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Pictured above: everyone wants to bash Trump for honoring his election campaign promises to the US’s citizens. But nothing has changed since China’s communist liberation in 1949. Hats off to SCMP for a great political cartoon.

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[dropcap] T [/dropcap]he much-ballyhooed trade talks last week between China and the US were just as much Sturm und Drang. This is the German term for their 18th century literary movement, with its themes of high action, emotions and rebelling against the establishment. It translates into storm and stress, and an adequate synonym is turmoil.

Two-hundred-fifty years later, segue to China, where President Trump sent a high-level trade delegation to revolt mano-à-mano against Baba Beijing’s communist-socialist establishment.

When the details of the US team’s working paper leaked out at the start of the talks, even mainstream pundits were appalled at Uncle Sam’s highhanded, imperious position. If the boys and girls on the red-white-and-blue side followed through on their paper’s bullet points, they essentially demanded that the Chinese overthrow their existing way of life, abandoning their communist-socialist economic system and become a continent sized Philippines, Columbia or Central African Republic. Alternative journalists and news sites were even more apoplectic at the affront. One Chinese lady on Quora even asked how many times the Chinese side would have to translate the Mandarin term for, “(Go) fuck your mother = Cào nǐ mā = 肏你妈”, ( to be used in the meetings.

This writer is only echoing popular sentiment across China. It’s 1919’s May 4th Movement all over again (

The Chinese people are incensed, but the Sino-trade talk delegation didn’t have to translate the above insult even once. These journalists are all wrong about Baba Beijing’s takeaway on the US position paper, even though everything they said was true, about Uncle Sam expecting China to agree to be a Western whore.

Why? Because what is so novel or newsworthy about this? Nothing has changed since China gained communist liberation in 1949, when the West “lost” China to Mao Zedong and the Reds ( Since then, the United States has exterminated about 10,000,000 Asians in Korea, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Indonesia and the Philippines, all hellbent on encircling, menacing and crushing New China, which espouses its fierce anti-Western, anti-imperial sentiment. This on top of untold billions being spent, even as I write, to destabilize and hopefully balkanize China, via overthrowing the established order and violating international agreements in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan ( Then, you need to throw in 100,000 Yankee troops in Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Guam and elsewhere in Asia, all to threaten China (and Russia’s eastern flank), as well as half of Uncle Sam’s zillion dollar blue water navy in the South China Sea (

This working paper that was leaked was just being honest about the long-established Western policy of destroying communist-socialist China, to turn it into a chopped up, fucked up Western colonial hellhole, to rape, plunder and exploit, back to the capitalist dream world of China’s Western drug cartel, opium soaked century of humiliation, 1839-1949 ( There is nothing Trumpian about it. Obama, Bush, Clinton and going all the way back to postwar president Harry Truman would have written similar expectations and demands. In fact, you can go back to every Western leader since 1839.

Always polite and not wanting their US guests to lose face, I’m sure the Chinese delegation responded with, Wǒmen kǎolǜ kǎolǜ (我们考虑考虑), meaning We will give it due consideration, and then look for common ground among the diplomatic wreckage, not saying Go fuck your mother. The Chinese have been trading goods and ambassadors with recalcitrant, arrogant, inflexible, invasive countries for 5,000 years. I think Baba Beijing has been here many times before. Today, we call it standard operating procedures, but the Chinese can refer to hundreds of thousands of pages of court records, going back five millennia,

Hey, remember when Genghis Khan made all those ridiculous demands back in 1207AD? Let’s study that scenario, how the invaders acted and how our Jin and Western Xia Dynasty governments responded. We hit a rough patch, but our great people stuck together and pulled through. We are still united as a nation and civilization.

What would have really floored Baba Beijing would have been to see a US position paper that expressed reconciliation, win-win cooperation and a global vision for all of humanity, going into the 22nd century. But, Uncle Sam needn’t bother. Baba Beijing has already done that with the 21st century Belt and Road Initiative ( and its strict adherence to the 20th century’s United Nations Charter ( and the Bandung Conference Declaration ( Both stress the non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs and not committing acts of aggression on other nations, the latter which was also enshrined in the Nazi Nuremberg Trials ( These are of course two peaceful, cooperative concepts totally alien to imperial, colonial, expansionist, capitalist Eurangloland. It’s all Westerners know how to do, 24/7, across the entire planet, even to their own supposed “allies”.

I can hear Baba Beijing all the way from Shenzhen, taking a long, deep breath, sighing and saying,

Back to the drawing board, comrades. Today is the first day of the rest of the Red Dynasty…

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