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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: an outtake from Xi Jinping’s cartoon hip hop video. The tigers behind bars refer to the many high level Communist Party of China (CPC) members, who have been thrown in jail for corruption. Monkeys are flying around for the New Year. Shanghai’s CCTV tower and a wind turbine can be seen in a field of ecological green. A spaceship and skyscrapers evoke modernity. The flag of the CPC sparkles, while a banner rolls by saying, “Strictly govern the Communist Party of China”. Every fast changing scene elicits many different, subtle messages, that subconsciously resonate with the Chinese. The two characters, walking the socialist road towards the communist flag are chanting, “For a leader like this, let’s all give him a shout out”! (Image by Xinhuanet)



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To usher in the Chinese New Year of the Monkey 2016, Xi Jinping has produced a 3-minute cartoon hip hop video, which has gone viral across the country. Why? Because it announces his presidential platform for the rest of his 10-year term, through 2023:

Xi Jinping and the CPC really understand their citizens and how to communicate Party propaganda to them. Can you think of any Western leader, who would put out cartoon videos like this? Xi has released several of them, all wildly popular with the masses, and having the world’s largest 3G and 4G networks, he and the Party have what marketers call “reach”.

While he released these “Four Comprehensives” a year ago, for Chinese New Year 2015 of the Ram, up to now they have gotten almost zero traction in the national press. They were in the media deep freeze until this week. Xi and the CPC have obviously decided that now is the time to go full Monty, as it were, to the Chinese people. Why? Because last year, a month before Xi’s announcement of his Four Comprehensives, the CPC launched its “12 Virtues of Communism” campaign. Having saturated the country with this, for a year now, it would appear that Xi is ready to take center stage. It is truly his philosophical legacy for China’s posterity. He also probably wanted more time to reform the CPC and the PLA, before coming out in a big way with a mantra tied directly to his name. He has more than taken care of Party and military affairs, so now, it’s time to step into the people’s limelight.

Xi Jinping and the 12 virtues of communism

This national CPC campaign, what I like to call the “12 Virtues of Communism”, has been saturating Chinese signage and media, for the last 13 months. Most do not include Xi’s image, but in the last few months, this new version came out, probably as a subtle way to segue into his Four Comprehensives campaign. This poster is right outside our apartment building in Beijing, inside one of the many display cases used for Party propaganda. A landlord improvidently glued an ad to rent his apartment out, the remains of which can still be seen on the right. Posting his contact phone numbers, I’m sure he got an earful from our neighborhood service committee, and likely paid a fine. At least he was thoughtful enough not to cover up the President’s picture! (Image by Jeff J. Brown)

This new campaign has deep historical relevance, not only for the Chinese, but for the world. Chinese Republic-era (1911-1925) President Sun Yat-Sen offered his Three Principles of the People and the Five-Yuan Constitution. After liberation in 1949, Mao Zedong had many of these national platforms, often numbered. Paramount leader Deng Xiaoping developed his Deng Xiaoping Thought. Presidents Jiang Zemin contributed his Three Represents to China’s development, then Hu Jintao established his Scientific Development Concept. At each stage, these broad, philosophical visions for the Chinese people have been voted by the National People’s Congress to be included in China’s constitution.

Now, after being in power for three years, President Xi Jinping has decided to put his mission statement for the Chinese people on center stage, calling it the Four Comprehensives. They are:

1. To develop a moderately prosperous society.
2. (Continue) to deepen reforms.
3. Govern the country by the rule of law.
4. Strictly govern the Communist Party of China (CPC)

In the cute hip hop video, each Comprehensive is tagged with a particular theme. To develop a moderately prosperous society is “the goal”. Deepening reforms is “the driving force”, to govern China by the rule of law is “the safeguard”, and to strictly govern the CPC is “the key”. The spinning white Rubik’s cube shows these.

What is so significant about Xi’s stamp on Chinese history is that it is a total rebuke of Western values, which will of course be denied, ignored or misrepresented behind the Great Western Firewall. In the first case, Xi is rejecting the capitalist mantra that it is everyone’s divine right to get filthy rich, regardless of the externalities and suffering foisted on others. Before you shout “gotcha”, that Deng Xiaoping famously said, “To get rich is glorious…”, the West conveniently did not publish how he finished that phrase with, “… and it must be broadly shared by the masses”. Many, if not most Chinese, out of self-interest, have also forgotten Deng’s rejoinder. Thus, President Xi is reaffirming the Chinese Dream’s communist values of social and economic equality.

The West is all about reforms in countries it wants to control and exploit: privatization, unpayable IMF and World Bank projects to force defaults, in order to steal public property at ten cents on the dollar; reduced tariffs to destroy local, integrated industries and agriculture, so the targeted people end up enslaved to mono-exports of manufactured goods and commodities – products the West wants to buy on the cheap.

But that is not the kind of reforms Xi Jinping has in mind. Contrary to Western propaganda, the Chinese people live in a communist country, which means they own the means of production. Thus, there is no private real estate in China, not one square millimeter. All of the banks are owned by the people and China’s treasury prints its own money. The entire media and press industry is people-owned. All the phone companies, airlines, railroads and utilities are people-owned. Every key industrial sector is dominated by people-owned businesses. More and more of them are joining the Fortune 500 Biggest Corporation List and they are some of world’s most profitable concerns. China still very astutely and slowly changes tariffs, so that Chinese businesses can get established, with many of them, public and private, establishing themselves as national and international champions.

President Xi and the CPC know that Western, neoliberal reforms are a gigantic Trojan horse to wreck and then exploit China’s economy and people, as well as to destroy communist rule. Thus, Xi Jinping, by invoking the deepening of reforms, bluntly means they will be implemented fully within the framework of China’s communist economic system, on their terms and for the benefit of the vast majority of the people – not Wall Street, Western banks and corporations.

Since becoming president, Xi has come out full force against the West’s phony “universal values”, “human rights” and “pluralistic democracy”. He and the CPC know that these have been and continue to be battering rams to destroy national governments and install stooge leaders, who open the floodgates to Western colonialism. One only has to look at places like the Ukraine, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Honduras, Guatemala, Hong Kong and too many others to list, to see why the Chinese people are not only fighting for their freedom, but for their livelihood and lives. Xi’s administration openly scorns the West’s well-worn, but sadly successful color revolution playbook, and like Russia and India, has passed strict laws against foreign “non-governmental” organizations (NGOs). These countries have called this evil for what it is. They are nothing more than CIA/MI6/DGSE/BND fronts, to overthrow countries that are not prostituted, Western client states.

So President Xi is calling BS on Western hypocrisy and telling his people that their nation will be governed the Chinese way: rule of law via the democratic dictatorship of the people, as is fully defined in the country’s constitution.

No other national leader has done more to reform the world’s second largest political party, the CPC, than Xi Jinping. Hundreds of thousands of members have been investigated, at every level of power, and have been censured, fined, ejected, imprisoned, or a combination thereof. China’s successful Sky Net police program has repatriated more than 1,000 international fugitives, including many Party members, as well as repatriating ¥3 billion ($500 million) in ill-gotten gains. Since every member of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is a CPC member, Xi has radically modernized the nation’s military, something Deng could only partially achieve, and which Jiang and Hu ignored. Most importantly, Xi and his administration are achieving their ultimate goal: change members’ behavior to stop corruption before it even occurs.

Xi fully understands that China’s freedom from Western exploitation, its successful, independent economic and geopolitical policies, and the never ending fight against the West trying to contain and destroy China, all depends on the Communist Party of China governing the country. President Xi is also keenly aware that the legitimacy of the CPC and the PLA, which harks back to China’s millennial Heavenly Mandate, is only as solid as the support that the Chinese masses afford it. Lose the Heavenly Mandate and China will be turned into a continent sized Ukraine. Xi realizes that the people’s support depends on them knowing that CPC members are patriotic, hardworking and selfless, not selfish and self-serving. Thus, President Xi and his administration continue to aggressively pursue the greedy in the CPC, PLA and more recently, among the country’s private sector one percent, in the name of China’s independence and freedom.

Not since Mao Zedong, with his many fiery, anti-capitalist campaigns, has a Chinese leader so forcefully called on his people to fight the good fight, against Western racism and colonialism. Xi Jinping’s Four Comprehensives will be added to China’s constitution and the world as we know it will never be the same, as China and its allies, including Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latin America’s ALBA and others, seek a different, more noble path for humanity, versus the imperial West.

As you read about China in the fog of mainstream media propaganda, behind the Great Western Firewall, stay smart about the real China, past and present. This blog’s many articles and interviews are a great place to start. Being a correctly informed citizen, maybe you can help convince your government of its folly of setting the stage for a hot war with the People’s Republic China (and Russia). That’s where the West is heading. Otherwise, we will all be big time losers.

Xi's Four Comprehensives on Beijing bridge

Only one week after Xi’s cute hip hop video went viral, rolling out his historical Four Comprehensives, the Chinese people are being informed of the good news. Here are Xi’s Four Comprehensives affixed to a bridge, at a busy intersection in Beijing. (Image by Jeff J. Brown)


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JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

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