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By Jeff J. Brown

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Behrouz Nadjafi (Host): You’re watching Press TV. It’s time for News Review. Stay tuned. A diplomatic spat simmering between Beijing and Seoul, China slamming what it calls erroneous remarks by the South Korean President about Taiwan. A Chinese vice foreign minister made a solemn representation to the South Korean ambassador over Yoon Suk-Yeol’s comments. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the official conveyed Beijing’s strong dissatisfaction with Yoon’s totally unacceptable comments.

Early this month, Yoon called tensions between China and Taiwan a global issue, similar to North Korea and blamed the recently heightened tensions on attempts to change the status quo by force. China claims Taiwan as its own territory and insists its dealings with Taipei are purely internal matters. Now let’s see what our guests think about this. So, I’m inviting Jeff Brown, a geopolitical analyst in Normandy. Also with me is Christopher Helali, researcher, and political analyst in Vermont. Good to see you, gentlemen. So, Jeff, we know what’s happening between the US and China. Where is South Korea in this?

Jeff J Brown (Guest): South Korea. It’s really interesting. Yoon is just parroting exactly word for word what Blinken said about maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago. We have to accept the fact that South Korea is a US puppet. And not only that a complete and total vassal state. And not only that but according to my Korean friends, Yoon is considered to be way over his head. He’s weak and he has been told by the Americans to say this because he’s a ventriloquist dummy for Washington, D.C. I mean, that’s just the long and the short of it. It’s pretty risky and very, very unhelpful considering how dependent South Korea is on the Chinese economy. So, he is so weak and South Korea is so beholden and controlled by the United States that he has no choice.

Behrouz: Okay. Christopher, talking about a status quo, that South Korean president saying that China is going to change by force. In your opinion, who’s going to change the status quo? Taiwan? We read this one-China principle that Washington claims it’s sticking to, but in practice, it’s not. And China has insisted that this is a red line and that’s part of its own territory. Now, who is trying to change this status quo? Is it Washington or Beijing?

Christopher Helali (Guest): No, Washington for sure. Washington is consistently as the previous commenter has rightly stated using this issue not only for itself but also in the wider region, using its lackeys like South Korea and Japan to continue to escalate the tensions between the West and China. And so, using Taiwan, which is an internal affair, it is only meant to be solved by the Chinese people themselves, and using the One-China Policy against itself and trying to create tension and stoking this tension by supporting these independent separatists on the island with high-level meetings, whether it be the Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, or recently Kevin McCartney (the current Speaker of the House) meeting with the so-called president of Taiwan. This escalation and this change in the status quo are being done by Washington and its allies and it’s being done as part of a broader effort to ratchet up tensions with Beijing in an effort to create a new Cold War situation and, of course, to have a big payday for the military contractors in Washington and abroad.

Behrouz: And, Jeff, what’s happening, I mean, making a comparison, is this the right comparison to first place the Taiwan issue is like that of North Korea? And I want to also ask you about what if Taiwan announces independence, would South Korea benefit from this in a way?

Jeff: Well, North Korea they’re still at war. North Korea and South Korea, they only signed a ceasefire and of course, again, this was forced by the United States. The United States did not want an armistice. And so, it is an international issue because it was a very horrific genocidal war committed against the North Koreans. So, it is international. I call Taiwan the Province of Taiwan. I consider it to be, just like Christopher was saying, he’s absolutely right. It’s a province and it would not be in South Korea’s interest because if Taiwan declares independence, that’s the only thing that would trigger China into taking military action.

I think Joe Biden could visit Taiwan and China is not going to do anything except huff and puff because they don’t want a hot war because they want to develop their country and make their people prosperous. However, if they declared independence, that would be the red line. And a lot of people and I keep saying this and people keep forgetting this is that since 1960, North Korea and China have had a mutual defense treaty, so that it would drag in DPRK. China would be at war with the United States. And any war with China will automatically mean war with North Korea.

Behrouz: And maybe with Russia, too.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, which actually has a common border with North Korea. So, then all of a sudden, South Korea is going to have 1.2 million very ideologically primed, highly trained, fearless North Korean soldiers charging across the 38th parallel. It’s just, the whole thing is lunacy but the United States is, again, pushing. I think they’re trying to develop a scenario for China as they did with Ukraine.

But I think it’s important to point out that China will not take any bait whatsoever unless Taiwan declares independence. And I would like to point out before I pass on to my fine colleague that in poll after poll, it is totally censored in the mainstream propaganda. Poll after poll, Taiwan has a large plurality, and in some poll majority, 50% of these have no resistance to China. Basically, the elites and the Americans control Taiwan’s own people.

Behrouz: Right. Okay, Christopher, we got a couple of minutes for you. What do you see on the horizon for this status quo in Taiwan as we speak?

Christopher: I see as my right colleague Jeff has pointed out, I see continuing escalations by Washington and its allies in the region. Don’t forget that South Korea, Japan, and other allies cannot move without Washington’s okay. And what we’ve seen is that the United States is putting the screws, so to speak, to China at this point is continuing to escalate and ratchet up tensions. We have many of these surveillance flights, close proximity engagements between both Chinese and American military vessels and aircraft in the region. And this is proving to be very dangerous. Of course, the Americans are far away from their homeland.

The Chinese are defending their territorial waters and their homeland. And as Jeff rightly pointed out, it is a province, no doubt. And so, the United States, being there in and of itself is an escalation. And so, what I see on the horizon, I hope not. And I know all of us hope and pray that it won’t happen, but I’m fearful that they are trying, like Jeff mentioned, to push China into a similar situation as they did with Russia in Ukraine and turn Taiwan into second Ukraine.

And I think that that’s the real danger on the horizon. And all of us have to be very aware of the propaganda of how this manufacturing of consent is happening right now in the United States. And the crocodile tears being shed for these separatists on the island of Taiwan saying that, oh, democracy, oh, human rights, they don’t care about any of those things. And China has done an amazing job for its people. And this is strictly a Chinese affair. But China will fight till the end for Taiwan.

Behrouz: Okay. I appreciate your comments. Jeff Brown in Normandy. Christopher Helali in Vershire. And that’s it for this episode of The News-Review on Press TV.


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