Western Demonization of Xi Jinping-Let the Slime Begin: 44 Days Radio Sinoland, 2015.4.4


Join Jeff in Beijing for his 44 Days Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at home and around the world – information you almost never see and hear behind the Great Western Firewall. Each show is a quick 15 minutes, so you can get on with your day.


In this program, Jeff talks about China’s navy going into Yemen and rescuing 580 Chinese citizens, as well as another 233 people from Western and Asian countries. Using an article written by China expert, Willy Lam, he discusses how the West is now resorting to demonizing China’s president, Xi Jinping, using the the well worn “cult creation” gambit, and why. He also discusses why the fact that Xi feels entitled to his position of power is quite the norm, when compared to celebrated Western leaders, historical or current. XJP gave the keynote address at last week’s “Anti-Davos/Anti-WEF” Boao Forum, spelling out his and China’s vision for an interconnected, win-win world. Lastly, Jeff compares China’s recent $150 billion in investments for international development projects around the world, to America’s celebrated post-WWII Marshall Plan, and why they are so different.



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Note: For the news about citizens that China’s navy helped rescue in Yemen, add Romania, Egypt and India.
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