Why are 8 of 11 US aircraft carrier strike groups always in home port? What does it mean for NATO’s planned war with China, using Taiwan as a proxy? China Rising Radio Sinoland 240406




Pictured above: 8 of 11 US aircraft carrier strike groups spend most their time tied up in home port.

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I regularly check the website called South Front (see below), and I suggest you do, too. Every week or so, they post an updated “US Carrier Strike Group Location Map”. It shows, with little pins, where all of the United States’ deep water aircraft carrier groups are. I check it every week and I can tell you I have never seen more than two to three actually out on the high seas. Even a month ago, Uncle Slaughter couldn’t even keep one around the Arabian Gulf.

Uncle Slaughter usually keeps one in the West Pacific between Japan and the Philippines, but all of the rest are in port. And there’s a reason for this. If you look at the map, the USS Ronald Reagan has not been out on the high seas since November 2023, the Nimitz since September 2023, the George H.W. Bush since July 2023, the Gerald R. Ford since January 2024, and the John Stennis since December 2019. Why is this? These aircraft carrier groups are not 100% seaworthy. Everybody, even in the mainstream media, makes fun of the Gerald R. Ford. It is a white elephant that cannot stand the test of real combat (https://sputnikglobe.com/20240501/us-fleet-readiness-below-standards-in-part-due-to-deliveries-to-ukraine–pentagon-1118217136.html).

What is even more hilarious with respect to China is that on a typical US aircraft carrier, you have three kinds of airplanes. They are the F-18, which was launched in 1983, 40 years ago. You have the T-45, which came out in 1991, over 30 years ago. Then you have the more recent F-35, which is a laughingstock around the world, because it can’t fly. It is constantly being called back to the hangar since it can’t fly. It even has to be repainted every time it goes out, since the stealth coating on it wears off after each sortie. Not to mention they are crashing left and right (https://x.com/OopsGuess/status/1780981657069298108?t=AHfaibUuCEz9GZKnFjUFeg&s=09). The F-35 is another white elephant that could not stand the test of real combat against a country like China or Russia (https://sputnikglobe.com/20240502/us-marines-f-35b-fails-minimum-performance-by-45—government-accountability-report-1118219043.html and https://sputnikglobe.com/20240430/multiple-flaws–component-failures-plague-new-lockheed-martin-made-f-35s-1118188058.html).

The F-18 has a combat zone of 500km. That means that it can go out 500 klicks, then come back 500km for a total of 1,000. It has to be able to come back to the aircraft carrier to get refueled. The T-45 has a combat zone of 600km. When it’s able to fly, the F-35 has a combat zone of 750km.

But here’s the deal. The Chinese have three short-range aircraft carrier killer missiles, for naval battle theatres. The YJ-83 can go 250km, which is perfect for Taiwan, since it is only 150km away from the Mainland’s coast. The YJ-62 has a 400-kilometer range, well beyond the Pacific side of Taiwan. The YJ-18 missile has a range of 540km. This means that with only these short-range aircraft carrier killer missiles, a US carrier cannot get any closer than about 600km away from the Chinese coast. Result: the F-18 and the T-45 airplanes are totally useless. Why? If the aircraft carrier comes within range of the YJ-18 missile, it is going to be sunk in a matter of minutes.

It is even worse than that. The Chinese have hundreds of aircraft carrier killer missiles of longer range. The DF-21D can take out an aircraft carrier 1,500km away, perfect for Yankee bases in the Philippines. The DF-26 goes 3,000km, perfect for Japan, 2,000 klicks away.

Not to mention that China has two hypersonic missile models. The DF-17 can go 3,000 klicks. The DF-27 can go 8,000km, all the way to Hawaii and take out whatever ships may be docked there. Not only can the DF-27 take out Pearl harbor, it can also take out Guam, a major American air base in the West Pacific, as well as the US base in Darwin, Australia. The DF-17 at 3,000km can take out Japan and Yankees in the Philippines. And of course, South Korea is just hundreds of kilometers away from mainland China, and Taiwan, only 150km.

China’s navy is bigger than the United States’, which surprises a lot of people. But it is true. It already has two active aircraft carriers and is launching a third one in 2024, the Year of the Dragon. Reports are that the People’s Liberation Army Navy has 59-79 submarines, with 16 of them nuclear-powered, many of which are loaded with aircraft carrier killer missiles. The US has 68 subs and Russia 64.

How many planes does China have in its military inventory? Two thousand. They only have to go as far as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and South Korea, a maximum of 2,000km. The supply chain from Long Beach in California and Seattle in Washington State is 11,000km. It doesn’t do any good to store up matériel in Hawaii, Guam and Darwin, knowing China can take those out in several minutes.

Uncle Slaughter wants to be Globocop, with many hundreds of military bases occupying every continent. It has 5,500 military aircraft to China’s 2,000, but the prior’s are all across North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. Ditto the US’s subs off the coast of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, in the Black Sea and keeping an eye on so many other perceived enemies. China’s military posture is 100% defensive. It is only concerned with the South China Sea and the first tier of islands off its coast. NATO’s is 150% offensive across Planet Earth.

Above: Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and Darwin, Australia only have to wait a few minutes for thousands of (hypersonic) missiles to rain down on their US bases. (North of Japan) When DPRK strikes, South Korea won’t know what hit them.

Only one in five American aircraft carrier groups are on the high seas at any given minute. NATO knows Baba Beijing is stocked to the hilt with “can’t defend against” hypersonic missiles. Yet, the United States is going to make sure that it goes to war with China over Taiwan, as a Ukraine-like proxy, because capitalism cannot survive without war. Democrats and Republicans, they’re just Party D and Party R of the Capitalist Party of the United States. You can say the same thing for the liberals and the conservatives in Europe – 100% Capitalist Party members. Western governments are totally owned and operated by Wall Street, the City of London, military, media and pharmament corporations. Their victims are Western citizens and the rest of the Global Majority.

I keep reminding everyone that China and North Korea (DPRK) have had a mutual defense treaty since 1961, recently renewed. Nobody fucks with North Korea, not even the United States. You can see how Uncle Slaughter keeps the DPRK at arm’s length. Why? DPRK has MIRV ICBMs (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle Intercontinental Balllistic Missiles) loaded with nuclear warheads. It also has hypersonic missiles along with Russia, China and Iran. The United States and Europe don’t even have them yet. They’re still in the testing stage.

Thus, if the United States triggers a hot war with China, 1.2 million Marxist-Leninist-Communist-Socialist-Confucist North Korean soldiers, who love to kill capitalists are going to pour across the 38th parallel and do to the USA what they did to Douglas MacArthur in 1950 – kicked his ass all the way to Pusan, on the southern tip of the peninsula. North Korea has thousands of missiles and millions of artillery shells. What is the United States’ 30,000 troops stationed in South Korea going to do against that? In one week, DPRK would overrun South Korea. Ditto Japan. The United States has 50,000 troops stationed in Japan. North Korea can fire their missiles on Japan, just as China can.

Given all of this, a conventional hot war with China is a Western loser bad joke. Nevertheless, for the City of London, Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex, this is all a gigantic profit point for Western capitalists. They are going to push the United States into war with China, regardless of the results and consequences. The United States even imagining trying to win against China (or Russia) doesn’t matter, because what really counts are the profits that are gained by the City of London, Wall Street and all of the military contractors.

In any case, what is especially scary is that after China takes back Taiwan into the motherland, is NATO insane enough to use nuclear arms in Taiwan, as a Hail Mary to save their asses? We already know how that would turn out. Nuclear winter and Homo Sapiens saying, “Sayonara dear world”.

We can even talk about West Asia=Middle East, with psychopathic Israel spearheading the NATO Holocaust there. I said in my book, 44 Days Backpacking in China (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2018/06/30/praise-for-the-china-trilogy-the-votes-are-in-it-r-o-c-k-s-what-are-you-waiting-for/) that the fate of the world will be decided by the fate of Jerusalem, and the unhinged, Talmud-Torah-driven Jewish State has 200 rogue, thermonuclear weapons. After seeing what they are doing to Palestinians, do you think they won’t use their nuclear arms in desperation to stave off losing? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

The United States and NATO want to project an image of invincibility to the rest of humanity. Going back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, all expansionist, hegemonic empires do. They want to project their delusional full spectrum dominance. However, during the Cold War, NATO and the Warsaw Pact were at a stalemate. The United States lost in Korea, lost in Vietnam, lost in Afghanistan, and are pathetic, occupying forces in Iraq and Syria. Hell, the West can’t even beat little Yemen. Just this week the United States is begging Yemen for a diplomatic solution for their control of the Red Sea. This tells you how openly weak NATO really is.

NATO is reduced to plowing billions of dollars and euros of weapons into Ukraine to slow down the eventual victory of Russia there. In desperation, will NATO go nuclear there, when the obvious is known to all of the world that it has lost against Russia? All NATO has done in Palestine is to create a holocaust against women, children, old people, starving them to death and destroying their entire infrastructure. They have gained absolutely nothing in terms of military victory.

NATO has always been very good at slaughtering old people, women, children and defeating much weaker opponents like Grenada, Panama and Libya.  Uncle Slaughter’s delusional psychopathy of controlling the world’s peoples and their resources lasted about ten years, from 1990 to 2000, when Wall Street and the City of London were raping and plundering what was left of the USSR, driving the people into destitution, starvation and misery.

The 21st century is very different. Since the year 2000, Russia now has what is ranked as by far the best military in the world. And I just read an article recently that China is ranked ahead of the United States in military might, this coming from a conservative think tank. Need I mention the military might of DPRK and Iran?

Great thinkers and leaders have long been pointing out the obvious, that capitalism cannot survive without war, expansionism, enslaving the weak and expropriating their natural resources. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Martin Luther King all pointed out this manifest historical truth.

This is why, in spite of the reality on the ground that I have described to you above, Wall Street, the City of London and NATO’s Military Industrial Complex will push Uncle Slaughter into a hot war with the People’s Republic of China, tragic to say.

Follow the money, my friends. KA-CHING!


Reference: Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups – March 26, 2024 – South Front



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