Bretton Woods Conference: July 1-22, 1944, then. Ufa SCO-BRICS Summit, July 6-10, 2015, now. The Moscow-Beijing Express, on The Saker By Jeff J. Brown, 44 Days Radio Sinoland 20150729





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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: countries that are aligned against the imperial West, or are at least fighting for their freedom.



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Our grandchildren’s history books will reference these two international meetings, Bretton Woods and Ufa, as post-World War II geopolitical milestones, and transformative benchmarks in the world order. This of course, unless Western/Israeli colonialism does not push humanity to the brink, with a last desperate attempt to save its fascist empire, with World War III.


At the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, 730 delegates from all 44 Western Allied countries met for three weeks in the summer of 1944, July 1st-22nd. China and the USSR were represented, but in physical presence only. World War II was still raging. It would be another ten months before the Soviet Red Army finally marched into Berlin, crushing the Nazi Wehrmacht, on May 9th, 1945. The Chinese Red Army would do the same to the fascist Japanese Imperial Army, while driving out all the Western colonial and KMT compradors, on September 3rd, 1945.

Between these two fraternal communist countries, they lost no fewer than 40,000,000 of their fellow citizens, in the fight to defeat worldwide fascism. The United Kingdom and the United States each lost around 400,000, or a total of 800,000. This is one-fiftieth, or only 2% of Russia’s and China’s sacrifices.

But no matter. Bretton Woods was decidedly an Angloland affair, with Western colonialism’s two global rentiers at the head of the table, the UK and the US. The other 42 delegates were simply warm bodies for ceremony and vacuous photo ops. The UK wanted to maintain the global suzerainty of the Western banking system (read London), including keeping the Nazi collaborating Bank of International Settlements (BIS) intact. It and its fascist roots are of course still in business today. The Americans wanted unfettered trade, knowing that it was king of the manufacturing mountain, now that Europe’s and Japan’s Industrial Revolution juggernauts had been decimated during the war. Of course, Uncle Sam got what it wanted. Cheap, imported primary inputs came in, paid in greenbacks, and expensive, finished products went out, only Benjamin Franklins accepted for payment, thank you, all transacted through Western banks. The US dollar was installed as the world currency for trade and the IMF and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) were created, the latter which morphed into the American controlled World Bank.


Israel was soon forced on the Muslim World. It is the West’s Islam hating, evil spawn, a grotesque Quasimodo helping empire to commit terrorism, false flags and genocide, not only in the Middle East, but across the planet. Israel is an imperial wet dream, a Myrmidon for hire.

As we now know, this mythical, whitewashed world order was and is a continuation of Western colonialism, using “legal” institutions, “laws”, finance, banks, debt and tariffs, all with the help of pliant, whore states, many of which are militarily occupied. To this day, these adapted weapons of economic tyranny continue to suck assets and natural resources out of the developing world, as the West has been doing since 1492, when Christopher Columbus stumbled onto North America. The fact that this “great European explorer” was directly responsible for murdering 500,000 Native Americans and that he has a US holiday in his “honor”, should tell us all there is to know about the Orwellian legend of Eurmerican progress.1


Yes, the West gave us Mozart and penicillin. But for the world’s Moral Majority, the 85% of humanity who are not from white skinned, Catholic-Protestant-Jewish Eurangloland, it has always been a Faustian sacrifice of unacceptable proportions. Add up the New World and Old World totals of excess deaths caused by Western empire and a figure of 2,000,000,000 – that’s “B” for billion – stares you in the face,, none of which will ever be shown behind the Great Western Firewall.


Such is the Bretton Woods 1%-99% world order in which all of humanity currently suffers, immeasurably. How much suffering? This graph spells out the Bretton Woods world view,


This is what Western empire has wrought. The overwhelming majority of humanity’s richest people are Westerners, those in the top fifth (quintile or 20%). Take this richest 20%, again break it into ascending quintiles, and it will recreate the same topsided inequality. Take this richer top 20% and again break it down into quintiles, and you will get the same graph. You can continue this process several times and you will keep getting the same lopsided graph each time. You have finally started reaching the Bretton Woods 1%, a few hundred families who own the vast majority of the world’s wealth. They are overwhelmingly from Eurangloland. In fact, Bretton Woods has created a world where only 85 families are as wealthy as the world’s poorest 3,000,000,000 – 85 versus three billion with a “B” Time for a change, a revolutionary change.




In Ufa, Russia, July 6th -10th, 2015, another international summit was held, called SCO-BRICS. SCO stands for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is mainly strategic in nature. It was created by China. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and its mission is more economic and financial. Both are known to be anti-Western. Between these two groups, fifteen heads of state attended the Ufa Summit. The list of participating leaders is noteworthy:


South Africa


As well, scores of high level representatives from three other anti-Western coalitions were in attendance: the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU=EEU), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). All three of these are backed by Russia and together, basically recreate the geographical footprint of the Soviet Union, leaving out Eastern Europe, Georgia and the Western half of Ukraine.

In all, 10,000 people from these countries came to participate in history being made. This is graphically presented in the map below, which consists of all members, as well as all the countries that are applying for membership in at least one of these five groups, as well as the anti-Western, Latin American alliance, ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America),


So many natural resources to extract and billions of Dreaded Others to exploit and exterminate, by the West’s ongoing, 500 year-old, colonial empire. I prefer to say it’s the Map Called Hope. (Image by


This world map says it all. I don’t think anybody who spent July, 1944 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire could have ever imagined seeing it. From the viewpoint of the imperial West, it was not supposed to turn out this way. These are the countries dreaming of a different, more cooperative, less exploitive 21st century. In order for that to happen, Planet Earth has to be much, much more equitable. Can these countries and their people create a more egalitarian world for all of humanity? Can they dramatically flatten out the wealth graph above? At the end of the 21st century, this will largely mark their success or failure, especially in a world with declining natural resources, fresh water and increasing global temperatures.


These ambitious countries are organized in six regional and global cooperative groups: ALBA, BRICS, CIS, CSTO, EAEU and SCO. Western empire has been and is generating, turbulent geopolitical currents against them, which will ineluctably draw these six groups closer. I am giving them a new collective name: the Anti-West.


Other countries, such as Argentina and Eritrea, will undoubtedly be pulled into their spheres, as they are already politically and economically anti-Western. Poor Greece should probably also be included, if it can wrench its throat from under the West’s suffocating boot heels. Then there is Africa, the Great Continent. It is still being largely kept in chaos, exploitation and servitude by Eurangloland. Having lived and worked there for ten years, my heart and hopes go out to them.


In Ufa, the two paramount leaders of these groups, Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China, were putting in 20 hour days, as I’m sure many other heads of state and aides-de-camp were too. At times, Xi and Putin looked tired, stiff and a little awkward. There seemed to be some careful walking on eggshells, as the meetings progressed. As much as we wish, they are not supermen. Watching videos of various meetings, it is apparent that they and all the other leaders could sense the historical magnitude of what they were doing. The pressure must have been tremendous. All the attendees knew just what the Ufa Summit stood for – full bore hatred of Western empire, colonialism, fascism and war. The Anti-West’s Ufa Summit was truly a global call of revolution to bring down the Bretton Woods dictatorship. A real, new world order.


Given the immense, history changing pressure Xi and Putin had on their shoulders at the Ufa Summit, we can forgive them for looking, at times, a little awkward and tired. They are not supermen. (Image by


Xi and Putin were in good company. In many videos and photos, Xi had behind him, to his left and right, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his National Security Advisor, Yang Jiechi, two of the best geopolitical minds on the world scene. They would just sit there stone-still, passively listening, like two wound up steel traps, ready for Western kill. Smooth-as-silk, uber-diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had Putin’s back, listening, taking notes and reading briefs. I have to assume that Presidents Rousseff and Zuma (Brazil and South Africa) and Prime Minister Modi (India) brought with them equally as impressive team members, as well as all the other countries represented. Let’s hope so. Western empire is gunning for every one of their heads and their countries’ treasures, human and natural.


At Ufa, there were too many side meetings to count. The most important one, long term, was President Putin politely pulling Prime Ministers Narendra Modi of India and Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan by the collars, to meet face to face. As explained in a previous Saker-44 Days Radio Sinoland article,, the nightmare border dispute concocted by the British Raj, on his way out of imperial India, between these two countries, as well as with China, in the Jammu-Kashmir-Aksai Chin regions, is the roadblock for full integration of the Asian continent. This evil nexus is like a colonial cancer, festering in the heart of Pan-Asian hopes and dreams. It simply has to be solved.


All three countries have significant nationalist sentiment and strong militaries. Three religions are facing off: Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. All three are armed with nuclear warheads. All have fought border wars. All three are pissing away billions, keeping untold divisions of soldiers and materiel facing off against each other. With that kind of firepower just hundreds of meters away from each other, pot shots and misunderstandings are nonstop headaches, and fertile ground for senseless border skirmishes. It’s colonially inspired insanity and it’s like a bad Kurt Vonnegut or Joseph Heller storyline, but nonfiction.


Pakistan, India and China need a level headed, fair and informed interlocutor to solve this 20th century, imperial, Gordian scar, and Russia is really the only country that can fill this role.


It has started. With the Russians playing Ufa’s over-the-shoulder matchmaker, Modi and Sharif came away with a five point communiqué of initiatives and Modi accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan next year. Earlier this year, Modi and Xi laid a solid foundation for border reconciliation. China and Pakistan are on very good terms. Russia and China are fascist killing, old socialist brothers-in-arms. Russia has excellent relations with all of them. The Ufa Summit will hopefully be looked back upon as a key catalyst to reach negotiated border settlements, thus clearing the way for full trans-Asian integration.


So, President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov and their vastly talented back offices, have the diplomatic deal of the 21st century to pull off. Make no mistake, it is going to be hard, really, really hard. The British Raj’s diabolical ghost is smiling like a Cheshire cat. Eurangloland knows this three-way border dispute is the weak link in all of the Anti-West’s Asian aspirations. Thus, it will use its well-worn playbook full of bloody treachery: divide and conquer, bribery, propaganda, psyops, black ops, false flags and fifth column compradors – even war – to make sure they fail.


Seventy-one years after Bretton Woods, the Anti-West has the winds of its history-changing, revolutionary Ufa Summit pushing it sails toward new century horizons of hope. Here’s to wishing that Eurangloland’s vile machinations stiffen everybody’s resolve, so all of humanity, the West and the Moral Majority, can live in shared peace and prosperity, for the first time in five hundred years.


PS: while the censorship of the Ufa Summit was a complete blackout behind the Great Western Firewall, Baba Beijing (my wry name for China’s communist leadership) showed tremendous originality and good humor in educating its 1.3 billion citizens about the Ufa SCO-BRICS Summit, using an animated cartoon, which they even translated into English:


PSS: the leaders of the G20 countries, who are a part of the Ufa Anti-West, announced in their concluding press conferences that they would be continuing the Ufa dialogue during the American led G20 meetings in Turkey, in November, 2015. This symbolically denounces the Bretton Woods dictatorship even further.


PSSS: read the Ufa Declaration, Ufa Action Plan, Putin’s Ufa Press Statement, and savor this amazing moment in history. Search “Ufa” on YouTube, for hours of summit videos.




1- US historian and professor David Stannard, wrote in American Holocaust (Oxford Press, 1992), that “over 100 million Native Americans were killed” and that “[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives”. You of course will never see the light of day about this truth, behind the Great Western Firewall, but these numbers were fully confirmed in another scholarly research, by Russell Thornton, entitled, American Indian Holocaust and Survival: A Population History Since 1492 (University of Oklahoma Press, 1990). Both are in print and make riveting reading.


Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

Jeff J. Brown is a geopolitical analyst, journalist, lecturer and the author of The China Trilogy. It consists of 44 Days Backpacking in China – The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass (2013); Punto Press released China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations (2016); and for Badak Merah, Jeff authored China Is Communist, Dammit! – Dawn of the Red Dynasty (2017). As well, he published a textbook, Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English (2015). Jeff is a Senior Editor & China Correspondent for The Greanville Post, where he keeps a column, Dispatch from Beijing and is a Global Opinion Leader at 21st Century. He also writes a column for The Saker, called the Moscow-Beijing Express. Jeff writes, interviews and podcasts on his own program, China Rising Radio Sinoland, which is also available on YouTube, Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Ivoox and RUvid. Guests have included Ramsey Clark, James Bradley, Moti Nissani, Godfree Roberts, Hiroyuki Hamada, The Saker and many others. [/su_spoiler]

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