China’s public Social Credit System versus the West’s secret Panopticon – By Jeff J. Brown on The Greanville Post

China’s public Social Credit System versus the West’s secret Panopticon

To replace the cancelled SoundCloud podcast shown on The Greanville Post,

Thank you Patrice Greanville and “The Greanville Post”!

I am deeply honored and humbled that Patrice Greanville, at The Greanville Post (TGP) has republished some wonderful articles that I wrote in the past. Why am I honored and humbled? Because Patrice is the best online editor in the business. He is 84 years old, works seven days a week, has health problems, and yet he still is fighting the good fight, hurling lightning and thunderbolts of truth in the face of evil imperialism and genocidal global capitalism.

Everyone who reads this should sign up for his newsletter (, in the right column, after clicking. It’s the best aggregate website on the internet.

Patrice is $7,500 in the hole for 2023, out of his own pocket. He borrowed this money from the bank to keep the website going, which is criminal. Please make a donation here, or on Patreon below,

Not only that, he has health care expenses, his wife is in remission and she too has ongoing medical expenses. So please help them out by giving them a contribution. I walk the walk. I give them my royalties for China Rising, which Patrice published ( I also subscribe to his Patreon page and donate each month,

I will, in the next few days, be putting these TGP articles here, because he doesn’t just copy my posts, he really “sexes them up” and makes them more interesting. It’s really well done. I truly admire and envy him. I don’t have the skill to do such a fabulous job of posting material, but Patrice Greanville does.

They have SoundCloud recordings. Unfortunately, back during COVID, SoundCloud started pulling my recordings off the air, even though I was paying $130 a year for their service! Obviously, I’m not going to pay $130 a year to have them rip my recordings down. Thus, I quit using them. And I’m now using the China Rising Radio Sinoland website (which Patrice maintains) to host my audio recordings. I will leave the China Rising Radio Sinoland audio link with each one of Patrice’s posts when I publish them.

Enjoy these upcoming, tasty chestnuts. I’m amazed at how fresh and up to date they are. I’ve read all that he reposted. It shows that they’re still timeless. I could have written any of these articles today and changed almost nothing. Alas, they are absolutely valid today, as they were in the last few years that I wrote them.

Thank you,

Jeff J. Brown

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