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James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley JB East in Saigon. And I’m waving to my buddy out there. How is JB West out in France?

 Jeff J Brown: Cold and rainy on the beaches of Normandy. Thank you.

James: There is Jeff Brown and this podcast today is mostly by Jeff about his subject. He’s going to take us to Africa. I’m going to start out with a little thing to open up here, and it’s just a perspective. This is just a perspective little chat. And the perspective is, is that maybe we have to open up our minds and think beyond nation-states. Right now, we’re asking ourselves the US is going to do this in Ukraine and what’s Moscow going to do? And is Beijing going to do anything about Taiwan? And what about Modi and New Delhi?

That was the construct that Jeff and I were born into in the 1950s. So, there was a president of the United States in the 1950s. And we learned that there were powerful corporations like General Motors. Oh, they ripped out all the tramways so they would increase highway usage. Yeah, that was a corporation that was large, but it was you could conceive of it. It had a headquarters. It had a headquarters building. You could go to all its plants. Jeff and I have done podcasts about wealthy people influencing history.

Cecil Rhodes from South Africa, Rhodesia, the Rhodes Scholarship was behind World War One. We’ve talked about John D. Rockefeller distorting and controlling medical education and pharmaceuticals. But what I’m suggesting right now is that there’s something huge that is happening that’s very different from all of the rest of history. And I’m going to use … a podcast, so I’m going to round the numbers off so folks don’t hold me to a hundred billion here and a hundred billion there. I want to just throw out some numbers and then add the narrative.

So, the United States is how big? It’s twenty-one trillion in GNP. How big is China? It’s 14.6. How big is Japan? It’s 5.1. So, we already got mixed up and forgot all the numbers. So, let’s round it off. The United States is 20. China is 15 and Japan’s five. Okay. So, China’s three times as big as Japan, and the United States is four times the size of Japan. Just to keep it simple. Now, what I’m talking about here is there’s something very different. The equity firm BlackRock has $10 trillion under management. That’s one-half the size of the United States. China’s 15 trillion.

Blackrock is 10 trillion. Blackrock is 10 trillion that’s twice the size of Japan. Now, it’s hard to compare all these numbers. You know that BlackRock. Yes, that’s not just one person, Larry Fink, the president of BlackRock pressing one button and having all of those numbers under one roof and making decisions. But also, the president of the United States is not one person controlling things either. What I’m saying is there’s a concentration of money that has never, ever happened like this. Okay. Let’s talk about rich people.

A couple of months ago, Bill Gates visited Beijing and President Xi met with Bill Gates. Why? I’m not sure. But Bill Gates has a lot of influence and for some reason, the president of China felt that he should be photographed with Bill Gates. Well, how big is Bill Gates? Bill Gates has about $200 billion. $200 billion. Well, five times 200 billion is 1 trillion. That’s one-tenth the size of BlackRock. Do you get it, folks? Bill Gates is stupendously wealthy, and he’s what? One tenth. One fifth. What is that? One-twenty the size of BlackRock.

So, here’s something to get your head around. Take BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street, the largest equity firms in the world. Now, again, when Jeff and I were born, there were no equity firms. They did not exist. This private equity thing is brand new in history. There used to be rich people. There used to be wealthy companies, but there didn’t used to be this just concentration of money. So, take BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. They own 88%. They are the one, two, or three stockholders of 88% of Standard Poor’s.

Folks, that’s thousands of companies. And in other words, let’s say Larry Fink at BlackRock and then Joe Blow at Vanguard, and Mary Blow at State Street, these three people can get in a room and they are the one, two, or three stockholders of the entire Standard and Poor’s. This puts Bill Gates to shame. Blackrock is just $5 trillion less than China. Blackrock is twice as big as Japan. Blackrock is five times the size of Germany. Now, you might say but come on, James, BlackRock, it isn’t like just one guy controls it, there are shareholders and there’s voting and there’s all these.

Yeah, that’s true. But let’s look at Japan. There’s not one guy or one group of guys and girls that control Japan. The Japanese have to talk to people all the way from Kyushu up to Hokkaido. There are millions of people to deal with. They have democratic processes. Blackrock, these guys are about money. They’re about profit. They’re about ownership. They are non-democratic. They can make things move. So, let’s take a look at this. Macron is the president of France, right? He’s got about $2.5 trillion. And he’s got to listen to all these Democratic forces.

He has Yellow Vests in the streets protesting. He has a lot of rock and roll violence going on. He’s not very popular. He’s only one-fourth the size of Larry Fink at BlackRock. If you add in Vanguard, Macron in France is about one-tenth the size of BlackRock and Vanguard put together. You add in State Street, Blackstone, and KKR. Five, six of these private equity companies, and all of a sudden can dominate France, India, Italy, and South Korea. I mean, folks, imagine Canada going to meet a president somewhere. Canada’s $1.6 trillion.

Now, imagine Larry Fink walking in the door. Larry Fink is more than five times the size of Canada and he’s easier to deal with and he probably has more power. So, something has changed here. And I’m just saying that the idea of us just looking at countries, United States, okay, that’s the number one GNP in the world. China’s number two. Well, who’s number three? If you look it up on the Internet, Japan has the number three GNP. But Larry Fink of BlackRock is twice as big as Japan. Blackrock is the number three GNP in the world.

Vanguard is the number four GNP in the world. You know what I mean? State Street. Do you know much about State Street? Have you heard about it? I’ll bet you know about the history of Germany than you do about State Street. State Street’s bigger than Germany. So, what are the ramifications here? Well, let’s see. If you look at Raytheon, Lockheed, these huge military-industrial companies, they are owned. They have very powerful shareholders in BlackRock, Vanguard, and these private equity companies.

So, when we say, oh, the United States decided to fund NATO and NATO decided to fund Ukraine to fight Russia, really? Is that what’s going on? Or did four guys and girls on the East Coast, major holders in these private equity companies, did they decide that we needed a war to sell our military industrial products? And they called up Joe Biden, whom they own, and said, “Let’s go, Joe”. Look at it folks. Bill Gates has political power because he has a lot of money. He has influence. The president of China or India or the United States will pick up the phone when Bill Gates calls.

That’s proven. But now we’re talking about BlackRock, which is not ten times bigger than Bill Gates, but 40 times bigger than Bill Gates. We’re talking about enormous power that has never existed in the history of the world before. And they have monopoly control over all the rest of the companies. So, your president of the United States, you look out across the country, who are you president of? Your president of all the companies that BlackRock owns? How much power do you have compared to BlackRock? So, all I’m suggesting is that people just Google the size of Vanguard, Blackstone, KKR, State Street, and BlackRock.

Look at the amount of money that they have under management. Look at the for example, South Korea has $1.6 trillion about the size of Canada. Well, BlackRock’s eight times bigger than it. Whom are you going to meet first out of practicality? Whom are you going to listen to? Larry Fink of BlackRock or the president of South Korea? So smart cities, World Economic Forum, lowering the population, poisonous clot shots, and bioweapons, are these policies of national governments or are they policies of these huge private equity firms that have inordinate power with countries? So that’s the only point I wanted to make.

I wanted to stretch everyone’s mind for them to realize that the United States is the number one GNP in the world. China is number two. Everyone knows that. But nobody’s saying that BlackRock is the number three GNP in the world. You heard it here. Take a look. Let’s expand our minds and just get some transparency into who is doing what in terms of the policies that affect us any day. So, I wanted to make that little point, Jeff, and then folks, I want to turn it over to Jeff here, who is in France, as everyone knows, and is looking at the French part of Africa. And he’s got a great show for the remainder here for us. Take it away, Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you, James. Well, before we get started, James and already did one show about this, and again, I did travel and live and work in Africa and the Middle East for ten years ( So, it’s an area I know very, very well. James sent me a video of a very popular alternative media show that covered Niger and it was worse than mediocre. I was shocked at how bad it was. James and I are running circles around the competition, while Amarynth Flower at and Africa Stream ( are also doing fine reporting.

I will put their links on this show’s webpage. So be sure to go there. As a follow-up to our first show, where we stand: Along with the NATO-Russia War in Ukraine, what is happening in Africa is just as world-changing for humanity’s future. After 500 years of Western rape and plunder, still active today, all across Africa there is an awakening confidence and sense of destiny to finally shake off these colonial and imperial shackles. In the 1950s-1960s, they got their flags and seats at the UN, but not economic, financial, and political freedom and independence.

Be that as it may, a number of countries are thumbing their noses at the West, including Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, those are in the north and east of Africa. But most important is what’s happening in Sub-Saharan Africa, often called the Sahel Region, specifically, from west to east, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and now Niger, adding the Central African Republic to the south. Chad, to the east of Niger also had a recent military coup, and appears to be a silent supporter.

These five French colonies are shaking free from Paris in an impressive fashion. I am naming it the Sahel Revolution, because it is founded on communist-socialist principles, just like Mao Zedong in China, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Kim Il-Sung in Korea and Fidel Castro in Cuba, among many others. The Sahel Revolution, you heard it first on JB West and JB East! Why the surge in revolutionary fervor? Because, after 70 years of “Western Cooperation, Aid and Protection”, and I want you to listen to this because this is extremely graphic.

Scores of revolution-minded African leaders have been assassinated by the West. The life expectancy in the Sahel is less than 60 years of age, the lowest in the world! Only 23% of the population on average has electricity, among the lowest in the world. Access to water, sanitation, and hygiene is at the bottom of the global barrel. This is 2023, Literacy rates are 20-25% on average, at the bottom of the global barrel. Quality of Life Indexes in the 20s, the lowest in the world, compared to the 60s-70s for the West.

One indicator of why, Wagner’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin said that Niger’s high-grade uranium is sold in Europe for 285 euros a ton, but the Nigerien people on get paid 11 euros per ton. The above misery is exactly like China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba were before communist liberation. Victoria Nuland, the US’s diplomatic consiglieri just went to Niger to threaten them not to use Russia’s military Wagner Group and to remove Western “aid and cooperation”.

In spite of her suggesting to the MSM (Main Stream Media) that she left victorious, in fact, she got the cold shoulder, not being allowed to meet the leader of the revolutionary government, General Tchiani and not being able to see the deposed President Bazoum. Niger’s published meeting notes stated that the United States can keep its “aid and cooperation” and use that money to help poor Americans. Jokes are circulating in social media, with Niger telling Nuland to use American aid money for a facelift and a weight loss program, among other insults.

Russia’s press spokeswoman, the amazingly intelligent and beautiful Maria Zakharova piled on, stating, “Victoria Nuland thought that with Niger you can do the same as with Ukraine: offer a plastic bag of buns and fool them? Such a banana regime, as in Kiev, is no longer to be found.” This is in reference to Nuland going to Kiev, Ukraine in 2014 to launch the Maidan Nazi coup, including handing out cookies and buns to the fascists, something James and I have reported on in spades.

ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States, is Western Empire’s house negroes, being goaded by Washington, Paris and London to militarily attack Niger, instead of sending Western troops, for some of that old-time colonially-organized Black-on-Black bloodletting. What is so sad about ECOWAS is that the members threatening to invade Niger, that being Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Benin, are only a notch above the revolutionary Sahel countries in the aforementioned socioeconomic and infrastructure measurements.

Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger (with Chad and Central African Republic not shown), versus the other members of ECOWAS, the latter which are Western imperial house negroes.

Again, this is after 70 years of supposed Western “cooperation and aid”. The Sahel is still like pre-communist-liberation China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba. In the meantime, the Sahel Revolution is moving forward. The Sahel Revolution is wildly popular among their people. They are seriously discussing an official united federation, knowing the importance of solidarity and strength in numbers, in the face of the West’s centuries-old, imperial divide and conquer. Burkina Faso and Mali have put their militaries on standby alert to support Niger if ECOWAS decides to invade the latter.

Yet, Wagner is heavily involved in Mali and Burkina Faso. Thus, if West Africa’s house negroes go on the attack, they will be dealing with Russia! Wagner has stated that it will always fight for justice and help those who struggle for their sovereignty and the rights of their people. There you go. Sounds like Mao and Ho. Niger’s revolutionary government is putting former President Bazoum and other former leaders on trial for high treason, all loyal whores for the Western empire. If ECOWAS attacks the Sahel Revolution, Niger will kill Bazoum, his family, and others in his group.

Niger has also appointed a prime minister, former finance minister Ali Maman Lamine, who has long experience with the Africa Development Bank. Thus, we are seeing the beginning of a civilian government. In the interim, they are improving the structure of their revolutionary government. Niger is holding talks with the house negroes at ECOWAS to explain their side of the story, I think to buy time. All of this is good news. The bad news is that the Sahel is not Vietnam. It does not have tropical jungles to hide and work in.

Nor the mountains in China, Korea, and Cuba. My wife and I have looked across the border from Southern Algeria into Northern Niger, where the uranium mines are, in Arlit and Akokan, 900km northeast of the capital Niamey (more than 1,200km by road). Again, I’ll post a map on this interview web page. We could see the mountains of Arlit and Akokan from our 3,000-meter elevation, standing atop Algeria’s Hoggar Mountains. While it is jaw-droppingly majestic and spectacularly beautiful, there are no trees.

The majestic Hoggar Mountains in Algeria, looking across the border into Niger. My wife and I had the unforgettable pleasure of standing atop these 3,000-meter peaks and exploring the plateau for several weeks.

Just hundreds of kilometers of rocky desert, with the occasional Bedouin oasis and mountain watering hole. So, a Ho-Chi-Minh-style People’s War is not possible against the occupying NATO forces still there. Last year, Mali and Burkina Faso were able to get rid of the occupying French and American troops, but the ones in Niger are not planning to leave. Since 2012, NATO has invested 500 million dollars into these three bases and drone ports in Niger, so getting rid of them is a huge problem for the Sahel Revolution to achieve full emancipation.

As James and I have discussed, they can’t launch rocket-propelled grenades at these bases, or ambush occupying patrols, like Mao, Ho, Kim, and Castro were able to do because they would be seen coming from hundreds of kilometers away. Also, no villages to get popular support and protection. No people’s reconnaissance to provide intelligence. Just hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of spectacularly beautiful, rocky desert. Wagner could not do anything either. The French have already ignored Niger’s declared no-fly zone over the country, sending in a plane to its base.

So, the ongoing NATO occupation is a serious problem for the Sahel Revolution. Mali and Burkina Faso have gained control of their productive forces and economic centers. Niger has not. France’s company, Orano still controls the uranium mines, Niger’s biggest source of revenue. Apparently, Niger can stop the uranium exports, so they have said they are stopping France since they have sealed the borders. Even if they got control of the mines, the uranium is trucked out via Lagos, Nigeria, on the Trans-Sahelian Highway, 90% of which is paved.

The Trans-Sahelian Highway network, which China built much of.

I’ll put a map on our webpage. But Nigeria is an ECOWAS house negro, so they would block transit to its ports. Not surprisingly, China is very much in the Sahel Region. Doing what else? Building roads, rail lines, telecommunications, schools, hospitals, airports, dams, AND oil wells and mines. But again, how to get out the oil and uranium? They could go north through friendly, anti-West Algeria, but that would triple the distance to get to Algiers’ Mediterranean port. Most people do not know that Algeria is Africa’s largest country, 4.5 times bigger than France! I lived there for five years. It was just an amazing time. I call it my salad days.

Niger’s uranium mining zone, producing some of the world’s highest grade ore. Currently all owned by imperial France.

And unfortunately, the equally as long Trans-Sahelian Highway goes west to Dakar, Senegal, another ECOWAS house negro, and not via revolutionary Guinea, which has a deep-water port in the capital of Conakry. So, I will leave the fans with five big questions:

1) Are the house negroes in ECOWAS going to die for Washington, Paris and London, by invading Niger, thus bringing Mali, Burkina Faso and Wagner Group into the fray?

2) How does the Sahel Revolution evict NATO from Niger and gain control of its valuable uranium resources without a People’s War? Or, will it be like Syria, where NATO is occupying and stealing the people’s oil?

3) Can China’s investments in oil and uranium compensate for the loss in revenue of the French-controlled Orano uranium mining company, albeit which was just 11 euros a ton to the nation?

4) Will the Sahel Revolution follow through on a full-fledged federation?

5) Will the Sahel Revolution spread to the other ECOWAS countries, which their very corrupt, imperial house negro leaders clearly fear?

That’s all I have today, James. Thank you.

James: Well, thank you, Jeff. That was a great trip through Africa. And this is JB East signing off.

Jeff: And this is JB West on the beaches of Normandy. Thank you, James. Bye-bye.


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