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James: Hello, this is James Bradley. I’m in Saigon, and that’s why they call me JB East. And I’m here with JB West, Jeff Brown. Hello, Jeff.

Jeff: How are you doing, James?

James: I’m okay. Where are you?

Jeff: I am on the coast of Normandy in Cherbourg on the D-Day beaches from World War Two.

James: Cool. Well out here in the Pacific, they raised the flag a couple of days ago. February 23rd, 1945 two flags were raised on Hiroshima. My father was involved in both. And they thought the battle was over because they put the flag up on Mount Suribachi and they thought that was it. But they had to go back down into the killing fields. It lasted three more weeks and my father’s platoon had 84% casualties. So that’s what’s happening in my mind, my memory, my father. But we have a new war.

The purpose of this podcast is to alert the readers to information that’s out there about a current war, and it’s an inward war being waged on them, a democide and genocidal war. And a guy by the name of RFK Jr, who’s had his father and uncle shot by the state. Just did a book called “The Wuhan Cover-Up and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race”. Folks, let me repeat it. “The Wuhan Cover-Up and The Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race”. We’re going to talk about an arms race and its bioweapons.

Now the book comes out December 3rd. So, Jeff and I are giving you a sneak peek, and please read the book. So, I’d like to start this way. In my second book, Flyboys, I went out to China. If you go to Harbin in what the Japanese called Manchuria, Manchukuo. Outside of the city of Harbin, there was a biological factory run by Unit 731. There’s a lot of detail. Let’s not get into the details. But let me take you in a taxi from Harbin out to there, and you can go to this huge. Now, it’s a museum complex, but you can see the Japanese living situation.

A doctor woke up in the morning and had rice and miso soup with his little children and wife and he kissed him goodbye. Nice guy. They went to a kindergarten with swings and colorful pictures and a wonderful little Japanese private, highly funded community funded by the emperor himself. They then walked through a gate in a wall and they went to a bioweapons research factory. And it went like this. Doctor Joe, let’s say Doctor Yamamoto would show up and he could write down on a piece of paper.

Well, today I want to do an experiment. I want to put a guy out in the winter cold and freeze his arms so he gets gangrene, and when his hands turn black, I want to cut them open and see what that gangrene looks like. So, could you get, like let’s see a soldier type? Okay. Could you? I’ll write down an order here. I need a 20-year-old male. And then I’m doing this research to see how poison goes from the mother through breast milk. So, could you get a breastfeeding woman for me? Okay, that’s your assignment.

Then some Japanese orderlies jumped in an ambulance-looking vehicle, and they went out to the streets of Harbin. And that looks like a 20-year-old male there. And they would jump them and sedate them and put them in this ambulance kind of vehicle. And there’s a woman who looks like she’s breastfeeding. She’s got a child on her back. Well, we’ll kidnap two of them and bring them back. And then they go into this tunnel, and they put them in these they’re like white ceramic prisons. It’s really spooky underground.

And so that mother sitting there with their baby, and she’s given food for a few days to calm her down, and they see that she’s breastfeeding and, well, let’s poison this person because these are all maruta. They are logs. Maruta in Japanese means logs. And all the specimens, the Chinese specimens were just logs, is how they referred to them. And then they would put poisons in people to gangrene various viruses VD, whatever. And then they wanted to see, how these poisons reacted in their organs as the organs were working.

See, in an autopsy, you can see what the poison or the virus did to the organ. But they wanted to see the organs living and see how it was working. So just think they strapped you down on a table and a kindly nurse said don’t this will be okay. And the last face you saw was smiling people. And then they took out the knives, the scalpels, and they cut you open and they cut you open and you’re screaming and writhing and whatever. But that’s fine, because they want to see that blood pumping through your organs, and they want to just look right down into your stomach as your stomach is splayed open.

They’re going to kill you anyway. What do they care? And there’s nothing you can do. You’re tied down. So, this was Unit 731, which was funded by Emperor Hirohito personally, who was a biologist and liked to look at the slides. And the best book on this is called Factories of Death by Sheldon Harris. If you look at the book Factories of Death by Sheldon Harris, you’ll see that James Bradley (me) says that the book is about the biggest secret crime in the history of the world. Well in that museum, you can also see canisters of biological weaponry that the United States used on North Korea.

And then I was very, very, very aware of this. I mean, I endorsed the big book on it. I’ve spoken about this. I’ve been in the unit 731 situation, but I did not realize the exact connection between unit 731 biological experiments and Pfizer Super Bowl commercials a few days ago. Pfizer advertised the kill shots, the Covid 19 vaccine that was made by the Defense Department by DARPA, the division of the Defense Department called DARPA. Well, DARPA is the new name for Operation Paperclip. Folks, we’re doing a lot of information here.

We’re just assuming that a lot of this or you’re going to read about it. Operation Paperclip was when the criminals in the CIA in the 40s took the worst possible criminal scientists from Nazi Germany and from Imperial Japan and said, hey, you guys, you’re really horrible. You cut people open and did horrible experiments. We’re not going to try you as war criminals. We’re going to give you a condo in Washington, DC. We’re going to give you. You need a servant. You need a stipend. You need a career in the Japanese Red Cross.

We’re all for you because you’ve done research we can’t do. “Man, what was it like cutting those guys open? Really? You’d see that heart beating and wow, this is great.” The American taxpayers will pay you for your criminal diabolical knowledge. That was Operation Paperclip. When that became known in the 1960s, they changed the name to DARPA. DARPA created the poison bioweapon called the COVID-19 vaccine. Folks, people say to me oh, you’re calling it a bioweapon. I can’t believe that. I’m not calling it a bioweapon.

The inventors of it were not the pharmaceutical industry, it was the United States Defense Department, and they called it a bioweapon in their own papers. Folks, you’ve got to read the facts, please. But now I want to turn it over to Jeff, this way. Look, at it. I knew about Unit 731, the Nazi criminals, the Japanese criminals. I knew about the bioweaponry that America used in Korea. But in 2020, when they locked the world down, James Bradley could not have said, oh, my God, this is connected to Unit 731, the Nazis.

They’re just doing an experiment on a worldwide scale. I didn’t make that total connection. And I’d like to introduce you to a guy who did. Jeff Brown has been on bioweapons even when Jeff was founded that bioweapons library commission that he’ll talk about. I thought, oh, that’s interesting, but, like, bioweapons are a side thing. No, Robert Kennedy will show you in this book, and we’re trying to wake you up with this podcast that the bioweapons arms race, which RFK is talking about is not just a CIA DoD program. It’s their number one hard-on. It’s their number one focus.

They have realized they can kill more people cheaply than they can with nuclear arms. They’re so excited by this. And you’re watching the stupid bowl and you’re watching them advertise Unit 731 poison that you’re taking voluntarily. It’s a wonderful situation for these scientists. You will kill yourself voluntarily. So, I’d just like to say, Jeff, I did not until this RFK book realize your genius in focusing on bioweapons as early as you did. And I tip my hat to you, and I want to ask you why. Why were you perceptive enough to jump on bioweapons?

Jeff: And that’s good. Well, first off, James, thank you for that very undeserving compliment. I really appreciate all that, but I don’t think I deserve all that, but what got us going is back when we created the bioweapon Truth Commission, Godfree Roberts and there were several others David Pear, Jeff Kaye, and George Burchett. Well, he was also involved at the beginning. We found out about the International Scientific Commission book that was report that was published in 1952 with Doctor Joseph Needham heading that commission.

And it became kind of a hunt-like to try to find this book. And it was almost impossible to find. And thanks to Godfrey Roberts, he actually found it at the University of Massachusetts Electronic Library, and we published it. And also, of course, I’m forgetting Thomas Powell, whose parents John and Sylvia Powell were persecuted by the US government for exposing the bioweapon use by the United States on China and the North Koreans during World War two. It was only until Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s father called off the dogs in 1961 or 1962 that Thomas Powell’s parents got some peace in their lives.

But once we got that, we got that uploaded and then it just expanded from there. And everybody just started piling in and sending this and sending that and sending this and sending that. And George Burchett was sending stuff in Russian and then I was actually living in Beijing at the time and I actually found the Chinese copy and hard copy. The actual book is in China, I bought it and I still have it. And then I eventually found the one in French and the hard copy in English.

And now as a result of all of this, we’ve also added Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, the Bulgarian investigative reporter who’s just done some amazing work. I call her brave and crazy because she’s risking her life in countries like Georgia, exposing all the vaccine and bioweapon research. But anyway, it just built and built and built and built and people were sending stuff. And then since I was in China, I was able to buy a lot of books in Chinese. So, we have a Chinese section, an English section, and a nice Russian section.

We have hundreds of hours of videos, thousands of photos, images, and hundreds of books uploaded and so today, the Bioweapon Truth Commission is a global online library. And so, somebody had to sign up to put this all together. And so, I’m an organizer. So, I became the curator voluntarily. And it’s now the largest repository of bioweapon information available anywhere in the world in one place online for free. And tens of thousands of people have accessed it. And I encourage everybody to go take a look at it. And it’s just it’s huge. So, it’s there.

James: Why did you get on it, Jeff? Give us one sentence. Why?

Jeff: We were trying to find Joseph Needham’s International Scientific Commission report on bioweapon use in Korea. That’s started the rabbit run.

James: So RFK says that this is a biowarfare program, not a public health endeavor. And he talks about the rise of the Biowarfare Industrial Complex, folks. He talks about how after 911, your taxes exploded regarding the research. He says that what they are doing to us if you look at the stupid bowl, is they’re taking the fear of infectious disease. And that has replaced fear of the Soviet Union. So, when I was a kid, we were supposed to dig fallout shelters. And now you’re supposed to line up for the vaccine. He talks about 13,000 deaths. Scientists labor on this. These are people making enough money to support their families figuring out how to make not vaccines, folks, but bioweapons. So that’s a little peek at JFK. Can you tell us more? I mean, RFK. Can you tell us a little more about RFK, and why people should read this, Jeff?

Jeff: Well, it’s just amazing. I learned a lot. And I’m the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission. I learned so much. I just ordered the book, and I’m supposed to get it this week. I didn’t know about the Nazi connection. I mean, that shocked me. And I didn’t realize that the CIA was in on it from the very beginning with the office of… what OSS stands for?

James: It’s OSS is the precursor of the CIA.

Jeff: I mean, they were in on it from the very beginning. I didn’t realize that the CIA was so much a part of it. I. And I didn’t realize that there were European Nazis involved and all over the United States working on bioweapons research. So, it was a huge revelation to me. I thought it was just the Japanese in Fort Detrick outside of Washington, DC, and the military. But it’s obviously much, much bigger than that.

And the other thing that really shocked me and James, you and I have done shows on this. We’ve always said, well, research has shown that hundreds of thousands of Americans and Europeans have been attacked with bioweapons by their own countries, by their own governments. They’ve been dosed with bioweapons. And after reviewing the book through the videos, you sent me, it’s not hundreds of thousands, it’s millions.

So, I think this is millions of Westerners. People like you and me, and the people listening to this program have been treated and are being treated, not counting the Covid mRNA jab and the Covid virus, but other, other bioweapons all of us are being treated like guinea pigs, and lab rats, too. So, it’s not just out there in the Third World, in Africa and South America, it’s happening to us and it’s the millions that shocked me.

James: Can we just talk some specifics because the purpose of this, folks, is not to inform you because it’s a 600-page book, and Jeff is referring to videos of a guy reading the book that he’ll put up, and that takes hours. So, we can’t get it all across. You’ve got to listen to this. You’ve got to get the book. Let’s be specific. If you’re a New York subway rider, the New York police did not know, the mayor did not know. But these scientists that you are funding infected just they would release something and then let’s watch the hospitals and see who shows up.

Let’s see who’s sick. Let’s see who dies. If you’re in San Francisco, you got attacked from the air. You got attacked by ships, naval, and US Navy ships. Oh, that’s a beautiful Navy ship, honey, look at that. What’s the USS? What? Oh, it’s the USS Poison. I wonder what they’re doing. And then they’re sprinkling chemicals all over you. And then they watch the hospitals. This is not like we’re generalizing here. Read the book and see that this is documented. Tallahassee and Austin and Chicago and New York. And I going through this, it’s like, I wonder if there’s a city that has not been experimented on in the United States.

Jeff: It was absolutely breathtaking to listen to that. I was just gobsmacked and also and in Europe, the US is also using Europeans as guinea pigs, of course with Porton Down laboratory outside of London, the British, and the United States are married at the hip Fort Detrick, Porton Down. They were also attacking Europeans. So, folks, out there you are this bioweapon is affecting you, your children, your loved ones, and your neighborhoods. And what’s so sad about it is, is they can do it. And we don’t even know it because they can do it by plane. They can do it in shopping malls. They can do it in metros. They can do it in airports. We don’t know.

James: And they are doing it. It’s like I couldn’t believe it. It’s like, how did I live in New York City? And I didn’t know my subways were being doused. Like, now it’s a fact. You can read about it. But why wasn’t that in every single New York newspaper when they figured it out? And talk about being connected at the hip. Let’s talk about China. RFK explains that China is a major funder of Western institutions, journals, and projects, and there’s a collaboration here. And the Chinese campaign has co-opted leading scientists.

And there’s a river of Chinese funding to researchers in US and British medical research. So, China is joined at the hip to with this situation. It says the interests of China intersect with the interests of major global corporations and NGOs that comprise the bioweapon, the Biowarfare Industrial Complex. So, the first word in his book is Wuhan. There’s a huge Chinese connection connected at the hip. And this isn’t meant to say, you know what I mean, there’s a section of America this came out of China. The Chinese are not being upfront.

No, it didn’t come out of China. It came out of America and China and Britain, they’re all cooperating. And here’s the alignment. The US intelligence community is supporting Chinese bioweapons research in China. They know that the Chinese are up to this mission. And so, the CIA and the Chinese are sharing cutting-edge technologies that serve institutional self-interest, and the intelligence community expands its power by reporting the enemy’s expanding capabilities. The English, the Chinese, and the Americans are all joined at the hip on this thing.

Jeff: Yes. I would like to say personally James, I find the title a little bit misleading. I mean, this Covid development has been going on since the 1980s. And it was Anthony Fauci at the American National Institutes of Health.

James: Okay, Jeff, I know it’s a little sensitive with you, with China, but he explains here the Chinese had nothing to do with it in the 1980s. He explains, there’s not a direct, constant connection. That’s not what he’s saying. What he’s saying is right now they are major funders and connected that their interests coincide now. Yes, the Chinese were not involved in bringing Operation Paperclip.

The Americans have been foundational in this. The continuity is much more American. But I’m looking at these quotes from the book. The Chinese are major funders of this. They are co-opting leaders of science scientists. There’s a river of Chinese funding. The CIA community is supporting Chinese bioweapons research. RFK even says this is very difficult for people to understand why the connection between the US bioweapons industry and China. But there it is.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, James, what would you do if you were Chinese government and the United States came and said to you, hey, listen, we’ve got this weapon that we used on you in 2003, and it didn’t work like we wanted it to the original SARS. But we’re going to show you how we created it, and we’re going to show you how to make it even bigger and better and more dangerous. And we’re going to pay you for this. Well, of course, they’re going to accept it.

James: What would you do if you’re an American scientist and you had to pay your mortgage and you got a PhD. and you were hired by this institution and you got a little deeper into it? And if you say anything, you’re I mean, you can make excuses for everybody, but they’re all involved.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, what it looks like to me is, is that of course they knew they were going to be attacked and they did get attacked in Wuhan at the World Military Games.

James: How about the English? But there are excuses. Why are we making excuses for the Chinese? The Chinese are joined at the hip on this right now, and the Americans are too, and the English are too. And there are excuses why they are, but it’s right. I’m looking at it in black and white.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, for me, if I were the Chinese, I would want to be involved because it would give me all the information, I need to protect my people. And I think that’s what.

James: Then why can’t we say that about the English Porton Downs?

Jeff: Because it’s Porton Down in Fort Detrick and the West that is pushing the program, it’s the US military has 330 labs around the world. China doesn’t have any. So, it’s NATO that has all these labs all over the world. It’s not any other country except them. So, I think China’s smart by doing this because they’re like if you want to let us, we’ll like Lawrence Sellin said in the interview we did with him, then Americans were so stupid. They let two People’s Liberation Army microbiologists work at Fort Detrick. Well, of course, if Americans are going to let their enemy work in the very heart of their bioweapon production system, of course, the Chinese are going to take them up on the offer.

James: Fine, fine. Those Japanese guys doing vivisections of course they’re going to do it. They’re supporting their family and the bottom line, Jeff. I mean, here’s a headline. China has become a dominant bioweapons research player. China’s leaders are working, blah blah, blah blah. They have lavished funding on this. They have the Wuhan lab. Why don’t we just they’re humans, too, Jeff? So whatever reason that the Americans, this is what I think people don’t. With the assassination of John F Kennedy and bioweapons, I was just downstairs, like, why would they be doing this?

Are people really that evil? Can you really imagine Americans researching something that would kill their own people? Yeah, they’re humans, you know. Yes, this does happen. So, I think there are a lot of reasons why people get involved in this, but right now the Chinese, the Americans, and the English are heavily involved in making these biowarfare weapons. I mean, that’s a fact. So why and this and that that’s another conversation. But I think what we’re trying to wake people up to is that the Super Bowl is advertising a democide genocide program, and people are going along with it.

Jeff: Okay.

James: Sorry about your Chinese girlfriend there. But this is what RFK. I mean, why are you hung up on China? It’s the name of it. He uses a Chinese name in the beginning. He talks about China. They’re very into it. Why? I don’t really care why that scientist is doing vivisection. I don’t care why these. I think it should all be shut down. And if China has one lab, that’s one lab too many. America has one lab. That’s one lab too many. And America is the major funder of this. I mean China didn’t have any nuclear weapons, and they had to develop nuclear weapons.

I understand that it came from America, and they had to answer the challenge. But now there are too many nuclear weapons, and I want them all cut down. I mean, well, you bought a gun. I had to buy a gun. And then we shot each other. So, who bought the gun first and all that? That’s not the point. China, England, America, and other countries are cooperating in the creation of bioweapons. And my point in doing this podcast is to wake everyone up and say, let’s stop it.

Jeff: Well, my point is, is that it’s 90% the West and 10% China. I mean, it’s the United States. To me, what’s going to happen is people are going to get this book and they’re going to be its psychological deflection. They’re going to be talking about Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan. But it’s really Fort Detrick, Fort Detrick, Fort Detrick, and Porton Down, Porton Down, Porton Down. China is just a sideshow. The real action is in Washington DC, London, Berlin, and other countries, other cities in the West. I mean, I think the problem with the name of the book is that it’s going to make people focus on something that they have no control over, whereas they ought to be. What they ought to be doing is they ought to be going to Washington, DC and London and Brussels and etc., and complaining there because but they’re not going to, because, oh it’s Wuhan and that’s the problem.

James: That’s not what I mean, almost all of this podcast was about America and the CIA our RFK is saying, and maybe China’s 10%, but there it is. It’s 10%. So, there are Chinese doctors studying how to kill people. And we got to stop the 90%. And we’ve got to admit the 10%. He’s not overdoing the China thing. You are overdoing the China thing. I’m looking at the summary. The China thing is about, like you say, like 10% of this whole review.

Jeff: Well, even to me when he said, what I heard was that in 2003, he even used the word biodefense. He didn’t say bioweapons. He said China got heavily involved in biodefense. I’m not convinced that China is actually actively developing weapons to attack Americans. I think China is actively developing biodefense to keep from getting killed by Americans. I think that’s more, more, more accurate. I’ll have to read the book to see, but that’s my impression.

James: The US intelligence community is supporting Chinese bioweapons research in China. The interests of China intersect with the interests of the major global corporations that comprise the Biowarfare Industrial Complex. China is a major funder of Blah blah blah, blah blah. So, the headline here is why would the US do bioweapons research in and for China? So yeah, China is involved, Jeff. But why don’t we leave it at the 10%? Don’t be so touchy about it. If there’s 1% going on in Pakistan, that’s too much.

I mean, Pakistan is not the number one nuclear my fear. My fear is the crazies in Washington. So why don’t we agree that it’s the world right now? If you look at war around the world and you look at bio, let’s look at two things Military-Industrial Complex and the Bioweapons Warfare Complex. I think we can hold hands and agree that it comes from the crazy psychopaths who have passports that look like yours and mine. We’re the originators of the atomic bomb, and we are the main we sucked up the funding from these criminals. And we are by far the most responsible. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Yeah.

James: And if you look at the United Nations the six members of the Security Council, those are the top weapons producers in the world. It’s a joke. United Nations is for peace. And the six members of the security. So, yes, China produces nuclear weapons and they produce ships. And whether it’s for defense or offense, their weapons. And if America would disarm and stop this worldwide global mongering. I agree there would be a lot more peace and a lot more weapons out there. But if you nuke everybody in the Washington area, we’d have a lot less biowarfare and Military-Industrial Complex.

Jeff: Yeah, well, China and other countries and I’m sure Russia is doing bio. I know they’re doing bio-defense. We’ve covered a lot of the information. They have a bioweapon and chemical protection division that’s provided us with tons of information. So, it’s not just the Chinese. There are a lot of countries that trying to defend themselves from America, mainly 90% of American bioweapon production and use and so until that monster is put to sleep. Everybody else has to have to try to keep themselves from being wiped out by the germs that are being produced. As you said, 90% in the West.

James: I totally agree with you. RFK is an American and if you look at this analysis, he’s taught I mean he does not it’s not like you say that he starts out blaming China or pointing. He’s talking about American Big Pharma. He’s talking about the CIA. Mao did not suck in those Japanese scientists and those Nazis. Mao didn’t go on TV and warn that the Military-Industrial Complex was going to destroy the Chinese nation. It was Dwight Eisenhower who warned about this. So, this is definitely an American-sourced, American-dominated problem, no doubt about it. And if we could change the American’s minds everybody could calm down.

Jeff: I just think for me, by naming the book Wuhan, to me, it comes across a little bit, as eye-catching clickbait, and a more accurate and a more honest title would be the CIA military big pharma cover-up. But that’s not that’s what doesn’t get people foaming at the mouth when you mention China and Russia and Putin and XI and all that. That’s what gets people riled up. And I know he needs to sell some books, but I don’t think the title is very honest, to be honest with you.

James: Well, you’re a little sensitive about that China issue. But yeah, I look at the there’s only one Chinese word in there. And the title is about ten words, but let’s focus on the terrifying bioweapons armories. That’s why I think if RFK was here, he would say, forget all the American and English and China and Russia and whatever. The point is, there are scientists and they speak English, or they speak whatever language they speak. Somebody you, me, them, us, whatever are funding scientists to create bioweapons right now. And we gotta stop this. The public is not aware. But see, this is not illegal which I never thought about. They’re not doing anything illegal. Americans are watching this on the Super Bowl. It blows my mind.

Jeff: Well, it’s been. You and I interviewed. What was her name? Katherine? Oh, the Lady who does all the research about American law. And yeah, the Americans have passed laws that have legalized all. What’s her name, anyway? I’ll find it and put it in the article when we publish it. But she said they’ve made it all legal. They have just they have surreptitiously changed all the laws to make all this legal, but it’s still illegal, according to the international bioweapon and toxin treaty that the Americans are a member of and England and China and everybody else but that is ignored. As Larry Sellin said it has no teeth to it. So, they can’t go after what the US is doing, like in Ukraine and Georgia and everywhere else around the world. So, it’s illegal in the United States, that’s for sure.

James: I mean, folks, that’s the point. You gotta I mean, there’s an Ebola research factory in downtown Denver, and they have already vaccinated first responders in a local Denver hospital. Repeat, there’s an Ebola bioweapons research facility inside the city of Denver. And then, for their protection, they went to the local hospital and inoculated these guys from Ebola in case, oops, something escapes in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. This is beyond crazy.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: A little side issue. I just finished a book about the Vietnam War, and I did a chapter on the CIA opening people’s skulls and putting them in transmitters and doing really strange experiments on the Vietnamese. And then, as a matter of course, just raping every pretty woman. They got into their torture chambers. They had 47 torture chambers all over South Vietnam. And if you said, hey Harry owes me ten bucks and I don’t like him, I’ll call him a communist.

He got kidnapped out of his bed in the middle of the night and brought into a torture chamber. And many or most of these people, the majority of these people left dead. So, people say, oh, yeah, well, there were mistakes and that was a rogue agency. CIA is a rogue. No, it’s not a rogue agency. This is completely legal. The head of the CIA, William Colby, in the 1970s, was the guy who directed Operation Phoenix in Vietnam. He said to the Senate. “Yeah, I think we killed 80,000 people. 26,000 were civilians.”

Repeat: 26,000 unarmed civilians. They snatched them out of their beds and killed them and he told Congress. Folks, if a Polish guard at a Nazi concentration camp said that he killed a thousand people and he told the Senate, he would have been shackled right there. Think about it. It’s legal to do this. So, it’s genocide and democide. And I hope we’ve done our job just to wake people up and say, look, Jeff, are you going to post the interviews?

Jeff: Yeah, all of it. Yeah. And your Denver comment, I think I got the number right. He said when he was doing the reading that just within the United States, the United States has 400 bioweapon facilities in the country, and many if not most of the Division One universities are involved in bioweapon development. So, plus the US military has 330 bioweapon labs spanning planet Earth. It’s staggering. And in downtown Denver now, it’s just unbelievable.

James: Ebola downtown. I mean, I went to the University of Wisconsin as I got my degree and you could learn about the history of the University of Wisconsin, Man, they started they oh, wow. They did research on cows and agriculture and Nobel Prizes. And there’s the list. There are the plaques. You can learn all this stuff. You can’t learn that the head of whatever the chemistry department or I forgot his name, but he was one of the four guys on the committee that brought all these criminals into the United States. University of Wisconsin scientists. And he’s honored for doing this and that. But you can’t see that he’s a guy who said, oh, these people were cutting open women alive. This is wonderful. Bring them in.

Jeff: Yeah, well, Oklahoma State also has two-level bioweapon labs at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, it’s just it’s lunacy. So, I just hope everybody realizes people have got to start speaking up. People have got to be making this a headline issue. I realize it’s very abstract and I realize it’s hard to conceive because we don’t see it. We don’t smell it. We don’t know what’s happening. Well, we do what we do with Covid and the mRNA vaccines in the West. We do know that for sure.

But its people have got to start speaking up and talking about this because well, not even, well, not James in Vietnam, but I could be getting dosed right now in France, and I wouldn’t even know it. I could be getting sick because of all these contrails that are in the sky when I wake up in the morning. So, it’s really it’s affecting the entire world. And Westerners are not exempt from this. So, I hope that they go to Washington, go to London, go to Brussels, go to Ottawa, go all over, go wherever, and start asking their government officials what the hell is going on. This has got to stop because otherwise, something’s going to end up being like the flu like in 1918 and instead of 50 to 80 million back then, it’s going to be billions. So that’s the cautionary tale here.

James: So, to end this thing, I’d like to say that the book is by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The Wuhan Cover-Up And The Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race”. It’s published by the heroic Skyhorse Publishing. It’s out on December 3rd. Now, folks, listen to this. The book has been so heavily censored that I cannot find a single actual review on Google. Jeff has been on this from the beginning, and I really salute Jeff for the continuity. He was on this thing and it’s been censored. Newsweek has reported that independent bookstore stores are refusing to carry it. Come on. This is the United States of America.

Every book should be on the bookshelves, especially this important one. So, I really want to salute Jeff for being early on this. RFK is really a student of Jeff Brown by publishing this book. And well, hey, you were on it before RFK. This book isn’t even out, Jeff. And you have been on this for years. And you woke me up to it, and I didn’t realize it was this big and that this connected. So, I think we’ve done our job by saying to folks to get the book. Jeff will publish the reading of the book and a review and let’s save the world.

Jeff: And I’ll also put that. It is available on Amazon, but you have to know it’s there.

James: But it says, December 3rd available.

Jeff: Well, no, that that was December 3rd of 2023. It’s just been out for about a month.

James: Oh, I apologize. I’m looking at December. Oh yeah. Okay. Geez. No, I’m screwed up. I’m sorry.

Jeff: No, it’s been out for about two months. You can buy it. I just ordered it yesterday, I ordered. And it’s only 16 bucks as an e-book. So, ask your library to order it. Libraries love people to make recommendations and ask your place of worship to order them. Ask your local junior college or your university. Ask your high school to order it. If people don’t ask for it to be ordered, then it’s not going to get in front of people. So, it’s just based on, what James has shown me and what I learned from all the videos that he sent me, which I will post for all the fans out there. I learned so much and it’s just an eye-opener. It’s just eye-opening. It’s just unbelievable. So, thank you, James. I really appreciate the discussion. And this is JB West signing out from the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

James: And this is JB East in Saigon, saluting Jeff J. Brown by getting on bioweapons and teaching RFK something. Thank you so much, Jeff.

Jeff:  Bye-bye.

James: Okay. Bye-bye.



The Wuhan Cover-Up, part 1 by RFK Jr. February 1, 2024–1

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The Wuhan Cover-Up by RFK, Jr.: Review and Analysis

Denialism: The Historical Denialism of Japan’s Crimes against Humanity Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-45 and the American Cover-Up: 9780415932141: Harris, Sheldon H.: Books


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