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James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley. They call me JB East because I’m out in Saigon, Vietnam. And I’m with my partner way out there on the coast of France, JB West, Jeff Brown. Hello, Jeff.

Jeff J Brown: Hey, James, good to hear from you.

James: Hey, the audience, we’re going to talk about the Western allies who Putin calls the Golden Billion. And it appears that the Golden Billion are preparing a chemical false flag. This is a war crime, a chemical false flag in Ukraine. And those of you who look at the American media, you’ll notice there’s almost no discussion of what’s going on in Ukraine in terms of biological and chemical elements. I have looked and searched through this subject in the media, and the closest you can get is Redacted with Clayton Morris, who mentions it a bit.

Colonel MacGregor, who’s probably the best commentator on the war in Ukraine, just said, “Yes, I understand there are 25, 26 biological research factories”. But he said that’s about all I know. So, folks with Jeff J. Brown, if you go back to the beginning, you’re getting not just a little more, but you’re getting much more than you’re getting from any other source in English. And Jeff is going to update us on this breaking potential chemical false flag. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jeff J. Brown.

Jeff: James, I want to start out because it’s very important to talk about foreshadowing. And James is a great writer. And his four books, he knows all about foreshadowing, because he wrote very, very suspenseful books and would leave sentences at the end of a chapter. To make you want to turn the page to the next chapter. And of course, the famous idea of foreshadowing is at the end of the chapter, “They looked over their shoulders and saw the silhouette of a man holding a gun”.

So anytime they do a false flag, they always foreshadow. So that when you, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public hear about the false flag that’s pulled off, you psychologically say, oh, well I know that. I saw that. And it loses its shock value.

The Russians have just come out. Again, I think they must have learned from James’s outstanding research. He is always talking about connecting the dots and connecting relationships. And I’m telling you, the Russians are doing it in spades.

They just came out with another press briefing, more evidence, which I will provide in the link that we will put up, their visuals, and the briefing that they gave. On February 22nd, a former US ambassador to Russia. This is last week, folks. A former US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, made the statement,

Russian troops plan to use chemical weapons and the special military operation area. 

Furthermore, as far as Putin’s Golden Billion in early 2023, so that’s got to be within the last two months, the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center planned a large shipment of individual protection means to Ukraine,

Because Russian troops have already used phosphorus ammunition (note: which in fact it’s the Ukrainians using phosphorus) and could use the poisonous substances in the foreseeable escalation of the situation. 

So, they’re setting you up, ladies and gentlemen, so that if this false flag gets pulled off, you will internalize it and go, well, I already knew that. And then you change the TV channel. And of course, this was done for 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, Boston Marathon bombing. It just goes on and on and on. COVID-19 with Event 201, which was two weeks or a month before COVID was released by the United States military in Wuhan in 2019.

So, the Ukrainians are getting literally hundreds of thousands of units of masks and ampules for anti-seizure medication and detoxification preparation. So, the Ukrainians are getting ready to protect themselves, so that if they can pull off this false flag, they will be protected. I suspect that the Russians are probably trying to move the same kind of equipment to the front line where they think it’s going to happen. And we actually have a location.

James and I, in one of our previous shows showed where Ukraine also asked via a request letter to the EU, to the European Union for a whole shopping list of millions of this and hundreds of thousands of that for a nuclear attack, because the Russians last year kept reporting Ukraine is preparing a false flag, a potential false flag by releasing a nuclear material around one of the nuclear power plants that the Ukrainians still had access to and then to blame the Russians.

That never happened, quite probably, because I think maybe the United States and Europe said don’t do it because the prevailing winds are going to carry it all the way up into Eastern Europe. So now we’re talking this new information, the evidence that the Russians have. Of course, they have outstanding intelligence spy networks all over Ukraine. Most Ukrainians speak Russian. Their intelligence speaks and reads and writes and can hear and understand Ukrainian.

On 10 February, so we’re talking about only three weeks ago, a rail transport arrived in Ukraine at Kramatorsk with a cargo of chemicals in one of its cars accompanied by a group of foreign nationals. There’s your Golden Billion. Were they American, European, or both? We don’t know. The car was detached and towed to the territory of the Kuybyshev Iron and Steel Works in Kramatorsk, where it was unloaded under the control of the security service of Ukraine and Armed Forces of Ukraine command representatives.


Pictured above: location of Kramatorsk, Ukraine, just west of the Russian forces advancing from the east.


So not only does Russia have some of the best satellites in the world that have one-meter resolution, but they also have lots of spies on the ground and probably are getting a lot of this from human intelligence. Sixteen metal boxes, eight of which were labeled with the chemical hazard symbol BZ and marked with two red bands showing that it’s extremely dangerous. Two red bands were on the boxes, and then five boxes were labeled with C-S-Riot and C-R-Riot, which are stronger than tear gas, but not as bad as BZ. They only have one red band. The cargo was placed on US-manufactured armored vehicles, which moved to the combat line of contact as part of the convoy.

So, the Russians now know about all of these chemical weapons, which are of course war crimes and in violation of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which the United States controls, they now know that they’re at the combat line. On February 19th, only two weeks ago, 11 cars of specially marked shrapnel ammunition were unloaded in Kramatorsk. The unloading took place at night on a platform in the suburbs with the car labeled as “building materials” and “cement”. So that is the evidence that they have shown.

I sure don’t think that the Russians would have that kind of details unless they had the goods, so to speak, the metaphor, if they didn’t have the evidence to prove all this. And I had never heard of BZ. And it’s actually it’s banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention. It causes phrenoplegia, which is the paralysis of the diaphragm, so you can’t breathe; disorientation, hallucinations and memory impairment. The Russians said BZ agent is a standard war gas for the US Army and was used extensively during the Vietnam War. Did you know that, James?

James: Not specifically that element, but they dumped in everything they could here. Pham Van Dong, the Prime Minister, complained about it. They just dumped in every single chemical, every chemist or doctor’s personal chemicals under torture, defoliants, anything, to kill the rivers, they dumped everything in here. Unfortunately.

Jeff: Oh, man. And this is another. The United States and its allies have repeatedly used chemical munitions in military conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Of course, we know about the false flag, the supposed Syrian government one that was with the White Helmets – these were all Western false flags. The Russians mentioned it, I didn’t know about Afghanistan.

And of course, in Iraq, the United States and Europe gave Iraq the chemical weapons to attack the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq War, and they killed about 80,000 Iranians with chemical weapons. So, this is really, really serious.

Previously, the Russians have pushed, have made this known, of course, but Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public in the West never hear any of this. And unless you listen to people like us, you wouldn’t know about it.

But at least for the nuclear one, they apparently decided to abandon that false flag. But chemical weapons are much more localized and it’s very possible that they will really try to pull this one off to try to frame Russia. And, of course, just like MH17 was shot down by the West and they blamed Russia. Nord Stream was blown up. Sy Hersh proved that it was blown up by the West. And they kept pointing fingers, as James always likes to say, Russia, Russia, Russia trying to blame them for it. But, this one looks really, really serious.

And the fact that it is so new and so fresh and is happening right now in real-time with all of these substances and shrapnel ammunition being brought to the line of contact with the Russians and the Ukrainians is, extremely, extremely worrisome for the whole world, because it could be used as a pretext to basically go into World War Three by having West, Poland and the Baltic States and some of the other Eastern European countries could possibly send in troops.

They’re already there, but they would officially send soldiers. There are already American soldiers and European soldiers in Ukraine helping the Ukrainian Nazis. But it might give them the pretext to do it officially. And we would be on our own road to World War three. That’s all I have, James. I think it’s pretty frightening. Any comments?

James: Thank you. That’s my comment. Thanks for bringing us things that we’re not getting anywhere else.

Jeff: Thank you, James. We’ll talk to you soon.

James: Okay. This is JB East signing off.

Jeff: And JB West out in Normandy. Bye, bye.


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