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Good to be back in another great discussion with Kevin Barrett. We have had quite a few over the years,

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Kevin Barrett (Host): I’m Kevin Barrett, and you’re listening to Truth Jihad Radio. No commercials, no foundation sponsors, 100% crowdfunded since 2010. If you want to support this kind of radio and get early access to the shows, please go to Welcome back. This is the second hour of tonight’s Live Truth Jihad Radio. I’m Kevin Barrett, and I’ve been breaking big stories on this radio show since I started in the fall of 2006. Two of the biggest stories I ever broke were:

The Israel did 9/11 stories with Alan Sabrosky. Alan Sabrosky, the former head of strategic studies at the US Army War College. He’s a retired Marine Corps officer, and he’s now doing the First Fridays on my radio show. But back in 2010, he broke the story about Israel 9/11 and deadlines all over the alternative media. And he’s still chugging away. We’re going to hear him on the first Friday here at Truth Jihad Radio every month. We just heard about his first, first Friday.

Well, another big story that we broke here on Truth Jihad Radio was on my birthday in 2020, February 9th, Jeff Brown came on and said, “Coronavirus is Bio war on China.” That was the headline of that radio show. And Jeff’s early assessment turned out to be basically correct. More and more evidence kept coming in and by and large, or low and behold, eventually, Ron Unz wrote a book about it called Our Covid-19 Catastrophe.

And I think the only reason that the world hasn’t accepted this at this point is fear of the implications that the world’s most powerful nation, the United States, had some crazy enough people in Biowar sector and or its administration or military apparatus that they thought that attacking China with an economic bioweapon that would kill just enough people that you have to shut down and lock down and panic and go into all of your Biowar drills, which of course, the whole world pretty much did, was a good idea.

Well, Jeff Brown saw that coming early on, and he’s back now. So, Jeff Brown I think has been proven right about that. He says a lot of things about China that you’re never going to hear anywhere in most of the alternative media, not to mention the mainstream. And I think he’s barking up a whole lot of right trees, including his work on the history of biowarfare. So, let’s get into it with Jeff Brown. Hey, welcome, Jeff. How are you doing?

Jeff J. Brown (Guest): Thanks for having me back, Kevin. Happy New Year and wishing everybody out there the best for 2024, the year of the Dragon in China.

Kevin: The Year of the Dragon. Now, is that an auspicious year?

Jeff: Yeah, usually it’s considered to be one of the more popular ones. In the Year of the Dragon, there’s going to be a lot of activity, surprises, energy, etc., and having with Ukraine and now the Holocaust in Palestine, not to mention the South China Sea, the United States trying to frustrate China in the South China Sea, trying to start a war there. I think it is going to live up to its name as a year of excitement and intensity.

Kevin: I’m afraid you’re probably right for better or for worse. Well, I recently saw you cited by Ramin Mazaheri, the long-time press TV Paris correspondent, and I guess he’s kind of a roving correspondent these days. He wrote about the I Ching and Mao Zedong’s swimming across the river as mirroring a key hexagram in the I Ching, this ancient Chinese book of wisdom that is sometimes used as a divining tool.

I actually have a whole history with I Ching, which I won’t get into on this podcast broadcast. But I will say that before I ended up coming to Islam, I did explore different spiritual traditions, and I was really taken with the I Ching. In any case, I think what you talked about with Ramin or were you involved in Ramin Mazaheri noticing that the Western Analysts on China, the Western so-called experts never seem to even notice the symbolism of Mao Zedong swimming the Great River.

Jeff: Yeah, the Yangtze River, he literally physically swam it, which is one of the most dangerous rivers in the world to try to swim in. It was two months after the start of the Cultural Revolution. And the quote is something to the effect of crossing great rivers to achieve great things. And this was to inspire the people. Of course, the Chinese got it. They got the symbolism that he was telling them that everybody should gather together and rally together and create great things, great change in China, which was the Cultural Revolution, and we don’t have time to go into it here, probably.

But it was incredibly successful and everything is so counterfactual. The propaganda against it is so awful in the West, but there are plenty of places on my website for people to access not just Ramin but Godfree Roberts and myself and the writer’s group just published a free PDF e-book called The Little Red Book on Mao Zedong. And there’s a lot in there about him and his era. So, yeah, Ramin was on to something (

And it’s just it’s funny you mentioned that because a very highly esteemed historian, a Chinese historian in the China Writers Group Kwan Lee just responded to Ramin an hour before the show started confirming that that is exactly true, that what Mao was doing was also digging deep into the I Ching and or E Ching whatever, which both work. And so, Ramin was really on to something, and Ramin asked for confirmation, and he got one of the best sources in the business, and that’s Dr. Kwan Lee. So, it is true.

Kevin: Well, that’s fascinating. So, that hexagram, Nei Ching, apparently is maybe the most auspicious one. So, it’s sort of a symbol of it’s a good time to really do what you’re going to do. And it’s amazingly that the Western so-called experts on China would be completely clueless about that. It sort of reminds me of the way that commentary on the Muslim world is so misguided, does not understand the Quranic references, does not understand the notion of jihad, for example, which is a good thing.

The whole notion of jihad means effort and striving, and it’s sort of the counterpart of the word Islam, which means surrender. And of course, it means surrender to God alone. And when you surrender, you kind of give up your ego ultimately, especially if you’re a mystic, you’re experienced annihilate, or the elation of your ego. But if you annihilate your ego, it’s like the first LSD experimenters discovered who’s going to take out the garbage, right? So there still has to be some kind of effort that’s made in the world.

You can’t just surrender completely to God and then just lie there prostrate on the floor. And so, the effort is the counterpart. That’s what jihad is. It’s the counterpart to Islam surrender, the jihad effort. And examples of that kind of effort mean one of them is defending the community. And that can be a military defense. And that is a very high-level kind of effort and struggle and striving that people have to do sometimes. But the greater jihad is the struggle, effort, and striving to be a better person.

It’s the jihad enough, which was actually the subject of the khutba, or Islamic sermon that I attended at the Friday prayers today. And that inner struggle to get closer to God and to purify your intentions, and your Nia, and to be a better person now. So, that’s what you have it’s a good thing. And the Western portrayal of it is just completely backward. And it really even among the experts, so many of the experts, not all, but a lot of the experts on Islam are just as clueless as the experts on China, who had no idea what Mao was doing when he swam that river.

Jeff: Yeah, well, Kevin, it’s really funny after World War II, the United States had quite a few sinologists, I mean, some really top-rated sinologists in the late 40s and up until the McCarthy era, fluent in Chinese, feet, boots on the ground in China been there, read history, read Chinese texts, and everything. And as soon as the McCarthy era came with Who lost China? when Mao and the communists swept across the country and kicked the fascist KMT out of the country into the island of Taiwan.

Most people don’t know that there were also 100,000 American Marines on the ground at that time, too, in China, with the full force of the American Navy and Air Force trying to save the fascist Mafia criminal Chiang Kai Shek. So, they all got kicked out. So, at that point, Life Magazine, Look Magazine, Henry Luce, and Reader’s Digest: Who Lost China?. And so, that was actually one of Joseph McCarthy’s launching pads, Who Lost China?.

And once that happened and the paranoia Americans just seemed to revel in fearing and loathing just one group after another. Well, the Chinese became that group big time with the rise of the People’s Republic of China, communist, socialist China. And they fired anybody at the CIA, the Department of State, and in any government agency if someone had any association with China, they were dumped, because they were tainted. So, no one knew.

So, by 1960, nobody in the CIA could speak Chinese and nobody at the Department of State could speak Chinese. Nobody in any of the government agencies could speak Chinese because they all got kicked out. So, of course, they didn’t know what was going on because their brain trust had been dumped. So, that’s the stupidity and the lunacy of American foreign policy just like, what is it now?

Don’t buy Chinese. I don’t remember what it is, mustard or soy sauce or something, because it might be evil. I mean, we’re not very smart. And we’re really seeing that in Ukraine, and we’re definitely seeing it for the Palestinians and the Holocaust. And so, that’s why they didn’t know, everybody was clueless, because no one could even say, Nǐ hǎo (How are you) in Chinese in the American government.

Kevin: Well, there’s a parallel there with the so-called Arabists. There’s a book called The Arabists by a Jew named Kaplan. And what it is, it’s kind of a Jewish Zionist police dossier on American experts on the Arab world who were viewed by Jews and Zionists as being very, very dangerous. And so, there’s always been a kind of war between the Arabists, meaning the people who actually know something about the Arab world that could speak Arabic and they know the culture versus the Zionists who discover that any American that learns how to speak Arabic and learns about the culture tends to really like the Arabs.

And it’s kind of hilarious. There’s a passage in Kaplan’s book called The Erebus, which again, is a Jewish police dossier on all of these American experts on the Arab and Islamic world, in which he admits that essentially all-American Middle East experts who go to the Arab world go Palestine and then also go to Israel, they universally end up loving Palestinians and hating Israelis. And Kaplan, of course, frames this as, oh, they all become anti-Semitic.

But he’s kind of embarrassed by the fact that this is basically the universal reaction of every American who actually gets to know these cultures, discovers that the Arabs and the Palestinians in particular are really likable, and the Israelis quite the opposite. And so, there’s a real parallel there. And then it served the Israeli interests to have these witch-hunts against the so-called Arabists of the State Department and so on because now they’ve gotten rid of all the Americans who know anything about the region, and they have to depend on the Israelis.

And that’s probably why we had 9/11, because the American capacity to do anything with the Arab and Islamic worlds was so low that basically we just outsourced everything to the Zionists, and we ended up outsourcing 9/11 to the Zionists. I think the Zionists, the Israel were the B team that blew up the World Trade Center and probably did most of the damage on 9/11 because we stood down for them because we basically turned over our Middle East policy to them. So, yeah, I think there’s a parallel between the Chinese China experts being dumped circa 1950, and 1960, and the Erebus, who’ve been witch-hunted since then.

Jeff: Well, I traveled to Israel for two weeks in about 1983. I spoke fluent Arabic. I worked in the Arab world from 1980 to 1990 and was in the Peace Corps in Tunisia and learned fluent Arabic and went to the trouble to learn Modern Standard Arabic and read much of the Quran and some of the Hadith in Arabic. So, when I was in Cairo to fly to Tel Aviv, obviously Mossad is in every airport where El Al flies or any airline that flies to Israel, there was Mossad at that airport, the departing airport.

And of course, they heard me speaking in Arabic and they saw all of my stamps. And so, I was literally met in my hotel room, at the Marriott in Tel Aviv when I got there, like at 1 or 2 in the morning by a Mossad agent waiting for me in my bedroom, carrying a holstered revolver, rifled my suitcase. And I was just there as a businessman, an American businessman, and I was treated like an absolute criminal. They followed me every step of the way for two weeks, which I’m sure must have made my business partners very, very uncomfortable.

But there was nothing they could do about it. I mean, they would sit, I could practically pick the guy sitting in the restaurant who was the guy who was following me for two weeks. And I’m just an American businessman who happens to speak Arabic, but they’re paranoid. Their paranoia is so profound. And then when I left, they did the same thing. They dumped my suitcase out at the airport trying to leave. They tore up all the stuff in my suitcase. Left it there. I had to pack it back in.

Everybody else boarded the airplane. And then I was the last guy there. And then a special shuttle came just to pick me up with two, this is no joke, Kevin, with two Mossad agents, one on each side, grabbed my arms as we went up into the airplane and they sat down in the airplane with me. And that is what they do, even to just normal American businesspeople who are just trying to do business in Israel. And who happen to be fluent in Arabic, that is how utterly totalitarian they are.

Kevin: Well maybe I better skip visiting Israel if that’s how they treated you when you were just a businessman who spoke Arabic. I don’t want to think about how they’re going to treat me so. All right, well you recently posted a very interesting list of items from the Talmud ( and we were just talking about these traditional cultures with China, there’s Daoism and Confucianism. It seems like the Westerners prefer Daoism, just like in the Islamic world, the Westerners prefer Sufism.

And that’s a long discussion about why that would be. But in any case, there are these rich cultural traditions from the Chinese and Islamic worlds that the Sino-Islamic alliance that Samuel Huntington says is the biggest threat to Western world domination. How about the deep traditions of Judaism and to what extent do they play a role in things like Israeli policy, including Israeli genocide policy?

I had Michael Hoffman on the show recently. He blames the Talmud for much of the misbehavior of Israel. And you sound like you agree when he posted this list of items from the Talmud all the headlines were that it says that all non-Jews are lower than dogs and should be killed. And there are so many of these passages from the Talmud that look so bad taken out of context. But even I think in context they still look pretty bad.

Jeff: Well, I’m not an expert on Judaism. I’m not an expert on the Torah. I’m not an expert on the Talmud. In fact, I’m just kind of learning all of this along with the Holocaust going on in Palestine right now. But I was mortified when someone sent that to me. I was absolutely it was just like a stomach gut punch because it’s so vile and so sick. It’s so psychopathically sick that basically, the 8 billion will decide what, how many Jews are there?

7 or 8 million in the world outside of that small, tiny little clique of people everybody else deserves to die. And of course, the Talmud is the oral interpretation of the Torah, which is kind of like the Hadith in Islam. The oral interpretation of the sayings of Muhammad. But this is really vile, vile, ugly, awful, hateful, racist eugenicist language. And people pissed off contacted me. How dare you say that without verifying it?

And I said, well there’s all kinds of counterfactual propaganda out there. And of course, somebody will come up and say, well, it’s just not true. That’s not really in the Talmud. And of course, for 90% of the people that works, they just oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have read that. But my answer to all that is the 50% factor. If even only half of it is right, it is still a god-awful, psychopathic, sociopathic, deranged set of ideas and concepts absolutely, absolutely misanthropic, and hateful.

So, then I, of course, and your guest, Michael Hoffman was talking about the Jews, and one guy wrote me on Substack and said, oh, well, only the Khazarian Jews read the Talmud. The rest of us have the Torah. Well, we’ll get to the Torah in just a minute. But I pointed out to him, I responded that, well, the problem is, is that the decision-makers and the leaders who control the West, the banking, Wall Street, etc. the halls of power, they do if they’re Jewish, they do read the Talmud.

Kevin: Let me push back on that, Jeff. I’m not so sure. Like, if you look at the wealthiest, most powerful Jews, even the bad ones, the really bad ones, like the Jeffrey Epstein crowd, Alan Dershowitz, I’ll bet Alan Dershowitz has read very little Talmud, even though he’s a huge, big time Jewish lawyer. From people like Ben Gurion never read the Talmud, but he was inspired by Joshua’s genocide of the Philistines. So, I think that rather than trying to blame these people for actually reading the Talmud the Talmudic approach that kind of ethnocentrism on steroids in the Talmud sort of rubbed off on secular Jewish identity, too, I think. But I don’t think it’s quite that direct.

Jeff: Well, maybe it’s not that direct, but I think the influence is there. I mean, these books have been around for 2,000 years. And so, I don’t think they exist in a vacuum. Well, here in France the Jewish kids go to their own Jewish schools. They don’t even go to public schools, their own Jewish schools. And so, are they not reading the Talmud? I don’t know.

But we can get to the Torah, which is the Pentateuch in the Old Testament, which is the five books of the Torah or the Torah is the five books that are in the Old Testament. Among the 49 books in the Old Testament, the Torah is not as explicitly revolting and ugly as psychopathic and genocidal, but the Torah is, in terms of just downright racism. But even the Torah glorifies exterminating tribes, the genocide of tribes, stealing their land, raping their women, enslaving their children.

And when you sit there and see a picture, when you see it a photograph of Mike Pompeo at his desk, and he’s got a copy of the Bible on his desk. And when you hear about how the US military has been literally overrun with Christian fundamentalists and Christian extremists, they read the Old Testament for sure.

Again, it may not be as direct as I’m stating, but those ideas, in the Pentateuch, in the Old Testament also appear to be realized by the Western Policy in terms of hegemony, wars, expansionism, genocide, exterminations, etc., that have been going on for hundreds of, well, we could even go back to the Middle Ages, at least with the Crusades. But we can especially go back with 500 years of colonialism and imperialism and the philosophy of the Torah is definitely, at least represented by Western history for the last 500 years.

Kevin: Yeah, I think there’s certainly some truth to that. That’s one reason I learned this book from Yahweh to Zion is that I thought it was important enough to be worth a year and a half or two years of work. He does a really good job of examining the influence of the Torah throughout history on Jewish identity mostly, but to some extent on the larger Western culture. And so, yeah, I think those are real problems.

I think that when Michael Hoffman says it’s all the fault of the Talmud and the Torah is the perfect word of God, I would say I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve read the Torah and it’s a literary masterpiece. Some of the translation like the King James translation is themselves a literary masterpiece. But anybody who thinks this is inerrant scripture has got to be out of their minds.

And Alhamdulillah, I’m a Muslim and the official view of the Muslims is that there was a real revelation to these prophets. The Torah that we have has been distorted by humans to their own interests. And so, that kind of makes sense to me. It looks to me like they call them the elders of Zion, if you will, or the intellectual and financial elites of the Jewish tribe distorted their scriptures in their own interests.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, one fan wrote me back, I respond to everybody who ever contacts me, even if they’re nasty and mean and say hateful things. I’m always very polite and I always respond back to everybody. And one guy wrote back and said, well the 600,000 Americans died. He was referring to the Civil War, of course. He said 600,000 people in the United States died fighting slavery based on the New Testament scriptures, etc., etc., etc., including my ancestors, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And then I wrote back and I said, well, they would not have had to die if the leaders hadn’t read the Old Testament, which encourages slavery. So, they were enslaved in the first place by using the Old Testament scriptures, not the New Testament. The New Testament is a completely different book. So, anyway, it’s all quite interesting.

Kevin: Yeah, but I don’t think we can blame slavery in the Old Testament, though, because pretty much every human civilization has had slavery, and arguably they still do to a very great extent. We’re talking right now using a computer infrastructure that is built on minerals extracted in Congo, where Netanyahu wants to send the Palestinians, by the way where children are slaves working in these mines to get these minerals. And throughout all of history, the only societies without slavery were the primitive hunter-gatherers.

And even some of them had slavery. If they had enough resources like the northwest Native Americans were hunter-gatherers and really fertile kind of climate where it was easy to gather a lot of food and stuff. And so, they ended up having slavery, too. So, there’s been slavery pretty much everywhere. And I think, actually, Jeff, that the Christian scriptures have had a very profound effect on history that has been in part liberating. And Sherrod got at the essence of this in his work on the notion of the scapegoat. Are you familiar with René Girard’s work?

Jeff: No. I’m not.

Kevin: Okay. Well, I won’t do it. The short version of it is that Girard argues that all cultures known to human history have been based on scapegoating because human beings, unlike other animals, are that we don’t have instincts that stop us from desiring individual self-aggrandizement. And so, we look at each other and we desire what the other person has, and we desire what they desire.

And there are no instinctual breaks on this like with animals, you throw the other animal on their back and grab their throat, and the animal surrenders and that’s it. No. So, we end up. All human groups end up at each other’s throats in breaking down into anarchy or what Islam calls Fitnah. The solution then arises when the group turns on someone, usually powerless or an outsider, and lynches them, kills them, and suddenly when they’ve gotten it out of their system and there’s this dead scapegoat lying there suddenly everybody is unified again.

And now they unite behind the shared guilt and what they’ve done. And then the lie they tell to sort of absolve themselves of that guilt. And so, they build a statue of the scapegoat that they just lynched. And then every year they placed the statue and that made the basis of pagan religion. So, Girard says one version or another of this has held together every single human society that’s ever existed.

But then that mechanism for holding together societies began to be eroded when Christianity well, to some extent in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all side with they say no more sacrifice that Abraham and Ishmael story. But then Jesus’s alleged sacrifice becomes the sacrifice to end all sacrifices because it reveals the mechanism. It reveals that, hey this is all a big lie and you’re just lynching not just an innocent person, but in this case, you’re lynching the spotless Lamb of God or whatever you want to call them.

So, now this new doctrine of Christianity undoes the scapegoating mechanism that’s held all cultures together, and a certain kind of anarchy, a new kind of anarchy is unleashed because there’s nothing left to hold cultures together but we end up with this kind of identification with underdogs and scapegoats. And so, now we worship trans people, we worship black people, we worship women and homosexuals, and all of these marginalized groups, the same types of groups that were more the lynching victims in the past are now put up on the pedestal. And all of this that he sees is based on Christianity. So, I think there’s actually a lot of truth to that.

Jeff: Well, I don’t even know the author, but when he says every culture, I always have my eyebrows raised, because going back at least 5,000 years, Chinese culture and civilization have been so different from the West. And they got rid of slavery a long way back. It was even outlawed. And of course, it was not perfect. And it was never, ever, ever as extensive as it was in the West and the Greek and Roman empires, their economies were based on plunder and slavery. They were a piracy plunder, and slave economies. The Roman Empire was chewing through 250,000 slaves a year just to keep the Roman Empire going, and that was one of the reasons that it collapsed. In the West, they couldn’t find any more slaves. Whereas in China, slavery goes back millennia and was always the purview of the elites, the wealthiest of society. Basically, wealthy bourgeois-type people, it was never as extensive as it was in the West.

And even by the Tang dynasty in 600 AD, they were already outlawing it. So, they were on top of slavery for a long, long time before the West ever tried to do something about it during the Renaissance era, etc. So, I don’t know that that’s true about that scapegoating in Chinese culture. I don’t know. I just know everything about China is the exact opposite of the West in almost every way. And so, I would be a little suspicious about just blanket including China just because it is another civilization.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s true. I gave I also gave you kind of a very simplified abbreviated description of the idea.

Jeff: Yeah, I know. I understand, I understand.

Kevin: Actually, I read Mo Yan’s novel Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out. I actually read that as I was catching what may have been COVID-19 or may have just been a really bad flu. COVID was starting in China right before I interviewed you. And that book actually can be profitably reviewed or interpreted according to Girard’s theories. It just lines up perfectly. And Girard actually said that he got his ideas partly from the fact that so much great literature, pretty much almost all great literature seems to have this scapegoating pattern buried in it.

And Mo Yan’s Life And Death Are Wearing Me Out does so, I’m thinking maybe it’s somewhat there, but just there are different expressions of these things in all different cultures. But in any case, the argument would be that Western Monotheism along with its sort of genocidal side has also included the seed of sort of awakening people to the problem of kind of a human sacrifice-based scapegoating kind of pagan social mechanism.

And we’ll maybe we’ll argue about that, like in a year or two, or maybe you can read some Girard and we can. I’ll go back and read some more Girard. We can do that. But getting back to the human sacrifice that’s going on in Gaza right now. Oh, my goodness. How do you square a Western Civilization priding itself on its identification with underdogs and scapegoats defending the victim’s devotion to human rights and equality and the way the whole West is totally complicit in this just off-chart evil genocide?

Jeff: Well, I call it a holocaust. I mean, it definitely deserves the moniker Holocaust. I was very despondent until about five hours ago, I’ll tell you, because for one thing here in France on television, on mainstream television, what’s going on in Gaza has just disappeared. I mean, it’s just not even being reported now. At first, they were showing Gazans and the bombed-out Gazans and some suffering Gazans of course, 85% of them were suffering Israelis and Jews, etc. But it was at least being reported on.

Whereas now the whole thing has been reduced to that band at the bottom of the screen that has little factoids and it’ll just have like a little factoid Israel, Hamas reports that as of such and such a date, 22,000 something has been killed. And so, it just really worried me that it had been completely expunged. Now, remember, in France it is not only illegal, you can be fined and imprisoned for denying the Holocaust. You can now be fined.

Kevin: I better retract that.

Jeff: But now it is illegal to criticize Israel. It is illegal to criticize Judaism. I mean, it is that extreme. But anyway, to get back to it.

Kevin: Wait a minute. You just posted all this stuff from the Talmud. If that’s not criticizing Judaism.

Jeff: Well, I’m hanging out on the coast on the D-Day beaches of Normandy. I hope they don’t find me. And it’s in English and it’s not in French. And I’m not about to hang the Palestinian flag outside my window. I can put a Ukrainian flag and I’d be a hero. But I read an article today and I will send you the link ( It’s a Sri Lankan who was born in Canada, grew up in America, and is now back in Sri Lanka. And it is brilliant, Kevin.

It is a brilliant contextualization and analysis. And here is what he is saying. He is saying that October 7th when the Al-Aqsa Flood happened, the analogy to that is the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943, when they rose up against the Nazis. And he is comparing what Israel is doing in Gaza to what the Germans did in Stalingrad. And he is saying that Israel and the United States basically the West, NATO is now going to be sucked into a vortex that will be as bad as Stalingrad, and that all the Israelis are good at are killing children and killing mothers.

And what’s really good about the article, because I couldn’t really find anything about the Resistance other than a few things on Twitter, but he gives all kinds of links on Telegram of Palestinian resistance groups the Al-Qassam group, all the military arms of the Palestinians and they’re putting out daily facts of just like what the Russians do every day on Telegram. We killed this many soldiers. We blew up this many tanks.

Kevin: They’re filming. They’re not just telling us. They’re giving us the video.

Jeff: Yeah, exactly.

Kevin: It’s amazing video, Jeff. I don’t know how much have you seen, but I’ve been watching this every day because Al Jazeera Arabic and all the other Arabic channels are covering this. Every time that the al-Qassam Brigades put out a new bulletin everybody in the whole Arab and Muslim world is just hanging on it with bated breath. And then we’re amazed as we watch these Hamas fighters sprinting up to Israeli tanks and implanting explosives and running away taking out Israeli tanks, popping out of tunnels and from behind windows and blowing up buildings and blowing up Israeli tanks. And so, they’re documenting it. They’re not just telling us.

Jeff: I know he mentions that. I’ve just opened up my webpage, the title of his article. It’s on the Greanville Post. I’m sure you know Patrice Greanville at the Greanville Post and it’s called GoPro. Like the GoPro camera, it’s called GoPro Guerrilla Warfare Versus a TikTok Genocide. And it’s really brilliant. And I’ll send it to you when we get finished tonight. And he just shows Israelis dancing and showing off and eating food in Palestinians’ homes.

Kevin: Mocking the genocide victims.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah mocking the genocide victims, cruising around in their jeeps and on beaches, and talking about how they can’t wait to build houses there. The Palestinians don’t deserve this waterfront property. And it’s brilliant. So, I was really despondent. I thought, my God, what if Israel and NATO pull this thing off? I’m still convinced that much turmoil, especially with Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and of course, now Palestine, much of is being perpetrated by the West to destroy all of the gains that Russia China, and Iran with Saudi Arabia shaking hands with the Chinese, this is all to destroy the Belt and Road Initiative. This is to destroy all of the reproaches that Iran has made with the Gulf monarchies. And it’s to destroy all the goodwill that Russia has developed in the Middle East in the last 3 or 4 years.

Kevin: How could it possibly do that, though? What this is doing is it’s pissing off the entire Muslim world so much that they’re inevitably going to join the Russia, China, and Iran axis.

Jeff: Well chaos creates opportunities. And that’s what the West does best, is chaos. And they seem to do a wonderful job of spinning diabolical ideas out of the misery that they create around the planet. But in terms of shipping, connecting China with the Belt and Road Initiative, connecting Saudi Arabia and Africa and Iran with telecommunications, pipelines and railroads, etc. I think the geniuses in Washington and London figure that they can stop all of that progress by potentially causing a much wider war in West Asia which is now the new name for the Middle East, which I endorse.

So, it’s yeah, it’s amazing. So, anyway, this article is wonderful, and he talks about how they take pictures and they pop up in the tunnels, and they’re like three meters away from a battalion of Israelis and they’re taking pictures of them. And he mentioned the same thing that you said that the people and the Palestinians understand the power of war propaganda and that’s why it’s called the GoPro or these guys wear GoPro cameras on their foreheads.

And this all gets dumped back and edited and it’s blasted out. So, it has lots of links to a number of telegram channels that are showing all this. You probably already had them. I didn’t. So, I’m excited to go back and start following some of these channels because all I was getting was just a few drops of it on Twitter and I’m sure the rest gets censored.

Kevin: Yeah, some of it is making it through Twitter, but you kind of have to know where to look because it does get censored pretty fast. But yeah, it is very effective war propaganda because you have this group of lovable, heroic underdogs, which is how the Al-Qassam Brigade fighters appear and are perceived. And honestly, I think it’s easy to have them look that way. They’re fighting, they’re resisting genocide, for God’s sake, and they risk lives in these amazing kinds of operations that are super telegenic.

And it really you watch the stuff and it makes you want to go there and do that. It makes you want to pop out of tunnels and blow away Israeli soldiers. So, right now there are 2 million Muslims around the world and maybe another couple of million people in the global South who are watching this and kind of like, yeah having the same responses when they’re watching a football or soccer game and cheering for her team. Yeah, yeah, I wish I could be out there kicking that ball into the goal.

Yeah, I could be out there blowing that really tank away. So now you’ve got 4 billion people around the world who are dreaming of blowing away Israelis and military equipment. And I don’t think the Israelis probably really want that. And also watching this destruction of Gaza is just so horrifying. And it makes you so angry that I could understand out of the 4 or 5 billion people in the world who are going to be seeing this and having some of this reaction that there will be a non-negligible number.

Who would be willing to risk and devote the rest of their lives to making sure that the Zionists pay for this to the extent of whether it ultimately ends up requiring non-return to sender WMD delivered to Israel, maybe ethnic-specific? I don’t know. But there are a lot of people including possibly some very smart people who are going to be taking advantage of all of the changes in weapons technology to spend the rest of their lives, and maybe they’ll teach their children to spend the rest of their lives to make sure that what we’re seeing happening in Gaza right now is avenged.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. Well, it needs to be because it is. But as this guy said by turning Gaza into rubble, it actually plays into the hands of the Palestinians just like when Stalingrad was reduced to rubble, it was the Russians who knew the territory and it made it impossible at that point for the Germans to bomb the Russians, after they turned Stalingrad into rubble, because the Russians were right next to the Germans, behind the pile of rubble.

Kevin: Right. Rubble is a pretty good kind of terrain to fight from.

Jeff: I think he called it Close-Contact Combat. In other words, being in rubble and knowing the terrain, the Russians could be 5 or 10m away from the Germans. The Germans didn’t even know it until it was too late and then they would swing around and gun them down. So, now what has been reduced to rubble, the Israelis can’t, although it appears, the Israeli government doesn’t even care if they kill their own people. But they can’t really go and bomb the Gazans now the Palestinians are meters away from them.

So, if they bomb the Gazans, they’re going to bomb their own soldiers. So, anyway, it gave me a lot of hope. I’m going to go to bed much more optimisticbecause this cannot be allowed. NATO cannot allow this to win. Just cannot be allowed for them to win. Ukraine and Palestine need to be two of the major death knells to 500 years of Western Imperialism and Colonialism. And I just hope that it’s true.

I actually made a guest post of this guy although to help Patrice, I used his link but Patrice republished it in its entirety, and it really gave me hope ( And I’m going to send it to quite a few people and tell them to read it because we need to be positive, since we’re living in a news vacuum and we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know what to believe. But according to what you’re saying and what this gentleman was saying in his article, the Palestinians are winning, the Israelis are losing, and it’s inextricable and Israel and NATO are going to be sucked into this thing for as long as Afghanistan.

Kevin: Well, I hope you’re wrong, Jeff, in suggesting that NATO wants this to expand into a regional war. My reading is they probably don’t because that would hasten the death of NATO and Western world domination because it alienates the rest of the world. Some of the entire global South would be already just appalled by this whole thing.

So, my take on it is that when Biden’s minion of liberal, quote unquote, liberal Jews who are really pretty much neocons with a little bit of makeup lipstick on the pig. But those guys, I think realize that a regional war would be the death knell of the US empire. They realize that they’ve already taken a huge hit in terms of their interests by sticking up for Neto and his radical extremist allies. And so, they have these two red lines, no mass expulsions, and no wider war.

And that’s what they’ve been forced on. Netanyahu, according to the reports, wanted to go all out against Hezbollah, meaning against Iran and the whole Axis of Resistance right away. And the US forbade it. And so, my thinking is the US ultimately will side with the people who want to get rid of Netanyahu and they will not change their red lines. And so, there will be no wider war and there will be no mass expulsions.

Jeff: Well, the good litmus test for that, Kevin, will be Yemen because Yemen has poked a massive stick into the eyes of the Western Empire. And there was talk of the Brits threatening to bomb Yemen, so that would be a litmus test. If they start bombing Yemen that would be a bad omen.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s right. No, it could get out of control in Yemen or Lebanon.

Jeff: Yeah, exactly.

Kevin: And I think Netanyahu wants that because that’s his only way of staying in power. But I think that the cooler heads realize that would be suicidal for them. And so, I think we’re seeing a parting of the ways where the cooler heads who don’t not particularly cool and not particularly good people but I think they’re going to take down Netanyahu before too long.

Jeff: Well, I have a question for you. Why hasn’t Hezbollah launched their armada because they’re much, much more powerful than Hamas?

Kevin: Right. They’re holding it in reserve because if Hezbollah well, Hezbollah could create so much damage in Israel, Israel would be compelled probably to totally flatten Lebanon and then maybe Iran, too. So, that’s once Hezbollah has to use everything they’ve got and they flatten a lot of Israel, then Israel goes all out and its all-out regional war and there’s tremendous damage. But ultimately Israel wears the noose.

And if it looks like Hezbollah kind of started it or can be plausibly blamed for it, then the US let Israel get away with it and or actually come in on Israel’s side because if the US doesn’t come in on Israel’s side, Israel loses. So, it’s a situation where the only way that Netanyahu could imagine this actually happening is if he can set it up in such a way that it looks like he can blame it on Hezbollah and get the Americans to support him because it looks like that Israel is the victim here.

And I think the Americans are willing to go along with Israel painting itself as the victim to a certain extent. But like they told him, no, you cannot go after Hezbollah on October 8th, they read him the riot act and hidden. And so, I think that same kind of process is going to be played out in the near future. But the trouble is that those guys have every interest in a big regional war. So, we’ll see where it all goes. Anyway, talking with you. Keep up. God bless.

Jeff: Take care.

Kevin: Okay. Bye-bye.


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