South China Sea Brouhaha Down and Dirty from 44 Days Radio Sinoland 15.6.2



25 Vietnamese installations, 10 Filipino, 7 Malaysian & 2 Taiwanese vs. 8 Chinese – and China wasn’t the first to build on the Spratlys- it was Vietnam and the Philippines. (image by


Join Jeff in Beijing for his 44 Days Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at home and around the world – information you almost never see and hear behind the Great Western Firewall. China is way too important to not have an insider’s perspective on how its leaders and people are shaping and moving the 21st century.


Today’s show is titled, “South China Sea Brouhaha Down & Dirty from Radio Sinoland”. This is a must hear program, as America is setting up to go to war with China. Like America’s Korean War fiasco, are US generals and leaders listening to Baba Beijing? It’s that serious and dangerous.


So, the US anti-China propaganda machine is in high gear about the Spratly Islands, in the South China Sea: it’s all China’s fault, right? As usual, you have to do a little digging and research to find out the unvarnished truth, herewith explained. It is a fast 15 minutes, so buckle up.

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