TRUE STORIES: Arturo R. said, “Long time coming”. Jens K. and Paul E. both dug deep too. Thank you, from China Rising Radio Sinoland! 191212


Pictured above: humanity can work in surprising and hopeful ways.

It really inspires me that people around the world are ready to support the truth telling of China Rising Radio Sinoland. After all, I’m not writing about French cooking, fly fishing or football, all entertaining for millions to be sure, instead I work hard to tell the real story of China and to help make life better for humanity’s 99%, all 7.7 billion souls.

Many fans think I sit down and whip out a post/podcast in 30-60 minutes. I wish! For every CRRS article/interview/podcast, I spend 10-12 hours to,

  1. Write, print out, mark-up and rewrite the article 5-10 times, usually over 2-3 days.
  2. Finalize and format the published version.
  3. All the while researching and checking to verify dates, names, history, facts, supporting references, past blogs and to find hyperlinks.
  4. Glean the article for Key Words,
  5. Find and format good visuals to enhance your experience.
  6. For interviews, I correspond with and read the guests’ journalism and book(s), taking pages of notes to develop interesting and informative questions.
  7. Interview my guest and/or record the audio and visual podcasts.
  8. Edit the AV files in PowerDirector.
  9. Upload the video to YouTube, the audio to SoundCloud, prepare and publish both.
  10. Syndicate the SoundCloud podcast to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, etc.
  11. Post the article on all my social media.
  12. Often send out an email blast announcement to the CRRS listserve.
  13. If they reply, I always take the time to write back.
  14. If there is a comment on CRRS, I always try to respond.

That’s why it takes 10-12 hours to do a thorough, well-thought out, stimulating and informative article/interview/podcast for you. The total these three heroes for humanity below contributed was $80. Many, many thanks. I humbly accept their support and can tell my wife that for my last blog post, I earned $8.00 per hour for ten hours of effort, which is some recognition for my hard work.

Here are the testimonies of three who have just helped,

  1. Arturo R. in New Mexico just contributed $50 to help China Rising Radio Sinoland make the world a better place for all. He said,

Long time coming.

I’m a patient and gracious journalist, Arturo. Thank you for your generous contribution to the cause of social and economic justice.

2. Jens K. in Sweden already contributes a lot to other anti-imperial causes, but dug deep and contributed $5. He wanted to support this website’s fight for the global 99%.

Thank you so much for helping with the good fight!

3. Paul E. of Montana contributed $25 to CRRS, saying,

Not much, Jeff, but with good hopes for you.

It’s a lot to this website and my work, so many thanks. As they say,

How do you eat an elephant…? One bite at a time!

It all adds up.

Please help finish CRRS’s goal, below. Likewise, you can contribute any amount, large or small, with PayPal directly to je**@br***********.com . It all counts towards the finish line! Thanks in advance when you answer the call.

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Back to work!

Sino-best, Jeff

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