Jeff J. Brown’s work at Seek Truth From Facts Foundation, 1-15 May in China.

2024/5/1China Writers’ Group author Dr. T.P. Wilkinson has a new book hot off the press! “Unbecoming American: A War Memoir”. Check it out.
2024/5/3China Writers’ Group is the anti-New York Times-Washington Post-CNN-BBC. Now do you see why it is so popular? Here’s four of the authors…
2024/5/3Ben Tóth goes all out with this week’s talking point outline.
2024/5/3Billy Bob ponders China, Mao, Deng, Xi, Russia, USSR, and what is all means to today’s headlines
2024/5/3Peter Koenig: Students – Triggers to Stop Wars? Top Universities Pro-Palestine Encampments – A shift Towards Justice or Just Illusion?
2024/5/3Godfree Roberts talks missiles, Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung on energy wars and Peter Koenig covers the global student protests against USraehell. CWG rocks on!
2024/5/350 incredible visuals to download and use along with Ben Tóth’s talking point outline, while pondering Billy Bob’s ruminations on the zeitgeist. China Writers’ Group kicking bahookie!
2024/5/6Jeff J. Brown writes about China’s floating nuclear power plants, Dr. Kwan Lee spells out Sinoland’s youthful innovation advantage and Dr. T.P. Wilkinson lets rip his polemic on “criticism”.
2024/5/6Christian Hong Kong pastor debunks all the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine puke about churches in China! With informative pie chart.
2024/5/6Ben Tóth’s latest talking point outline is a must to print out and use in all your discussions! With videoclips.
2024/5/7Patrice Greanville fires a 21-gun blast at Western empire. Enjoy every bullseye!
2024/5/9Brett Redmayne-Titley: On the Importance of Tents.
2024/5/11Netflix’s #1 TV series, “3 Body Problem” has really upset the Chinese people, and for good reason. Here’s why.
1900/1/9Iranian and Yemeni universities offer free education to Western students expelled over pro-Gaza demonstrations
2024/5/10P + P + T x 2 + B = Pepe Escobar, Peter Koenig, 2 by Dr. T.P. Wilkinson and Ben Tóth offer you a brain nourishing buffet. A China Writers’ Group special!
2024/5/10Magnus S. Kjaergaard, China Writers’ Group Visual Editor with 50 downloadable images for your social media.
2024/5/10In Chinese civilization, “8” is the luckiest number. Bringing you the best, Dr. Kwan Lee honors this tradition just for you!
2024/5/10Canaries in the imperial gold mine. It’s a brand new world out there!
2024/5/10Reptile-brained Western empire boycotts Chinese cotton. Chinese cotton variety needed to make gunpowder cotton. West can’t make enough ammo to supply Ukronazis for lack of Chinese cotton. Russia thanks the reptiles!
2024/5/10Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated by the British, just like Abraham Lincoln.
2024/5/10Resource rich Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Chad dump the French and are kicking out Uncle Slaughter, to align with China and Russia. Unthinkable five years ago. It’s a new day out there!
2024/5/10Xi to US businessmen: “Don’t take it the wrong way. You guys seem smart, but you keep funding utterly dumb and clownish politicians in your country. What’s up with that? In China, Tom Cotton wouldn’t even be a village chief.”
2024/5/10Chinese cities dominate the global billionaire list. The difference is in China, they answer to Baba Beijing. In the West, the governments take orders from them. And that makes all the difference for their 99 percents!
2024/5/10Chinese elementary school battle dances. They also learn how to field strip firearms and launch mortars! Why? Baba Beijing knows it has been in combat with West since the first Opium War in 1839. 1.4 billion patriotic citizens are ready to mobilize!
2024/5/10From Xi Jinping to Mao Zedong to Mencius to Confucius: leaders are expected to SERVE THE PEOPLE! Do you hear Western leaders citing similar quotes? NOT!
2024/5/10Two short videos from Africa about China’s presence there, compared to the West. It is light versus darkness.
2024/5/10Chinese old people’s subsidized canteens closing down to lack of demand. Meanwhile in the West, more and more elderly are going hungry. Communism-socialism versus colonialism-capitalism, pure and simple.
2024/5/10Your planes and diesel vehicles are likely running on China’s used cooking oil!
2024/5/10Grover Furr is the one historian who writes the truth about the Soviet Era, which is why he is so hated and slandered by the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine.
2024/5/10China’s disgust with NATO and its Jewish State is manifest.
2024/5/10Cambodia and Nicaragua getting China-backed, game-changing canals. China’s partners get infrastructure and development. West’s vassals get military occupation and color revolutions.
2024/5/10Xi Jinping lays down China’s red lines with Joe Biden.
2024/5/10Every Westerner should fear 5G, because they fear what their governments are doing with it to control and harm them. Chinese have no worries, since they trust that Baba Beijing serves the people and takes care of them.
2024/5/11Pepe Escobar hits you with a double shot of love, and three China Writers’ Group Guest Submissions, including Brett Redmayne-Titley
2024/5/11Five tables shockingly prove which country is way ahead of the rest of the world in patents, trademarks, industrial design + plant variety applications and geographical indications. It’s not the USA or EU!
2024/5/11The perceptions and realities of higher education in the West versus China.
2024/5/12A China Writers’ triple header, as Jeff J. Brown heads inland, after four days in Hong Kong and a week in Shenzhen. May his 2024 Long March begin!
2024/5/13Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung, Dr. T.P. Wilkinson, Frans Vandenbosch and Jeff J. Brown kick off your week with China Writers’ Group.
2024/5/13China Writers’ Group is on fire this week! Amarynth Flower, Eric Arnow, Gerald Therrien and Pepe Escobar deliver the goods!
2024/5/14Tuesday is for China Writers Eric Arnow and Jeff J. Brown, covering geopolitics and Chinese schools kids locked and loaded to take on Western empire!
2024/5/1514 fab posts from Dr. Kwan Lee. Where else but China Writers’ Group! Apologies to Kwan for getting backed up. I’m exploring the wild lands of Northern Guangdong, along the Hunan border. YOWZER!
2024/5/15Ben Tóth’s topical outline 14 May
2024/5/15China Writers just LOVE Wednesdays: Amarynth Flower, Matt Ehret, Gerald Thierren and Jeff J. Brown are here to make your day! All the best from UNESCO World Heritage Park Danxia Mountain, in the middle of nowhere in Guangdong Province…
2024/5/15Magnus wows you with downloadable images, Cynthia covers royal dope, Ben’s outline and Jeff on imperial canaries in the gold mine. Greetings from the little Sino-Snow White who made our day!
2024/5/15Peter Koenig: The WHO Health Tyranny – or NOT?


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