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Cynthia Pooler (Host): Welcome to issues that matter. I’m Cynthia Pooler. My guest today is Jeff Brown. And Jeff is a journalist. And we’re going to touch upon the 2024 presidential election. So, Jeff, let me give you my take on what I perceive as reality at this point. Now in the United States, it seems as though many states across the country are trying to kick Trump off the ballot.

And the news media is reporting on it. And the Democrats are saying how dangerous a second turn would Trump would be? The Democrats are fear-mongering for saying all these things about Trump and Trump is fighting to keep himself on the ballot for president. So, it’s like issues are not being discussed. This whole situation is all fear-mongering. What do you think?

Jeff J. Brown (Guest): Well, Cynthia, first of all, thank you for having me on your show. I would like for the fans out there to know that I am a registered Democrat in Oklahoma. In the state of Oklahoma, I’m a dual national. I have French nationality, too. And so, I get to vote in France. And so, I get to see how their voting system works. And I’ve actually one of my chapters in one of my books, I can’t remember which one it is now.

I compare the American and the French voting systems and their integrity, honesty of them, etc. So, I’m a Democrat saying that the Democrats are not only trying to push Trump off of state ballots they’re trying to steal the election again. And of course, they’re doing this by flooding tens of thousands. I’ve heard numbers up to over a million. Illegal immigrants coming in across the southern border.

And I’ve heard all kinds of information they’re getting passports, voting cards, and they’re being sent to states where Trump is strong. And of course, they will vote for Biden. So, they’re going to try to steal the election again and I think this is something that Americans really, really need to come to grips with is how corrupt and I’m sorry to say this, but how corrupt the American voting system is and it’s built into the US Constitution and which I’m happy to discuss if you’d like to hear about it.

But they massively the Democrats massively, massively, massively stole the election in 2020. I even had a whole collection, I called it the US Election Fraud Living Library on your vaccine against the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. And I couldn’t keep up with all the articles about just showing the blatant, brazen theft of the election. And then, of course, January 6th was not Trump trying to stop Congress from voting.

It was the Democrats trying to stop Congress from voting and questioning the election on January 6th, everything has just been turned upside down. So, yeah, it’s pretty I mean, the deep state in the United States is so scared of Trump because he’s the first president since World War II to bring troops back from Europe, to bring troops back from Korea, and to he tried to negotiate. He met the leaders of North Korea Kim and Kim Jong-Un and he wanted to work with Putin in Russia.

And then, of course, the Democrats put up hoisted this ridiculous Russiagate scam on the American people. And, of course, it was just a complete and total fraud. So, they are so afraid of him that he’s going to actually threaten the Military-Industrial Complex by reducing America’s imperial presence in hundreds of military bases around the world that they are willing to go to any length including fake news of fake scandals, stealing elections and everything else, and now trying to just keep him off the ballot. So, that’s where we’re at.

Cynthia: Okay. Now, do you believe that the influx of people from South and Central America is an effort to get people into states where they will vote for Biden?

Jeff: That is the information that I have been hearing from people in that part of the country to get them because now in states you can practically get registered to vote at a 711. And it’s so ridiculous it’s so ridiculously easy now to get a voting card, fake voting cards, fake IDs, fake everything. And I mean, these people that are pouring across the border, they’re being flown from Texas and Arizona around the country.

So, and somebody’s paying for that. And they’re being flown into the heartland of America where they can easily get driver’s licenses, they can easily get an even fake everything. And once you’ve got that, it’s easy to get a voter card. And when we saw such massive, massive, blatant, brazen, disgusting, revolting election theft in 2020, well, they’re just going to do it again. And Trump just came out with a report about the theft and I just saw a Washington Post.

Washington Post now this I mean, this is CIA all the way even their poll showed that today or yesterday, 62% of Americans think that the 2020 results are not true. And then James Bradley, my good friend whose sister is the chief justice of Wisconsin, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin which is an incredibly corrupt body has exposed the brazen theft of Wisconsin by the Democrats.

He just sent me a thing a summary of election fraud on a and I’ll send it to you it’s the Reed reader app. And there’s the entire summary of the blatant, blatant theft in 2020. So, Trump can be on in all 51 states including Washington DC can be in all 51 states. But if the Democrats do what they did in 2020, if they do it in 2024, it’s all for naught. I mean, they’re going to steal another election. And by the looks of it, they’re working hard at it. And drive-by drop off your ballot doesn’t even get out of your car.

Just drop your ballot. I mean, this is just lunatic. This is not democracy. This is the Banana Republic. And so, we’ll have to see if they steal another election. I don’t know what Americans would do because the country is so divided between Democrats and Republicans who are East Coast, West Coast, and then the big majority in the central part of the country. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s I’m very concerned they’re just going to do a redux of 2020 and just blatantly steal the election again.

Cynthia: So, the other day I ran across a friend of mine who comes from Ecuador. And we were talking about the 2024 election. And he was saying Trump all kinds of stuff about Trump and he’s so afraid of Trump getting elected again. This whole election is going to be based on fear. Would you agree?

Jeff: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Especially fear being generated by the Democratic side. And, it’s just it’s crazy. I’ve actually seen statistics where during Trump’s four years minorities did better. Their salaries, their pay went up, their home ownership went up, their quality-of-life index went up for the poor people and for minorities. He brought home troops from South Korea. He brought home troops from Germany. But it’s actually the Military-Industrial Complex.

And the banksters who depend on war to make money, who are afraid of Trump because he will actually shrink our presence overseas and bring our soldiers home. And of course, of course, as soon as Biden put him back, they’re back in Germany and they’re back everywhere else. And of course, Biden left Afghanistan a complete mess, but he was only doing that to save money and allocate resources to attack China in the South China Sea. So, they’re just now taking all that money and those resources to attack China in the South China Sea and threaten China with Taiwan.

So, Biden’s no better one of the biggest war presidents in the history of the United States was Barack Obama, which I like to call him. And, of course, George W. Bush was no better. And it just goes on and on and on. Clinton bombing Serbia, and then, of course, Bush with Iraq, etc. So, Trump is a real threat to all those trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars pouring into the coffers of the Military-Industrial Complex.

Cynthia: Okay. If everything that you said is correct and factual, why doesn’t Trump articulate just what you said to the American people?

Jeff: Well, I think he did. I didn’t read it but he just came out with a report on how the 2020 election was stolen. And I’ll find it for you. I get his emails and I will send you that. He just came out with a report saying it, but it is a total Cynthia, you may not remember, but James Bradley and I were actually banned. It was my channel. But I am now banned from producing any more shows on YouTube because James mentioned the stolen election in 2020.

As a result of that, if I get one more strike, they shut down my YouTube channel, which is why I use Brighton now. And so, you couldn’t even talk. It was against the law to even talk about the theft of the election. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, everybody, Yahoo! Hotel blackout. And you were censored, blocked, and shut down and had your channels removed for good if you reported that since 2020. Now, thank goodness, Elon Musk, my Twitter account is back up again at 44_days. And, now you can talk about the rigged elections with Elon Musk but before that, you couldn’t do it.

It was a complete and total blackout. And so, of course, Trump is blacked out. I mean, he is shadowbanned. Anybody who goes against the deep state in the West is shadowbanned. RT the Russian Today website and TV station is banned in Europe. You can’t get it anymore unless you have a VPN. So, there’s just so much censorship and they only present why do you think your friend in Ecuador fears Trump?

Because all he reads is he reads the Washington Post, the New York Times, listens to CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and The Guardian, and it is all just absolute fear-mongering, just dehumanizing Trump and his followers into lunatics and so, of course, he feels that way because that’s all he sees because he has not been able to see anything else because other people like me, James Bradley and Brett Redmayne-Titley also did great work on 2020.

Epoch Times, even though they’re reporting on China is Sinophobic following gong CIA propaganda. But they did outstanding work on the 2020 election fraud and then the Covid bioweapon vaccine. So, the information is out there, but you just have to look for it and otherwise, no one’s going to see it because you can be guaranteed that the Big Lie Propaganda Machine is not going to tell you it’s not going to show you anything but the big lie.

Cynthia: So, going back to 1988, when Joe Biden ran the first time for president and he was more or less pushed out because of his plagiarism. Now, from 2020 to 2024, he’s embraced by the entire Democratic establishment. I mean, he was tainted from years ago. Why is the establishment embracing Joe Biden? He’s getting older. His faculties aren’t the same. So, why are they propping him up rather than another Democrat?

Jeff: Well, why change horses in the middle of a race? I mean, what are the options? I mean, that’s there’s DeSantis in Florida. No, he’s Republican. Who on the Democratic side is there? There’s nobody, you know.

Cynthia: There’s the governor of California.

Jeff: Oh, God. Anyway, Biden’s plagiarism is the least of Biden’s worries. James Bradley and I on our show a JB West and JB East Present See you in The Hague. We’ve done multiple shows on the Biden family. I mean, his family is the mafia heads of the Mafia in Delaware. I mean, they’re the biggest criminals out there. Hunter Biden is involved in investing in bioweapon factories and US bioweapon factories in Ukraine.

The whole family is absolutely putrid with corruption and so that’s plagiarism is just a fake just a feint so you don’t look just like, oh, well, we’re going to make Hunter heel, heel, heel, charge him with possessing a weapon or something like that when he is much, much more than that. He is a gigantic pedophile. And did you see that Biden’s daughter? Biden’s daughter has come out and said that he sexually abused her and took showers with her when she was a young girl.

Cynthia: I vaguely remember that.

Jeff: But no one hears about it. Can you imagine if Trump’s daughter said that?

Cynthia: Right.

Jeff: And so, I mean, they’re pedophiles. I mean, these people are absolutely awful. Lolita Island, Jeffrey Epstein, they’re now going to blow. But it’s not I mean, as far as sexual pedophiles and all that the Republicans are no better than the Democrats, but who is it? Bill Clinton’s going to be exposed is Doe John Doe number 56 or whatever it is? These rich, powerful people are pedophiles. They’re criminals. They’re mafioso, they’re psychopaths. They’re mass murderers. John Kennedy, we’ve had a few great leaders John Kennedy, FDR, Lincoln. We’ve had a few but we haven’t had many in a generation.

Cynthia: So, you said that you’re a Democrat, correct?

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah.

Cynthia: So, what made you aware that the Democrats are pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes?

Jeff: Well, the Republicans are doing it too. They’re not speaking up. Why aren’t all the Republicans beating the drums about all this corruption? Very few of them are. Almost none of them are. It is a mono. It’s one party. It’s one party. The global capitalist, big banking, big military party. And then they disagree on gun control and gays and God and stuff like that. So, I don’t it’s just it’s not just the Democrats, but the Democrats right now are the worst. I mean, they’re absolutely the worst.

But I was talking to James Bradley on one of our shows, and I said, the Republicans must know that the Democrats are so heavily involved in the production of bioweapons in Ukraine why aren’t the Republicans screaming bloody murder about all of these crimes against humanity, which we’ve reported on so many times and he said you’re right. The Republicans are complicit in all of these crimes because they’re not reporting them. And so, because the problem is the Republicans have just as much dirt as the Democrats.

And let’s not forget John F. Kennedy won the election in 1960 because of the governor Mayor Daley stuffed the ballot box. But then the Republicans won in 2000 by Cajun Voters and the whole Florida Hoax. And so, the Republicans won that one illegally. And now the Democrats won illegally in 2020. So, I guess the Republicans are just waiting for their turn so that when they’re in power, they can corrupt the system and win illegally. It’s the whole system is corrupt and needs to be changed.

Cynthia: Well, reflections on 1960 with Mayor Daley people asked Nixon if he was going to contest it, and he said no, but there were a lot of downstate Republicans that played Hankie Panky in the 1960 election. So, it wasn’t only Daley in Chicago, but it was the downstate Republicans who were doing their thing. Right?

Jeff: Well, listen, Cynthia, the joke is, is that the United States had an honest election since George Washington. And that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not much of an exaggeration if you read the US Constitution. I mean, I’ve got even the clause article one, legislative branch, section four, Congress clause one, election clause. All it says is, is that the state congresses will name the times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives. And that’s it. There’s validation, accreditation, honesty. There’s none of that.

And we have got now 47 secretaries of state who are most of them are responsible for making sure that the elections are honest. They’re either Democrat or they’re Republican. And so, one guy or one gal in each state, and there’s 51 of them. Well, there are three states that don’t have secretaries of state, but they have other things. But so, there are 51 possible rogue people who are responsible for the validity of our election system. And do you trust one person to make sure that the elections are going to be honest in your state?

I don’t and so this is the problem. Here in France and Europe, although unfortunately, I learned that they now have 82 cities that have electronic voting machines, which of course means it’s now corrupted but before those electronic voting machines, it was extremely, almost impossible to cheat an election in France. You just couldn’t do it. I mean, the system is so locked tight with the paper and the validation and the counting and everything.

It was almost impossible to cheat. But in the United States, it’s just cheating in an election is as American as apple pie. I mean, I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that I mean, obviously, Trump is the more popular candidate. He should win. He won in 2020 by a landslide. He won and he should win. And he will win by a landslide in 2024. But that may not be the way the ballots are counted.

Cynthia: Wow. So, you think that this coming year is going to be filled with all kinds of surprises for the American people.

Jeff: Well, I think so, not just the United States, but for the entire West, they have not come to terms with the fact that for 500 years, the Western world has raped and plundered and pillaged and exterminated most of the rest of the world outside of Europe and the United States, etc. Well, the US, the Native Americans, but then later the US exploiting after it became a world power. The age of imperialism and colonialism is rapidly coming to a close.

And there’s a whole new movement across the world that Americans and Europeans are not allowed to see Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Vietnam, and many other countries are coming together. BRICS, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Africa are coming together and they are saying, no more Western Empire. It’s over. We’re sick of being exploited and massacred. And we want multi-polarity and we want a more just and a more fair global economic system where everybody benefits, whether they’re big or small. That’s not being reported in the Western Press.

Well, the mainstream press and that’s what’s going on. And, so, Westerners are in for a rude awakening. Russia has won in Ukraine they’re going to take over. Go, all the way to Kyiv and the Dnieper River. Palestine is a holocaust being committed by NATO, our Western through Israel, just like a proxy with Ukraine. Israel is a proxy for NATO. This is an absolute holocaust in Palestine against the Palestinians to destabilize West Asia and the Middle East to destroy all the gains that Russia and China have made in that part of the world with the Belt and Road Initiative.

So, it’s going to be a rough year for the West. I think they’re going to be in for some unpleasant surprises. Basically, all the other countries outside of Europe and north, outside of NATO, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan and South Korea are the two poodles or the two western poodles and the lapdogs in Asia. Outside of those countries, the rest of the world is just going on their business, building bridges, cooperating, buying, and exchanging in their own national currencies, avoiding the US dollar.

It’s the beginning of the end of the Western Empire. And when that does happen, when there is a run on the dollar, then the United States and Europe will be like the Weimar Republic in Germany when it took a wheelbarrow full of Deutsche marks to buy a loaf of bread. That’s where we’re going to end up in the West. Not just in the United States, but in Europe, too, because the euro will go down with the dollar and the Russian ruble, the Chinese yuan will ascend, and all the national currencies, the rupee of India, and all the other national currencies will flourish.

Cynthia: As 2024 evolves, would you be willing to come back on issues that matter to me and give your thoughts about what’s going on?

Jeff: Sure, absolutely.

Cynthia: Thank you. So, you have been listening to Jeff Brown. I’m Cynthia Pooler. This is an issue that matters. And if you like this show, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you everybody. Have a great day. And thank you, Jeff.

Jeff: Happy New Year of the Dragon.

Cynthia: Thank you.


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