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Chinese Lunar and Agricultural Calendars Explained-A China Rising Radio Sinoland Cultural Special Edition

  One of the 366 pages from my 2016 Chinese wall calendar. While giving the Gregorian date and day, the rest of the information contains a wealth of information from the Chinese calendars, the 12 Earthly and 10 Celestial Stems, detailed astrology, horoscope, almanac, Buddhism and more – way more outside the scope of this article. Pictured…

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Beige Spirit (revamped)

Beige Spirit (image by rubberontheroad.org) I submitted my first every fiction work, Beige Spirit to a China writers’ collective. They liked it a lot but thought it was too long and the beginning way too slow. Now that I’ve rewritten it, I can see they both have their merits. Herewith is Beige Spirit, revamped to…

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Beige Spirit

A story of fiction…   It was not until many years later that Xiao Ding (Little Ding) understood exactly what happened during his parents’ lives. At the age of twelve-thirteen, all he sensed was that his time on Earth could have been worse, a lot worse.   Xiao Ding’s parents were members of a fateful…

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