First Ukraine. Now, a seismic, anti-Western revolution is expanding in Africa. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #61

Pictured above: West Africans are still financially enslaved, due to the imposition of using the Bank of France’s CFA franc as their currency. But, they are unifying and rising up in spectacular fashion.






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James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley JB East out here in Saigon, and I’m welcoming JB West Jeff Brown out in France. Hello, Jeff.

Jeff J Brown: Good to hear from you, James.

James: Man, the audience is lucky. Jeff is known for his knowledge of China having lived there. And we’re going to delve into a past part of Jeff’s experience. Some of you might know that Jeff spent time in Africa and I’m holding a map of Africa after the Berlin Conference of 1884. And in the center-left, it says French West Africa. There are all these lines, but there’s a huge chunk called French West Africa.

And now today we’re going to talk about a country in the news, Niger. And it’s just so fascinating to see that I’ve been scanning the US coverage and you wouldn’t know that there’s anything going on. So, I think this is a big thrill that we have JB West, who’s got on-the-ground experience. He’s in France. And the question I have is, are we going to reinstate French West Africa, Jeff? Are we going back to the 19th century?

Jeff: Thank you, James. Yeah, this is unbelievable. Of course, being a former French colony and some would say still French colonies because they’re still financial colonies. But yeah, I have traveled to most of these countries in West Africa and it’s something amazing. It is absolutely amazing, James, what’s going on. It is a tectonic shift in Western Imperialism and Africa, et cetera. Just last week, a Nigerien and I have to point out to people, usually there’s Nigeria, which is a huge English-speaking country on the West Coast of Africa, Nigeria. And then there’s Niger, which is the landlocked country I’m talking about right now.

So, we say Niger, Nigerien, and then Nigeria, Nigerian. So, that’s the way to tell them apart. So, anyway, Nigerien soldiers took over the country just this last week and they ousted President Bazoum. Immediately, the Western-influenced African Union denounced the coup and gave them 15 days to stand down or face punitive measures. And then ECOWAS the Economic Community of West African States also issued their ultimatum and said that if they did not stand down, they would take all necessary measures to restore constitutional order and get a load of this, including the use of force.

Of course, ECOWAS is a Western whore organization. And they immediately cut off Niger for sanctions and everything cut off all commerce with ECOWAS. Now get a load of this. I mean that’s okay. That happened. But in less than 24 hours, James, neighbors Mali and Burkina Faso condemned the sanctions ECOWAS announced on Saturday as, quote, illegal, illegitimate, and inhumane. They also expressed fraternal solidarity with the Nigerien people who have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and to assume the fullness of their sovereignty before history.

And then the military junta in Niger accused France of threatening military intervention and then to follow, Mali and Burkina Faso came out with a communiqué saying that if Niger is attacked militarily by ECOWAS or France or by anybody, it would be considered an act of war for Mali and Burkina Faso and then neighboring Guinea to the west of Mali came out and said, we too will join Niger and fight for Niger if they are attacked. I mean, this is just unbelievable. And then the president of Mali was saying and Niger are saying we have to unite. We have to unite sub-Saharan Africa.

We have been colonies for 150 years. And we need to join forces and become a federation of states. Of course, this is something that the Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi was always talking about was to unify Africa into a consolidated whole. And so, this is amazing. And the fact that Burkina Faso and Mali have successfully kicked out the French military. I would also like to point out that the deposed President Bazoum of Niger is nothing more than a Parisian puppet prostitute. And this is what happens.

France does not deny since the end of World War Two, and the liberation movements in Africa. France does not even deny the fact that they have assassinated 22 African heads of state like Burkinabe Thomas Sankara and many others who were fighting Western Imperialism. So, this is what happens. They’ll try to come in now and destroy this military junta and put in another ventriloquist dummy who will give away the country to France. So, now Niger has a military council. They are working with Mali, with Burkina Faso.

I’ll put a map on our website page so people can see this. And then in the communiqué, Niger said that they would adopt self-defense measures in support of the armed forces and the people of Niger. A military intervention against Niger could destabilize the entire region, as had the unilateral NATO intervention in Libya, which was at the root of the expansion of terrorism and the Sahel and West Africa. The Sahel is basically the Saharan desert region. I’d like to point out that France currently has 1,500 troops and a drone base in Niger, while the US has 1,100 troops and two drone bases in Niger. And both of those have been told not to leave their bases.

James: Can I jump in?

Jeff: Yeah, go ahead.

James: I’ve never been there and so I’m asking. But something that interested me is that these might be off by a couple of percentages but Niger is producing 30% of the uranium for France. France is completely electrified and 80% of Niger has no electricity. So, it’s a young population. Everyone’s under 35 in Niger and they’re waking up and they’re looking at France’s electric electricity on the Eiffel Tower. And my dad and I and my mom don’t have electricity here. And we are giving our uranium and our gold to France. And then it’s also on top of one of the best aquifers in the world. So, gold, water, and uranium might be a reason that France wants to spread a little democracy.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely so-called democracy, the right to plunder and pillage. Yeah, this is momentous. And as you mentioned, Niger immediately, as soon as the junta got in power, banned the exports of uranium to France and the United States, not Russia, not China, but to France and the United States. And I have a great quote from someone who was at the protests outside the French embassy in Niamey, the capital of Niger. And he said, as James says,

We have uranium, diamonds, gold, oil, and we live like slaves. We don’t need the French to keep us safe.

James: But that in terms of like 200, 300 years of African history, this is almost like and I don’t know how to say like if I’m a storyteller about Africa, this is a perfect story. They have no electricity and yet they’re turning your lights on. It’s imagery and facts that could be sold to the most illiterate, uneducated person. I can understand that, that I don’t have electricity and you are powering yourselves from the stuff under my feet. I mean, I would fight for this. This is very understandable and glaring and it’s not being covered in the Western Media. The facts we’ve just covered so far. It’s very difficult to find this in the Western Media.

Jeff: It is being covered more obviously in France because they can’t avoid it.

James: No, but I mean, just the geopolitical thing. There was a coup. This guy’s name is this. The military. It’s very difficult to find. Hey, we’re providing 30% of your electricity, and you are screwing us with no electricity. And we’ve got gold and we got water. Those basic facts are not being reported on the BBC. You know what I mean?

Jeff: That’s for sure. Yeah. Those statistics can be found on alternative news sites. Also, the fact that a French company controls about two-thirds of Niger’s uranium output. And of course, it’s all going to France at heavily discounted prices.

James: Outrageous.

Jeff: The president of the newly “liberated” Niger in the 1960s went to Paris and said I want to negotiate a better price. Of course, France was wanting the uranium for nothing. And he went to Paris and he complained and said he wanted a better deal. France told him to go to hell, we’re going to steal your uranium. He went to the UN and made a formal complaint. And what do you know? The next week there was a military coup and he was deposed and a Parisian puppet was put in his place.

So, this is something that we have to keep in mind. This is not over. The West is going to use its imperial toolbox. They’ve got assassinations, blackmail, bribery, extortion, fake news, false flags. And the right to pillage and plunder. So, this is not at all over. The good news is, is that Russia and Africa, and I’m sure James knows about this, it was, again, very, very soft shoe soft-pedaled in the Western Press. Russia and Africa just concluded a very successful summit in Saint Petersburg. Forty-nine out of the 54 countries represented.

And this was in spite of tremendous pressure and threats from Washington, London, and Paris not to go. And I think it’s telling that the Guinea ambassador, one of the four countries now that is ready to go to war to support Niger’s Liberation, the Guinean Ambassador wore a t-shirt with a mosaic of Putin photo photographs on it instead of a dress shirt. And Burkina Faso’s leader Ibrahim Traoré is invoking the memory of assassinated communist leader Thomas Sankara, who was president from 1983 to 1987.

He wore battle fatigues when he shook his hand with Putin in Saint Petersburg. And they are calling him the new Thomas Sankara, the communist leader in Burkina Faso, who led 1983 to 1987. He built more schools, hospitals, public housing, and roads in his four short years than France did in 150 years of colonial rape and plunder across West Africa. So, the West Africans are waking up and I think some of it has to do with Emmanuel Macron being the President of France and going and visiting these people and inviting these people to France.

He is hated. He is feckless. He is arrogant. He is greater than thou, better than thou. He upsets everybody he meets. And I think he has been a bit of a catalyst for the Africans to say – at least people like Jacques Chirac and Francois Mitterrand showed a modicum of respect and diplomacy, et cetera. But Macron, he’s such an arrogant son of a bitch. I think he has pissed a lot of them off. So, anyway, Russia has a really good angle here, because the Soviet era was a glorious one for Africans and also China and North Korea, and Cuba.

They all played major roles in liberating the continent from Western Imperialism. So, Africans in Saint Petersburg did not forget who helped them versus who kept them as resource and financial slaves. And that’s France. That’s Paris, London, and the United States. And so now they’re starting to wake up and I think it’s wonderful. There are 85 million people in those four countries Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. And as James pointed out, they’ve got gold. They’ve got gems. They’re growing cotton, uranium.

They have cotton, as a huge one. Niger is actually exporting oil. They’ve got oil. And so, it’s exciting times. What’s going to be interesting is to see what happens now that this has transpired. Just before James and I got on the air together, I saw a headline, “US: Narrow Opportunity to Reverse Coup in Niger as the ousted president meets Chad’s Leader”. Chad is to the east of Niger, also has a lot of uranium and gold and et cetera and also a French Colony. And Niger has arrested now 130 members of the deposed president’s party, including four cabinet officials. So, they’re really following in the footsteps of Burkina Faso. And that’s what it’s going to take if they’re going to survive this.

James: It’s very interesting that America has a military there to help, quote-unquote, help Niger and China has no military in there. And they’re looking aghast at the Americans and they’re looking welcomingly at China.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. The first thing they’ve got to do is, Niger, they’ve got to kick out those French and US troops and let Russia cooperate to run those three drone bases. It can be done because last year Mali evicted its US and French troops and Niger has again already ordered the French and American troops in their country to not leave their bases. And so, they really, really, really need to follow this Burkina Faso Model.

I showed James some clips on Twitter before we got on the show. And their leader, Ibrahim Traoré, has obviously learned from Mao Zedong that liberation can only happen from the barrel of a gun. And I think he also learned from Ho Chi Minh that no one, I mean, not even France or the USA can defeat a People’s War. And I think another thing that they should do if they have not already done so, is reach out to China’s Ministry of State Security and Russia’s FSB.

Those are their intelligence bureaus. Cuba would be happy to help. They have an excellent intelligence system. They would be there in a heartbeat, if Niger reached out to them and help them with their intelligence to keep track of what France and London and Washington are going to be trying to do to overthrow this. Venezuela uses Cuba for its intelligence support, and that’s why the West cannot overthrow the Venezuelan government. And they already have reached out to the Central African Republic (CAR).

I mean, to Chad, we saw there’s a photo of just three days ago after the junta, after the overthrow, the Nigerien President leader was meeting with the Chadian leader. And both, with Central African Republic are working hand in hand with Russia and Wagner. Chad and CAR both have a chip on their shoulders against France. And so, if they can get this idea of some kind of unity of sticking together, it’s going to make it very, very difficult.

Like the “US sees a narrow opportunity to reverse the coup in Niger as the ousted president meets Chad’s leader” is strength in numbers. Just like Ho Chi Minh’s People’s War. If the people are fighting, you cannot defeat them. And the other thing, I think Niger could also reach out to North Korea, Eritrea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and other anti-imperial countries, to learn about self-sufficiency and homeland defense, because they have all resisted being invaded by the West and NATO.

They should stick close to Russia and China, they should continue working with Wagner, the Russian private army, which is basically now a nationalized public army for Russia. And Wagner is thick in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the final one. And this is kind of a pipe dream. But the final one is that not only these countries, but the 17 countries in West Africa have finally got to ditch the CFA franc, which is their money, and 17 of the countries in French West Africa, Charles de Gaulle was not stupid.

He gave these countries a flag and their political independence, but he maintained their colonial state by imposing upon them the CFA franc, which is issued by the Bank of France, controlled by the Bank of France, and manipulated by the Bank of France. They keep the exchange rate extremely overvalued which makes it very difficult for these countries to export, and it forces them to import almost everything they need from France, because their CFA is overvalued and I think of a possibility. And they need to get together and just do it and say we’re going to start using the Chinese RMB, the Chinese Yuan.

I don’t know how that could happen, but that’s one of the reasons that France bombed Libya into oblivion in 2011, was because Qaddafi wanted to create a gold-backed African dinar, which would have completely destroyed the CFA franc. So, that would be the ultimate death knell for France in West Africa, if Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, the Central African Republic, and Chad if they could get together and say to hell with the CFA franc and the Bank of France, that would be as big of a global tectonic shift, as is the establishment of a gold-backed BRICS Buck. That’s all I have, James.

James: Well, what’s the next step? We’re supposed to worry about aggressive China and aggressive Russia. And here it’s a nice croissant-eating France that might bomb Africa. I mean, what right do they have to get involved at all? Are they going to bomb? I mean, if they drop a bomb on Niger, are the other countries going to come forward? Are we looking at a potentially large problem here militarily?

Jeff: Well, if France does attack Niger, Burkina Faso, which has cooperation with Russia militarily, Mali also works with the Russians militarily. Central African Republic works very closely with the Russian military. So, they are armed with Russian arms. What would be interesting to see is that when and if Niger, and they have to they have to nationalize that French company that controls 25% of their uranium production and sends it to France for next to nothing. They’ve got to nationalize it.

That would be a red line for France. Are they going to try to come in and bomb? But if Burkina Faso and Mali and Guinea send troops to Niger to fight the French, it’s a People’s War, James, just like in Vietnam, it’s a People’s War. All of a sudden, France is not like it used to be so clean and neat when they could assassinate a leader and put in a prostitute to rule the country. This would be a People’s War and it would be spanning half of West Africa. And I don’t know if France has the guts or foolishness to do it.

But they might try. I mean, we’ll have to just wait and see. But the headline that the, “US sees a narrow opportunity to reverse the coup in Niger as the ousted president meets Chad’s leader”, tells me that probably even the French realize they’re going to puff their chests and beat their chest like King Kong. But I think it would be foolish for them to try anything. They might try to do some kind of special operation.

But as I showed you in those Twitter videos, like in Burkina Faso, no one is going to depose the president of Burkina Faso, because he follows Mao Zedong’s philosophy. You don’t achieve revolution and liberation without the barrel of a gun. The country’s armed to the teeth and the people are behind him. I would like to point out that all three countries, Mali and Burkina Faso, and Niger, have closed their borders and tightly controlled access to their countries.

So, the only way that France or the United States, or Britain could try to get into these countries, would be to try to parachute drop special operations. But the people in the villages and the people in the towns are backing all these military juntas to the hilt. And I don’t think they could get very far, even if they landed someplace, the people in the rural areas would immediately denounce them. They wouldn’t be able to get to the capitals where the leaders are. So, I’m actually relatively optimistic that Niger is going to continue.

Burkina Faso and Mali they’ve been going for a year, kicking out the Americans and the French. So, it’s going to be an interesting an interesting fall and winter and see what happens in Africa, especially now with the Russia-Africa conference, big summit. And Russia’s going to be, of course, rushing in to take advantage of this situation. And I’m sure China is not sitting there flat-footed either. I’m sure they’re reaching out to these countries and offering their help, too. So, I’m relatively optimistic, James.

James: Okay. Can we can I end up switching the subject?

Jeff: Sure, please do.

James: I’d like to say something about a man named Gonzalo Lira. If people will look him up on Bitchute or Rumble or something. Gonzalo Lira is a Chilean-American who’s been living in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and he’s one of the four top guys I’ve been following regarding Ukraine. And he’s a nice man. He’s very funny, very witty, and he’s been giving honest commentary about the Ukrainian situation. Well, he was arrested by the Ukrainian secret police and they found that he had some money. They looked at his computer and saw that he had some money. So, they got prisoners to torture him for days and days on end.

And finally, when they put a toothpick into the white of one of his eyes and asked him, you only need one eye, the next day, he paid up. They released him, but he has to go back to the judge and the judge is going to find him guilty. Guilty of what? No violent crime didn’t hurt anybody. Didn’t steal any money. What he did was that he talked in a way that Ukraine did not like. Jeff Brown and James Bradley have said much more incendiary things than Gonzalo Lira, and he is going to go to a work camp for seven years.

So, this morning he posted a video. He’s at the border of Ukraine and Hungary. He’s making a dash for Hungary. He hopes he doesn’t get arrested at the border and he’s going to ask for asylum. He can’t go to Europe because Ukraine would put out an all-point notice for him and France and Germany, all these democratic-loving countries would arrest him. This is a crime. Goes online, the State Department has been asked numerous times by reporters, why aren’t you doing anything about the American citizen, Gonzalo Lira?

And they won’t answer. They don’t care, because he spoke honestly about Ukraine. I mean, I want to cry. There’s an American citizen running to the border of Hungary running for safety. He did nothing wrong except exercise free speech in a country where America says it’s fighting for democracy. Folks, please support Gonzalo Lira. Look him up. Make a noise, please. So, that’s James Bradley JB East. And Jeff, thanks for the update on Africa. You’re the guy who knows about it. Thanks so much, Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you. Bye-bye, James.


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