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MH370: Gallows humor is universal and timeless – including in China

Why is no one talking about the northern flight path? Just asking.

Who says the Chinese don’t have a great sense of humor, even in the face of a minor national tragedy. The inexplicable and it just keeps getting-weirder disappearance of the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight MH370, is a Page One obsession in China.

I saw this joke in Chinese on Wechat, which shows a self-deprecating, gallows humor in the face of an informational void. Translated, it says,

If MH370 had 154 Americans on board, the United States would already be taking the Malay government to the international courts; if they were 154 Russians, the Malay government would already be in the grave; if it were 154 Japanese, the Japanese government would have already calculated down to the cent how much Malaysia owes them; if it were 154 Israelis, Israel would have already found the hijackers; if it were 154 Koreans, three missiles would have been already hit the Japanese fishing fleet; but since they are 154 Chinese people, we get candles, protests and poetic lyricism in the media.

This helps explain why Baba Beijing is putting such a huge amount of publicized effort into finding the missing plane. The Chinese citizenry is extremely distraught about what happened to MH370 and Baba has picked up on this popular angst. When there is widespread popular anger, Baba knows that their ability to maintain the Heavenly Mandate and the Communist Party’s continued leadership, hangs in the balance. Baba Beijing definitely wants to stay ahead of this perceived national humiliation, to keep it from blowing up in their faces.

What do I think? There are around 100 reconnaissance (read: military and spy) satellites encircling the globe like an octopus, that are powerful enough to say whether my sandwich is being served on rye or whole wheat bread. You can’t tell me that the US, Russia and France, even China don’t know where MH370 is or ended up. The problem is the people who run these satellites are all the world’s bad actors within governments, the deep state, their spy and military agencies. They won’t even admit to having this level of reconnaissance capabilities, much less hold a press conference to talk about it.  At least in the West, if the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) still exists – and in today’s world that is always questionable – we may find out in 30-50 years, when a FOIA request stumbles upon the truth.


MH370, Chinese Cyberwar Geniuses and the Long Arm of Western Empire

I asked this same question in the previous chapter: why isn’t anybody looking towards the North? Now we know why.

Why are the Princes of Power keeping the 99%’s attention riveted on the middle of bumfug nowhere, in the Southeast Indian Ocean, looking for MH370, and why is nobody asking about the second possible escape route – to the North, in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Everybody I talked to, including journalists based in Beijing, and other bright lights of the intelligentsia, just guffawed at the thought. Chortle no more. I do not have the means nor the tools to confirm all of this. And one thing for sure: if true, the mainstream media won’t touch it with a ten-meter pole, as it would implicate their masters and handlers. But as a rational thinker, the following scenario is looking more than credible.  This is especially true, given the goose egg laid in the Indian Ocean, finding not even one shred of debris, in spite of a massive, extended, multinational search: no seats, luggage, clothing, bodies – nothing. Then a supposed flaperon was dubiously found a year and half later, all the way over on Reunion island, and which was never confirmed by an independent source. Then, another piece of whatever supposedly washed up on the coast of Madagascar. It saturated the 24-hour news cycle, then disappeared. No investigation, no outside laboratory forensics. Just take our word for it. Yeah, sure.

Early on, a journalist friend was pleasantly surprised when I brought up Occam’s razor, in looking for a solution to the MH370 mystery. Occam’s razor is the law that usually the simplest explanation is the best or correct one. Thus the pilots, for whatever reason, just flew the plane into the deep blue sea. End of story. But this Occam’s razor is just not cutting it anymore. Time to look elsewhere to unwind 2014’s Gordian knot of the year. The passengers’ families obviously smell a rat. They are getting together a $5 million reward, in hopes of enticing someone on the inside to spill the beans – if they live long enough to meet with the grieving. The half-life of informed people like this tends to be measured in days and hours, if there is a whiff of suspicion from on high.

And then as if by divine providence, we learn that in Europe of all places, dozens of commercial airliners went missing off the Old Continent’s sophisticated air traffic control screens, due to high tech NATO electronic war games. Well, blow me down, Captain Ahab, I can see far, far away from this here Beijing crow’s nest. If they can make fifty Boeing and Airbus jet planes full of thousands of people vanish off radar terminals in one of the busiest skies in the world, then it must be a piece of cake to disappear a solo plane like MH370, right?

In an Anonymous news release on YouTube, we learn that there were 20 (Chinese) employees of Freescale Semiconductor on board MH370, bound for where else – Communist China. Four of these employees shared a revolutionary patent on the new “KL Zero” computer chip, which will be used in missile defense (read Star Wars) radar systems. The patent was approved just four days after the disappearance of MH370. Therefore, the four Chinese patent holders could not legally pass the wealth and control of this patent on to their heirs. This leaves the fifth shareholder of the patent as 100% owner: Freescale Semiconductor itself. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Jacob Rothschild and the Bush Dynasty’s Carlyle Group. Either you are a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist, but it’s funny how things work out that way.

So, the plot thickens. Why were they in Kuala Lumpur? Why were they all together? Why were they going back to China? Were they defecting back to the Motherland? Were they single or double agents?

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these Chinese scientist patent holders and their vast knowledge of warfare cybertechnology? Or better yet, who would want to make sure these geniuses did not help the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) use the very same “Western” stealth technology, to defend the Chinese Homeland? This is not primarily about Jacob Rothschild’s greed and the Carlyle Group’s Bush Dynasty-Bin Laden bedmates, although filthy lucre is often seen lurking around the stage set. This is more than likely about the United States and NATO making sure these Chinese scientists didn’t land in the Middle Kingdom and work for Baba Beijing. How big is a computer chip? The size of your fingernail? It would have been very easy for one of these Chinese brainiacs to hide this new KL Zero war-chip in their suitcase. One or some of these guys could have been PLA (double) agents all along, which if true, would be a John Le Carré-esque-spy-thriller infiltration of the century, into the dark heart of America’s most sensitive military technology.

Since the 1970s, Freescale, a military cybertech supplier, has been helping the Western Empire keep its Wehrmacht jackboot on the face of the Dreaded Other (including communists starting in 1917 and in 2001 add Muslims). Of course it would have its share of CIA/NSA minders working on the inside, keeping tabs on its highly sensitive advancements. These 20 Chinese scientists were way too close to something obviously very coveted and extremely compromising to the US/NATO war machine. US/NATO would do anything to keep them and “it” from ending up in Baba Beijing’s hands.

All of this is bolstered further by the divulgations of a recent Oped News article by Scott Baker. In it, an anonymous Russian (maybe a KGB stringer) reports on the whereabouts of MH370 being on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and that “there were 20 Asian specialists on board”, who have been taken to a bunker in Pakistan. According to this report, these facts have been collectively corroborated by several intelligence agencies. Given that the United States rules Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s skies as much as it does Washington DC’s, any denials by these NATO puppet governments can be taken with a grain of salt. Whether these 20 Chinese scientists are being used for blackmail or as bargaining chips to “sell” is debatable. More than likely, US/NATO would prefer to have them offed, now that the West has the coveted technology to themselves. Or do they? If these Chinese scientists were agents of the PLA, then they may have already sent Baba Beijing the blueprints. However, it would have been nice for Baba to hold the Real McWang in the palm its hand, and plug it into the ol’ Victrola for some space age East Is Red Karaoke.

The only positive outcome of all these high level espionage and warfare power plays is that the 227 passengers and 12 crew members might still be alive. The Russian report says they are alive, divided into seven groups and living in mud huts, southeast of Kandahar. However, if it is true that US/NATO is pulling these nefarious puppet strings, from Empire’s standpoint, these hostages would be more of a liability than an asset, and better off dead.

The deep state of US/NATO, along with Russian intelligence, which together have well over 100 military reconnaissance satellites suffocating every square meter of the Earth’s surface, know exactly where MH370 ended up. If they know, Baba Beijing surely knows too, and is just holding its cards close to see how events shake out. In any case, except for two pieces of very late on the scene, highly dubious, maritime evidence to show for the massive and exhaustive searches in the Indian Ocean, an Afghanistan-Pakistan change of flight plans is looking more and more believable. You are either a conspiracy or coincidence theorist. Pick you poison.


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