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Jeff J Brown: Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, JB West on the beaches of Normandy with my good friend and partner James Bradley, JB East in Saigon. How are you doing, James?

James Bradley: Hey, I am in Saigon. It’s sunny. It’s a beautiful day today in Vietnam. And watching the military establishment make the same mistakes they did 50 years ago.

Jeff: Well, I tell you what, James called me a couple of days ago and told me some information that just blew my mind and blew my ears out. Everybody needs to hear this. It’s extremely important. I can’t say that exciting is the best adjective, but it is extremely important to know about this, especially because the mainstream media is doing everything to keep you from knowing about this information. And of course, James and I have done a lot of shows and he’s come up with another great one that you need to hear. So, take it away, James.

James: Okay, Jeff and I have done shows about the COVID shots, and I think all our listeners know that it’s a bioweapon and it was poisonous. Authors like Ed Dowd in his book “Died Suddenly, a couple of years ago” have shown statistics that there are a lot of people dying suddenly after the shot. Some breaking news… The Italian health minister is being investigated for murder homicide because he pushed the shots. It hasn’t reached the English press yet, but we can include a video that I sent Jeff that has a translation of the Italian newspapers.

The Italian health minister who pushed the shots is being investigated for murder. So, there’s a lot of stuff out there that would show you this is a bioweapon that was not good for humanity. But I’d like to focus on the most important thing that has come out to date. And it comes from New Zealand. It’s New Zealand health data. They were tracking pay-per-dose. So, pay means money per dose per shot. So, there was a pay-per-dose database. And the reason that this is so important is that New Zealand has great IT and a small population.

So, the United States has great IT but it has a huge population. And to run any one state, you have a number of people involved. With this New Zealand pay-per-dose data, there was one IT man on top of it all, Barry White. And Barry White, Mr. IT down in New Zealand was looking at the data. And then he was tracking who got the shot and what happened to these people. And he was realizing that 17 to 25% of them dropped dead. Repeat he was seeing numbers like 17 to 25% of the total population of people who got the shot were dropping dead.

So, he went to his employers, his bosses, and said, “Oh my God, we’re public officials. We have to make this public.” They said we won’t touch it. He went to the prime minister, the new prime minister, Luxon, who has promised change but won’t touch it. No answer. He went to members of Parliament, including Winnie, what’s Winnie’s last name? They call him Winnie Winston Peters. Winston Peters got elected. We’re going to investigate this Covid situation in New Zealand, and you elect me and blah, blah, blah.

So, Barry White has the data and he takes it to members of Parliament like Winston Peters and they will not look at it. So, he goes to Liz Gunn. Liz, who is a New Zealand heroine who has been on this subject for a long time. And everyone in New Zealand knows her name. So, Barry White goes to Liz Gunn, and Liz Gunn says, “Oh my God, we have to make this public.” And she contacts some heavy hitters like Steve Kirsch. Folks, if you have not subscribed to Steve Kirsch at, you should. You should be getting Steve Kirsch’s newsletter.

Who is Steve Kirsch? He’s a billionaire who invented the mouse. He has a lot of money and he’s been on this Covid case, and he has been vacuuming up evidence from around the world. Steve Kirsch said to Liz Gunn, “Oh my God, this Barry White revelation about the New Zealand pay-per-dose information is the most substantial case yet.” Why? Because it was complete on an entire population. Folks, no other states Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin, New York, or California. They are not releasing this complete data.

Israel, Germany, Vietnam. Nobody is releasing. There’s no helicopter view of a complete data set. Some Medicare stuff has been released. But there’s no national helicopter view except this New Zealand health data. Why? Because they have great IT in a small population. And one guy, Barry White, was on top of it all. So, they said, “Barry, let’s go public. This is an international story. Would you like protection? We can move you to another country to a safe house. And Barry said, “No, I’ll stand up to it”.

They said, “Barry, you’ve got to protect yourself. They’ll throw you in jail. The New Zealand police are Nazis. We’ll give you money. We’ll give you a safe house.” Barry said, “No, I’m just going to sleep in my own bed and I’m going to face the nation. I’m a public employee and I’m going to come through with this.” So, the story is that Liz Gunn and Steve Kirsch broke this. Now, Steve Kirsch funded the Kirsch Auditorium at MIT, where he graduated.

And for two years he’s been trying to speak there on Covid, but you have to be sponsored by a professor, and no professor would touch him. So, the students of MIT, when they realized the importance of this New Zealand data, sponsored Kirsch. So, Steve Kirsch could finally speak in the Kirsch Auditorium, which he funded. And Steve Kirsch said, before he made this New Zealand presentation, he said, hey, to the co-founder of Moderna, who’s a professor at MIT. I forget his name. He said, “Hey Mr. Professor, I will give you $10 million”.

Folks, I’ll repeat. “I’ll give you $10 million if you will come on stage with me when I present this data and discuss it”. Well, why wouldn’t any professor in the world accept $10 million to just discuss something? The reason is, is because if this Professor, who’s a co-founder of Moderna, got on stage with Steve Kirsch and looked at the slides. He would be liable. He would know this information that Moderna has killed people and he would be liable for lawsuits. So, the chicken co-founder of Moderna would not accept $10 million to accept the data from Steve Kirsch.

So, anyway, Steve Kirsch went to MIT and did a slide presentation that was repeatedly interrupted by MIT students with applause, with standing ovations. You can download the slide presentation at Steve ki****@su******.com. Subsequently, Steve Kirsch, Doctor Malone, and Doctor Michael Yeadon, you should all know those names presented to Members of Parliament in the UK in London. Repeat. There are online speeches of Steve Kirsch, Doctor Malone, and Doctor Michael Yeadon saying to Parliament, “Hey, this is the smoking gun, this New Zealand data”.

We can prove that the bottom line is one per thousand dead”. It’s not exactly that, it can be rough and it can be whatever. But just do the numbers, folks. Take your country one dead for every thousand shots. So, 10 million shots, 100 million shots. I think the United States had 700 million shots so far. So, you can do the numbers and you’ll see that they’re projecting that conservatively, the bioweapon has killed 15 to 18 million people worldwide. So, Alex Jones has done two long-form interviews with Barry White (IT guy), and Liz Gun from New Zealand with Steve Kirsch. So, folks, that’s it. This is the smoking gun.

The bottom line is the shots are killing one per thousand. It’s disabling many more. Parliament has heard it. And if you listen to Steve Kirsch in his Parliament presentation, he’s so emotional. He says “The BBC is lying to the public and the parliament members brave enough to attend applaud here, here, here, here. Yes, you’re right.” Steve Kirsch says, “The British government is lying to the British people and the parliamentarians. Yes, yes, yes, they’re lying. They are.” And Steve Kirsch says, “This New Zealand data is out. Why isn’t every country releasing its data, its public data paid for by the public”?

Why, is the name your state Nevada North Dakota, Florida? Why are they not releasing this data? Israel, Germany, Sweden, Finland, everybody, this is public data. They’re not releasing it for one reason, because it shows that for every thousand shots of this bioweapon, there is a dead person. So, folks, this is the smoking gun bottom line case according to Steve Kirsch. Again, it’s Barry White, the hero in New Zealand who’s facing jail time. He went to Liz Gunn, who went to Steve Kirsch. It’s all online. And take a look at it and let’s stop the killing.

Jeff: Wow! That is unbelievable, James. And I know that unfortunately, for a lot of people out there, they have gotten, they had to get the shots. They had no choice. They were either to keep their jobs and put food on the table or get jabbed. And I know this is going to be disturbing for a lot of people, but at least you know and you can take some remedial actions as far as your lifestyle and supplements and vitamins and everything else. And then the irony of Steve Kirsch not being able to give speeches in Kirsch Hall, and he paid for it, is really unbelievable. Well, James, do they know how many years they’re going to try to put Barry White in jail?

James: No, it’s unknown, but your comment about this will be disturbing. I hope people are disturbed enough to get the officials up for murder like they are in Italy. Let’s go. I mean Fauci just bought a $14 million house. That guy should be in a jail cell with a floor drain, up against the wall with these people. Secretary of Defense made thousands of military people take the shot. Navy doctors are now saying that many pilots are disabled. Secretary of Defense Austin, a traitor up against the wall. Let’s go folks, let’s have some accountability.

Jeff: Anthony Fauci just paid $14 million for a house.

James: Yeah, the American public is letting these criminals go. The evidence is out there. Spread it around, folks, and let’s fill up the jails.

Jeff: Well, James, thank you very much. I’ll get all of these video links from you and share them with the fans out there. And what again, exciting is what usually our shows are exciting, but this one is interesting, informative, necessary, and sobering but very, very critical and essential to know. So, thank you very much, James, this is JB West in France signing out.

James: And I’m JB East in Saigon saying goodbye for now.


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