Regis Tremblay hosts Jeff J. Brown to discuss in-depth why China is SO different from the West, past, present, future. Understanding it could stop WWIII. China Rising Radio Sinoland 230514


By Jeff J. Brown

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Regis Tremblay (Host): This is Dateline News and Conversation. The topic tonight is China. China rising. China’s been in the news an awful lot lately and so has Russia. We’re going to talk about China, its history, its background. We’re going to talk about China and Russia, closer than formal allies. The relationship exceeds that, and I want my guest, Jeff J. Brown. He’s returning Jeff J. Brown. Jeff has lived in China for 16 years. He’s written three books. One of them, is China Rising. And his website is Jeff, welcome back to the show.

Jeff J Brown (Guest): Always lovely to be with you, Regis. You’re a wonderful host and I learn as much from you when we get together, as I hope that your fans out there learn from me about what I’ll have to talk about.

Regis: There’s no doubt about it because you’re the only guy, together with our friend Eric Arnaud, who has been on my show talking about China. So, I have a number of questions for you. These are questions that I ask myself and that people who are paying attention also ask. It’s been in the news here. I don’t know if it’s in the news in the United States, but the US has been escalating threats, sanctions, and military action on China through Taiwan. Jeff, from where you’re sitting now and you’re in Normandy, France, but from where you’re sitting now with your background on China, how do you interpret, what the United States is doing and would you agree that it’s reckless?

Jeff: Well, reckless is the word. First off, again, thank you for having me on the show. And I’m very excited to inform you that I’m actually flying back to China on May 4th. And after three years, a three-year hiatus because of COVID and I’m going to be getting my little company launched back up so I can get a business visa and go back as often as I want. So, I’m really, really excited. Yeah, it is reckless. But I think it is a sign of incredible desperation on the part of what I call Eurangloland, which is basically a NAT,O Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. And we can throw in South Korea and Japan, because there’s such a weak vassal of Washington, D.C. It is reckless.

And I think it’s a sign that after 500 years of raping and plundering and exterminating genocidal occupation wars since the 15th century, with Columbus going back in 1492. The West has had absolute total domination of the world’s peoples and the world’s resources for the most part. And since we can go back at least to 1917 with the Russian Revolution, but certainly add to that the Chinese Revolution in 1949 and the development of anti-imperialism in what are the victim countries of the West, who have suffered for so many centuries and have lost billions of people and trillions of dollars in euros/dollars in today’s currencies to the West.

The West now has to deal with Russia, which is independent, and unoccupied, and China, wealthy beyond measure, rich, powerful, and also unoccupied. The DPRK, North Korea is a huge pain in the neck for the West because it’s a thermonuclear power. And then Iran, which had its socialist Islamic Revolution in 1979. Belarus, just those five countries alone, what I call the Asian Quint are enough to scare the bejesus out of Israel and the West. So, they’re desperate. They’re so totally desperate that they’re willing to try to beat Russia in Ukraine. It’s not the Ukrainian war, it’s the NATO-Russian war with the platform being Ukraine.

And they’re going to try to do it in China. I mean, you can just see it coming. They are doing the same thing as they did with Maidan in 2014 in Ukraine to trigger a response from Russia. Putin was very patient. He waited eight years. China will wait as long as it can, but it’s pretty obvious that NATO, Eurangloland as I call it, which includes Australia and New Zealand and South Korea and Japan. They are preparing for war against China, too. And so, it’s been such a miserable failure in Ukraine. It will be even ten times a bigger disaster in the Asia Pacific.

Regis: Well, I’ve been following both of these stories, the US versus Russia, and it is the US versus Russia using NATO. And it’s no longer a proxy war. They’re all in there boots on the ground, thousands of them. It’s well known. And then I’ve been following what the United States is doing in the Asia Pacific, and its total insanity. I mean, the United States is spread so thin now with 800 bases in some 90 countries around the world, provoking two superpowers, nuclear superpowers directly on their borders with military activity, not to mention the sanctions, which are a declaration of war as well.

And we, you, and I both know, they are desperate to maintain their domination, their hegemony of the entire world, and they see China probably close to or already surpassed them in terms of the economic might. There’s no more manufacturing in America. It’s, most of it takes place in China. We shipped it all over there. So, the only thing they have are these sanctions, these military threats, and they keep escalating them. And we both agree that this is incredibly reckless. I have been saying for years and years and years what you just said about the United States, ever since the 15th century has done nothing but rape and pillage first the Continental United States and then everything East and West.

And it’s a sordid history. It’s a history of lies. And the American people, unfortunately, cannot accept that, that their country is only exceptional in terms of decimating the planet, eradicating ancient cultures, and killing millions, billions of people since the beginning. So, I have to ask you this now, because I’m not a student of Chinese history, but you are. The United States we’ve just been talking about it has invaded. And I saw this statistic somewhere before over 500 times other countries, almost every country in the world since 1798, the very beginning of the foundation of the country and occupying these other countries with massive military bases, multiple military bases. Has China in its history ever done anything like this, Jeff?

Jeff: Not on the same scale. But I would like to point out, yeah, China did occupy Northern Vietnam. Annam which is where we get the NAM part of Vietnam. The northern half of Vietnam for about 900 years from 100 AD until almost a thousand AD and then in the 15th century, they occupied again Northern Vietnam for about a hundred years. But this is not like Western colonialism, it’s more like a protectorate. The Vietnamese kept their culture. They kept their language. They kept their religion. They kept everything. It was just a sort of like buffer for the Chinese on their southern flank. I would also like to point out just how big China is. And then I’ll get back to Korea because China had some presence in Korea also.

But again, compared to the United States and the Colonial West, it’s nothing. But China in 200AD at the end of the Han dynasty was and that was the peak of the Roman Empire. That was when the Roman Empire was at its greatest extent. And China had six times as much land and nine times as many people. In fact, all through that period, China consistently had 50% of the world’s population and over 90% of the metropolitan population or city population. So, the comparison also, here’s this country that’s massively bigger than the West. So, they go to North Korea. And again, North Vietnam.

The Vietnamese are still speaking Vietnamese. They still have their religion, their culture. It’s not like in the United States where they go in and completely wipe the people out and make whoever’s left a survivor in their image. China, of course, big country all during the Middle Ages. China was a big brother to Korea. There was a city that is today in North Korea that was on the border that the Chinese occupied for about a hundred years. And then there was another, I don’t remember the dates. It’s in my books, but there was another time when they occupied another city for about 30 years.

Again, the Koreans speak Korean. They still have their culture. They still have everything. It was, again, more of just,  more of like a century occupation or a military presence to help calm that border with Korea. During the Ming Dynasty starting in the 1300s, they were sick and tired of being attacked by the Central Asian tribes. They were a thorn in the side of China for hundreds of years. And these central tribes, these Central Asian tribes in what is today Mongolia, Eastern Russia south of Vladivostok, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Eastern Afghanistan. These tribes were warrior tribes and they were tough men.

They were really, really tough fighters, fierce warriors. They had Panzer division cavalry that drove the Chinese nuts. During the Song Dynasty from 900 to 1200, they got so sick and tired of them that they could not defeat them. They just paid them off. They just said, “Listen, if you’ll leave us alone, we’ll give you so much silk and so much silver every year.” And it worked for about 300 or 400 years. So, the Song Dynasty was left alone. These tribes included the Xi Xia, the Jurchen, the Zunghar, and the Khitans. And Khitan is where the actual word Cathay comes from, like Cathay Pacific, the airline Cathay, people thought that it meant China.

And of course, the Mongols, Genghis Khan, he learned from these very, very, very incredibly military tribes. And then, of course, Genghis Khan used their methods of cavalry. These Panzer divisions on a much larger scale ended up conquering all of China, including the Song and everything else. And going all the way to Europe, he had the largest empire in world history. So, when the Mongols, the Yuan dynasty, which was basically Genghis Khan, lasted for about 150 years. The Ming Dynasty took over and they said, we’re sick of this.

So, they actually expanded China’s territories out to where, because of the fall of the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan, left a vacuum. And during that vacuum, no more fierce tribes and Genghis Khan was wiped out. And so, there was a vacuum. And during that vacuum, for about 100 or 150 years, China spread out its borders continuously, not like the United States invading Korea or Vietnam, but continuously expanded its borders which included Outer Mongolia, what is today Outer Mongolia, north of the Amur River into Russia, because that’s where, again, where all of these fierce tribes were south of Vladivostok, Eastern Kazakhstan, a little bit. And then the Stans, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etcetera.

They expanded out that far. And you know what? Because they did that from about 1384 on, there were no more wars in China. There were no more wars in China. Thus, instead of this having this Greek-Roman Expansionist Imperial mentality that we have in the West, they stopped. They just stopped right there. They had a secure border around greater China. And they had no more wars. They were over. The Chinese during the Middle Ages had problems with the Japanese pirates. And so, they would go into a couple of ports and take care of some Japanese pirates.

But China, you have to understand that when Columbus went to North America, he thought he was in China of course. He was such a horrible sailor and mariner, but he thought he was actually in China and India. But three generations before that in 1421, Zheng He, Admiral Zheng He, went all across the Indian Ocean, Africa, and the Middle East, all the way down into Southeast Asia. They had huge armadas. And in the 1400s, Chinese military technology was so advanced compared to the rest of the world. I want you to think about this when you think about Columbus, three generations later with little tiny boats what was it, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, and whatever.

The first flotilla of Zheng He in 1421 had 300 ships and it had 30,000 people. How many did Columbus have? 60 or 70. The Chinese had half the population of London, at the time in London, England on 300 boats. And they went to all the ports in Africa, the Middle East, India, Persia, all through that area. And they had several more expeditions. Those people aren’t speaking in Chinese. Those people weren’t attacked. Those people weren’t occupied. Those people weren’t exterminated. The Chinese could have wiped out everything in their wake. They had flotillas big enough that were bigger than most of the cities that they visited.

And to this day, nothing happened. They gave them books and concubines. And the Chinese wanted to share science and they wanted to share technology and astronomy, and religion and the Chinese gave away books and they brought princes back from all these countries, and they took them back to China for several years. And that is China compared to the Greeks who went all the way to Crimea, who expanded all the way to Crimea and exterminated everything in their wake. And then the Romans did the same thing. And then the Roman Catholic Church did the same thing.

And then the European colonialists did the same thing. And then the United States and France did the same thing. And the Spanish and the Portuguese and North America and then South America, The British, and Asia.

Dharampal, the famous Indian thinker and philosopher, did an actuarial study of India for the 300 years that the British were in what was considered to be the Crown Jewel of India, Burma, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, what used to be the Colony of India. And he conservatively estimated that in 300 years, the British exterminated genocidally, exterminated 500 million locals. And he said that it could be as high as 1.5 billion. And I just read an article from 1880 to 1920, they have shown that the British exterminated 100 million Indians, just in that 40-year period going into the 20th century.

So please don’t talk to me about, oh, well, the Chinese are just the same. I am so tired of that moral equivalence because it’s a lie. It is not true. We would be speaking Chinese today if they had the same imperial, hegemonic, genocidal DNA that we do in America. because they could have gone all the way to Lisbon, Portugal.

I mean, nobody could have stopped them because they were so powerful. But they didn’t. They stayed right there. And then the Qing dynasty, after the Mings were weak, that’s when they had their Century of Humiliation. And the Western powers took China and raped and pillaged it from 1839 and addicted everybody to opium. The Qing lost almost all of what the Ming gained. And then after Mao and the communists took over in 1949, they settled all of their border disputes with Russia and everybody else.

They went back. They ended up with only 6% of what the Ming had gained after the Yuan Dynasty. They gave back 94% of their expanded land. How many Americans and Europeans do that? They gave it back, 94% of the land that they had gained during the Ming Dynasty. The only thing now that’s left is there are a couple of zones, Jammu and Kashmir in India and Pakistan. And that is a clusterfuck that was created by the British Raj to create this problem today. And then Arunashal. So, there are only a couple of places left in India. All the others, China has solved all of its territorial disputes going back hundreds of years.

Regis: Well, this is what I was hoping to learn, because people today, a number of people in the West and even people here in Russia are suspicious that China now has imperialistic desires and designs, and even Russia is now when China and Russia have come so close together, they don’t talk in terms of alliances they talk in terms of a special relationship that goes beyond alliances. People are wondering if here in Russia if Russia is just going to be a sidecar to China, it’s going to be really nothing. And they’re worried that China will eventually take over. But with what little I know and I think you just confirmed it China has never had imperialistic designs.

All right. I’m glad that you put that on the table. The history of China has not been one of hegemony, has not been one of imperialism, has not been one of rape and pillage, destroying cultures. It’s been about trade. It’s been about not just in goods, but, as you said, ideas and art and culture. Now, Jeff, a lot of people, including myself, are talking about the One Bridge, One Road, the New Silk Road, which would go from the far East in China through Russia that down through Ukraine, through the Middle East, and a land bridge all the way to Portugal. But I have argued that this is not an imperialistic design, it is all based on trade exchange. And not only in goods but in development. Would you agree with that?

Jeff: Yes. And again, let’s go back into history. The original Silk Roads go back before Jesus Christ. Before Jesus Christ,  and back then during the time of Jesus Christ in Europe, people were practically living in, I mean, I’m exaggerating, but of course, there was the Roman Empire. But I mean, it was so technologically backward. It was so infrastructurally backward compared to China. You really have to understand how advanced China was for 5,000 fricking years compared to the rest of the world. And the only time that someone got the best of China was from 1839 to 1949 after the Opium Wars, because the Qing dynasty was weak and vacillating. Britain, France, and the United States, principally those three colonial powers, took advantage of it and raped and plundered China for 110 years.

There were others, there was Sweden and even Russia was in Dalian at Port Arthur. But nothing compared to what the French, the British, and the Americans did. The Portuguese did not do in China what they did in Brazil and in Africa. Basically, Macau was a trading post like you were talking about. So, we can’t really consider Portugal for China, which is why now Macau has no problem reintegrating with mainland China. It already practically is, except that it has casinos. So, they keep a border there, but it’s essentially now already integrated into China. So, go back what was your question again? I got a little bit off track. Excuse me.

Regis: No, they’ve never had imperialistic designs. It’s been about trade. One bridge. One road. The New Silk Road.

Jeff: The new silk. And go back to the Silk Roads at the Times of Jesus. China was so advanced technologically and everything militarily, they were hundreds of years ahead of everybody. They had guns and rocket-propelled grenades and short-range missiles and machines that would shoot 100 flaming arrows at a time. I mean, they were so far ahead of everybody. They were the ones that invented the stirrup on the horse. They were the ones that invented the stirrup for massive horse cavalry. They could have, during the Silk Roads, back during the time of Christ, the Han Dynasty unified China.

And it was bigger, nine times more people and six times more land than the Roman Empire. They could have marched all the way across Asia and slaughtered everything in their sight, and they didn’t do it, because the Chinese are not, they don’t have this hegemonic, imperialistic, genocidal DNA like the Greeks and the Romans, which ended up becoming the Roman Catholic Church. And then, of course, the colonialists of Europe and then which and their spawn in Australia and North America.

And the Australians wiped out practically the entire population. So, the Chinese didn’t do it. They’re business. They’re businesspeople. They’re all about just doing business trading. And they’re also very much into cultural exchange, scientific exchange, etcetera. And so again, we don’t even have to go back to Zheng He in 1421 with his 30,000, I think it was 30,150 people on 300 ships. We can go all the way back to the Silk Roads, back to the time of Jesus Christ. China could have taken over the fricking world. And nobody could have stopped them. But they didn’t do it. They stayed there.

They took care of their people. Why did they have nine times as many people and six times as much land? Because they take care of their people. I mean, even the worst emperor in Chinese history would be 100 times better than the best Western leader. And there were a lot of bad leaders in China, a lot of them over 5,000 years, a lot of them. But even the worst ones were better than what we get. So, it’s a whole nother… it’s like a different planet. It’s like a different world. And people have to understand that you cannot compare the West to China and you cannot compare China to the West. It’s not the same thing.

Regis: Okay. Let’s now talk about the Russia-China relationship formally declared at the Beijing Olympics when Putin was there and the two of them made that formal declaration. And it had to do with joint policy, trade, technology, and even military exchanges. But the biggest thing, in my opinion, and I’ve done a few shows about this was there both of them were committed to building a multipolar world to replace the unipolar world of the American hegemony. And since that time, President Xi Jinping was just in Russia. It was amazing, amazing. He spent three days there and met for hours with Putin and personally and his staff.

Again, joint statements, and individual press conferences, emphasize that the multipolar world, the New World Order is already here and it’s growing exponentially. Now, Jeff, I want you to come in on this, but I also want you to comment on it what they’re both doing to replace the American US dollar. With the BRICS nations, Russia and China are both in that. And it’s BRICS plus who knows how many countries want to join this? It’s the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It’s China going into the Middle East and brokering peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Russia going to Saudi Arabia and making deals in oil to undermine the United States Petrodollar. Jeff, from where you sit and with your background, how does this fit? Because I think it fits with China’s ancient designs for expanding trade development, etcetera and President Putin has been the most outspoken person on the world stage about moving to a multipolar world with strict observance of international law, the UN charter, the respect and sovereignty of all nations, large and small. And it’s all based on everybody prospers. Jeff, talk to me about how you see this from where you’re sitting.

Jeff: Well, it’s absolutely true. I don’t have the exact quotes in front of me, but when Xi Jinping landed in Russia, in Moscow, he said something to the effect that what they were going to work on was to develop a system where the world will be run by rules that everybody recognizes and not just the rules of a few, which of course means Washington, DC, London, and Paris for the most part. Then there were quotes that were coming out when he said goodbye.

Basically, during that three-day period, they decided that now was the time to bring 500 years of genocide and theft to an end. They have committed, although the Chinese are not… Actually, Putin has said it, as you said, he’s very outspoken. But the Chinese are much more Confucian and much more diplomatic. But they agreed that this was the time, that now we are seeing the Titanic tipping in the ocean and it’s going down and they’re going to do what they can to accelerate the collapse of, again, 500 years of rape, plunder, extermination, and massive theft.

Then Russia came out with this new foreign security declaration. And they basically just laid it out. I don’t have the quotes in front of me, which said we are going to end American hegemony. Therefore, as long as Russia and, I understand, I mean, China is intimidating and I can understand why Russia and of course, the Russians have been attacked nonstop for a thousand years. Every like who was it? Putin said every 50 years someone tries to invade Russia. So, the Russians are historically conditioned to be suspicious of its neighbors and China, just Vietnam.

It’s a love-hate relationship. And I think that’s what we probably have and with Korea, it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship, not between DPRK – the North, but South Korea and China. It’s huge. I mean, Vietnam is as big as one province in China and South Korea is as big as one tiny province in China. Russia has the same population as 2 or 3 provinces in China. And so, China on the surface can be intimidating. And I understand why they’re worried, why they instinctively are worried. But again, you look at the history, it is there.

So, they’re doing it. They are actively working to bring down what let’s call it the American empire. What caused this? The breach in the imperial dike, so to speak. The breach in the imperial dam, of course, is Ukraine, because it has so backfired on the West. It is such a massive disaster of phenomenal proportions, although you won’t know it in the West because of all the propaganda and the censorship and everything. But you and I know Russia is in control. They’re calling the shots.

They’re using the Rope-a-Dope, Muhammad Ali and his Rope-a-Dope, hanging back like this, while the West just exhausts itself. The Russians don’t have to do anything. NATO’s going to run out of arms and Ukraine is going to run out of soldiers. So, this is the Achilles heel for the West, Ukraine, and the war within Ukraine. And so, they’re taking advantage of it. And then the other thing that was just completely insane. I mean, the Greeks had the first sanctions. That’s what caused the Peloponnese Wars in what was it, 300 and something BC.

The Peloponnese Wars were caused in great part by sanctions, because, I think it was Athens blocked Sparta’s port. Sparta blocked Athens ports. I mean, this has been going on for so freaking long, and that’s just what the West does. They sanction block blockade boycott. And then if that doesn’t work, invade and conquer. And so that these insane sanctions, the thousands and thousands and thousands of sanctions that the US piled on Russia after they went into Ukraine to protect the Russian people in the eastern part of the country. And I predict they’re going to go all the way to the Hungarian and Polish borders.

But that has caused everybody around the world to see that the imperial King wears no clothes. It didn’t work. Nobody accepts and even the sanctions in Europe are not working. They’re still buying oil and gas. And it’s like a big Wizard of Oz, kind of front, to look good and powerful. India, nobody is respecting the sanctions. And so, everybody’s like going, well, to hell with this, let’s ditch the dollar. Because if Eurangloland can steal $300 billion of Russian assets that were found, that were supposedly in Western institutions and banks.

If they can steal $300 billion of Russian assets and tell us that we can’t listen to Tchaikovsky and we can’t read Dostoevsky. If they can do that to Russia, well, all these other countries are going: We could be next. And so now that caused everybody around the world to go, oh, we need to stay away from the dollar. And that’s exactly what’s happening. And it’s very, very, very difficult to create a new SWIFT bank transfer system. But Russia’s done it. Russia now has tens of countries signed up for their SWIFT inter-bank inter-country wiring system. Of course, China is one of the members of that group.

China has its SWIFT system called… Oh, I forgot the name. It has its CRIFT, something similar to that. India is now trading in yuan. Brazil is now trading in RMB. The world, which has been raped and plundered for 500 years, now sees that the monster that has destroyed them for 500 years is now vulnerable. Saudi Arabia and everybody around the world are trying to ditch the dollar, because they don’t want to end up like Russia. And so that’s why they’re talking about a BRICS currency. That’s why they’re talking about doing bilateral currency trade. Actually, China-Russia now, I think it’s up to 27% of RMB-ruble settlements.

China and Russia trade is based on Yuan and Ruble. So, it’s happening and the dollar, as the global reserve currency, is the only thing that is keeping Western imperialism from collapsing. If they keep eating away at the dollar and the use for dollars around the world goes down and down and down, that will really hasten the collapse of the Western Empire as we know it. And unfortunately for guys like you and me, we get paid our Social Security in US dollars, we may be working for the rest of our lives, because our dollars aren’t going to be worth squat when it does happen. But it would be worth it. It would be worth it, I think. What about you?

Regis: Yeah, well, I agree with all of that. And I’ve been following it all for quite some time. I want to talk here before we run out of time. So, we’ve got all of this war and military threats and sanctions. The war in Ukraine. The United States threatened China over Taiwan, sending military equipment, advisors, etcetera. How many fleets do they have in the East China Sea? I don’t know anymore. So, you have all of this going on at this level. But on the larger geopolitical level, you have what we’re talking about.

It’s an erosion of the dollar. It’s an exposing of the emperor who doesn’t have any clothes. The only teeth he’s got left are the military and the threat. And the threat is nuclear. Well, those, whoever they are, whatever you want to call them in the United States, in London and Paris recognized that their time is over. They will not control the future order of the world. And realizing they’ve lost, will they take the whole world down with them in a nuclear Armageddon? Your thoughts on that?

Jeff: Yeah, that’s the big worry, because we have to accept the fact that Western leaders for the last 3,000 years have mostly, they have had and continue to have reptile brains. I mean, they think and they act like lizards, like Komodo lizards. They have absolutely zero creativity and zero imagination. The big picture is just domination and destruction and control. And that’s the way it’s been for 3,000 years, I’m sorry to say. Well, we’ve had some good leaders, but for the most part, 95% of them have been that way.

So that’s what really worries everybody, is that Russia has the NATO getting slaughtered in Ukraine, and then they’re going to try to do the same thing in China with Taiwan. They have land supplies from NATO, which, of course, NATO already had all those supplies in Europe, and they’ve wasted them all in Ukraine. And then the United States has some material in Japan and Korea. But the supply line is 11,000km from Los Angeles and Seattle. And the ports there are practically broken and don’t work anymore.

And they’re going to try to ship arms from the west coast of the United States to Taiwan, 11,000km. When mainland China is 200km from the coast of Taiwan, a J-20 fighter jet in China can barely get off of its runway and it’s already on top of Taiwan. And China has two aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. In June, they will have three. And they are all brand new. America has one, the Nimitz and they have to keep it out of the 1,500-kilometer range away from the coast of China because the DF21-D aircraft carrier killer missile will wipe out the entire, what there is of the American Navy.

And about 2 or 3 hours with all of their massive military aircraft carrier killer missiles, China has the largest navy in the world. People just don’t know this. Oh, America, America, all of its aircraft carrier groups are back in the United States being repaired. They don’t even have one in the Middle East anymore. They can’t afford it. So, they’ve got one in the Mediterranean, one in the South China Sea, I think, and all the others are back in Virginia and getting repaired and in Los Angeles getting repaired.

Let’s just say, the only thing that would force China to go into a hot war would be if Taiwan declares independence. That’s the red line. I think Biden could visit Taiwan. They’re going to huff and puff and make some noise and act indignant. But it would only, they’re going to avoid a hot war if that is all possible. But if Taiwan does declare independence… And half the people are against it. That’s what you don’t know, this, it’s all censored. Poll after poll after poll in Taiwan shows it’s like 50 or 51% of the people are ready to go back with the Motherland. Okay?

So, it’s just these vassal stooges in the government that are being controlled by the United States and some hotheads in the country. It would be over in days. It would not be like Ukraine. It would be over in days. There would be no US Navy left in 48 or 72 hours. And China can be in Taiwan in ten minutes. It would be over. But that’s the scary part, as you said. The scary part is that the US would be so desperate that they might try nuclear arms. Another thing I do want to point out is, is that they’re trying to drag South Korea into this. The US is trying to get, they’ll get Japan. They’ll get Japan into it. But they’re trying to get South Korea involved in this.

People don’t know that China and North Korea have a mutual defense treaty going back to 1960, and they just renewed it in 2020. So, if South Korea provides arms to attack Taiwan or any soldiers or whatever, that makes North Korea obliged to live up to its defense treaty with China. And all of a sudden, South Korea is going to have 1.2 million ideologically battle-hardened soldiers storming south of the 38th parallel. And North Korea has hundreds of thousands of missiles hidden in tunnels, thousands of kilometers of tunnels. So, they would overrun South Korea. And so, then America’s going to lose South Korea.

Can America try to defend South Korea and Japan and Taiwan at the same time, with an 11,000-kilometer supply line? It’s just madness. It’s fricking madness. But with lizard brains, reptilian leadership, they’re going to try. You mark my word, in the next five years, they’re going to try. And all of it will hasten the complete collapse of the Western Empire. But as you said, are they so desperate that they will maybe try to launch? And then if they do, North Korea has nuclear weapons that can not only take out the West Coast of the United States AND the East Coast, with Washington, DC too. And not counting China’s and Russia’s.

Do you honestly think that Russia, which has a common border with North Korea? Do you honestly think that if North Korea goes into defending China by defense treaty and is taking out South Korea, how long could Russia not get dragged into it? I mean, it’s just nuts because Russia has 12km of common border with North Korea. So, it’s just you’re right. You’re right, Regis, that would be the Hail Mary that would wipe out the human race. But, these people are so crazy. They would probably try to do it when all else fails. That’s what’s so sad and scary about it, to be honest.

Regis: Yeah. Jeff, I want to thank you very much. We have to do this again and continue to follow what’s happening, not only the aggressiveness and the recklessness of the United States and NATO against Russia, but against China over Taiwan. It’s very frightening. But we also have to keep track of what’s going on at that larger geopolitical level, the move towards a multipolar world, the destruction of the United States Petrodollar. I think it’s going to happen much sooner than five years. Jeff, thanks so much for coming to the show. We’ll do it again real soon because we have got to stay on top of this.

Jeff: Thank you. Please send me the link. I’ll download it and get it transcribed and I’ll send you the transcription. Thank you, Regis. A very humble Buddhist bow for all that you do to help educate humanity.



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