Timeline of European peoples’ destruction. Connecting the postwar dots from Euro-socialism to the current riots in France. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #58




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James Bradley: He’s been in and out of France and he’s the global guy with an expanded global view from his travels. And he’s watching France burn down. Take it away, JB West.

Jeff J Brown: Well after James’ incredible presentation and discussion about basically the collapse of the United States both internally, well, especially internally. And we talked yesterday for an hour on the phone and so I thought, well, of course, we were talking about what’s going on in France with the riots and all that. And I thought, okay, I’m going to go for it.

James is a brilliant researcher. His four books are basically, the backbone of all four of his books are just incredible research. Years and years and years and years of research. And James always talks about connecting the dots. And so, I was sitting there thinking about this kid that got shot by a cop in Paris and seeing it just saturate the airwaves. And so, I started to go back, and then I kept going back and I kept going back. And I ended up with a timeline.

And I’m titling it a timeline of The Destruction of Postwar Europe’s People, because I can guarantee you that what’s going on right now with the riots in France that are apparently spreading in Europe are connected all the way back to 1945. Kind of like James talking about going back to 1963 with the assassination of JFK by the CIA, the military, LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover and all those cohorts who were working together.

Well, we can go back to 1945 here in Europe. So, I’ve actually created a timeline and I’ll publish it on the webpage when we get finished. And so, here we go.

1945: Europe establishes a very successful socialist economy with state planning, state-owned key sectors and social programs for the 99%, including universal health care, generous benefits and workers’ rights. The French call it “Our Thirty Golden Years”. This highly successful socialist model highly displeased the City of London, Wall Street and the psychopaths of the nascent Iron Curtain/NATO. They are held at bay by Charles de Gaulle, until he resigns as president in 1968. De Gaulle’s comrade-in-arms German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer was already gone in 1966. Without their stalwart defense of European independence, the Anglozionist empire goes to work dismantling European socialism and taking over the Old Continent.

1946: Winston Churchill launches the Cold War with his Iron Curtain speech, guaranteeing a divided Europe.

1949: NATO is founded, guaranteeing Europe’s military subservience to Washington.

1960: EU is formed with the CIA pulling the strings. Jean Monnet, French founding father of the EU later admits the CIA’s involvement. The Anglozionist deep state knows it can control and corrupt Europe easier from one central location, Brussels, instead of many individual European governments.

1966: Charles de Gaulle gives NATO two weeks to leave France and pulls his country out of its military command. In a panic, Washington sets up shop in Brussels, along with the European Union. He also insists that France be nuclear-independent, both for missiles and for civilian use. Thanks to him, France has Europe’s only NASA-style space center in French Guyana in South America, and gets 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy, exporting it all over Europe. Thanks to De Gaulle, France is the only EU country with a nuclear deterrent. Thanks to his aerospace program, France is able to launch Airbus in 1970, to go head-to-head with until then, monopoly US for civilian jets. Now you can appreciate why the Anglo-Saxon deep state tried, or helped others try to assassinate De Gaulle 22 times!

1968: A terrible year for Europe. Charles de Gaulle resigns as France’s president. He was a stalwart defender of French and European independence, and kept them out of the Anglo-Saxons’ claws. Once he was gone, the deep state CIA-City of London-US Fed-Wall Street-NATO move in for the kill.

1976: Now that De Gaulle is no longer in power, Britain is allowed into the EU. De Gaulle fought it until he left in 1968, because he knew that England was a CIA-MI6-City of London cancer that would help destroy the EU. De Gaulle hated the Anglo-Saxons for good reason. He knew they are pathological liars, cheaters, thieves and warmongers. He fought and was shot three times in WWI, while watching Britain and the US intentionally prolong it for 3.5 years, unnecessarily killing tens of millions of Europeans, in order to destroy Germany economically. He then saw them grooming, promoting and financing Hitler to conquer the USSR, which we know failed. D-Day was nothing more than the genocidal bombing of 50,000 French innocents and the vast destruction of France’s industrial and agricultural capacity (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2023/06/07/dirty-dark-secrets-of-d-day-france-6-june-1944-with-crucial-background-in-world-war-ii-china-and-japan-china-rising-radio-sinoland-230606/). For De Gaulle, what of Anglo-Saxons is there to feel except contempt and revulsion?

1990: Schengen Treaty. It opens the borders with no ID checks across Europe, a huge loss of national sovereignty and security. This just as the US begins its first invasion, occupation and genocide in Iraq, giving these millions of war refugees the ability to travel from Poland to Portugal with no controls.

1992: Maastricht Treaty. Creates the European Central Bank (ECB) and a massive, centralized EU bureaucracy in Brussels, effectively nullifying each nation’s sovereignty.

2002: Euro currency is launched, guaranteeing the total loss of financial sovereignty for all participating countries, to the City of London and the US Federal Reserve, via the secretive central bank/NATO Eurogroup in Brussels.

2002: France begins to use electronic voting machines, meaning just like in the USA, elections can be rigged by the deep state, and just like the USA, they are.

2003: Second invasion, occupation and genocide in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, pushing millions of refugees into Europe. France’s last president who represents the broad masses of people, Gaullist Jacques Chirac, tells George W. Bush on the phone to “Go fuck yourself” (Va te faire foutre in French), when asked to send French troops to Iraq. That soon changes with Nicolas Sarkozy.

2007: Nicolas Sarkozy is chosen to be President of France. Groomed by the deep state to be portrayed as a new Camelot-esque  John F. Kennedy, with his pop star poster wife Carla Bruni, he revokes De Gaulle’s longstanding policy, reintegrating France’s military into NATO. Why? Sarkozy is a CIA agent. His father Pal Sarkozy was a well-known, anti-USSR, anti-communist Hungarian nobleman, groomed and promoted by the CIA. His second marriage is to Christine de Ganay, Nicolas’ stepmother. They divorce and who does Christine marry? None other than Frank Wisner, Jr. Who is Frank’s father? Why none other than Frank Wisner, Sr., one of the 10 Wall Street lawyers who founded the CIA! Junior worked for CIA-USAID in South Vietnam in the 60s and was on the boards of shell company Enron and American International Group. What is AIG? The insurance company that underwrites the CIA’s operations around the world. Once Nicolas becomes France’s president, it means the total takeover of Elysée Palace by the CIA. It’s like the KGB controlling the White House or 10 Downing Street in London. France is now an official neoliberal, neocon whore for Washington, and De Gaulle is still turning in his grave. Interesting anecdote: when Sarkozy was mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the New York Park Avenue of Paris, my wife’s grandmother lived above his man-cave apartment. They would politely chat in the lobby and elevator, as she graded his long line of mistresses being taken up to be bedded!

2009: The Lisbon Treaty totally suborns national European governments and turns them into ventriloquist dummies for Brussels. Macron, Scholz and all EU leaders take their orders from the secretive Eurogroup, which meets once a month to decide on each leader’s talking points, which are passed to them by Ursula van der Leyen and the European Commission. The Eurogroup is composed of the ECB, City of London, US Federal Reserve and NATO. The European Parliament is widely recognized as one of the most venal, corrupt public bodies in the world, where a couple of stage actor members are allowed to rant against the deep state, to give the impression that there really is “democracy” in Europe.

2011: Western rape and plunder of Libya, Africa’s richest and very socialist country. Like a finger removed from an African dike, it opens the floodgates for flotillas of refugees to take boats to Italy and Greece, putting more pressure of illegal immigrants across Europe. The US destruction and genocide in Syria, sending millions more immigrants into Europe.

2012: François Hollande is selected as French president. Supposedly a “socialist”, he is in fact a CIA-neoliberal, neocon Trojan horse for the City of London, Wall Street, US Fed and NATO. Who is his Minister of Finance? None other than Emmanuel Macron. They immediately begin forcing through laws privatizing the France’s postwar socialist commonwealth, raising taxes on the 99%, lowering them on the 1% and cutting critical social services that had been in place since 1945. Suddenly, France has ongoing false flag “terrorist attacks”, including Bataclan, Charlies Hebdo, Nice and many more. Hollande uses these highly propagandized supposedly “Islamic attacks” to push through George W. Bush’s constitution-nullifying US Patriot Act, translated into French. Since 2012, France has been and continues to be under martial law, with its constitution reduced to toilet paper, just like the USA. While they are at it, they destroyed the postwar Socialist Party and replace it with En Marche Party, whose initials are the same as Emmanuel Macron, and which he now heads. Pain and suffering rise across France.

2014: US orchestrated genocide in Yemen, sending millions more immigrants into Europe.US launched its war against Russia, by financing and planning the massacre at Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine, to install Nazis in power, bombing and killing tens of thousands of fellow citizens in Donbass.

2017: Emmanuel Macron is selected as President of France. Who is Macron? He is a pretty-face nobody taken in by City of London-Wall Street Goldman-Sachs, groomed and sculpted like Pygmalion and turned into an overnight multimillionaire, now ready to sabotage France. After he is selected, false flag terrorist acts become a torrent, splashed across the MSM in lurid detail. Stabbings and bombings become almost a monthly occurrence, compared to Hollande’s every six months and before him, every few years. Macron makes martial law permanent and by fiat, privatizes the commonwealth while slashing the postwar social safety net, ongoing.

2018: Hollande’s and Macron’s impoverishment of France’s 99% inspires the Yellow Vests, who have broad, popular support even among the more well-to-do. Macron orders the police to spare no repression. The Yellow Vests are savagely and violently suppressed, with thousands injured, including lost fingers, hands, arms, eyes and testicles, with traumatic brain injury from intentional rubber bullet shots to the head, including thousands rounded up and imprisoned. Vlad the Impaler and Louis XIV are smiling in their graves. Broad social misery rises.

2019: France concludes its first decade of neoliberal austerity. The French 99% suffer less growth than Japan’s celebrated no-growth 1990s, along with drastic cuts in social services and ongoing privatization of the country’s postwar socialist architecture.

2020: The totalitarian WEF-WHO-NATO bioweapon Covid Plandemic is launched around the world. All of Europe goes into full martial law, with lockdowns, nightly curfews and on queue, millions of small businesses forced into bankruptcy and closure.

2022: NATO’s war against Russia goes hot and millions of Ukrainians flood into Europe. All these many millions of refugees in Europe since the 1990s continue to be used to lower the power of labor unions and put downward pressure on wages. Eight refugees living in one room will work for peanuts to send money back home, causing big increases in social division. Absurd anti-Russian sanctions and bans cause high inflation and energy shortages across Europe. Economic misery increases, along with a decade of cruel neoliberal austerity. Macron is reselected as president, his anti-99% pro-1% policies continue and false flag terrorist acts run unabated (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_France).

2023: France begins to experience a rash of savage, lurid crimes, saturating the MSM and of which are now an almost daily occurrence. These are eerily similar to the CIA-NATO’s ongoing Gladio Army’s “strategy of tension”, which started in the 1960s, to terrorize Europe’s peoples and put all the blame on communists. These include unsolved mass shootings, 1980’s Bologna Train Station bombing and the 1978 assassination of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, among many others. But today’s are more visceral, more personal. Several examples and it is worth noting all the perps are immigrants, 1) a woman invites a young girl from upstairs to her apartment and calmly cuts her into pieces, 2) a convicted murderer is awaiting a court hearing for almost two years, so is released with an ankle bracelet. He brutally rapes and murders a 14-year-old girl, steals a car, side-swiping a police car at high speed. He survives with his airbag, but all three officers are killed by the lateral crushing. All three are young, married and parents. Not a peep from the liberal MSM, no minute of silence by the legislature for their deaths, 3) A man goes into a public park with a knife in broad daylight and starts targeting babies in strollers, stabbing several, miraculously none died, but scarred for life, 4) Marseilles is now having nightly machine-gun battles between drug gangs and the Champs de Mars, the park around Paris’ Eiffel Tower is turned into a giant open drug market, all which strongly suggests profiteering and collusion by the authorities. Good luck with Paris hosting the Rugby World Cup in two months and Summer Olympics next year. All of these grotesque crimes and more saturate the nightly news. I am convinced these immigrants are groomed as brainwashed MKUltra agents, just like Sirhan Sirhan for RFK’s murder, Mark David Chapman for John Lennon’s killing and many more (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2020/06/20/transcript-john-potash-talks-about-his-explosive-book-the-fbi-war-on-tupac-shakur-and-black-leaders-u-s-intelligences-murderous-targeting-of-tupac-mlk-malcolm-panthers-hendr/ and https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2020/06/27/transcript-john-potash-talks-about-his-explosive-book-drugs-as-a-weapon-against-us-the-cias-murderous-targeting-of-sds-panthers-hendrix-lennon-cobain-tupac-and-other-activists/). They don’t even recall what happened, like they were hypnotized.

2023 June: A 17-year-old Arab is shot by a French policeman in Nanterre, an immigrant suburb outside Paris. Who was this Nahel M., who is being beatified in the MSM? He was a lifelong criminal, having already been charged 17 times for refusing to obey a police officer, which is a felony around the world. He was a drug dealer, car thief and burglar. He must have stolen the car he was driving, since you have to be age 18 to get a driving license in France. But, since he was underaged, he was not imprisoned and clearly the French justice system for minors is grossly negligent in his case. This is who Macron and the entire French establishment are fawning over and honoring, including a minute of silence in the National Legislature! Was there a minute of silence when those three police officers who were crushed to death by car ramming? No, not a peep. Who is the police officer who shot him? Not some goofball from the “Police Academy” spoof movies. He has been decorated with 13 meritorious service citations. He is not some scared, panicked rookie cop. Already tried and convicted by the MSM, we don’t know what happened during the stop. This is after a long, high-speed chase, with Nahel driving on sidewalks, running red lights, going up one-way streets, damaging property and endangering the public. Did Nahel have a gun? Did he threaten the officer with violence? Did he have drugs? The deep state uses this incident to foment riots across France, now spreading to the rest of Europe. This will be used to declare a state of emergency and put the French military and weapons on the streets of France, raising the totalitarian bar even more, compared to the dystopian Covid Plandemic. Until then, the French 99% are not idiots and outside liberaloid Paris, continue to be largely socially conservative. How do I know? The French policeman’s donations are outpacing those being paid to Nahel’s mom by a factor of six to one! This is of course censored in the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine. Where did I learn this? On Sputnik News, which is also censored in the West, where we now have to use a VPN to access all Russian websites (note: this is finally divulged in the liberal MSM and Nahel’s parents force the closure of the police officer’s donation fund, now over one million euros!)

In sum: Listeners/readers need to understand that since WWII, Western governance has been taken over by a real deep state, consisting of the CIA, City of London, Wall Street, US Federal Reserve, NATO and their many branches. The WEF, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, World Health Organization and Agenda 2030 are not looking out for our best interests. Instead, these psychopaths meet frequently to plan a totalitarian, medical-techno, fascist, one-world government, with only 300 million slaves left on earth to serve their material needs, work the mines and harvest the crops. You may want to deny it, refuse to see it, but it is happening right before your eyes. The riots in France, the Woke tyranny in the USA and the floods of immigrants being invited into the US and EU are just one manifestation of these deep state global objectives.

Thank you, James.

James: All right. Well, that’s the state of the world right now. I’m JB East in Saigon, signing off. See you, JB West.

Jeff: Bye-bye, James. Talk to you soon.


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