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Happy 4th of July Americans: yours and Eurangloland’s wealth was and is being stolen, using genocide around the world

By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: All the wealth of the United States and the rest of Eurangloland, including Israel, was stolen from Native peoples around the world, who were enslaved and exterminated – at least one billion souls in the last 500 years and counting. Sad to say, but the 4th of July should…

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Ramsey Clark’s and Jay Janson’s way to stop Western genocide – make the bastards pay. China Rising Radio Sinoland 170903

By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: there’s not a mouse fart’s worth of difference between the genocidal criminals on the left and the genocidal criminals on the right. The ones on the right deserved to die a grisly death at the hangman’s gallows. Now, it’s time for the psychopathic mass murderers on the left to…

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Music and revolution: the amazing life story of Jay Janson, on China Rising Radio Sinoland, 161224

      Every once in a while, we come across someone who has a story to tell that is so unbelievable and incredibly exciting, that we can’t help but be inspired and moved. Jay Janson is one of those people. Eighty-six years old and with the wisdom and experience that come with it, he…

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