TRANSCRIPT: Presstitutes: In the Pay of the CIA- A Confession from the Profession. Book interview with John-Paul Leonard and Andrew Schlademan. China Rising Radio Sinoland 200214


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Presstitutes, the book, with Udo Ulfkotte top right, JP Leonard, lower center and Andrew Schlademan, lower right.

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Presstitutes: In the Pay of the CIA- A Confession from the Profession. Book interview with John-Paul Leonard and Andrew Schlademan. China Rising Radio Sinoland 200214


Interview transcript,

Jeff J. Brown: Good afternoon, everybody, this is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am doing for the first time a three-way call. And I am So, honoured and happy to have on the show today John-Paul Leonard, who I think will be on the left when it comes out and Andrew Schlademan, how are you all doing today?

JP Leonard: Not Valentine’s yet here in California.

Jeff: How are you doing, Andrew?

Andrew Schlademan: I’m well, thanks. Good morning.

Jeff: First off, I am truly honoured, and I would like to thank Patrice Greanville at the Greenville Post for putting me in touch with JP and Andrew. And the reason we’re here is to talk about their book and it is entitled ‘Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA and A Confession from the Profession’. And it’s a translation of a book that was originally published in German by Udo Ulfkotte. Andrew could probably laugh at my pronunciation, but I did the best I could.

And it’s very fitting. You all can see it’s very fitting. There you have right there. It’s Valentine’s Day here in Chiang Mai. And we have a prostitute on the front cover with hearts on her hoes. So, anyway, welcome on the show, boys.

Let me tell you first off about since I think JP’s going to be on the left, JP Leonard is the progressive press publisher. And let me see if I can get it up on Word here, I won’t be looking. There we go,

Progressive press publisher, JP Leonard, did his B.A. in political science at UCLA and a Masters in Finance at UC Berkeley. His business career took him for 18 years to Europe, east and west, where he became fluent in various languages. He then returned to the U.S. and took over the family business, Tree of Life publications in Joshua Tree, California. It was between two moments which reawakened him to politics: Al-Aqsa the Intifada and 9/11. During that period he was a frequent contribute contributor to media monitors network, leading to the publication of ‘The War on Freedom’ (2002), the first 9/11 Truth book in English. So, we have JP in the United States.

And now we have Andrew Schlademan, a patriotic American ex-pat has taught English for over 15 years in public and private schools in Germany and the Czech Republic, also lecturing at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences as a German to English non-fiction translator. He specializes in memoirs, medicine, alternative, including alternative medicine, physics, spirituality and increasingly political corruption.

And this book is actually a translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s book, which I had heard about in year when it first came out in German. He was a foreign policy editor for 17 years at Germany’s paper of record, the Frankfurter. And again, Andrew’s gonna get on my butt about this, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Enjoying the thrill of being an international correspondent with connections to the highest political and intelligence circles in Germany.

He eventually became disillusioned with the system he was a part of as the wars in the political turmoil that he covered in the Middle East and Africa increasingly took a toll on his health, he realized that he was simply being used as a tool, unconscionable political machinations after leaving the “quality media”. He wrote about a book a year for the last 15 years of his life, mainly focusing on the corruption and danger inherent in Germany’s asylum industry, the euro and the mainstream media. He died of his fourth heart attack in 2017 at the age of 56.

I will have on the Web site page, the article page for this interview, both Andrews’ and JP’s information.

Now, let me tell you before we get started with the interview questions, buy this darn book. It is unbelievable, I read it and it just opened my eyes. And if you don’t have the money, ask your local library, ask your local school, ask your local college, university to buy it. They love people making book requests, ask your place of worship. So, that a lot of other people can read it. It would be a perfect book for book clubs or reading circles. I cannot impress upon friends, fans and followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland out there, just how important this book is. It was important in German, but there are a lot more people around the world that speak English, So, now we have it in the lingua franca of the world.

And we also have the perfect opportunity to get a perspective on Europe with Andrew, I think I’m pointing in the right direction. And with JP in California. So, let’s get started guys, I’m So, rry, that was the longest intro I’ve ever had. Please introduce yourselves and tell us how you both got involved in this book project. Which one of you wants to go first?

Andrew: Well, the publisher got things started here, So….

JP: Well, actually, I tell that story in the front of the book, where a couple of activists were interested in having it published. Supposedly it was going to be printed by So, me obscure press and then it just never kept coming out. And they were asking $900 for a copy of it on Amazon. And So, they developed the idea that it is being privised, that it was being suppressed by the CIA.

So they think that increased the interest in it, and So, they told me, you got to publish this. And the big problem is that translating from German to English is kind of expensive. Everybody told me you’ll never find somebody who will translate it for royalties like get a share of the profit as it’s sold, everybody is going to want to be paid upfront. But I was lucky I found Andrew was willing to go on that basis. So, he gets a part of the profit when we sell it. So, he kind of co-financed to translate this book.

Jeff: Well, he did a great job, it’s really outstanding. Andrew, anything you want to add to that? So, would you like to say something about how you got involved?

Andrew: Well, he had actually posted the job on a forum for translators. And I had been a member of the forum before but wasn’t an active member. But he had included enough information about his publishing house that I contacted him independently in the forum and basically told him about my last book, which was also political corruption in Germany. He had organized a couple of translators hoping to get it done So, oner. And the other person had a few personal problems, couldn’t get going with the work very well. So, I wound up taking the project myself.

JP: I should also mention, Ian Fantom, who’s one of the biggest 9/11 truth activists in England, he was agitating to get a book translated. So, that’s the link. He and I both have been in 9/11 truth since the beginning.

Jeff: Well, the Presstitutes, and I’ll just shorten it to Presstitutes, is such a shocking exposé that it almost defies description. It confirms that Western mainstream media makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a nun’s convent. And as I was reading it and I will ask you all as it was being translated for JP and as Andrew was translating from German to English, how were you feeling and what were your impressions? Were you as shocked as I was?

Andrew: I think we all know that this was going on. I just never had had a first-person viewpoint of exactly how the whole system filters itself. I had got the rights to manufacturing consent when it was still in pre-release when I was at university 25 years ago and showed it to several lecture halls at Miami University in Ohio, where I went to school. Basically, picking up all the costs, well my father at the time picked up all the costs. I tried to organize all the students for justice and whatnot, but they all wound up bailing out when it came time to give me money.

And So, , I’ve basically been a cynic my whole adult life and we figure that these things are going on. You just don’t know exactly how it plays out. And this is probably the first time that one of these mainstream journalists basically spells out just exactly how So, me of the rewards work to keep these people, I guess you’d say sucking from the teat of the establishment that keeps them in line and it’s just unbelievable.

Jeff:  Unbelievable. JP, you want to add anything to that.

JP: Well, yeah, that’s what I think is unique about it and why it seems to have a lot more appeal in the English language than I expected because sometimes people are not that interested in what’s going on in Europe, they’re more American centred. But this Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is like The New York Times of Germany, is like the newspaper of record. And this guy is there 17 years and he comes out and tells all. We haven’t had that anywhere else in the world, you have an Assange with WikiLeaks, but somebody who has actually worked on the inside and then tells the story, the little nitty-gritty details and the personal details and you see that these people are they’re just playing the game because they have to, they’ve been controlled.

Jeff: Early on in the book, Udo tipped his hat to honest, hard-working freelance journalists and salaried editors, but said that over time they will lose their jobs, too, if they continue to be honest. Are there any truly independent mainstream media journalists? I mean, can we name one? what do you guys think?

JP: Well, I think he actually says also that the fake media journalists are going to lose their jobs and journalism is really is on the skids as far as an employment sector partly because everything is going digital. And that is where you will find in many independent media, it’s mostly alt-media and people are living off of YouTube and Twitter, that’s your digital media.

Jeff: Yeah. Andrew, do you want to add anything to that?

Andrew: Well, I think also in the book, John, in the preface, spells out So, me of the independent media that he’d like to thank for at least providing interest in the book and the translation itself. I think we’ve all got our favourite independent journalists and So, me of them have been able to brand themselves and are actually making a living from it. The rest of us are kind of doing it as a side job just because we want to be informed and we want to keep other people informed.

So, we’re just putting together a work of passion. There are So, me of my favourites, from the German ones that I watch, Ken Jebsen, he’s got a really great program going on in Germany. It’s getting a lot of top scientists, researchers, interviews, fantastic work going on. But it’s just that you don’t see it in any commercial context, obviously.

Jeff: Listen, there was a big part, of course, the title even says in the pay of the CIA and Germany’s CIA is abbreviated BND. It has 6,000 salaried employees, but 17,000 non-official covers which are abbreviated in English NOCs. Udo said that in his decades abroad, almost every U.S. and British journalist works for their spy agencies, the CIA and MI6 respectively. The CIA, DIA and NSA together in the United States have well over 100,000 employees and there are still 13 more U.S. spy agencies. Throw in France’s DGSE and all the other Western countries, not to mention Israel’s Mossad, and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of spy employees.

So, if the agency NOC ratio is about 1 to 3 like it is in Germany, we’re looking at millions of people working for the West deep state. As an example, if you had to guess of the 17,000 German NOCs, I mean, how many of them are working for the media? What do you think?

Andrew: Well, if I was going to answer that question, I would say this is extremely loose. He uses the example in the book of Manfred Lahnstein and he didn’t even know he was being cultivated. He was just a member of Germany’s equivalent of the Council on Foreign Relations. And So, , the CIA lists these people as assets, whether they’re potential assets or people who share their world view, basically. I don’t think you could really say that these people are directly being paid, but I think they’re being influenced by the system of rewards in one way or another.

So, you’re getting invited to conferences, you’re getting your travel bills paid and you’re getting put up in a hotel to be a part of a think tank. I don’t know, kind of like your whole convention attendees where you get all expenses paid. People don’t want to just give up those benefits and advantages, even if they are small and only happen once or twice a year.

Other people are much more well-connected, obviously, like if you’re a staff editor at the foreign policy desk at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, you’re going to be getting the information fed directly to you like he was. But a lot of these people are just fringe characters and they’re being basically cultivated to push a positive image of the United States and NATO. I think he gets into that in detail in the book.

John, you wanted to say something?

JP: Yeah. It’s kind of herd behaviour like I think back on my career era when I worked in corporations and there are just behaviours, if you don’t fit in, you’re gonna be out. So, it’s more that kind of school of fish kind of thing, at least for the domestic media. But I do believe when they send people abroad, those people are more really soldiers and patriots for the CIA. And the news from overseas is really heavily filtered. Domestically, it’s more just, good old boys, you’re on the bandwagon, you’re on the message and you’re not getting a paycheck, a second paycheck from the CIA and one from the Times. Right.

Jeff: Your book paints a very active system of the grossest corruption and collusion between Germany’s political parties and mainstream media. In the US, Fox News is very pro-Republican Party and CNN is very pro-Democratic Party. Do you think there is that kind of, like the almost incestuous relationship between political parties and the mainstream media? Do you think that exists in the rest of Eurangloland, like maybe France or Britain or the United States?

Andrew: I don’t know if I could speak for France, but in Germany, it’s horribly incestuous. The public television, which is paid for by a mandatory TV tax here, is beholden to the political system. So, , it’s actually kind of funny to watch because they’re having literally a political meltdown at the moment. I don’t know if either of you has heard about this last minister-president election in Thuringia. But the FDP or the ‘Alternative for Germany’, which is supposedly the right populists, which are basically just people who are fed up with politics as usual.

And there are a couple of, you would say right-wing freaks, but otherwise it’s mainly just older people looking at their retirement evaporating and saying, ‘hey, this can’t go on for very much longer.’ They’ve taken about 20 to 30 percent of the vote in most of the new Eastern European or Eastern German states. And the situation in Thüringen was they couldn’t build a coalition government with any party because the left or ‘Die Linke’, which is basically the hardcore left, who is only a very small party in the rest of Germany. But in the east, and especially in Thuringia, they have about over 30 percent. So, they’re the majority, the largest party.

The next party would be then FDP, which is the right and then there’s CDU and the SPD is falling apart, the old left-liberals. So, they can’t build a government. The left is obviously not going to work with the right. And So, the former minister-president had been from the left with like just shady support from the CDU, which is the major party, is Merkel’s party, and they didn’t want to form a coalition with them again because the CSU/CDU with the left is kind of like saying they’ve never worked together historically, it’s only like an emergency situation.

And So, , the FDP, which is like the old school conservatives, they only had 5% in the parliament put up their candidate. So, this long story short, everybody thought that AfD was going to vote for their own candidate, So,  So, me of the CSU/CDU voted for the FDP candidate and the AfD didn’t vote for their own candidate, but they voted for the FDP candidate, the FDP candidate got elected. And now Merkel immediately called for the revocation of the election. And now she’s actually being sued for basically dictatorially or unconstitutionally interfering with the result of a legitimate election.

Jeff:  Sounds like the United States.

Andrew: They built like a dummy trap and all of the other parties fell right at it, and now everybody is freaking out. And even the CDU is falling apart. They call it AKK, Karrenbauer, the woman that was looking like she was going to replace Merkel, has already just announced, she’s stepping down from her active role in the leadership of the CDU, but she’s going to remain the minister of defence, kind of like a Hillary Clinton style minister of defence.

So, they’re imploding, as we speak, the SDP, who in the book, Udo Ulfkotte mentions how they have basically built up a media empire. They’re influencing So, many print outlets with their basically kind of left-leaning socialist propaganda. They have imploded and they have historic lows. They’re the oldest party in Germany and they’re basically about out of gas. They’re going to stop being represented in parliament because they’re going down under 5 percent in a lot of cases. So, the establishment politics is falling apart here.

Jeff: Hey, guys, there’s a knocking So, und. Can somebody find out who’s knocking something. I don’t know if it’s a baby or a bulldog.

Andrew: Sorry for all that, it might be the chinchillas on the other side of the room.

Jeff: OK. Do you want to go take care of them and I’ll ask JP?

So, JP, what about the United States, do you think that Fox and the Republican Party, and CNN and the Democrats, do you think that they are like more in cahoots than we think?

JP: Well, it’s really been strange this with Trump that they are really tearing at each other, making such a scene, but it’s really kind of ridiculous charade. As far as who controls the media, there are these memes out there that six corporations own 90% of the media, and most of those are Jewish controlled.

So I thought that is the analogy to what Ulfkotte sees as the German media being controlled by the U.S, which is Something that is distinct since 1945. It’s part of the occupation, that is basically the psychological occupation that’s permanent that the US controls the media there. And here we seem to have we’re basically a proxy of Israel and we’re occupied by them, So, , you follow the money, right.

Jeff: Absolutely.

Well, actually after hearing Andrews’ Sordid saga, it Sounds like Germany is not much better than the Republicans and the Democrats.

JP: The other thing I see a lot of in the U.S there’s always the tendency to try to pretend that you’re neutral and independent and objective and they kind of try to shove this down people’s throats. And I don’t know about all a lot of other countries. But when I was living in France, that was in the 80s, they had a spectrum of newspapers that were outwardly, overtly left, right or centre that this is our position, this is where we’re writing from. And over here, it’s like you’re supposed to believe that everybody is naive and blue-eyed and honest. It’s like, reading a children’s book or So, me encyclopedia, everything’s politically correct. And political correctness has become really the bane of our system.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, let’s go overseas. Embassies are extensions of the same Western cesspool. I was shocked when I read this, Udo wrote about using underground tunnels between two embassies So, it could be hidden that he eventually went to the target Embassy. Based on your all’s experience in Europe and JP your travels, where do you think western embassies fit into this system of Presstitutes?

JP: I think a certain contingent of the diplomats have always been the CIA. Like when Russia and the USA, they expel each other’s diplomats for spying, they are not making it up. But I mean, that’s what a diplomat is supposed to do. He is supposed to go over to other countries, see what’s going on there. So, there are all kinds of spying, there’s open-source and So, on. But I think he has one phrase in there. What is it Andrew, how does he put it, that extended arm of the NATO press corps?

Andrew: Yeah, basically an outpost of the NATO press office. What he refers to, a lot of instances were when he was abroad, especially one particular case when he was in Sudan reporting on an Israeli citizen who had a dairy farm in Sudan, who was, on the inside, very well known as a member of the Mossad, was delivering milk from German milk cows that had been imported. And that’s why it was like kind of a human-interest story. The German milk cows in an air-conditioned milking facility from German technology in Sudan. He was basically delivering the highest quality milk in Sudan at the time to the ruling elite. And that was basically his in with the political hierarchy of Sudan at the time, delivering milk.

And he had an outpost, a lookout tower on his dairy farm, which looked directly down into the neighbouring facility was where bin Laden was in the 90s and this was located in Sudan. So, it was the Mossad keeping eyes on bin Laden, the Sudanese government and basically all through the Mossad who is running a German cow and technology dairy farm.

Jeff: And, of course, Udo only reported the part about all that wonderful milk facility.

Andrew: He ran a story in Frankfurter Allgemeine about German milk cows and German technology being used to produce safe milk in Sudan. But, actually, all the information needed to be vetted through the German and if not the American embassy there at the time.

Jeff: Yeah, unbelievable.

JP: Let me mention another story. Supposedly the King of Jordan has one of his villas, right on the border of Israel. And So, they have an underground passage and they conspire there.

Jeff: Ok. All right. A little bit of subterranean detente.

JP: Jordan is a puppet state. It was created as a reward for letting the British take over Palestine in World War 1. It’s part of the whole intrigue.

Andrew: The connection between the Konrad Adenauer Institute in, I think, it’s on Lake Como in Italy and how they get over to the Rockefeller Institute. It is also kind of an interesting story.

Jeff: Oh, yeah, that was amazing. In the book, it was just like you can’t make this stuff up. It’s just unbelievable.

Anyway, read the book everybody, friends, fans and followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland. Read the book, it’s amazingly good.

Andrew: For the reader, many little interesting details in it.

Jeff: Yeah, many interesting stories, it is unbelievable.

All right, your book proves over and over again. He kept commenting about democracy, the rule of law and free press are only simulated in Germany. He even said they are simply illusions. And in my show with James Bradley, he said that the U.S. media is government-controlled and corporate managed. Udo showed hundreds of examples of this nefarious debauched system, yet 99% of Americans insist they have a “free press”. The brainwashing from birth onwards is So, impressive. And that your book talks about a neo-feudal elite media controlling the masses.

So, here’s the question I have, and I think Andrew can answer this and then the second following question can be JP. Did Udo’s book in German have any positive benefits or effect permanent change in the Presstitutes mainstream media whorehouse? He named many well-known journalists and political leaders.

That was for Andrew. And then now for JP, the English version have any long-lasting impact on the West Anglophone countries?

Take it away, Andrew.

Andrew: Yes, definitely. And at the time that he wrote the book, he was already citing statistics about how severely the sales figures for the standard media, the press and basically what you take viewer ratings, Sometimes I forget English words, for just watching television news and just falling off a cliff. I mean, they’re actually now in this week’s media in Germany discussing how much money they want to subsidize the mainstream media with because they are really at the point where they cannot financially survive anymore. So, many people have been just quitting their subscriptions to newspapers. Hardly anybody is watching the standard news anymore.

Under the current, they would never report on it, but basically revolt about paying the television taxes because we basically have a mandatory tax where everyone is paying like 18 euros a month – every household for basically propaganda, and everybody recognizes that it’s propaganda here. It’s like Obama good, US good, Trump bad, Putin bad. For So, me reason, they still are stuck on Trump being the devil, even though he’s just another politician, it looks like.

So, people are sending in their payments with like a few cents too much and a few cents too little, which then causes them to generate mail that informs people that they paid a little bit too much and a little bit too little. So, , they’re basically just bogging down the system with a whole bunch of extra garbage and calling and asking about things and like keeping, if everybody calls like once a week to ask a stupid question about their bill or Something. They don’t have enough people to cover all of this stuff.

So it’s kind of like the Germans aren’t like the French did. The French, God bless them. They’ve been protesting now for over a year, butts kicked up and down the streets there really. The French are passionate, they’re wonderful people. You don’t see any of that in the media really outside of the alternative media. The Germans are order followers. I don’t know what to say, it’s kind of sad.

They basically just do what they’re told. And So, there’s a lot of people who are angry, everybody will complain nonstop, but they won’t go out on the street. Really, the only people getting out on the street are now the people protesting the AfD because they are like ‘you guys killed people in the past’. Say what? that was maybe our grandparents, if at all. You know, well most of us are refugees from Eastern European German settlements that were ethnically cleansed at the end of World War 2. It’s surreal, everybody is fighting everybody else. It’s the left against the right. They can’t get their act together.

But the mainstream media is collapsing just as politics is collapsing. I don’t know, I was just introduced to The Fourth Turning, which is kind of an interesting concept. I watched an Interview about that before I went to bed last night, So, I stayed up a little extra longer than I wanted to. Had to get up early this morning. Yeah, you wonder, we’re in a crisis phase, it’s true. I mean, you probably could tell us a little bit about what’s going on in China, I was just hearing about container traffic on the oceans. Is, what, are the six-largest container ports in China being closed? Maybe, in the end, we can talk a little bit more about that situation. I would like to know directly from you.

Jeff: Let’s stay focused on Presstitutes, China’s a whole another horizon.

Andrew: It connects with So, many things, though, all over the world. And there’s So, much going on at the moment, I am having trouble getting the words out, there are So, many ideas that popped in my head.

Jeff: So, JP, what about in the West, specifically the United States, the big kahuna, do you think this book, if it gets widely read, do you think that it might have an impact on the totally sluttish mainstream media?

JP: Well, So, far it’s only sold about thousand or so, copies, So, that’s a drop in the bucket. But I will probably drop the price, maybe put out an e-book. So, we’ll probably get a little bit bigger numbers. I think that the book that I did, that had the biggest effect, would be a couple with the 9/11 truth movement, where they really became So, rt of the Bible of the truth movement. And if I could do a sequel of this one about the situation in the States, it might become a So, rt of the kind of book that people buy copies of and give them around to the friends. I have had a few people buy multiple copies to hand them out, you don’t get that that often, that’s a very good sign.

I think what we’re having is, it’s really hard to get into you are So, blocked out like, they make it look like it’s a free press but when they say freedom of the press, what the media means is they have the freedom, what they’re going to report. And then you say, well, Amazon, you can’t ban my book. Yes, we can, we are a private organization. The First Amendment only applies to government. The government cannot ban communist or nationalist literature, but we can do whatever we like. Those are private. Yet under a corporatist state, the corporations practically are more important than the government as far as the organs of Society. So, that’s how they get around freedom of the press.

Andrew: Jeff, we have to thank you for every little bit of attention we get is that much more help, well we don’t have a marketing budget of a million dollars that can maybe then generate 1.2 million dollars in revenue. And it takes money to make money, right. (I was saying we could probably make 20% if we had a million to burn).

JP: I’d like to mention that the German edition, original edition, it Sold Something like 100,000 copies and it was on the bestseller list for 18 months or something in top 10.

Jeff: Yeah, it was like number 2 or number 3 on the bestseller list. So, it did well there.

JP: So, yeah, it definitely had an impact. And I think that Ulfkotte is quite an example of a guy standing out of line like Andrew was saying, that the Germans, they’re kind of conformist. They follow the orders. And here’s a guy that stands outside and the industry just really hated him.

Jeff: He gives a list of names and publications. I mean, it’s just unreal.

JP: Yeah. He had a lot of guts to do what he did. So, that’s one of the great things about the book is you So, rt of get to know such a figure as the author.

Andrew: There’s lecture halls for people that will listen to people like Ulfkotte and Andreas Popp and others, basically explaining how the system’s broken. But then they’ll just all go and have a beer, coffee and then go home.

Jeff:  Go to the public baths and have nice steam.

Andrew: People are very well informed, but they will just not get out on the street.

JP: Maybe they’re being rational because, you can get excited about it, but the system is very tightly controlled. In fact, I like to say that in a sense what we have in the West is a more efficient or effective form of totalitarianism than you had in the East Bloc, because it’s not total, it’s 80 percent and that works much better. When you try to go the last 20 percent and be total, it’s too obvious. So, when you rule with an iron hand everybody can see it. So, in the East Bloc, people would just kind of wink and read between the lines, So, there was this kind of cynicism. Everybody was kind of clued into that the whole thing was a big joke.

Whereas here with this kind of, they let a lot of stuff through, So, they have the illusion that its freedom. But your leash is So, short, you can’t do anything about it. So, maybe the Germans are just being rational and realizing that this is all rhetorical and that you really can’t do anything.

Jeff: Yeah, friendly fascism. I don’t know who coined that phrase.

Jeff: What was it, inverted totalitarianism, Sheldon Wolin’s book.

Andrew: Actually, JP and I are thinking about So, me options for maybe another translation at the moment. And he had suggested Andreas von Bülow’s ‘The German Catastrophes’, and I’ve been reading that. He got a publisher’s copy for me to take a look at. And it’s kind of almost depressing to watch the German attitude of obeying authority and taking one for the team for the whole of the last, over a hundred years, from the First World War and then doing what they’re being told and then getting the raw end of the deal at Versailles. And then with the rise of Hitler and then doing what they’re told and then getting the raw end of the deal in both ways.

I mean, they wind up actually marching to their own destruction at the will of their leaders. There’s always an intellectual opposition. But I mean, that just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard.

Jeff: Your book describes journalists as shill lobbyists for oligarchs who are carbon and he compared today’s mainstream journalists to medieval court recorders. Totally captured by their masters. And Udo wrote extensively about the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, which mainstream media tries to pawn off as conspiracy theories. But he gave many, many, many examples of how these organizations, suck in journalism, totally co-opt him and control them.

Who would like to say Something about the fact that these are not conspiracy theories, but they’re that they’re really true because he was a part of the problem until he finally opened his eyes and the scales fell off of his eyes and he realized he was being totally used. Who would like to say Something about the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission?

Andrew: He broke it down basically as an institutional analysis. I don’t really even think he describes it technically as a conspiracy, more of a group of people all share very common interests who are all working for their own personal interests and furthering a common goal at the same time. I had watched the Alex Jones stuff and everybody who gets out to the protest to Bilderberg conferences and it films all the people going in and out of those things. And I also thought, wow, what are they talking about? But when you break it down with the people who have actually done the research. He mentions a French journalist in them. I didn’t put the name up here at the moment or did I do, Thierry Meyssan.

Jeff: Oh, Thierry Meyssan, He’s really good., yeah.

Andrew: Axis for Peace International Conference. Basically, it was set up to further the aims of NATO with American and European elites in the media. The politics, business and industry and the military.

JP: So, here he shows a table of the names and the organizations that they work with acquisitions they have in those organizations So, that they can operate.

Andrew: Theoretically, do that for the Western media, if you link down all their bios, just link all the affiliated organizations. All the information is basically hiding right in front of our eyes. It’s just we want sensationalized media. We want death and destruction. We want celebrity Prostitutes shaking their asses in our faces at the Super Bowl and stuff like that. Well, in general. I haven’t watched it because my partner was interested in seeing what was going on. She watched it and she likes watching the advertisements.

But otherwise, I just actually showed them to my students in the commercial school just So, they get an idea of the latest psychological tricks being used in the advertising business. But, it’s all being hidden in plain sight. And I think a lot of these independent journalists as well are playing up now the conspiracy theory just So, they can use it as clickbait, because it’s all pretty obvious we are being run by our military establishment So, they can sell their bombs. It’s not a big secret, I don’t think.

Jeff: Hey, listen, Udo, in fact, he talked about it in my next book and in book number two and in book number three, in the book, he would keep referring to how he was going to expound on this particular point and that particular point. He had three books in total planned, Presstitutes was number one or is number one. Will the other two ever get published?

JP: I don’t think he ever got a chance to write them because he died.

Jeff: OK.

Andrew: He was in the collecting information stage at that point.

Jeff: OK. He was at the research level.

JP: Actually, he did do an earlier book on one of the topics that he mentions was about the fake advertising, how the other media rip off their advertisers, that he had one of his earlier titles. Just from the title seems to be on that cover, that subject. But yeah, he was just going to hang out all the dirty laundry.

Jeff: Yeah. He wrote about how they falsify the circulations and they falsify readership and listenership and all this other stuff. And then they go out and flog advertising for three times what it’s worth.

Andrew: That’s pretty damning. That’s the thing that might get So, me of that corporate advertisers unless they’re also in on the scam and they’re just laundering the money through them. That would be another angle that you could probably think that these corporations are basically laundering money through media. And when they’re not even getting any value for it, it’s soliciting.

Jeff: Well, before we leave, and this has just been incredibly wonderful. And I again, I want to impress upon all the people out there watching and listening to this, buy the book. If you can’t afford the book, there are a hundred ways to get it. Libraries, churches, temples, colleges, schools, universities, there are 100 ways. And So, I really encourage you to read it. It changed my outlook and I consider myself to be pretty darn informed. But this book takes you to a whole other level of awareness about just how totally corrupt mainstream media is. It’s just shocking. But, before we leave, what are your current and future projects?

Andrew: As I mentioned, we’re discussing possibly putting together another translation, I had suggested another book by Rainier Mausfeld, really nice analysis, also having to do with the media, it’s called ‘Why the Lambs Are Silent’. But it’s more of like mass psychology and how the elites use basically fear and uncertainty to control the reactions of the public and keep them basically in a state of neurotic anxiety So, they’re unable to function together to create any kind of meaningful change. I think we could see this with the Coronavirus, every second media article is about So, me kind of existential fear of So, me So, rt.

Jeff: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Andrew: Yeah. And it basically serves as chronic neurological stress for the general people. And I think the only way you can really avoid that is to either transcend it and know what the strategy is that they’re trying to pull on us. The same thing is with health and medicine, if you’re worried about getting sick, chances are you’re gonna get sick, and if you’re very confident about your health, chances are you’re not going to get sick unless you get poisoned in So, me way or something like that or injured. But, a lot of it is in your head.

And I’m actually just finishing up my translation of ‘The Source Within You’ for an independent author named Fabian Wollschläger. That’ll be published probably by March. All they have to do is format it and publish it. It’s a bestseller here in Germany about basically connecting to the Source of, or if you want to go into the Hermetic tradition, all basically the universal universe that is basically pulsing through all of us, the energy that creates everything and is the Source of everything and basically kind of a guide for people if they’re not familiar with it, to get in touch with the unlimited possibilities inside themselves.

So, I don’t try and go all political corruption. I have to switch back to alternative medicine and health healing. So, I keep my balance. I don’t get too weighted on the realpolitik, the depressing… They’re gonna kill us all.

Jeff: What about you, JP?

JP: Well, I just wrote to the publisher of The Silent Lambs. That was also a big hit in Germany and it sounds like has the good potential over here. I’d like to do a sequel of Presstitutes for the situation in the U.S. I’m looking for an author or contributors to help us put that together. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff on the Internet just to put it all into a book form. Also, you mentioned Thierry Meyssan, the other book I published in the last year was his book ‘Before Our Very Eyes’. And if you’d like to interview him, I can set it up.

Jeff: Well, I love his stuff. I read all of his stuff in French because he writes in French. And then he gets all these guys to translate his stuff in like six different languages. Like this guy’s got connections. He’s really popular. I love his stuff and I read it all the time and I would love to interview him.

JP: This is his first book in English. The first book he’s written for quite So, me years. And the first one in English for years.

Jeff: Well, you can tell him I’m a big fan and I send the French links to my French friends and I send the English links to my English. You can tell him, I’m a big fan of his.

Well, listen, guys, this has just been a wonderful afternoon for me. You all have done heroes work. I’ve done translation, I know what Andrew went through. It is not easy and it has to be revised and revised and revised.

Andrew: And then you just stop revising. The hardest part I find is a lot of times stopping making changes.

Jeff: Well, that’s like a writing a book, after you have written it for ten times, you say, OK, to hell with it. I’m sending it to the editor. I can’t do this anymore.

JP: When it starts getting worse instead of better, you send it to the editor.

Jeff: Yeah. Listen, In California, JP, Progressive Press and Andrew Schlademan German to English translator in cloudy Northern Europe. And So, anyway, you guys were terrific. I hope this will sell a few books for you guys because you all really deserve it. Again, guys, everybody out there, ‘Presstitutes embedded in the pay of the CIA, confession from the profession’. This is straight from the horse’s mouth. And J.P. and Andrew deserve the classic French chapeau for a job well done. I will get this out.

Andrew: The sun’s come up, So, I have to go for today. Thanks for having us on.

JP: Yeah. Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff: Let’s stay in touch. Bye-bye.


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