TRANSCRIPT: John Potash talks about his explosive book, “Drugs as a Weapon against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Activists”. China Rising Radio Sinoland 200229


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: John Potash and his explosive, jaw-dropping book, “Drugs as a Weapon against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Activists”. And Americans think they live in a “democracy” with “liberty” and “freedom of the press”. What a sick joke!

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Original video and audio interview,

John Potash talks about his explosive book, “Drugs as a Weapon against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Activists”. China Rising Radio Sinoland 200229

Interview Transcript

Jeff: Good evening, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown China Rising Radio Sinoland in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And I am so honoured and happy to have back on the show tonight, John Potash.

How are you doing, John?

John: Good, Jeff. Good to be with you again.

Jeff: John is here to talk about his second explosive book, Drugs as a Weapon against the US, the CIA’s murderous targeting of Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other activists. And he was on our show back in December. And I have to say, I think that he has done some of the best journalism of the 21st century. It’s just amazing. If the definition is to expose the truth about the lies of the empire, then he is one of the best journalists that I’ve ever had a chance to get to know. Let me tell you a little bit about John. John has been featured on C-SPAN is American History TV A & E, the Real’s channel, the Real News Network and our television networks. He has also been featured on hundreds of radio programs in the US, England and New Zealand, including Coast to Coast AM man now in Thailand. He has spent these articles in Zee magazine, Covert Action Quarterly, The Baltimore Chronicle, Rock Creek and the Free Press.

He has worked counselling people with mental health problems and addictions for over 25 years. In 2015, Pop Potash released his book, ‘Drugs as a Weapon against the US’. The one I just mentioned, he completed his graduate studies at Columbia University. He published his first book in 2007, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, U.S. Intelligence, his murderous targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm Panthers, Hendricks, Mali rappers and linked ethnic leftists. So in our first interview, we covered his first book where we took a broad look at just how totalitarian and genocidal U.S. society is. If you’re a person of colour or poor or support socialist causes, today’s interview will be about John second book, which focuses on the U.S. government’s nonstop use of drugs to incapacitate and kill its perceived enemies, which ends up being the 99 percent. All of us working stiffs trusted to get by day to day. Now I’m going to do a little sales pitch for John because it is definitely worth promoting. I cannot overestimate how important it is for all free thinkers and freedom lovers to read both John’s books.

They’re not that expensive. And if money is an issue, then ask your local library, school, college, university, your place of worship to get it. So many others can share this wealth of discovery and truth-telling. Failing that, several friends can pool the money together to buy it. Using it in a book club would make for fascinating discussion as well. And I have right here, the first book that we interviewed about this in December, it’s just an amazing book. And again, here are the DVDs. I paid international freight to get these in two different shipments. So this is definitely worth watching and it’s even cheaper than the book. And then I have his Drugs book, which I was enthralled with and mesmerized by. I also have the DVD. So take advantage of John’s outstanding work and to learn about your country. If you’re in the United States or the West, if you’re a Westerner, you will not be disappointed. Libraries order DVDs to order those. I have all of John’s information here so you can contact him, which I will put on the Internet on the interview page. John, I know that was a world record introduction. Thank you for your patience.

John: Thanks so much for that very kind introduction, Jeff.

Jeff: Well, you earned it. Please tell us about yourself and how you ended up getting so involved in exposing the U.S. government’s systematic use of drugs, legal and illegal, to keep its citizens passive and apathetic.

John: Sure. So I started working as an addictions counsellor a couple of years after graduating from college. And when I was majoring in psychology and I had started in college getting involved in activism while also using too many drugs and LSD your heart, my mind, and seemed to cause my grades to drop drastically. Only about a year or more away from taking acid to my grade. So to get close to what it used to be again. And I don’t think much of it then. But I had to get away from activism in college at that time to study harder as I clearly lost some abilities I had before the acid. So I got back into activism after college and I’d heard stories from hundreds of drug addicts and dealers, including just major dealers who said that the government is the biggest dealers.

So that was when I was doing addictions counselling and I heard it had become a speciality in addictions counselling before advancing to being having trauma, being a trauma specialist and working a lot with mood disorders. I heard a lot more and research those on my own over since about 1990, about three decades, and particularly researched the CIA’s project, M.K. Ultra, along with the CIA’s cocaine and heroin trafficking histories, which we’ll get into. So this culminated of course, in my book and film, Drugs as Weapons against the US. And the course the book is for her and maybe 30 pages with no lathers pages or endnotes and pictures. But that my film is a two-hour film and it’s about 60-page script.

So it just shows you how much more content there is, of course, in a book. You get a whole lot more information in a book than just watching the film. But I’m happy that the film is available in many places. It should be available in more places soon, but so that’s about it. I do want to say one final thing, though It’s one of the revelations I had or one of the things I found out about was when I was sitting on a Washington street blocking traffic with a large group of anti-Iraq war protesters in 1991 and I did nothing. But a member of the Christy against two was sitting next to me and talk to me and sent me Senator John Kerry’s report on the CIA cocaine trafficking. And so that really solidified, a lot of other things. I found out a lot of other things I had researched before then, and let me on this path.

Jeff: Unbelievable. Well, both books, the drugs book and the Tupac FBI book, both have about a thousand references. So John has spent years researching and writing them. So they are the real deal. In our earlier interview, we kept the discussion at a very Forest on and not tress level. Since your first book is a catalogue of thousands of details about the American oligarch’s genocide of their enemies. This book, ‘Drugs as a Weapon against US’, is also a cornucopia of research and detail. But I thought it’d be interesting to review the assassinations of several famous people to just to demonstrate just how pathologically fearful our leaders are of the 99 percent.

But first, I really appreciate you starting your book out with a badly needed historical perspective. Our government’s use of drugs to weaken and exterminate its perceived enemies goes back hundreds of years. You wrote in some length about the West flooding China with opium for 110 years. And during that time, the British government made sure that there were opiates available to its starving masses to kill their will to protest against their capitalist Dickensian dystopia. We can also go back to the 17th century when European colonialists started plying Native Americans, north and south with oceans of alcohol to destroy them. Please share what you learned about your extensive research on the history of our governments using drugs to kill us.

John: Sure. So, my longest chapter is the first chapter because I tried to summarize a lot of what you just mentioned in that first chapter, and then the rest of the book goes from about it just after World War Two. One word because the CIA’s Project MK-Ultra just started and officially started in 1953, kind of wrapped up a number of other projects but none of the other sub-projects and put them on that one umbrella. Culture and change names when JFK tried to close it down. I’ll get into that. So just say it’s the British East India Company is what I focused on the most because of their subjugation and genocide in India. Now India lies, sadly enough for the Indian people. I believe it’s the mountain range, I’m not sure if it’s the Himalayan exactly, but it’s a huge mountain range. It goes all the way from the golden triangle of opium poppy fields around the Vietnam air area, all the way down to Afghanistan.

And for some reason, that area that land is the best land in the world for growing poppies. And you’re having poppy fields that create opium, which create heroin. So the British took over much of that area I know different. Great fertile fields because they knew they had this crop that they could do so much with. And so much is oppress their own people and other people when they got them addicted. And so they had, Indian boys, getting that opium, the huge opium balls together. There are pictures of that and historical texts, they basically free trade or forced the Indians to get it all together for a cheap.

And they exported it first, as you say, to other countries. But also they use on their own people during the industrial revolution was happening in England and before it happened in America. There was a lot of labour unrest. Lab workers were being forced to work 24 hours. You just get very little sleep and be allowed very little sleep for their back to work again. And they had to fight. They had to struggle to change that, to get some decent hours of work and not be a work to death.

And so first, they fought the British aristocracy with strikes and, then whatever where they could do with protests and then they fired with guns. And so the British fought back, but they knew there was only so much they could do with just guns to control the workers. So they ended up introducing tons of opium into supposedly medicine and all that. And Karl Marx even talked about it. That’s why he came up with the opiate, the masses in religions. Yes. It’s like we said. Yeah, they basically started opening it there. There are people, pushing it as medicine. And then tons of working-class kids were dying because they thought that this opium could be used as a medicine and not subject their kids to addictions. So that’s some of what happened in England and the same thing happened The United States. The United States Industrial Revolution was a little bit later, a few decades later.

And the same thing happened with the oligarchs and medicine. And pushing opium is the cure-all the elixir and that’s basically how it all worked out. Now, they also in America, the families that joined the British East India Company, who made vast amounts of money, were names such as the Russell’s, the Perkin’s, the Cabot’s, the Greens, the lows. And I just document both in my book, in my film, how these are the families that started the Ivy League colleges, Russell’s, Yale University, Cabot’s, Harvard, the Greens, Princeton, the Lowe’s, Columbia and on and on. And they also started exclusive clubs at these schools, which they funded with the Russell Trust, funded the Skull and Bones exclusive club. At Harvard, it was the porcelain club. And they gave each graduate of these exclusive clubs the equivalent of about 240,000 dollars, today’s equivalent of 440,000 upon graduation.

And today, it obviously wasn’t a level playing field that they were starting with compared to the rest of young, college graduates. So they could know even more wealth and power, starting with a huge amount of money, getting outscored a huge amount of money and having all kinds, of course, family connections, more money because they’re very incestuous. And so that’s basically how things happen now when you get up to the mid-eighteen hundreds. The Chinese didn’t like the opiates being pushed on them and they saw their population becoming massively addicted to these opiates. There were black marketed into their country today. They completely outlawed opium and said, no one is allowed to trade in opium and ship opium into their country and that their cause that led to the opium wars of which there were two.

First one to blues in the 1840s, the second in 1850s or so. Around that there are times and sadly in the British just won these opium wars against China and took control of Hong Kong and subjugated the Chinese masse and divide up, many parts of the country, among other European powers, allowed them to exploit China in a huge way and subjugate China and oppress its people, until the revolution in mid-nineteen hundreds.

Jeff: Unbelievable, well, you’re talking to someone who’s written a lot about that, and I congratulate you on your grasp of 19th century history because a lot of Westerner’s have no idea. I just want to bring up there is one other name is that got who made millions of opium. And that was the Delano’s of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

John: Sure.

Jeff: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather was a huge opium dealer. So basically Boston and much of the New England was built on the blood and bones and treasure of tens of millions of Chinese.

John: Yeah.

Jeff: Well, let’s move on now to a little bit closer to more recent times. The fact that the CIA, FBI, ATF and local police control the illegal drug markets in the United States is a barely hidden fact, all targeting poor minority cities and neighbourhoods to weaken and exterminate them. At the top of the list are cocaine and heroin. You mean there was a courageous journalist, Gary Webb, and you also mentioned Robert Perry that exposed it and Gary Webb. Well, they both died, but Gary quite young. Gary Webb supposedly mysteriously committed suicide not long thereafter, the West’s Big Lie propaganda machine. What I like to call the B.L.P.M. keeps the scam going that our government is fighting tooth and nail with its phoney “war” on drugs, when in fact it’s drugs used for the war on us. Tell us a little bit about that.

John: Right. So Gary Webb did just a really good job, right as the Internet was going, is getting big. And so his groundbreaking coverage of the Iran Contra-cocaine trials and back in the 1980s and early 90s was really incredible. The great work they put his. They had a planned when a two-week investigation kind of cover stories when the front page of the San Jose Mercury News, where Gary Webb worked when his exposure of the CIA trafficking of cocaine into the United States with the help of these anti-Sandinista conscious in Nicaragua.

And he basically said, I have my film that the Contras were a CIA owned army fighting the socialist Sandinistas who had kind of toppled the U.S. puppet dictator in Nicaragua at that time and did incredible things in Nicaragua and held elections, they lost the election. They won the election back there and the Sandinistas are currently in power, which I’m glad they are. Which is a good thing for the Nicaraguan people.

So some of the things they did in Nicaragua was to raise the literacy rates drastically and incredibly credible in the short period of time. They gave health care for the tower population. They did all kinds of great things for the people. And my understanding is they actually armed the entire population to fight off any kind of future danger to their country.

But anyway, when Webb came out his series of articles, which were stopped halfway through, only one week of his articles were published, the front page before so much of the mainstream press came down on the sand as a Mercury News pressure, then to stop publishing this these incredible exposes.

But because the Internet was coming on strong at that time, those were considered the first viral articles. They need to spread throughout the world like crazy. And so she did a really great thing, Gary Webb. And they publish a book based on those articles. He won awards from alternative journalism groups and even though the mainstream media tried to make him look bad. But his work was actually not the first work on this subject. And Newsweek, an Associated Press’s get Robert Parry at first published some of the same stuff that caused Webb went to much more detail than not Rick Perry.

But Robert Perry exposed a lot of the same stuff, the bones of it, even if it wasn’t all that great detail that Webb had. And so Perry actually died somewhat young too, maybe in the last five years. What just was doing is consortium news, which is a good site. Webb was apparently said that he shot himself twice in the head. And so terrible. But because he continued exposing things before his death. And so I use people like that researcher, like a government whistleblower, such as CIA agents, John Stockwell, who had dealt with other CIA agents who were trafficking heroin from the Vietnam area in the 1960s. And I suits have whistleblowers in my book and film, such as Michael Levine, a DEA director, CNBC CIA agent, Ralph McGehee, Phil Agee, FBI agent, whistleblower Wes swearing Yunnan. And they’re all in my books, film.

Jeff: Yeah, It’s unbelievable. The man, of course, is the CIA. And they always push the cocaine and the heroin into the poor and black and Latino men and have the city to destroy those people and give them an opportunity to arrest him for drugs.

John: Yeah. The best evidence is that it first targeted people of colour in poor communities of colour, but they then, of course, also targeted white working-class and poor neighbourhoods, too. And same way they did it to their own people in England, workers go in and they did the United States early in the 1800s, during 1900s. They start doing it again in a big way to counter the protests for the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement and same way they did against the Chinese.

Jeff: Turn on, tune in and drop out. Nonetheless talking about Timothy Leary. Let’s talk about LSD. Another key background story is the U.S. government’s use of illegal drugs, especially LSD and other psychoactive drugs to turn off youth from protesting and demanding positive change for the 99 percent are Oligarch’s. She has many famous people to do this to glorify their drug use. So fans will follow them as a youth growing up in the 60s and 70s in America. I now feel like I was a dupe for getting high. And I did a lot of sinusitis, psychedelic drugs as well. And so I hope my daughters read your books to be forewarned. Please give us a short history of this long and lures story about acid being used by our government. Unbelievable.

John: Yeah, it’s hard to make this a short history but I’ll try. So the project and Kilcher documents, which I show in my book and film ‘drugs as weapons against us’, they basically show that LSD cover page on one report is LSD and the use of drugs is unconventional warfare. And I found that warfare is on foreign lands, but was when anyone who dissented against the government’s pro-war racist agenda.

So had won the first major targets of LSD was Paul Robeson and let people know him. But he was a great singer. He was an incredible man. But I wouldn’t want this incredible man of history. He graduates from Columbia Law School. I think it was somewhere in the 1930s, a time when it was hard to believe they even allowed blacks in law school because It was so racist in our country. He ended it. He was lacrosse all American. He was incredible all American football player.

He is an incredible singer. Consider what they want, the best singers in the world at that time when he was doing movies, plays and Broadway plays and major motion pictures, singing in those pictures. And so he travelled around the world lecturing also on civil rights and politics. And he sang for worker strikes and big, huge labour, rallies. And he went to I did this in other countries also, not just the U.S. And he talked to presidents about the lynching in the South and tried to get anti-lynching laws passed and he did help get an anti-lynching law passed at a certain point, with I think talking to whoever was in the 40s and 50s.

And so he was in the Soviet Union in 1961 and three weeks later, he was supposed to meet with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in Cuba and to talk about the civil rights movement in the US. And Taipei Taiwan joining forces with them in some way. And so some concern the Americans had kind of gotten a hotel room right next to his in the Soviet Union in Moscow. And they convinced him to just come to a party there holding next door. And they dosed his drink with either a lot of LSD or Beezy, a super psychedelic. And so when he was tripping and that time, he wouldn’t know much about LSD or any other psychedelics. He thought he was losing his mind. And so he kind of got a word.

I think he called his family and his adult son, Ballroom’s and Junior, came over to see what was going one way it was happening and they dosed his drink to when he was there. But luckily, he didn’t get too big of a dose, took a sip of it. But he says he felt like he was tripping, once he took a sip of this, something they gave him. So someone could put something in his drink. He kind of knew he was tripping on either LSD or another super psychedelic. But he tried to help his father, but it kept those they can, putting things in his drinks, those losing his mind, and those go into one. And they convinced him to go into a mental hospital and where they proceeded to give him over 50 electrical also shock treatments at really high doses and ruined his mind. No, he’s really hurt his mind. And he didn’t want to be remembered that way.

And so he started isolating himself and when it goes away from his career and away from his activism because of that before he died in the 70s. So it was a really terrible loss. But then they proceeded to they had a group called the Human Ecology Fund, which was a CIA front company. And I’ve got the top anthropological, magazines that talk about how they found out that this was the CIA front company and it was giving grants to professors and about 45 or so colleges around the country, about 40 prisons and another maybe 30 or 40 hospitals around the country to test first psychedelic mushrooms. But then LSD, when subjects who were given about a hundred fifty dollars, to take these drugs. And so it was really bad. That’s how they started promoting psychedelics. And they would have figures who were part of those tests then hold their own parties and they pretend like they were allowed to steal. They had stolen the psychedelics and they were so lucky to have gotten it when really they were like allow to get the psychedelics.

Ken Kesey was given the keys to the psychedelic supply when they after being a test subject in a Stanford hospital, he was allowed and he got jobs. A janitor there got the keys to the supply closet that day and took as much as he wanted to hold parties with it and pretend like it’s like they didn’t want him to have that acid in there. And so it appeared to be he duped. Timothy Leary was given super psychedelics for three days. He’s given LSD enough to trip for three straight days. And they heard his mind and he proceeded to do the bidding of the CIA. And he said he was a wedding agent of the CIA since about 1962 or so. And he said in an interview that I have in my book and film. And so he proceeded to promote LSD all over the country like crazy.

And Robert Ladbroke, the assistant director of the CIA’s project and Kilcher went to London with loads of LSD and agents and money and got the ATF agents to get LSD in as many musicians hands as possible and try to get, influence them to trip and promote LSD. And they knew they could promote it through the rock musicians that way if they dupe them into starting to take it. And so that’s partly how they did it. And that’s how they got, so they targeted John Lennon and Mick Jagger and the top rock group. So there but the question in America was a lot more control. So you had artificially, produced rock stars. Such as?

Sadly, it’s sad to say, Jim Morrison. His father was a top general that it was and commanded the boat that started the Vietnam War. David Crosby was from an elite family. The band Cortland found family and people who know the Courtland’s a name of a big highway. Think in a Van Cortlandt. There is a big highway in New York and there’s he comes from elite families. The East Coast Crosby. And he has made Instant Star in Los Angeles. Dave MacGowan actually exposed a lot of that. But I’ll still talk about that a few minutes.

Jeff: Yeah. Some believable life. I feel like a duped.

John: I was too got duped into that.

Jeff:  I thought as I think I was being a rebel, I have an ass and it’s smoke.

John: And that’s the thing is they also commenced a lot of the leading rebel groups like Students for Democratic Society and Weather Underground, they were actually rebelling against the war, but they were also duped into by undercover agents to start taking acid and promoting acid. And we just didn’t realize.

Jeff: Unbelievable. One last mind-boggling background story and you kind of alluded to it is the whole Laurel Canyon scene with everybody from Frank Zappa you mentioned. David Crosby and Charles Manson, the take the Tate mass murderer in the mix. They were apparently knowingly or unknowingly used in the government’s spread of drug use. And you again, you mentioned Dave McGowan wrote a great book entitled Inside the L.C, the strange but mostly true story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of an of the Hippie Generation.

And I’ll post the link in the interview page. Briefly, what happened?

John: Sure, yeah.  Actually so McGowan’s book was actually called Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. The Inside his Web site. And then he put out the book based on all the stuff he was putting on his website. Weird scenes inside the canyon. And I think she had in the book here, it says the subtitle was Laurel Canyon Covert Ops and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. And so he did. Mary, very good work. Now I only have it as, I guess, subchapter one, the chapters because I had so much similar research just on other scenes like San Francisco is was filled with undercover agents, undercover CIA agents working with Project and Kilcher. And New York’s Lower East Side had the same situation going when they were not major, but pretty close to it as San Francisco. So they were spreading acid like crazy in these areas and using the people there as human guinea pigs.

They were caught by the agents. But in Laurel Canyon area, what day McGowan documented was the fact that literally dozens of out of the top rock musicians, American based rock musicians of the time, all flocked to this one little neighbourhood in Los Angeles called All Canyon. And it’s just very interesting. At the same time in Laurel Canyon was a place called Lookout Mountain Air Force Movie Studio that made over 19000 classified films and up to at least 1969. And many of Hollywood’s top directors and movie stars and other personnel had to sign confidentiality oaths to not reveal what films they were doing at Lookout Mountain Air Force Studio, which is considered the largest self-contained movie studio in the world since the way the U.S. intelligence and military intelligence does things. They put huge amounts of money and had the best technology hidden from the rest of society and have it to themselves. And so, it just shows and it probably continues today that a lot of our films are propaganda films that we just don’t know. We just think they’re normal fun films. But they’re really propaganda films. For what? For their agenda, pro-war agenda, racist agenda and all that. So here all around these, it’s instant music stars were tons of undercover agents.

Now, some of these undercover agents were people were a psychiatrist. And they were working with Charles Manson, and first, they are working with Charles Manson actually in San Francisco, where for about a year where a great new book, Tom O’Neills Got Chaos, came out last year to documents all this bad, how Charles Manson was regularly busy, at least weekly, if not several times a week, visiting this CIA project and killed a psychiatrist who was apparently using drugs and hypnosis and teaching him how to use Manson, how use drugs and hypnosis, including rape of young underage girls that form the Manson family that went out and did, committed tons of crimes and were mobbed in all kinds of drug dealing and were involved in these Laurel Canyon parties where all these drugged and hypnotized young girls would just walk around naked and have orgies and attract all kinds of people to these parties.

And I argue that the best, the likely goal of these parties was to get the British the less controlled British musicians, as well as the less controlled American musicians, the ones that weren’t didn’t come from these wealthiest families or these military families and get them using drugs and having sex with these girls, get lowering the man with sex with the girls in order to use the drugs to control them. Easier to that thing than break out. And, helped lead the anti-war protests as easily or your, get mobbed in civil rights stuff as easily.

And so the ones that did try to break out, though, I share the evidence. So and we’ll get into this more. Janis Joplin tried to lead anti-war protests at Philadelphia’s baseball stadium and New York major stadium concerts that, activists held. She died just before this major protest. Concerts and people like her, people like Brian Jones dying young. I get to know him in major detail in the book and the film. It’s more of a bonus scene. And people like Brian Jones, it found that the Rolling Stones, people like Jimi Hendrix, of course, and John Lennon and, all were died young, I think, because of their protests.

Jeff: , there’s actually several more, Mama Cass. , there was quite a few more. Just unbelievable.

John:  Yeah.

Jeff: Now that we’ve covered the critical background to drugs as a weapon against us, let’s look at a few of the celebrated murders of people many of us know about.

I want to start with Kurt Cobain and his wife, Courtney Love. , I literally after reading that chapter, I had goosebumps of revulsion from his love, who is a real-life sort of Jason Bourne of The Bourne Identity or, Luke Besson, the movie Nikita, a programmed assassin, and she just creepy beyond belief. Please give us a rundown.

John: Well, I tell you it, that is the least straightforward of all the, what I talk a detail of all my detail assassinations, between two parks, Macau and John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. They are more straightforward in those chapters. This is the most complicated of the assassinations because of the incredibly complicated life. Partly you have Courtney Love. But I’ll try to give my best overview of it. So in a nutshell, Courtney Love’s mom was the woman who called herself Linda Carol.

They kept changing their names. And to Linda Kaplan in her memoir, talked about being adopted by an alcoholic, super-wealthy couple, very conservative couple who proceeded to abuse or sexually abuse her. Well, the heart and the father sexually abused her. She ends up coupling with Courtney Love’s father, Hank Harrison, and had Courtney Love. And Harrison describes his girlfriend, Linda Carolers as very bizarre. And he couldn’t stay with her.

So he tried to raise Courtney Love in joint custody with Linda Carol. But by the time Courtney was about 4 or 5 years old, Linda Carroll’s very wealthy parents basically bought off, sued for full custody to not allow a Harrison any custody, and then bought off Hank Harrison’s lawyer. He said he found out and so he lost complete custody of her. But while he had partial custody, he’s changed things about her. And she was first thing is Mother Linda Couts took her and made several major biographies confirms this including Linda Cow herself, took Courtney Love for counselling at the age of 3 years old, which is really bizarre. That’s a very bizarre age to take kids to counseling.

I do counselling for a living. And it’s just really bizarre. So, Courtney Love then writes a letter to Hank Harrison when she’s in a juvenile detention facility about 13 or 14 years old, and said that my counsellors for all these years were having sex with me, giving me psychoactive drugs. And she listed several these top drugs that were used in project and culture to win when young people to help with hypnosis and turn them into CIA operatives. And like with dissociative identity disorder, they were sexually abused. As a counsellor who specializes in trauma.

I know that we’re taught that when kids are abused between the vulnerable ages of two and eight years old in particular, it can the trauma can be so intense that can cause dissociated disorder or full-blown dissociative identity disorder, which used to be called multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia. And that’s schizophrenia. Actually, it’s dissociative identity disorder, modern now disorder because it’s been in the Bible of psychiatry, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual since 1980. Just plainly accepted by all the peers of psychiatry except one or two, sadly enough. Medical schools that are just outside the norm here in our country and some of the top ones, too, sadly enough. But anyway, so, virtually all medical schools and psychiatrists except the DSM four that’s out there, but that’s all they built for insurance and everything else anyway.

So it’s their peers that Love was tortured basically sexually abused, given drugs and possibly hypnosis to become dissociative. So, what she was fully doing in her possible different personalities.

But whether she fully knew or didn’t know what she’s doing, she proceeded to become a prostitute and working for the Japanese mafia. And again, this is in many, several different biographies of Courtney Love. One biographer got her letters to a boyfriend where she said she was prostituting in the blue was Taiwan and her teen years and she was taking tons of different drugs. And so her dad or biological dad, he wrote in a book and I interviewed him to get the confirmation of his sources and confirmed number of sources that she was prostituting when she visited him in Ireland.

She’d just turned 17. visited him in Ireland, but over a thousand hits of LSD and somebody befriended Hank Harrison, a guy named Steven OLeary befriended Hank Harris, and just before love came and Seaman O’Leary was deathbed back in 2005 or a letter to Hank Harrison said, I was actually working for the CIA all that time. And so I confirmed his dad with his brother, who Hank Harrison said Kevin O’Leary and confirm it was in Minnesota. Hank Harrison said, ‘I found the obituary for that and so Leary and his brother proceeded to travel versus Leary travel with Courtney Love had sex and chat with her to the top music scene in Britain, where she proceeded to pass out Ellis acid like candy and many other drugs to all the musicians, slept with other musicians.

And here she was duplicating what Robert Cashbook, the assistant director and Kilcher done the 1960s in getting Lai’s musicians tripping. And she did the same thing passing out acid, passing out opiate pills, pain pills and other drugs like candy all over the place. She’s always had tons of drugs. She did that in the London and Britain area. She did that in Portland, Oregon. She did that in Los Angeles. She did that in Seattle. And so she was duplicating the tasks of the project and killed agents and doing that.

And then when Kurt Cobain was rising in the charts because it was incredible creativity and genius. Kurt Cobain Nirvana was an instant classic album, never mind rising on the charts meteorically. And yes, as she leaves her boyfriend at the moment at a party which was Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, and latches on to Kurt Cobain and starts dating him and all people close to Cobain at the time. So it’s the first time Cobain had tried heroin for his massive stomach, probably had for seven for a number of years and just used it about three or four, maybe five or six times total in four years and never used it regularly at all. But she latched on to Cobain, got him using heroin daily for the first time in his life and proceeded to control or try to control him.

Thereafter, she got pregnant with this kid right away and then he ended up saying he’d marry her. But with just with a prenuptial agreement. And then when he got sober, he got away from heroin and found a cure to a stomach problem a year before his death. And I got interviews of and talking about this. Yeah, he became a bigger threat because he threatened to promote sobriety along with his radical politics, which he did in a number of his interviews.

He was very left-wing and radical. And so it was time to do away with him. And first, he tried to kill him in Rome and, end up in a coma and no illegal drugs were found in the system. But then they did. She successfully had him killed. A month later and so Morlino pass lie detector tests, verified and all that. So and she proceeded to wreak havoc on other musicians lives around the area, too. So they had some in whatever, so many other things, other assassinations.

Jeff: I quit listening to her music. I had never, ever listened to her music again. Oh my gosh, believe it or not, Bob Marley, I think this is how I met you. Somebody sent me an interview you did a long time ago for some obscure rap website. And that’s how we got to know each other. Bob Marley was murdered by the son of a CIA director. You can’t make this stuff up. Jamaican writer Marlon James weaves Marley’s assassination into his book, A Brief History of Seven Killings, which is very cryptic indeed, unless the true story. So please give us the goods.

John: Yeah, I said Molly was very political course and beloved worldwide. She couldn’t make it, but also throughout Africa. Many of over the world, really. His lyrics included Rasta Man Don’t work for the CIA. Get up, stand up. Stand for your rights. And change only comes with revolution. If another lyrics are a radical course, but there is major fears in Mali would support his friend and neighbour as socialist leader Michael Manley, who is the leader to make it on the up. But he was he had upcoming elections in 1976 against the CIA supported opponent.

And the CIA was very concerned about this, so they paid. And some of these gunmen admitted this when they were kind of caught and held captive by rather than some rosters at the CIA paid them. It first paid them to help traffic, cocaine and heroin to Jamaica. But then they paid him to try to kill Bob Marley. And so they shot up this shot, Marley. They shot his wife. It shows manager Don Taylor. And then Taylor ended up saying how after they shot him up, Michael Manley tried to protect Marley and his crew and put them in an encampment with roster’s protecting them, too.

And just before the concert cut, Marley was going to hold a concert right before the 1976 elections. And as can be considered an even though Marley tried to stay neutral about the elections, it was going be considered a concert that really benefited Michael Manley for the elections. And so got him, a guy new cameraman, and come into the crew, the film crew that was going to film the concert, but also do a pre-film kind of, work with the interviewing, Marley before the concert and all that, and they can meet.

So they allowed the film crew in there and getting Lee Lou Lee was a former Black Panther, turned into cinematographer, was part of that film crew. And he said when this new guy came aboard, they didn’t know who he was, but they thought he was okay and he could do his work. And he later found out that that guy was called Coleby. That’s what he believed he really was. His name was really called Kobe, the son of Wayne Kobe, the CIA director and doing undercover agent work because call Kobe proceeded to give gift boots to Marley and the custom the roster’s among Rastafarians is to try to get to one when you first get it. So he tries on his boots and gets stabbed in his right toe.

And didn’t think no one thought much of it at the time. And that was just a defect in the boot or something. But then he proceeds to play soccer and two months later, his toe is crushed. His right to have establishment was crushed. And they found out it was filled with cancer, where you stabbed it at Kansas, spread through his body and killing him. And so, Don Taylor his manager talked about the CIA, poison them and caused his death early. And it’s just very sad to lose him, really.

Jeff: Unbelievable. Yeah, it’s just shocking. And then there’s John Lennon and his assassination at the hands of Mark David Chapman. He’s almost as creepy as Courtney Love and he was just like a cyborg, really weird.

John: I just go into all the details of how they send him to a hospital that was using the Kilcher tactics to kill with drugs and hypnosis to create what they created in him. But they also spent a lot of time a guy, a police intelligence officer, trained him in shooting and gave him the how-to point bullets that were so still legal that they killed John Lennon. And but there’s a lot to him that they really, Foster A created that him as an assassin to do what he did. But a new book came out and there’s a lot of evidence supporting this, that another hit man had just gained a job as the doorman that night at the Dakota where John Lennon was assassinated. And his name José “Perdoo” Perdomo a fourth name and there is a middle name, but I came out of the fourth name. But he was found to be, the longtime Cuban exile, working for the CIA’s hitman.

And so originally, the police actually thought it was him that killed John Glenn and not dead. Mark David Chapman. And now we just don’t know as pride, both of them, to make sure that I can go to make sure that the hit works. But, in any head of the head, police officer, like a million-person district of police, said that he felt like Mark David Chapman was programed. He said to a lawyer who then Bressler, who is also a columnist for the British Daily Newspapers, who spent seven years investigating this, he says, I know what you’re gonna do with that word, but that’s the way you appeared to me, appeared like it appeared to me as if he was program Mark David Chapman and defend wrestler. Published his book, Who Killed John Lennon seven years after John Lennon’s death. And then some other good writers published, more after that. But really is sad, Christodoulou is John Lennon.

Jeff: And then you have so many amazing stories. And of course, I grew up in the late 50s and early 60s and 70s. And so all these people like icons to me. And I did not know until your book that Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, their paths actually started to cross until they were both killed. Tell us a little bit about that.

John: Sure. Well, just to remind people that so the situation with John Lennon was they first dosed him with LSD at that time. I told you in 1965 thing was January 65 when Robert Lash, Brooke assistant director and Calitri came over to England, to London and brought tons of LSD and undercover agents. So George Harrison’s dentist dose John Lennon and George Harrison with LSD in their coffee at the end of a little dinner party. Six of them, then their partners and said John Lennon was mysterious. George Harrison said, What’s LSD? I never heard of it.

I don’t know much about LSD in England. And I thought 65 was bigger in the United States. And so they basically manipulated these musicians to promote it. And then when they because they another time, the next time John Lennon did acid was at a party on the cusp of Law Canyon area neighbourhood that David Crosby was throwing with other members of The Byrd’s. And, I’ve put your mother undercover agents and they got, John Lennon, tripping a second time because he got Ringo Starr to trip there. And George Harrison chipped a second time.

And they had Peter Fonda and other actors were there that were like friendly with some these all kinds of musicians who were also tripping. And they got the bandwagon effect going and peer pressure going on until they have gone tripping. But say, John Lennon thought you liked it. And then John Lennon was losing his mind on it. And so anyway. But then he was sobering up. And when he came back out with new albums in the night around nineteen seventy-nine and eighty, and that’s when he was threatening to promote more sobriety, along with getting back into political activism. And that was basically the pattern of all these musicians.

It’s said that with Kurt Cobain and I’ll say that with Brian Jones is the founder of the Rolling Stones, considered the best musician, the Rolling Stones. And here he is friends with Jimi Hendrix. He’s friends with John Lennon. Jones had sobered up himself after using lots of different drugs. And, they inadvertently promoting drugs. They all were inadvertently promoting drugs. And then we sober it up. He was more of a threat because he was threatening to promote sobriety.

And the same thing happened with Jimi Hendrix. He starts sobering up in the last year or two of his life and started, yes, promoting the Black Panthers and promoting anti-war rallies and tried to do anti-war rallies and then antiwar concerts. So the Rolling Stones in 1969 were had American tour going one and the British decided to revote to not allow Brian Jones to get the passport or card, whatever he needed to get over the United States. So the Stones were stuck having to tour without their founder, Brian Jones, then their best musician. So they had a temporary breakup. And Jones called his friends, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, in which said you like this form a new group. And they turned and we said yes.

And within a very short period of time, Jones is dead and his best of his close friend neck fixed Fitzgerald. That would be one of the members of the Guinness beer family said he had left hanging out with Jones as House went to town for something to pick up a friend comes back and all of a sudden there’s a huge party at the town. , Grant, there was maybe an hour or two in between. Well, the sun is a huge party, his house. He said, what’s going on? And they went. Brian didn’t plan a party that night. But it turns out all these people are hanging out at the house and kind of where, no, I’m worked for intelligence and organized this.

And so I have a guy say, just repeat what one of the killers said to him once deathbed that, yes, I killed Brian Jones. Now, they said the official word was that Jones accidentally drowned in his own swimming pool, which is, of course, absurd. But that’s what. The official report remains today. The next phase. Prince Charles said they saw a group of people drowning somebody in the swimming pool and found out it was his friend, Brian Jones. He is done around the back to see what was going on at this party to check into his party when they first when he met men.

And so with Jimi Hendrix, it turns out his when he started getting huge fame in England, first before because income famous, first, the United States, because all the racism became a famous person in Britain, he couldn’t handle the touring and concerts and know how to, get it all together. So a guy inserted himself as his manager says, I can do all this for you. Have a great big history off of this. And say, was my Geoffrey, it turns out he worked for my six British CIA.

Now he pretended to have left at my sex. But the best evidence is they continue with them sticks. And I have evidence in my book. And he proceeded to stop Hendrix from doing anti-war concerts. He dosed his drink when he tried to do anyway and with super psychedelic and when Hendrix was getting away from all drugs at that time, except for maybe smoking weed or drinking, too. And then, the sentences that he was killed, sadly enough. He was poisoned and or killed. And there’s a lot of. When his partner is his fiancé at that time, Michael Diamond came out of the book detailing all Hendricks’s, of the Black Panthers and anti-war work and getting sober. She dies within a year, writing her book, coming out her book about that.

Jeff: I’m laughing as a cause as this area is just like it’s just unbelievable. Well, let’s close out with a little bit of something that I just want to ask you. Since you’re a professional psychiatrist or counsellor, you are a drug counsellor in the US. And every time we go back to the US.

John: Yeah, I’m a mental health counsellor in general. I got a masters in and did general mental health counselling that I also, of course, still specialize a bit in addictions for some percentage of my clients. Yeah.

Jeff: Every time we go back to the US, one socio-cultural phenomenon that just punches us in the face as the avalanche of ads on TV for Big Pharma and drugs. And I recently sent you an article that associated the medical industry and that book you were talking about, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM, to willfully keeping people stoned and sick to make them passive and debilitated and I ever and I have a relative who is a counsellor and seems to take a jaundiced view of the DSM while trying to help patients without our ex drugs.

And that brings us to like some literary references, Aldous Huxley depicted this in his dystopian future social, not society novel, Brave New World. And then there are the other dystopian novels like The Giver, which describes citizens being forced to take medications to forget past memories. Tell us what you think about the legal drug industry and the worst.

John: It’s funny that Soma is a real drug these days and so was the drug of Brave New World.  that with spaced out. But yeah, now I lean towards, agreement with your friend or cause you said maybe cancer is assessment, but, is not much I can do about it. As a fellow counsellor don’t prescribe drugs that do work with some psychiatrist that do I try to help not to take away decrease the over diagnosis of clients to go right to medications. And that’s sad that happens too much.

Now, some medications help people with diagnoses of depression and bipolar disorder, for example. Others may be falsely diagnosed for sure. And the problem is likely more trauma base is my opinion, but I can’t say for sure, which is why I was happy to gain advance certification and trauma counselling. And but I still think that you had benzodiazepines, ADHD, amphetamines, painkilling opioids are still probably overprescribed and are addicting a lot of people.

Jeff: Yeah, unbelievable. What other projects do you have in the pipeline, John?

John: Well, I’m working on a political novel and we’ll see what happens with that. Hopefully soon that something will happen. I’m not done yet at all. So but hopefully with the next year to have made progress and because the publishing that are published that will say.

Jeff: All right. Friends, fans and followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland. We just had John on for the second time. This is the first book we interviewed in December. If you don’t have money if money’s tight by the DVD and then if we just talked about his second book, Drugs as a Weapon against us, he just scratched the surface tonight. It’s just an amazing book. And if you’re a little bit tight for money or you don’t like to read. He also has that DVDs, so I really encourage you to read John’s stuff or watch his videos.

John? I’m in Thailand. I’m in Asia. So I will give you the proper Buddhist some sign of respect and hope. I hope you sell lots of books and launching lots of videos because you definitely deserve it.

John: Thanks. And I think that all day that why I would say that if people wanted to get in touch with me and ask me questions by this and or find out more about these books and films, is the website that they can message me through.

Jeff: Ok, cool. Awesome. Well, I think we have become long-distance friends through all this work together. So I hope to meet you someday in Baltimore. So take care, John.


John: Bye-bye, Jeff.  Thanks again.


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