers forever. But it’s time to show you the papers. It’s time to muddy up Joe Biden and take him out. And there’s a whole plan there, I’m sure. Just ask Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama, and Susan Rice, they know what’s going on. So, my point here, my overall point is I’m sorry that I can’t get deep into any of this and I’m encouraging you to take a look and ask the simple question, who is in charge?

Jeff: Wow. I’m blown away. I can’t wait to see the transcript of this. That’s amazing. Well, James, then who is the CIA? Why are they doing this? Who are they helping? Are they connected with the banksters or the military? Why is the CIA doing this? Who are they trying to satisfy? Who do they represent?

James: First of all, thank you for the question, Jeff. And that’s a great question. And it’s the question I’m not going to answer. And let me give you a two-part answer here. Number one, when I say CIA, it’s not that simple. It’s kind of like saying, why is the motor industry in Michigan? Well, Henry Ford. No, no, no, no. It’s a little more complicated than Henry Ford. And this whole story I’m telling is more complicated than the CIA.

The CIA, there were some mafia elements in the JFK thing saying it was the FBI Secret Service, Naval intelligence, Dallas police, and some doctors. So, everything from the medical profession to the guys who redid the car, the glass workers. So, saying CIA is too simplistic. I had to simplify it. What a force. Now, the number one question is who? And I guess I’m asking the audience instead of getting in the who and why, because it always dribbles on.

Well, who’s controlling this? Well, I don’t know. It’s Joe who lives in a castle in Austria. Really? Let’s look at Joe. it’s this family or it’s that money or it’s the Federal Reserve or we’re looking for that simple who? And I say that the who is people that we do not know the names of and never will know the names of. So, I encourage listeners to look at the what. Forget the who and the why for a second because it always stops the investigation. I mean, the personal investigation. Well, who did this and why would do it?

If I don’t have that answer, I just don’t believe it. Why don’t you take a look at the what? Why don’t you look at America’s untold stories and look at the proof of the bullets? Look at the proof of the letters. Look at the proof of the CIA’s involvement. Look at the Nixon lawyer showing you papers that were hidden until 2019. Why don’t you look at the autopsy report that Ford moved? So, the who and the why set that aside until you know a lot more about the what. Look at the what first folks. And then maybe someday we’ll find out the who and the why.

Jeff: Well, this has been incredibly fascinating. And unfortunately, it’s as Americans, it’s almost shocking but it’s almost depressing to think that we don’t live in the democracy that we think that we have or that we’ve been inculcated to believe that we have, and at least since the postwar. And it’s pretty demoralizing. But the only way, I guess, to overcome this and make amends is to expose it and tell the truth like you’re doing today and you did a fabulous job at it. And you did it in 40 minutes actually in 30 minutes. So, I’m sure everybody that listens to this and reads the transcript will be extremely grateful for what you presented today in such a short amount of time. So, thank you, James.

James: You’re welcome. And I’d say the answer we have is a five-star general, one World War two, two-term President Dwight Eisenhower spent two years writing his final message to America. Two years, and he wanted to call it the Military-Congressional Industrial Complex. And he warned that if you do not watch this military scientific community. You will be overtaken at a grassroots level all the way from Washington down to your mayor’s office. Read the speech President Eisenhower set warned us and we can go back to his words and root them out. So, here’s my answer. Eisenhower warned us and go read the speech. So, Jeff, I’m signing off. JB East from Saigon.

Jeff: And this is JB West on the beaches of Normandy. Thank you. Bye, bye.

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