Chinese CULTURE campaign against the neo-liberalist trash. By: Einar Schlereth,


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Einar Schlereth, a tireless writer, publisher, translator and fighter for the global 99%’s social and economic justice. He is still giving the global gangster bankster oligarchs hell, after all these years!


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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

Einar Schlereth reached out to me years ago and was the first person who seriously tried to get my China Trilogy translated into another language, in this case, German. It didn’t pan out, but I really appreciated that he valued my work.

He recently sent me a proposal he has crafted, to give anti-imperial journalists a global voice, by organizing a team of translators to make their voices heard. I think Einar makes a good point. I have recently had my interviews with Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. and other articles translated into different languages, and the response has been huge.

At the end of Einar’s article are names and links of some writers that should interest you. Herewith is his article, translated from the German.


Chinese CULTURE campaign against the neo-liberalist trash

By: Einar Schlereth

Here in the West, a dwindling number of people are realizing that stupidity is spreading rapidly. The humanities are withering away, with the result that the intellectual level and general education is slipping away in low gear. Children no longer learn to write or do arithmetic, but only to draw check marks, which systematically leads to a downright stupefaction, which is of course intentional. Is this what the encyclopedists thought and wanted almost 300 years ago?

Of course not. They knew that people hungered for knowledge, not only in the bourgeois class, but even more so in the lower classes, down to the craftsmen, peasants and workers. In all fields of science – technology, mathematics, medicine, physics, chemistry, art and literature, people thought, researched, experimented and knowledge was passed on – down and up. At that time, bourgeois culture reached its absolute peak in the Great French Revolution. In some places (France, England and the USA) it already turned into socialist thinking and a socialist revolution.

It was fermenting all over Europe, everywhere there was resistance, upheaval and revolt and new thoughts, because the people had had enough of princes, kings and emperors. But they did not think of giving up their upholstered armchairs, luxury, titles, their benefices and appanages. Often bitter enemies, they suddenly became the closest friends. With clubs, cartridges and rifles the people were brought to their senses.

And the citizens? Well, they did not want to become ‘the people’, but something far better. The rise to nobility, as Balzac describes so beautifully. They ran and fluttered very quickly like chicks under the broad wings of the mother hen. And they learned effortlessly to become angry opponents of revolutionary and even the most tame social movements.

In 1871, the German Empire came into being, which in 20 years became a great industrial power, causing the wrath of England. At the same time Cecil Rhodes, had achieved with deceit and brutal violence, to take half of Africa under his control and to put billions in his pocket. Then he made a plan in London with two influential and wealthy nobles to found a secret society in the Jesuit model. In a very short time, they won the most powerful banker in the world, Nathan (Natty) Rothschild and the Queen for their society. The aim of Cecil Rhodes was to get rid of the cursed competition of the Germans and also to destroy the political unity of Germany and Russia. These two countries should tear each other apart.

At the same time, the feudal oppression of the peoples had generated renewed resistance everywhere. Above all, the consciousness of the working class had grown to the point where it could form trade unions and political parties, who, of course, were hindered and persecuted to the best of their ability by the reaction and, above all, were demonized. But there were also citizens who united with the workers. In many countries, there were women, men, young and old, who looked beyond their class and made brotherhood their banner. Their aim was that all people should be well off, that all people should have equal opportunities and not selected classes or people. There were Marx, Engels, Heine, Bebel, Strindberg, Brecht, Rosa Luxemburg, the Kollontai, Lenin, Mao and many, many more.

Some made the first attempt in Russia to create a new society through the October Revolution. The whole world was outraged. This must not be allowed to happen, and 17 countries led by the Anglo-Saxon countries Great Britain and the United States attacked Russia to crush this experiment in its early stages. The whole people, peasants and workers alike, defended their country and their socialist revolution, under the greatest sacrifices. 13 million people lost their lives.

As a result, fascist parties and extreme right-wing governments emerged in many countries, combined with intense agitation against Russia, with sabotage, diversion, subversion, espionage. USA and above all England with Churchill at the head promoted in particular Hitler, a run-away Stromer from Austria, who had started his fascist smear campaign in Germany – but also the fascists Franco (Spain), Mussolini (Italy) and Salazar in Portugal. In East Asia, Japan became a leading fascist power, subjugating Korea and much of China, Manchuria, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia. In Germany, it was big capital, big business, the bourgeoisie and the nobility who all supported Hitler, for he had promised high and holy to eliminate the socialists and communists. He began to do so with complete impunity even under the Weimar Republic.

The USA seemed to be drowning in the swamp under the right-wing governments, but Roosevelt saved it with the New Deal, i.e. with a little left-wing politics and big investments in the economy. Nevertheless, strong parts of the US bourgeoisie were in favor of fascist methods. Like Ford, the Bush family, the arms industry, etc. But Hitler committed the stupidity of attacking the West first. He subdued half of Europe, but then the fun stopped and slowly, slowly, the capitalist world was forced to change course.

We know the result. The Anglo-Saxon Empire [which consists of the U.S. and the U.K. and is best described as UEGO, like an Anglo-American gangster organization] achieved two goals with the two terrible wars: 1. the total annihilation of Germany – the declared war goal of World War I; and 2. the second war goal of World War I: the brutal destruction of the Russian state, which was also Communist, and which left 29 million Russians dead, i.e. dead Communists, to the great satisfaction of big capital.

Nevertheless, Russia has done the world a great service by its victory over fascism. What the U.S. now denies and presents itself as the only winner. My goodness, these fools who have never won a war. Oh yes, against Panama and Grenada. There has been only one disadvantage: Great Britain lost the leadership of the empire to the USA – temporarily. In the famous film The Spiderweb it is clearly shown how the City of London reclaimed the leadership.

The most brutal policy of the Anglo-Saxon Empire was undoubtedly conducted against Russia and Germany. Several politicians on both sides of the pond declared again and again that a rapprochement between Germany and Russia must NEVER happen.

But the Empire also raged fiercely against Spain and Portugal. With military power and indirectly by economic means it reduced the Spanish and Portuguese Empires to zero.

Another empire has kept itself more in the background, even though it fought as many wars as England: France. This took over large parts of West Africa and Vietnam and continues to exploit them to the hilt. With gruesome wars in Algeria, Madagascar and Vietnam. And further on even after de-colonisation in a very deceitful way. It is virtually in possession of all the central banks of its “colonies” and all profits must be deposited in the Parisian central bank. And from this, France diverts billions of francs every year. And the treatment of its ‘subjects’ was at least as brutal as that of the English in India or the Americans in the Philippines. But France has for instance treated little Haiti most shamefully. After all its armies were always beaten, it withdraw but the USA has cunningly and treacherously crept into the small but rich island kingdom. With the help of the purest criminals, they introduced a never seen regime of terror.

Well then – this brings us to the most disgusting, most shameful crimes of white European Christianity. Let us start from the beginning, with the 15th century and the ‘discovery’ of America by Columbus. After the end of the conquest and occupation of the Central/South American continent by Spain and Portugal, most of the population – about sixty million – was dead. With fire and sword and the Bible on the brain. Since there were far too few people left to serve all their new masters, the Iberians with the had to bring in millions of Africans with the eager help of the Engländer. A crime of the first order. Never had one white man to pay for it.

This crime was repeated by the English and later by Europeans in general in North America. Again, with millions of deaths. Again, there was neither remorse nor atonement. But the Anglo-Saxons were not only active there, but also in competition with France in Africa, which they seized from Egypt to the Cape of Good Hope. At the same time, one man made himself a billionaire even then: Cecil Rhodes, who seized the gold and diamond fields and laid them at the feet of one of the world’s greatest bankers: Naty Rothschild. Together with him and a few influential noblemen, he founded a Secret Society (SS) in 1891, modelled on the Jesuit Order, which included the richest and most influential men and women in the world at that time (including Queen Victoria). For Cecil Rhodes, the real people were only the Anglo-Saxons alone and the rest were misspoke (trash). Only ONE world empire was to be created with ONE race at the top, ONE religion and ONE language and ONE economic system. They almost succeeded.

The UEGO continued with the holocaust in India, especially after the great national uprising, then in Bangladesh, Australia/Tasmania, China and finally the super crime of illegally and unscrupulously giving Palestine to the Zionists sending Palestinians to hell. And wherever the Anglo-Saxon Empire (UK, USA – City of London, Wall Street) has suffered severe defeats (in Sudan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Haiti, India) it has always avenged itself with extreme brutality over many generations (it is also true for France). Whereby one must say that all colonialists – Germans and Dutch, English and French men, Belgians, Portuguese and Spaniards and Italians, Turks and Austrians – always and everywhere acted against resistance with extreme severity – often simply for fun and to pass the time. Like the Australians in Tasmania, like the Spaniards and all the whites in all of South America as Sunday pleasure, they made hunts for indigenous people.

And still there is no mention of how many cultures were destroyed, farms were wiped out, animal species were often killed deliberately for nothing (the bison), mountains of treasures were dragged away and systematically stolen, causing endless pain and streams of tears.

All this is largely forgotten today and is even cheekily denied. Remorse and shame? Forget it. Occasionally something comes up here and there, like recently in the USA through the constant brutal killing of blacks, that people start to remove statues of the greatest killers and torturers. But these are trifles, above all: they cost nothing.

On the other hand, the UAOG continues to rob, plunder and steal. In Bolivia, a racist/ fascist coup is quickly organized in order to gain access to the largest lithium deposits in the world. The best way is to use children to get the stuff out of the earth as they have been doing for centuries in the mountain Potosí. The oil in Venezuela is the rightful property of the United States, and in cronyism with the other Christian robber states, they instigate one coup after another and plunder the banks where Venezuela had deposits. Of course, the uranium in Mali and Burkina Fasi does not belong to the Africans, but to the Grande Nation. Therefore, soldiers must be constantly deployed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The huge gold and diamond mines in South Africa are of course still being mined by English companies. The Africans only see the crumbs of it. The shanty towns still exist and even new ones are being added, because diamonds and gold are urgently needed by the Europeans, what can the black people do with it? The poor Europeans were disadvantaged by nature, while Africa is the continent with the largest number of mineral treasures. There our Lord God must be corrected.

Listing everything we steal would take a lot of time and paper.  Especially because the repercussions on the countries of the 3rd world, the billions of avoidable deaths, the stolen slaves had for the economy of the African countries and the structures of society – all that would have to be taken into account.

But one of the worst effects, which are immaterial, but nevertheless materially flood trillions into the coffers of the UEGO, is the American way of life, which has not only drenched the Western world, but unfortunately also the puppet states. All the filth and garbage that we are showered with day and night, is a sickening mental and physical food that is constantly stuffed into our brains and mouths, is  mental and also physical ballast that has severely damaged and destroyed all these countries.

The non-stop neo-liberal mendacious political and economic slogans that are supposed to guide our thinking in the right direction and do it successfully. Because all media are in the hands of big business, the hands of the one-percenters, without exception. Radio, film, television, all printed matter, the teaching material in schools up to the universities. The parties, unions, all organizations and associations are closely monitored and controlled. We can see it every day, how Google, Facebook, Twitter and what they are all called, occupy the smallest free spaces and take them under their care.

The local art and culture is destroyed, music and literature, and especially the food culture. Half the world suffers from obesity, which is increasing daily. It is sometimes almost frightening to see what walrus monsters come rolling towards you. This is a problem for medicine, doctors, health insurance companies and the economy. But don’t you say a word, you’ll almost get lynched.

I don’t even want to start with sexuality and physical culture. We almost end up in the time of the inquisition. This Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, strongly supported by the Holy Catholic Church, has taken on perverse dimensions.

Now a few words about city hygiene, that’s what I would like to call it. André Vltchek has contributed vivid examples of this in a comparison of China and Indonesia. The big cities in Indonesia consist of islands of wealth with luxury hotels, noble restaurants, huge and well-kept shopping centers and next to them slums as far as the eye can see. Totally filthy rivers, pure cesspools with lots of pathogens. In cinemas only US trash is shown, there is not even a kind of communal cinema where valuable films can be shown. There are also no art galleries and libraries or museums. Green spaces, sidewalks or parks are hardly to be found. Public transportation is practically non-existent, the road network is a disaster, as is the railroad network. The air and noise pollution is indescribable.

In contrast to China. There André almost goes into raptures. And rightly so. You only have to look at the pictures and films on the net. What has been created there in just a few decades defies description. A magnificent architecture, boulevards with excess width, the sidewalks are spacious and shaded by trees, with benches, every little spot is used for flowers and greenery. The noisy and smelly mopeds and motorcycles have disappeared and have been replaced by el-scooters and bikes.

There are numerous art galleries, including those with graphics and paintings of a critical nature. There are libraries and vast numbers of schools, universities and other educational institutions. The people are relaxed, polite and friendly.

And yet the hinterland has not been neglected. This year the last islands of great poverty – for example, in mountain valleys that are difficult to access or in remote areas – have been eliminated and connected to the transportation and communication networks. The UN has extensively acknowledged this unprecedented enormous task of pulling hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and misery in the shortest possible time.

President Xi and his cultural struggle

President Xi also recognized in time the immensely damaging influence of the garbage culture from the West. The history, culture and the immense treasures of medicine, astronomy, technology, hydrology and the humanities have been wrested from oblivion and brought back into the consciousness of the people.

This was not used for national arrogance, but to give the people back their self-confidence after centuries of humiliation, abuse, plunder and robbery by white arrogance and barbarism.

But President Xi Jinping has done even more. He has given the Chinese people the great task of providing financial resources to all the people of oppressed nations, especially in Africa, and showing ways that can lead to their liberation from the yoke of Western terror.  This is not altruism, not pure altruism, but this method is to help both sides, the peoples of China and the peoples of Africa, Latin America and Asia, what China calls the mutual win-win method.

With this method, China has made an immense number of friends, especially the many aid shipments that have helped Africa in these hard times with medicines and with advice and support, also from private individuals, such as Mr. Ma, China’s largest billionaire. Also, the commitment of Chinese workers in building the infrastructure, who do not give commands, but always lend a hand. This is all well and good and can of course be continued, although it provides many points of attack for imperialist propaganda.

That is why I propose here a cultural struggle in which the weapons are ours, well-protected and unused, hidden in the darkest corners of our libraries and cellars. This would be another way to rein in the lies, hatred and demonization by launching a massive counter-enlightenment.

And I don’t mean a diffuse fight against all the dirt around the world – not against the poor Indian listening to BBC or Fox News, or against the exploited plantation workers in Africa listening to the same crap as the Indian. But the spearhead of the fight must be targeted against the mammoth companies of the empire owned or controlled by the 1%, against the enormous power of the Anglo-Saxon empire and for the benefit of the greatest of its victims: Russia, China, North and South Korea, Vietnam, India, Germany, etc. By this I do not mean that the crimes of the Germans should be swept under the carpet. After all, they took part in the war against China, against the Soviet Young Republic in 1917 and then the war against Russia in 1941. But in all these wars they were practically pushed into it by the Empire, which is by no means an excuse.

There have always been decent people in the West who have tried to present the truth through intensive work. Let me give you some examples. With regard to China, the first thing that comes to mind is Joseph Needham. He dedicated his life to the study of Chinese science in all fields and fought against the injustice done to China.

James Petras has written extensively about him:

CHINA: Rise, Fall and Rise Again to Global Power – Part 1

Larry Romanoff

 History of Chinese Inventions – Present and Future – Current Chinese Top Technology – Who Steals from Whom?

These two very long articles about Joseph Needham I have translated (into German and the link to the English version at the bottom) because they also show how they are trying to suppress it with all their might. Because the truth could be dangerous to them.

Here is another name of an Englishman, Basil Davidson – the grand old man of African studies

There you will find a number of links to Basil Davidson. He has also produced a large series for the BBC about the history of Africa, which can be found completely on YouTube.

A really unknown name, but of at least as great importance, is Heinrich Barth. This does not refer to the theologian of the same name, but to the great Africa explorer who traveled the Central African kingdoms around 1850. He was a universal genius – befriended with Alexander and Wilhelm Humboldt, Goethe, Schiller etc.; he spoke fluent Arabic, could speak Latin, Greek, Hebrew, English. And he learned in Africa several Bantu languages, created dictionaries and grammars. Made very nice drawings and was the first to discover the beautiful rock paintings in the Tassili mountains, which showed him without any doubt that the Sahara once had been green. Then he visited the university in Timbuktu, older than the German and Swedish universities. Is it surprising that he is highly revered in Africa and that the extensive four volumes are studied eagerly by them. A university was even named after him in Africa in his honor.

In Germany and even in of his hometown Hamburg he is consciously forgotten. In the whole of the Federal Republic of Germany I could only find one complete edition for a radio broadcast: in the African Studies Seminar at HH-University, but I had to cut it up first, because in 140 years it has never been read by German students. A spotlight on African Studies in Germany!

Another incredibly comprehensive historical work was presented by another German: ‘Die Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums – von den Anfängen bis heute’ – by Karlheinz Deschner. Here you can even download all ten volumes free of charge, published in 2013 by rororo Verlag, Hamburg (with probably well over 5000 pages. The first one appeared in 1986):

This link opens the page to the 10th volume, but all others are on that same site too. But to my knowledge nothing has ever been translated into other languages.

He has also written several supplementary volumes such as “The Sexual History of Christianity” or one volume about Hitler and Pope Pius etc. Neverthelsse, there were several high dignitaries of the Catholic church who admitted that Deschner “unfortunately was right”. Since our entire Western history is a Christian history, this huge work should be invaluable for every historian.

Another prolific writer is Gideon Polya, an Australian, who has done a great deal of study on the great crimes of humanity, especially those committed by the ‘masters of the world’, the great colonialists/imperialists: exterminations and holocausts. On top of that, he still calculated the non-born victims of the great massacres, deliberate famines or epidemics, an incomprehensible intangible damage. He has written 130 books (in the meantime there are even more) on numerous topics

– War against Soviets 1917

– War against Russia 1941,

– ‘Power & Crime’:

And here is a list of very important topics, compiled by

Hartmut Barth-Engelbart

Next we have William Blum, an American historian who has focused primarily on his home country, the USA. He has also been very diligent, especially since his works required much meticulous work. Among them are ‘The anti-Empire Report’, ‘Killing Hope’, ‘America’s Deadliest Export – Democracy’, ‘Rogue State’, etc. Unfortunately he died last year.

And then I would like to mention Jeff J. Brown, who is one of the few Americans who still learned in mature years from the Chinese. Firstly, he studied communism and secondly, he studied intensively the politics of Xi Jinping. He lived and worked for 16 years in China and he has written several books that bring China very close to us and make it understandable. These include ’44 Days Backpacking in China’, ‘China rising’ & ‘BIG Red Book on China’ ( None of his books has been translated into other languages yet (‘China rising’ will probably be published in Chinese soon).

A German counterpart is Prof. Wolfram Elsner, who published a book on China at the beginning of the year, ‘Das chinesische Jahrhundert’, Westend Verlag ( which I consider a standard work and highly recommend to the German public. He knew very little about China in the beginning, but learned a lot from his direct experiences at Chinese universities and many conversations in the country. He lets the reader participate in these learning processes, so that he can more easily understand the result.  It has already been published in the 2nd edition and soon another book by him will be on the market.

Finally, I would like to mention something in my own and André Vltchek’s case. I published the book “INDONESIA – Analysis of a Massacre” in Frankfurt in 1970, which was highly praised by competent people. Although it was quickly out of print, no further edition was published, only a pirate print was still being published by East Timor activists for the benefit of their work.

Many years later, my friend André wrote “INDONESIA – Archipelago of Fear”, which I published in 2012 at the publishing house ZAMBON in Frankfurt/M and translated free of charge, otherwise the publisher would never have been able to publish it. I did it mainly because practically it was the continuation of my Indonesia books.

Both books deal with the tremendous massacre that was carried out in 1968 with the help of the CIA and MI6 and also the Germans, killing about three million people.

To the heart of the matter

All the book titles mentioned have been published in small or tiny editions and have never been translated into other languages. This means nothing other than that this extensive and valuable knowledge is deliberately withheld from millions of inquisitive people, because the rulers and their mainstream lackeys naturally have no interest whatsoever in making their atrocities, which have been going on for centuries, better known. Then they would no longer be able to tell the fairy tale of how much they care about all people.

In the course of its rapid rise, China has created countless universities and research institutes for millions of students, including of course literature and languages. One could begin to create and train groups of translators for the 13 most important languages in the world:

Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Panjabi, Japanese, German, Kiswahili, Hausa (by size and importance).

They could be published in large cheap paperback editions and distributed through many channels. I can already hear the howling of the MSM experts. Propaganda of lies, our values are destroyed, completely insignificant and trivial figures. And certainly there will also be violence, book burnings and imprisonment.

Historically, such a work would only be comparable to the great translation activity that took place in Baghdad in the 8th century in the “House of Wisdom”, when a part of the works of the Greek philosophers was saved from the Christian barbarians and translated into Arabic, for which people who think are still grateful today. The work of retranslation into Latin then took place in Toledo/Spain in the 12th century.

A “House of Wisdom” could also be created in China, where writers, scientists, translators from all over the world could work together on this gigantic task.

I am sure that President Xi Jinping could be won over for this project.

Einar Schlereth

Klavreström, den 10.10. 2020



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In Solidarity, Jeff


Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

Jeff J. Brown is a geopolitical analyst, journalist, lecturer and the author of The China Trilogy. It consists of 44 Days Backpacking in China – The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass (2013); Punto Press released China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations (2016); and BIG Red Book on China (2020). As well, he published a textbook, Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English (2015). Jeff is a Senior Editor & China Correspondent for The Greanville Post, where he keeps a column, Dispatch from Beijing and is a Global Opinion Leader at 21st Century. He also writes a column for The Saker, called the Moscow-Beijing Express. Jeff writes, interviews and podcasts on his own program, China Rising Radio Sinoland, which is also available on YouTubeStitcher Radio, iTunes, Ivoox and RUvid. Guests have included Ramsey Clark, James Bradley, Moti Nissani, Godfree Roberts, Hiroyuki Hamada, The Saker and many others. [/su_spoiler]

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