Jeff J. Brown’s work at Seek Truth From Facts Foundation 1-15 April 2024.

2024/4/1China Writers’ Group Guest Posts with a focus on Sinoland. Introductory comments by Jeff J. Brown.
2024/4/1Chef Patrice serves up an 18-course meal for your hungry mind on The Greanville Post. Happy Easter Monday!
2024/4/2Pepe Escobar: The Chronicles of Liquid War. China Writers’ Group is honored to make this announcement for fellow member Pepe Escobar!
2024/4/4China Writers’ Group trifecta: Dr. T.P. Wilkinson has a double header and Peter Koenig on the Baltimore bridge disaster.
2024/4/5Ben Tóth’s updated talking point outline is suitable for printing and using in your discussions.
2024/4/5Southeast Asians now prefer China over the USA. First time ever. Call it the Gaza Effect.
2024/4/6China Writers’ Group: 1) our in-house satirist Frank Scott, 2) our Buddhist thinker Eric Arnow, 3) Matt Ehret on the West losing its way and 4) Jeff J. Brown covers the Gaza Effect.
2024/4/6The Magnus and Ben Show! Downloadable images that pack a punch for your social media and kickass talking points for all your discussions.
2024/4/6Dr. Kwan Lee’s Chinese movie recommendations: “China in the Classics”. Ten docudramas, all with English subtitles and each a little over one hour!
2024/4/7China Writers’ Group Canadian Clique: Amir Khan, Cynthia Chung, Gerald Therrien, Kwan Lee, Matt Ehret and Peter Man – On NATO and its Palestine Holocaust, the Opium Wars, 10 great Chinese docudramas subtitled in English, a new book, and a one-eyed Chinese philosopher named Stoneman!
2024/4/9Where else but China Writers’ Group? Matt Ehret on occult Hollywood, Pepe Escobar on revolutionary Africa, Ramin Mazaheri on the death of liberalism and T.P. Wilkinson on the human existence.
2024/4/9Ben Tóth’s hot-off-the-press talking point outline is his best yet. With videoclips!
2024/4/9Mid-week extra special! China Writers’ Group V-Editor Magnus S. Kjærgaard arms your social media and Ben Tóth’s hot-off-the-press talking point outline is his best yet. With videoclips!
2024/4/9Great follow-up from Arnaud Bertrand in reference to my post about China vs. West trade.
2024/4/11A “Z2A” China Writers’ Group Fiver: T.P. Wilkinson, Pepe Escobar, Kwan Lee, Gerald Therrien and Cynthia Chung. Your one stop for the best bloggers in the business!
2024/4/12Pepe Escobar comes to Normandy and eats like a Chinese emperor!
2024/4/12China Writers’ Group V-Editor Magnus, Chinese Philosopher Kwan and Globetrotting Pepe have your weekend all set!
2024/4/12Ben Tóth’s talking point outline will keep you on top of every discussion this week! With video clips…
2024/4/12Ben Toth’s outline, Matt Ehret on Occult Tesla, Patrice Greanville’s great 18 and Jeff J. Brown on China’s finance, big tech and social media scenes. China Writers’ Group at its best!
2024/4/13China Writers’ Group two videos: Pepe Escobar on his new book, “Eurasia vs. NATOstan” and Peter Koenig on the ugly truth about the West’s COVID-19 vaccinations.
2024/4/14China Writers’ Group V-Editor has a special post with a slug of downloadable images for your social media + Cynthia Chung and Kwan Lee share a wonderful video about the mystery behind the Pyramids.
2024/4/15Iran on the Rise. By: Peter Koenig
2024/4/15U.S.A.UK EU Journalists Accessories to Gaza Genocide Prolong It Deceivingly As ‘Defensive War’. By: Jay Janson
2024/4/15China Writers’ Group trio of great minds: Frans Vandenbosch, (a twofer) by Dr. Kwan Lee and Peter Koenig + a guest submission by the great nonagenarian truth warrior Jay Janson!


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