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Jeff J. Brown: Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, known as JB West on the D-Day beaches of Normandy. And I’ve got my good friend and partner, James Bradley today. How are you doing, James?

James Bradley: I’m JB East and I’m in Saigon and I’m doing great. It’s very, very sunny.

Jeff: And we’re having a sunny day here too, so we don’t get many of those in the wintertime here in Normandy. James and I have been talking a lot since Christmas and New Year’s, and we have done a couple of shows in the interim. The first month of 2024 is almost over. And we’ve been reflecting a lot on what’s going to be happening this year. We looked ahead and each of us gave a few comments. So, you go ahead and start out, James.

James: Well, I’d just like to talk about what is happening and look at it realistically and then suggest that what is happening will probably be happening some more.

So, I’m just thinking of realistically looking at what’s happening and then suggesting that there will probably be more of what is happening if the storm has started, it might rain some more. And I also want to say I was having lunch with a friend the other day and he was talking some garbage. And I said, do you read the New York Times every day? And he said, yes, but I read many sources every day.

And I think the point is if you’re able to read The New York Times, Washington Post, watch CNN, MSNBC, you’re not going to be able to absorb what I’m going to say. I mean, you won’t be able to accept it, probably even if you’re able to like the propaganda that government organs, the BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post that’s not what’s going on. That’s what we’re told to think of what’s going on.

And I want to present kind of a different look that we look at many things that are happening and we say, oh my goodness, when is this ever going to end? And I want to suggest that many of the things that we think are problems are actually huge benefits to many people. For example, the national debt. Oh, my God, its marge looks, it’s $34 billion. When are we going to? And then every politician we got to cut and it will cut over here and we’ll cut.

Well, how come I’m almost 70 years old and they’ve been talking about this for 70 years, and they never do. The debt does not go down. Well, why is that? It’s presented as a problem all the time. And I want to suggest that it’s a huge positive benefit to many people, not sick people, not bad people, but people who want bigger houses and they want to pay tuition and mortgages, and a lot of people if the Federal Reserve is a private institution that is owned by private banks.

Now, folks, it’s not my fault you’re the one that’s allowing it. You’re the one who’s imagining that it’s a federal institution, but it’s a private institution and it’s owned by private banks. And guess what? If there’s more debt, these private banks make more money. Why would you ever think the debt is going to go down when the largest producer of money in the world, the Federal Reserve is owned by private banks? We’re paying $1 trillion in interest.

You see when I say that the synapses in your brain say, oh, that’s a problem because the Washington Post and CNN always present it as a problem. I’m presenting it as a wonderful thing to many people, not to me, not for the good of society, but $1 trillion in debt payments, folks, imagine that $1 trillion. Do you realize that, folks? Right now, the federal government is paying $1 trillion in interest on the $34 billion of debt. That’s magic money.

Nobody has to produce scooters or shoes or shirts or build schools for that. Nobody has to write proposals and work hard. It’s just magic money. It’s $1 trillion worth of debt payment. That’s wonderful to the people running the Federal Reserve. They won’t tell you, but it’s very positive. Now, folks, the number one producer of money is the Federal Reserve, right? They’re unaudited. Why? Not because of some bad people? Because of you.

You will not read Ron Paul’s book and the Fed and realize that you’re getting creamed by the Federal Reserve, and they’re stealing your money. The number one producer of money in the world is the Federal Reserve. And they’re unaudited. Folks give me a lot of money in a company, and I never have to have an audit. Do you think there’d be any shenanigans in there? Well, we let the number one producer of money have no audit.

Now, who did they give that money to? What’s the number one institution they give money to? Folks, if you can’t answer that, you’re watching too many NFL games. You’re not paying attention. This is about the number one recipient of money in the world. Who is that? It’s called the DoD (Department of Defense). Folks, the Department of Defense has never been audited. In 2014, they passed Congress passed a law. You must be audited.

You listen to us. You have to audit. So, every year the Department of Defense goes to Congress and says, boy, we tried to audit, but we just oh, golly gee, we couldn’t. Come on, folks, you’re allowing the number one recipient of money, the DoD, to be unaudited. Now look at Catherine Austin Fitts and Mark Skidmore. They have documented that the federal government has stolen $21 trillion in magic money that they just printed and made up and didn’t account for.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld testified in front of Congress on September 10th that the DoD can’t come up with $3.4 trillion. And then guess what? The next day, 911 happened and the part of the Pentagon that was the auditing that had all the records on this blow up. Come on, folks, wake up. Debt is a wonderful thing to many, many people. How many hundreds of thousands of people work in the Department of Defense? How many tens of thousands of public relations people does the Department of Defense have working with CNN?

And well, we saw when Elon Musk took over Twitter, it was all full of FBI agents. Come on, folks, the government is running your media. The government is running almost everything. So, Dwight D Eisenhower said, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the Military-Industrial Complex. We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could become captive of a scientific, technological elite.”

So, these two things he warned about the Military-Industrial Complex and the Scientific Technological Elite, have come together because of World War two, for the first time, we militarized the scientific community. Come on, you scientists help us with napalm, help us with the atomic bomb. And Eisenhower was trying to push back at this joining of science and the military. Well, what did we do? We didn’t pay attention, and we allowed it to join.

Folks, when Covid supposedly hit the world a few years ago, why did every government all of sudden, why were they able to repeat the same thing? You’ve got to get vaccinated. That’s the only way we can have freedom. You must be vaccinated. Here’s our vaccination goal. Why would the government get out in front of that? Well, why were government people saying that? The Covid situation, the bioweapon, that was a military scientific situation and you might tisk tisk the number of people wounded, the number of people dead, there were billions of dollars made by this.

And again, I don’t want you to get off easy by saying, oh yeah, those bad people who would do that. I can’t believe people would be. Come on, there are hundreds of thousands of people working in this situation who are making a tremendous amount of money. They are next-door neighbor, and many of them think that they’re doing good. You know, go to your local pharmacy when it says get a shot, they don’t have a cross and skull bones on them. They’ve got smiley kids rolling up their sleeves.

The Military-Scientific Industrial Complex has taken over. Take a look at what they’re doing. Right now, look inside the United States. If you go to the southern border right now, you will see that the federal government is pushing for more illegal aliens to come in. I’m in Vietnam. If one illegal alien comes in, he’s jailed. A country cannot have illegal aliens with no papers, no passports, and no health records.

When I went around the world in 1975, I hitchhiked around the world in 21 countries by the time I was 21, I had to have a health record. I had to have a passport. People have to see who you are. Letting millions of people into the country, that we don’t know who they are. And I’m all for immigration. That’s wonderful. It’s illegal immigration that we’re talking about. And the reason we say illegal immigration is because it’s illegal.

Why would the US government be pushing for it and the states are pushing against it? Why would the government that pushed bioweapons on us, why would they do that? Look what the US government is doing outside the borders. There are 500,000 dead Ukrainians. There are over 1 million wounded Ukrainians. So, if you’re a normie and you read the New York Times, you read all Congress is debating whether to give Ukraine another 68 billion. Oh, my goodness.

We gave Ukraine 130 billion. So, you’re being that’s a joke. You don’t know what’s going on if you believe that. We didn’t give that money to Ukraine. We gave it to your next-door neighbor. We gave it to your sons and daughters who are doing research for Lockheed, Raytheon, British Air, or whatever. These are all or Pfizer. These are all Military-Industrial companies. Your nephew got a job at CNN. They’re working for the US military folks.

We’re not giving money to Israel. What do you think? Do you think we really like to ship money to Kyiv? And then Kyiv can think, oh, let’s see, what will we do with this? Maybe we’ll buy Iranian drones, or maybe we’ll buy missiles from them. No, no, no, no, no, America gives the money to the people down the street at Lockheed. And then Lockheed recycles that money, sends some equipment out to Ukraine how good it is and what it is, we don’t care. We don’t audit it. And then Lockheed has a huge party fundraising party for politicians.

And, I mean, wake up, folks. It’s not campaign contributions. It’s bribes. Why is the US government buying so much ammunition and guns? 80,000 or whatever the number is IRS agents, they’re all taking weapons training. Why would the US government say let’s buy? And by the way, folks, just Google this if you want. The billions of bullets that the Department of Homeland Security is buying and all the weapons, why are these domestic agencies purchasing weapons? And then they say that they want gun control for the citizens.

Why do they want the citizens to have fewer arms? And they want the government to have more arms. Huh? Why don’t you think about that? Why do we have 100 and whatever billion dollars to give Ukraine and all the money that Israel wants for weaponry to go to Lockheed? But we can’t afford to redo our bridges. And our airports are looking like the third world and we have potholes all. How come we have such a terrible infrastructure? But we have all this money to, “Send overseas”. Well, the answer is we’re not sending it overseas.

We’re sending it next door to your neighbor who’s making a hell of a lot of money in the government scientific complex. I have an article right here. US military buildup since the Gaza war has cost $1.6 billion. Folks if you’re a real estate agent, you make 6%. So, let’s say you’re the account executive on this $1.6 billion home. 10% of one point, that’d be 160 million. Did someone get a $100 million commission on this $1.6 billion? You bet they did, folks. And then there’s profits on that $1.6 billion.

And again, if you’re going to sluff this off, as bad people doing bad things. No, this is you and your neighbors and it’s us. We’re allowing this where this is being done every day by Americans. Those babies dying in Gaza, and those 500,000 Ukrainians that’s the responsibility of me and you. We’re paying for this. We’re allowing it to happen. We’re not stopping it. We’re not rioting in the street. So, folks, I think if you look at what’s happening, it’s genocide and the outside.

Come on. Israel just went to court over genocide. That’s not genocide. They have pregnant Ukrainian women in the trenches. If America had not stoked that war and funded it, we wouldn’t have had that situation. Russia was in peace talks with Ukraine two weeks after the war started in Istanbul, and Biden sent Boris Johnson over to Istanbul to say to Ukraine, don’t agree with that. Why? We need more war. We need the money. The money people. You have to look at the Oval Office.

I’ve been there a number of times, and you got to look at the president in the Oval Office and when he walks outside the Oval Office, there’s seven Lions there and he has to feed him. One is Pfizer, one is Lockheed, one is Raytheon, and one is Moderna. He has to feed these huge military scientific lions. And if he doesn’t, he’s not going to be president. Look what happened to JFK. So, folks outside the American borders, it’s genocide. Inside it’s democide. Democide is when the government turns on the people.

Gee, I’m exaggerating. I’m making it up. Look at a chart of American life expectancy. It’s going down. Folks, I was born in 1954. It’s 2024. Science has done remarkable things. We’re being told we have all these vaccines and miracle products and wonderful companies, and American life expectancy is going down. It’s democide. There are 600,000 dead Americans as a result of the bioweapon, 17 million worldwide. It’s democide inside the borders and it’s genocide outside the borders. Now, let me cheer you up.

You know, in World War Two, the biggest killing in world history, most of the world wasn’t affected. I did research on World War two in China. You know, I’m in Nanjing talking to people who got raped and killed and cut up and oh my God, the Japanese are terrible. Then I went out into the countryside way out west in China and I’m talking to Chinese. What’s the Japanese? What’s World War Two? You know, they were completely unaffected. So, my father was in Iwo Jima killing a Japanese, and my mother was in Appleton at university studying the oboe.

Her World War Two was studying the oboe. You know what I mean? So, it isn’t doom and gloom. Yes, it’s democide inside these Western countries, and it’s genocide on the outside but the people who study these cycles, people like Charles Nenner, you should be listening to, and Martin Armstrong and the guy who wrote The Fourth Turning, Neil Howell The Fourth Turning. Read it. You’ll see that this is cyclical. And we grow and then we die, and then we grow again.

And we’re in a war cycle, and we’re going to have a tremendous amount of people dying over the next 2 to 3 years. And then, the smoke should clear by about 2030. And if there are 8 billion people in the world right now, they’re estimating that 2 billion will die, but that 6 billion that are going to live, I’m going to live. And maybe if you stop reading The New York Times, you’re going to live. So, that’s a little look at what I have going on in the world, Jeff.

Jeff: Wonderful presentation, James. I really appreciate it. And I like that little ray of light at the end because we’re going to need it here in Europe. It’s really bizarre living here. And I am a French citizen. I’m an American and a French citizen. And to see how Europe continues to be used as a sacrifice zone by their American overlord. The United States is really I think after you say maybe after 2030 when the clouds break and the sun may hopefully shine again, they’ll be doing at the Wharton School of Economics and at the London School of Economics.

They’ll be doing classes about how Europe allowed itself to be literally destroyed by the United States. And that’s what we’re seeing. It’s being de-industrialized. Inflation is going through the roof. The restaurants can’t stay open as much as they want because so many people have died and have been injured from the vaccines, the mRNA Western vaccines. People can’t hire. There are small businesses that can’t stay open as much as they want because they can’t find people to work for them.

And also, they’re right now they’re insisting, they’re pushing, pushing, pushing for more money for Ukraine trying every which way to frustrate Russia. Ukraine is already lost. Russia won the day it crossed the border from Russia into Donbass. And it’s really shocking to see and it’s especially shocking because Europe, for 500 years, from the 15th century to the 20th century, was the overlord of the rest of the world you know, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and of course, Europe spawn the Americans and North America.

And well, we can throw in the Canadians, too, with their wiping out the Native populations in North America. And so, you would think that the Europeans would be able to see this. You would think, well, isn’t this what we did to the rest of the world for 500 years? And for the last 75 years, the United States has been doing it to Europe? It’s tragic to see it’s not fun living here and actually experiencing it. And I don’t know what the prognosis is going to be for Europe, but it’s going to be a lot worse before it gets better.

The leadership here is absolutely dwarves. They’re just pawns of NATO. They’re pawns of the City of London. They’re pawns of Wall Street. And at least in France, the last administration we have here that gave any notion of caring about the French people was Jacques Chirac and that ended in 2007 when Sarkozy got elected and he was CIA, let NATO back in. And then Hollande and Macron. It’s just it’s awful. And Germany’s no better. England’s no better. I mean, look at the leaders here in Europe. They’re pathetic.

When you compare them to like, leaders in China, Vietnam, and North Korea, look at Maduro standing up to the Western empire. Bolivia, and Yemen fighting against that’s real leadership. Our leaders here in Europe are absolutely repugnant. In fact, Sarkozy, Hollande, and Macron should all be tried for treason against the people of France and hanged. So, that’s the bad news about Europe. There are some interesting developments for 2024. Looking ahead, the farmers here in France are rising up. They are also rising up in Germany.

And they have tried in the past in Holland and they were crushed in Holland. Maybe they will come back. This is all the World Economic Forum the UN Agenda 2030, trying to get rid of animal agriculture and cut down on food production supposedly for the environment. But it’s nothing more than a fig leaf to kill people, as you said democide in the United States, Democide in Europe, same mRNA vaccine. Well, I guess maybe in the United States, it’s not so obvious they trying to destroy agriculture, but they are definitely trying to destroy animal agriculture here in Europe.

And the good news is that they have done surveys just this week and 90% of the French support the farmers, even though they’re blockading highways and roads. And now they’re taking their tractors to go to Charles de Gaulle airport outside of Paris to surround Rungis where all the global agricultural goods are flown in, like cut flowers from Kenya and pineapples from Uganda and all these foods from around the world that are being forced upon the French farmers and the French people by the European Commission with all of this so-called globalization.

So, they’re rising up. And again James, the parallels between the United States and Europe are just unbelievable. They’re not opening the floodgates like Biden is doing, but they’re a couple of million immigrants who have entered Europe illegally in the last 2 or 3 years. But they don’t come across the Rio Grande River like they are in the United States, but they’re coming by boat and of course, from Africa. And then they’re also coming from West Asia, the Middle East, because of the nonstop wars and Ukraine, we’ve got hundreds of thousands, well, millions of Ukrainians that have flooded into Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

And so, there are a lot of similarities between the United States and Europe. But the difference is, is that the US is now Europe’s overlord, and there are a lot of people who would like to get along with Russia here, but they can’t because the United States is dictating, dictating the terms with NATO. And then, of course, as you said, money, money, money. You know, the City of London is making money on all these wars. Wall Street’s making money on all these wars.

And so, I’m hopeful that maybe these farmers will lie to spark among the people here in Europe to rise up against the World Economic Forum, the UN Agenda 2030, and people here are also outraged. After months and months and months of negotiation, they passed some laws that would try to curb immigration. And then the French Executive Council that reviews all laws that are passed, kind of like the Queen or the King does in England, and can abrogate them. They abrogated all the laws that would curb immigration.

So, there’s going to be an uproar there and a popular reaction there. I just keep waiting for something to happen like you’re saying to the Americans, wake up, wake up, wake up. I would say the Europeans are more awakened than they are in the United States, but they’re still not a spark to try to overturn the system. Clearly, the European Union needs to die. There needs to be a Frexit. France needs to leave. And it just needs to die. And that’s going to take time.

But that’s the ultimate goal for, I think, for all of us here who want our freedom and our liberty and to grow what we want and to eat what we want and to not be forced to take genetic mutation jabs because Brussels has imposed that on all of the countries in Europe. So, that’s the situation in Europe. You mentioned Israel, of course, Israel has been since at least 1948, although the genocide started in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration, with the Rothschilds and the British government, and then the United States joining in to create Israel starting in 1917.

So, the genocide has been going on now for 107 years something like that. But Israel as it is today, is the crown jewel of Western imperialism. And what is Western imperialism, as James says, said, it’s military, it’s NATO and its money. It’s the City of London and it’s Wall Street. That’s Western imperialism. NATO, the City of London, and Wall Street are what is driving all of these wars because it’s very, very profitable. As James said and I think it was maybe our last show or the next to the last show, it doesn’t matter that we lost in Afghanistan.

It doesn’t matter that we’re going to lose in Ukraine. Look at the billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars that are being made by Wall Street and NATO and all the people, as James says, who are working for the Military-Industrial Complex in media and manufacturing and sales, etc. But I do have hope. I mean, you can see obviously Ukraine is lost to the West. Thank goodness for the news was it the speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, I think, they’ve cut off funding for Ukraine.

Europe is going around President Orban of Hungary and it’s going to go back door and get another 68 billion in money supposedly for Zelensky to buy another mansion in Florida but it clearly, I’m very optimistic that Ukraine goes more and more towards Russia, how far they will advance. Are they going to go to Kyiv? I don’t know, but I think we can chalk one up for a victory against at least strategically, maybe not financially. As James says, they’re all making money hand over fist in the Ukraine.

But at least we can chalk up a victory against NATO and Western imperialism in Ukraine this year, as awful as NATO, of course, is using Israel as a proxy, just as it is using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia. And NATO is using Israel as a proxy against the Arab world and West Asia and as awful as the Holocaust is and it’s revolting. And of course, the United States and Israel and its satraps will ignore the ruling from the International Court of Justice and they’ll keep right on going.

It was amazing the day after the ICJ (International Court of Justice) came out to order Israel to do everything it could to avoid genocide. Six countries or seven countries came out and all of them were America, Canada, Britain, France the usual culprits the Netherlands, etc. The Western imperial countries came out and announced that they were going to stop funding the United Nations Food Program, which is going to help feed Palestinians so that they can starve more Palestinians. As awful as it is NATO has already lost in Gaza.

They cannot defeat the Palestinians. And now, since that’s been such a miserable failure, they’re going to ramp it up in Lebanon. And as you say, the war is going to continue. They’re going to try to go against Hezbollah in Lebanon. They already got their asses whipped in 2006 by Hezbollah. And Hezbollah is much, much stronger today than it was now, 2006, 2007 years ago. And so, but again, people are making money.

The United States is talking about finally pulling out of Iraq and maybe Syria, but now they’re going to be spending more money trying to bomb and destroy Yemen. It’s like whack a mole with these wars and we could even get into Africa what they’re doing in Africa with all the color revolutions there with Ethiopia and Sudan, etc. So, Western Empire is still on a rampage across the world. And again, people are making money, a lot of people are making money, and a lot of people are dying, but they’re just sacrifices for the bottom line.

That takes us to the other crown jewel of the Western Empire. In the East, Israel is the crown jewel in the West. And the crown jewel in the east, of course, is Taiwan. And don’t believe the headlines. The independence of the pro-US group lost badly in Taiwan, no matter how the Western Big Lie Propaganda Machine wanted to present it. They lost big time. Clearly, the Taiwanese do not want war. But the problem for the Taiwanese is that the Taiwan government is a satrap of Washington.

And if Washington wants to go to war against China, then Taiwan will not have much choice. They could always do a false flag like the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam. They could do something like that and trigger a war. But I think, thank goodness. Again, 99% of the people around the world don’t know this, but China and North Korea have a mutual defense treaty that was just renewed a couple of years ago. They’ve had one since 1961. And so, if the United States does try to go to war against China and using Taiwan, again it’s the same model.

It’s the same modus operandi. Taiwan is a proxy for the United States to try to go to war just like Ukraine with Russia and Israel with the Arab world, and Taiwan will be the proxy in the East. But if that happens, the North Koreans will not hesitate to immediately invade South Korea. And North Korea, of course, has hypersonic missiles. They’ve got intercontinental ballistic missiles. They can wipe out not just the West Coast of the United States, but also the East Coast of the United States.

So, that should be a very frightening prospect. No matter what the profits might be, no matter how many commissions they might get on all those military sales, 1.2 million ideologically primed North Korean soldiers pouring across the 38th parallel into South Korea would be devastating for the West. And what are those 30,000 US soldiers going to do, stationed in South Korea against 1.2 million Marxist-trained revolutionary North Korean soldiers and their hundreds of thousands of missiles and rockets?

So, I think as far as Taiwan, they’re going to push it and push it and push it. But they must know that North Korea would immediately attack South Korea and would probably also immediately attack Japan because it is also an adversary against North Korea. So, I’m relatively optimistic that nothing’s going to happen as a hot war in Taiwan. I hope Biden is not stupid enough to do something about that before November 2024. But of course, they could steal the election again, just like they did in 2020. And he could be there for another four years. But, overall James, I’m optimistic, too. I think we should all be optimistic.

Western empire after 500 years of colonialism and rape and plunder of the vast majority of the world’s resources and peoples, is going down. It is declining and the world with China, Russia, DPRK, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Eritrea, Vietnam, ASEAN, the Southeast Asian group, they all want multipolar, win-win, mutually beneficial cooperation between each other and which is not possible with Washington, Paris, London, and Berlin, destroying everything that they can get their hands on, including themselves, as James said, democide in the West and then genocide outside of the West.

But I’m relatively, I’m actually optimistic. I really think that Ukraine and Palestine and the fact that the United States really can’t do anything with Taiwan more than just piss off China and worry Vietnam and worry Malaysia and worry all the other countries around them. I’m relatively optimistic. What was the uptake on the new, the latest mRNA injections for COVID-19? I think only like 2 or 3%.

You know, people are getting smarter about the fact that their governments are trying to kill them and everybody out there should be reading Substack by Steve Kirsch and also by Mark Crispin Miller. James actually put me on Mark Crispin Miller although I had already subscribed to Steve Kirsch. But Mark Crispin Miller is just a hoot. It’s kind of a sad hoot. It’s a morbid hoot, but it’s a hoot to see to get his Substack newsletters and just to see the unbelievable carnage among the well-known and the famous and the rich and the powerful because of the mRNA injections.

So, I don’t get any more jabs, don’t get any more shots, don’t even get a flu shot. They’re now putting mRNA genetic mutation just the same thing that they’re now in the annual influenza shots or mRNA. They’re going to kill a lot of people, a lot more people. Don’t get any more shots. Quit reading the New York Times. Quit reading the Washington Post, quit watching the BBC and CNN, quit reading The Guardian, and listen to people like James and me and some other really excellent people out there who are telling the truth about what’s going on. And we’ll have a good year of the Dragon 2024. It’s the Wood Dragon this year. And Tet’s coming up in Vietnam on February 10th and it’s just going to be a good year. That’s all I have, James.

James: Okay, well, Happy New Year to everybody. And let’s all survive and have a better year. This is JB East signing off.

Jeff: And JB West signing off as well. Bye-bye.


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