TRANSCRIPT: Dr. Moti Nissani, China Rising Radio Sinoland Interview, Part 3 of 3. The Bank Cartel’s Death Spiral for Humanity.


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Dr. Moti Nissani has previously discussed the Fermi paradox and direct democracy on China Rising Radio Sinoland. Today, he is back to spell out in chilling detail how for centuries, banking families and their cartels are pulling humanity into an inevitable death spiral. Throughout history, starting with Jesus Christ taking on the temple money changers, those who stand up to these power- and money hungry monsters, frequently live shortened lives, because bankers destroy or murder anyone who gets in their way.


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Audio interview:



Jeff J. Brown- Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown in Beijing, China, for another 44 days, radio Sinoland interview. And I am very happy and pleased to have you with us again today, Dr. Moti Nissani. How are you doing, Moti?

Moti Nissani- I’m doing very well, thank you.

Jeff- And for our listeners out there, Moti and I did a wonderful interview in the summer about the Fermi paradox, and then we did a follow-up interview about direct democracy. And now you have written a brilliant essay on the banking system around the world. And we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to tell us all about that.

Moti- We have to understand all that. I think your friend Zanzhou and correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think you said if you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. So my goal is to help us know the enemy. And the bank is one of the big of the biggest enemy we’ve got.

Jeff- Well, you are eminently qualified. I like to call you a jack of all academic trades. You’re a professor emeritus, Department of Biology from Wayne State University. And I and many of the radio Sinoland fans have been reading your articles on veterans today and dissident voice. So you sent me an article that you’re going to post on hopefully dissident voice or and or veterans today.

And it starts out with a quotation from Lord Acton, the British Lord Acton, who was a historian, and he framed the problem of the Western banking system with a great quote. He said, the issue, which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks. And this is a quote from the 19th century. What do you say about that, Moti?

Moti- I say that that is. That is one of the items that we will be running through our talk, I want to remind your listeners to, is very famous. Incidentally, Lobectomy or Jarnac is very famous for another quote that how is it POW absolute?

Jeff- Oh yeah, yeah power corrupts absolute power, absolutely corrupts.

Moti- Yeah, and most people are familiar with that other quotes, but not with that one. But that’s the key to understanding what they are. The conflict we are we have been at least since the late 17th century, we have been at war and we don’t know it. It’s an invisible. But the bankers have been, as is the quotation suggests, have been waging a war against us. And that is maybe the key issue of our time. It sounds strange to most people. Most people don’t understand.

How the banking system, but as we go along, down, down, the people will try to make it clear that is the key. A second Item that I would like to talk about, so the first one is that issue that swept down the central banking, the people versus the bank. The second the second thing that in my paper clips that are in that. That the banker. The bankers do not hesitate, people like the Rockefeller. They do not hesitate to use any means necessary to secure the power and by any means, I mean, of course, harassment, of course, smeary smearing, of course, in conservation, but most important, the most serious enemies, the one will not Cavium have been assassinated.

Jeff- Yeah.

Moti-This is absolutely clear. And as we go along, we’ll see one assassination after.

Jeff- It’s amazing to think an enemy to justify it defies belief because, you know, we read about, you know, when I grew up, I you know, I read about, you know, Rockefeller and Carnegie and, you know all these, you know wonderful, you know titans of capitalism and you know what brave and noble souls they were to, you know provide, you know wealth and abundance for the American people. And yet your research clearly shows that it’s based on violence and treachery.

Moti- Absolutely, I still remember one of my students once wrote a paper in glowing terms and she was an adult and growing doubts about the gospel of truth. That’s what I think. It’s a book by one of these guys maybe towards Carnegie. I don’t know. But, yeah, that’s the way we all be raised to look at them as the titans of comedy. Nothing is farther from the truth. They are crooks and they’re murderers. And unless we realize it, it’s very difficult for us to believe something like that because it’s so farfetched. It’s so ugly that to believe that the world is ruled by a psychopath. But just look around you. We have enough.

We have enough for everybody we have, and yet every day twenty five thousand children, I think something like that diastrophic. Now that is possible. Not us, not the majority, the great majority of us. If it salving child came knocking on the door, we will open it and feed him and take care of him. Even a dog comes to go. Most of my plants, a starving chimpanzee, a starving lion or a lion, just, you know and yet we allow and it’s totally unnecessary. We live in a world of plenty and because of these people, these spiteful murders, we are we have what we have now, the situation we had.

Jeff- Just to enlighten our listeners out there. You know, I read your article, actually, it’s really it’s an extensive essay. But can you just give a, you know, two or three examples and you give many examples in your essay. But can you give two or three examples where brave souls who tried to stand up to the banking cartel were murdered by these same said bankers.

Moti- Absolutely, we can go through it a little bit if you feel like it, and just to first of all, you’ve got yourself. I mean, this is a pattern in science. I was my background a scientist, and I took a lot of course, in statistics and a scientist when a scientist, a natural scientist says that is so is not basing it on absolute fools. It’s the very that 95 percent probability in science. It’s called level of significance. If they Ninety five percent probability that something is so, then Assad is accepted as a tentative tool. And that is what would emerge if you look at the, if we are looking at assassination fears that would emerge in assassination, let us go over. If you want, we can just visit a few of the cases.

Jeff- Yeah, yeah. Let’s pick out pick out two or three of the more of the more interesting ones. And I was shocked about all the ones I read. I pick out two or three of your favorite ones and tell us about them.

Moti- Ok, first of all, let me just say, first of all, let me just say that. What do you want to say? Just once second. Ok, we’ll pick a few of them. And but just remember that day, the general that’s what I wanted to say, the General Patton. All just about all the enemies of the bankers, all the enemies of the United States, the Federal Reserve central reserve-called Federal Reserve System have been killed. This is not just one, but it’s a pattern. And let me just go back. First of all, you’ve got yourself American president. We all know.

Jeff- Oh, yeah, yeah. The McKinley and go ahead.

Moti- Yeah, we all know that several American presidents have been have been died in office. That’s common knowledge. Some of them have been assassinated. Some of them just somehow died in office. And yeah, but there is a pattern here. OK, starting. Jefferson wasn’t the biggest enemy of the bankers and the most astute critic. And he survived because in those days, well, not yet sufficiently powerful, I guess, to kill.

Jeff- To show him.

Moti- Yes. What?

Jeff- I said, they weren’t sufficiently powerful at that point in order to shut him up.

Moti- Exactly. We are moving to the next big enemy of the bankers. And that was a huge conflict between Andrew Jackson on one hand. And, um, and the bankers and Andrew just to give you the flavor of what Andrew Jackson, when he was asked, what was your proudest accomplishment as president. Jackson replied, I killed the bank.

Jeff- Yeah.

Moti- Jackson knew he would be targeted. In 1932, his only vice president.

Jeff- 1832

Moti- 1832. Thank you. In 1832, he told his vice president, Mr., I’m give you the quote. Let me just find it, OK. The bank, Mr. Van Buren is trying to kill me. And sure enough, sometimes, like at a certain point, they did try to kill him and miracle survived. Moving on to President Lincoln, again, he was an enemy of the bank. And without going into too many details, because I want to go to the basic idea of how the bankers go about it, which is much more important. But just Lincoln, everybody knows that killed.

Jeff- Yeah exactly.

Moti- Then we know. Then we move on to President Garfield again. We know what happened to him. And he was an enemy of the banker. McKinley is a little bit more, but still no indication that they were afraid of him. Then there was in the nineteen hundreds there was a guy by the name of David Graham Phillips, a muckraker, and you had a series of articles pointing at the Rockefeller and guess what happened.

And because of him, because of it in those days, you could not yet suppress entirely people like him and because of him, Nelson Aldrich, one of the original conspirators of Jekyll Island, the creation of the Federal Reserve, he lost his Senate seat. He directed it directly attacked the Rockefeller. And guess what happened to him? He was shot.

Jeff- Early death.

Moti- Early death. He was shot by a lone assassin. The guy had a six shooter, but somehow he was able to, according to the official story, discharge seven bullets. Right. And a magic bullet. Hundred years, more than a hundred years, no sorry sixty years before Kennedy. Then we are moving on to the Titanic.

Jeff- We can call it. We can call those fractal bullets.

Moti- Absolutely. And then we move on to the Titanic. Well, three of the richest men in the United States, Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss, who happened it was 1912 and they were they happen to be opposed to the Federal Reserve creation. And so they were going on the Titanic. But not only them J.P. Morgan was a collaborator of the War child and a few others. If you are a very wealthy man, we’re also supposed to go on a Titanic and guess what? The JP Leonard.

Jeff- They were canceled their reservations.

Moti- Canceled their reservations canceled or just in the last one of them, Vanderbilt, it was so everybody thought he died to each just in a very last moment cancel reservation. We can just mention name to Congress. The biggest enemy in those days was Congressman Charles Lindbergh is grandson in so-called kind of this century. Another big enemy of the world, Senator Huey Long.

Jeff- Yeah.

Moti- And guess what happened to him? He was shot. Another big enemy of the US was General Smedley Butler. And guess what? He died young. We have no shot, but he died young. God knows what reason. But the fate of it. Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in office. I don’t know what, but its part of the pattern. Then you have chairperson of the House Banking Committee. It is very important men Lewis McRadin and guesses what, they try to kill him twice. The failed the third time they got him.

Then you have the Kennedy clan, then you have the Kennedy clan. Now, this is horrible. You have by now five Kennedy, I repeat, five Kennedys plane accident. Ted Kennedy, the six man survived two accidents, one of them airplane crash that he just miraculously survived. And then part of the Kennedy clan, you have you have Jackie and you got married to Onassis and his aunt, of course, died on. And then also Onassis son died in a plane crash. And then you have Representative Larry McDonald, John Hines, Senator John, all his peoples died in plane accidents.

If you think that something like that could be an accident then you have to take to it goes and all sudden you want to take not only that, there is only one exception. I don’t know why, but Congressman Patman was also against the powerful, he is the only one who survived at old age. On the other hand, to conclude and there are many more I don’t want to give you a longer list, but to conclude, ask yourself how many friends there are many at the Federal Reserve, the bankers have a lot more friends than they have enemies right now.

Jeff- Yeah.

Moti- And in Congress, I mean, most of Congress, for example, I talked about Felix before the muckraker. It talked about the truism of the Senate in 1906. So a lot of them wealth traders, most of the senators, and now they’re not working for us now, working for Rockefeller.

Jeff- And that right for the banks.

Moti- How many of them how many of them have mysteriously died in a plane crash? Not all of not a one or two. Even though they are a great deal more so, statistically speaking, there is no question it cannot be. So I think we have established, at least to my satisfaction, I hope you’ll still that these guys are murderers. They are willing to do anything to eliminate the opposition. And the question then arises, why? Well, the reason is because they’re are sitting on a on a biggest fraud in history.

They are sitting on the banks and the consulate as they exist today and simply fraud that based they have a golden goose. But it’s actually the analogy just occurred to me, it’s a very good analogy just to give the framework of what’s going on. They are sitting on a golden goose that every day. But it’s a very, very good, gigantic golden goose that every day can lay an egg, a golden egg, one-ton one time of gold. Now, imagine that that I mean, we are talking about not sense, but imagine that that’s real possible that I had a golden goose every day could me one time.

I want to know what will happen. And let’s say we have a system of let’s say we have a system of the monetary currency is gold. Now, if I get every day one ton of gold, what will happen to you Gold and to everybody else’s gold? They lose they lose value every day because there is a lot more gold going out there. So as I as my golden goose lays a ton of gold every day, you the gold in you underground vault, let’s say you have 10 coin every inflation, every day.

Jeff- It’s losing its losing its value.

Moti- So that’s what but it’s much more complicated and much more complicated. But and we’ll go through it now if you want. But that is the that is why they are willing to they are protecting the world. But I believe with people like James Corbett and Professor Quigley was I forgot the name of the book. I believe the gold is not money. It’s a mistake to believe because they have so much money. I don’t know. I don’t know they have trillions. I think the Rockefeller and the Warchild, I don’t know.

But they have been accumulating. So it’s not money. The gold is entirely different. The gold is the same old gold of Alexander the Great, the same old gold goal of all the dictators of Hitler they want to gain total control and the money and all the scams and Ameridose saving. That plan of gaining total control, unless we stop them, it’s not going to be very clever going man.

Jeff- Well, I think this has been a problem not just in modern history, but, you know, you know, Jesus, Jesus Christ, you know, turned over the lender’s tables, you know, the banker’s tables in the temples. And he was assassinated. He was killed shortly thereafter. So bank and bank, bank, you know, crooked banks, which is kind of a, which is kind of a tautology. But, you know, crooked banks have been around, I think probably since the invention of money. Can you can you go ahead and explain to us a little bit about how these bankers do it using the fractional reserve system?

Moti- Yeah, OK, they are using the fractional reserve system that first of all. I want to say that you are absolutely right about Jesus and that I think what load on demand is sweeping down the centuries that these people have been our enemies all along. But in the in the 17th century, they came out with a fantastic, fantastic I mean, it just it’s so brilliant and so simple and so beyond most people’s comprehension, a fantastic system and maybe to introduce that system.

Maybe I should, I should. Let’s take the example I gave in the paper that you are familiar with by now. Let’s imagine an island, OK? And let’s imagine a planet away from humanity, someplace away from the solar system. We are science fiction and we have the planet and the planet is one hundred and one people are citizens. And when we when we began it, just like Hunter-Gatherer, societies like normal societies, more or less income distribution is equal in, you know, the federation in Hunter-Gatherer societies, usually people well, some people made a little bit more than the others.

But basically in small societies, throughout most of human history, there was income inequality. So we have income inequality and everybody has a house. And that planet and each of a one hundred citizen of the house, each one at ten thousand dollars. We call it Dollar, if all we have. OK, that’s how we. And until then, fractional reserve system is not allowed. This island is clever and they know that that will bring the end of everything. So they do not.

But one day, for some reason, just like in the United States, some people, you know, the banker is a very good demagogy and somehow we in the assembly convince them, hey, let’s just go for a fractional reserve system. So let’s say they don’t understand what they think, the very intelligent, but they are not economist. So they agreed to it and now begins the scandal now to give to continue with the example, one of the citizens, let’s call it Jeff and Jeff, now goes to the bank and all of them have the money, OK?

Each one at ten thousand dollars. All of them keep the money in with the banker, with the fractional reserve guy. And we need money, they just they need to give money to each other. They just write checks now. They are Jeff goes to the banker, and he needs now a loan to develop an invention of his. So the bankers said, no problem, I’m going to write you a check for three hundred thousand dollars. OK, I’m going to check Natsuki. Where does the money come from?

The money comes from simply by the bank creates the money when you write a check, when you bank in the United States or China, when they write you a check, they don’t write it on money that they have. They simply create the money into existence. This is the key point. That’s also the analogy of the goldsmith, that you create money and put it in circulation. So the three hundred thousand, you write a check. Everybody except bankers has a good reputation as an honest man.

So if a check from the bank is accepted everywhere, so you write a check to Jeff for three hundred thousand dollars, not something dramatically has changed. Yunnan. Now, instead of the island, the money supply is million dollars. Now we all of a magically we have now one million three hundred thousand. That’s exactly. Ok, now, so people would listen, I would say, so what? Here is what happens now. Let’s say Jeff keeps the money for five years and everything works, OK.

And now Jeff takes the three hundred thousand, and gives it back to the bank, the banker now fills out the check and the money supply, Ireland goes back to one million dollars or one million and a ten thousand dollars. So the bank could so rheumatic that by itself sends shock to the money supply. But we are not into that right now. But what happens is the bank doesn’t give it to him for free. On another, each charges interest.

Jeff- Of course,

Moti- Of course, over five years, let’s say charging a ten thousand dollars. So two percent, a very, very small interest is very generous is out by bank. That is really a nice bank. So 10000 or 11000 because it’s compounding. So now, Jeff has to pay the bank interest of eleven thousand, but the money supply, remember that they had to cancel the money supply in the island did not change.

Where is the money coming from? It’s coming from its coming from the islanders. So now, if you look at the total situation now, you can clearly show that the banker now has four percent of the total money of the island and the islanders who before had ninety nine percent. Now they owe a little bit less than ninety nine. Now they have ninety six. This is just one transaction you can show mathematically. That if you continue with that system, eventually the islands, all of them will become beggars and the bankers will have all the money and all the power to because with money power.

You will then corrupt everybody and even corrupt the media. It will corrupt politicians. And that will be unless the island islanders revolt, that will be the end of that island. Now, what happens in our contemporary system is exactly the same thing. It started in England and 1694. And they instead of the basic idea was instead of the government creating paper currencies, the government has to go to the central bank.

Jeff- Yeah, which is private,

Moti- Which is private, I mean, this is defies belief. The government has to go to the central bank and ask them, would you kindly print some money for the banks? Sure, why not? They print the money and then the government has to pay interest. We go to the government. We have to pay interest to the central bank on the money instead of us creating the money, we have to pay them the interest. And eventually, of course, he go through everything. And that’s the key to understanding that the studying, how the system works, how abilities and remember, in the paper I gave you. I gave you many, many quotations.

Jeff- Oh, yeah, it’s a really fabulous, wonderful resource for quotations.

Moti- Yes. And what have in all of them like reactant? All of them are telling us. Watch out you are, that if, that’s the issue, that the key issue that is facing you, you’ve got to do something about it, that either you kill the bank, the private bank, you print your money or you even gold or silver or whatever it is. But you’ve got to cancel that monopoly, because if you don’t, if you don’t, you will become a, quote, Jeffersonian, you become I forgot exactly quotations, but you become slaves in the country that you ancestors conquered. It over and over and over. Charles Lindbergh, all of them are telling us that the biggest the most crooked scam in history.

And now that scam has been going on for the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not the first scam, but it was the being either private banks. It started in Hamilton or the revolution, the revolution. There was the conflict and it was about the conflict, the famous conflict. It’s not very clear to people that work between the private bank of the United States, the bankers, the Rothschild’s wanting a private bank, and Jefferson standing for people and wanting a public bank. And it’s going on. So now, now we have we have a hundred and two years, we have more because there have been other it’s been intermittent but.

Jeff- Since 1913.

Moti- And we can just one way of looking at it is to ask how did they accomplish what happened to us in the last in the last and should go down. If you want, we can just go down the list.

Jeff- Yeah. Yeah, you mentioned that. You mentioned in your article, your essay, that one of there, the justification, you know, for Woodrow Wilson. You know, signing the Federal Reserve Act into law was that the Federal Reserve, the central bank, which is essentially private bankers, printing money for the U.S. government and then loaning the money to the U.S. government at interest rates, that they would control inflation, lower unemployment and reduce poverty. But as you showed in your article, you know, you know, graphically with, you know, graphs and etc. that it was it’s been the exact opposite. You want to go into some detail there.

Moti- Yeah, OK, first of all, as you say, the one mandate of that, I mean, the whole thing, of course, we have to understand that, you know, whatever they are telling unstated goals, it’s nonsense. It is a private cartel that is after our money and after our liberties. Of course, they don’t mean a word. They’ll take out professional in addition to being conditions will be scandals and they are liars so, but supposedly. But if we can just go through the record and say what happened to us, everybody knows the situation is not as good as it used to be, but we can go down the line and see the record.

I saw inflation. Inflation, you can just people can go later post the article and they can buy or they can go on and on and find out what happens, inflation, it was pretty good, pretty good before they were created and then it just went, and it become much worse after 1930. And you can ask yourself, so what do I kill again? People don’t realize that inflation is really theft. It’s a tax because when they create money. And so the money that you have, let’s say you have ten thousand dollars or whatever it is.

So if they have 10 percent inflation in one year, you lost they stole from you Ten thousand dollars. So with high inflation. So, yes, they promise inflation and they reneged on that promise. The second promise was unemployment, that, again, to keep to keep the people employed. And yet, as we all know now and again now, lives by excellence. They are telling I mean, this is so embarrassing, really. They are telling us that I don’t know what the cheating figure is telling us that unemployment is something like five percent, six percent.

Jeff- So we know that’s a joke.

Moti- That’s a joke. The guy they even statisticians and, you know, it’s saying the Israeli thing lies, then lies and statistics. And that’s exactly what the one guy his name is John Williams.  And he published

Jeff- Shadow Stats.

Moti- Yeah. And he publishes that’s just one man publishing the truth. It’s just so, so embarrassing. But he says it’s funny. People said recently, a couple of days ago, even Donald Trump I’m not saying endorsing him anything by a long shot, but even him, you know, I mean, he’s a little bit out of it.

And he says, it could be 40 percent. OK, so that’s certainly closer to the truth than the six percent unemployment, interest rates, interest rates, that’s another mandate of the of the Federal Reserve. And that’s important because to keep the economy and our lives stable, we have to have more or less stable interest rates, because before they were created, it was pretty stable. Again, we can in this conversation, we can show the child. But it became we all remember in the 1980s during Reagan, I think you would remember.

Jeff- Oh, Absolutely.

Moti- Yes. Sky high. And it really brought the economy almost to a standstill. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, now we have a very abnormal situation of zero interest rates, it’s never happened before it I don’t know in history and it’s, of course, zero interest rates, not for you or me. When we want to get funding from the bank.

Jeff- Yeah, yeah.

Moti- We have to pay credit. I’m paying now. I’m stuck with my credit card and not much choice. And I forgot what I’m paying for something. So it’s not for us, but for them. And it’s at the discount rate that the Federal Reserve gives to Banksters. It’s zero.

Jeff- And when you throw in inflation, it’s really negative interest rates.

Moti- Exactly. And that and that. And that is, again, a gift of the Fed destabilizing the system. And they are doing it in another way because they have no choice, as they claim, or because their hands are tied and sites like zero that are partially telling the truth. No, they are doing it deliberately. That is the tactic. The tactic is to create booms and busts and eventually into chaos.

And with chaos, they can get more power just like they can get. So we have we have inflation, unemployment, interest rates. The record is abysmal. And that is not under control. That’s simply the reality. Everybody can go look at the real child and see that they are extremely unsuccessful while the failing they are failing because they are not they are not there to the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England.

They are not there to accomplish the goals that they need to siphon money to transfer money from us to them and then to enslave us. That is the goal. Clearly. What’s going on? Let’s go continue with poverty and income inequality. Poverty, food, food stamps, I mean, it was never so high, income equality, homelessness clearly.

Jeff- It has never been so bad.

Moti- Yeah, we are back to the Great Depression, even though they say they are talking about recovery. It’s just such an outrageous lie talking about recovery. The situation is it’s not very good. It’s true that it’s not as bad as the Great Depression where people are starving. In the Great Depression, which they also caused. And they it in that case, people like Milton Friedman, Bernanke admit that they caused the Great Depression. But they don’t admit, of course, is that they deliberately the Federal Reserve deliberately caused.

Jeff– Yeah.

Moti- Great Depression. They don’t want all the friends get out of the stock market. We are tightening their money supply. And they knew it was coming and it was all planned, incidentally, according to one Russian statistician. During the Great Depression, seven million people died, seven million Americans die of starvation. I cannot vouch for that figure, but I looked at the census and of course, it’s not in any American textbooks, but it was. But we know it was a period of great suffering. We all remember people in a soup lines and so on. So who caused it?

The Federal Reserve. So clearly, poverty is one of the reasons. Next is income tax. OK. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the income tax was instituted in 1913, and it’s not coincidence. That’s part that’s part of the scheme that was in the creation of the Bank of England. That was one of the conditions you will tax the people to pay us. So it’s not just an abstraction we are paying. We in 1912, nobody paid federal taxes. Somehow the federal government managed to survive. We are paying. Because we have to pay the interest on the on the…

Jeff- On the money borrowed from the private banks.

Moti- Exactly. So and then OK, so that you have that part of the record, we have to look, it’s very important to realize that that scabbed is fractional reserve scam. What it cost us over a century, we’ve lost the country. Next is the gold heist’s. Once upon a time, the American people had gold. The bankers told FDR Franklin who’s the confiscated? He did.

Jeff- That was1934?

Moti- So I don’t know.

Jeff- They had that law where you had to turn it. You had to turn in all of your gold. We you could keep was coins so you could no longer keep bouillon in private hands. And they bought it for 20 dollars. I think it was 20 dollars an ounce and then turned around and said it was worth 35.

Moti- Exactly that what I can’t work out maybe 60 percent less if you stole the money. But that’s not the end of it. That’s all, because later on in the 1970s, that many indications, many indication that the entire OK, so put it in Fort Knox. And then there are many indications, many thought that that money was stolen by guess the Walkersville, that Fort Knox, according to these reports, was stolen.

And I believe it. And I’ll tell you why. I don’t know. Of course, you cannot be sure. But again, the Federal Reserve Bank of Rockefeller, through all the Federal Reserve, stole that gold. How why, I suspect is the truth. Because one of the secretaries, one of the secretaries destroyed that they stole the gold in the mainstream media. And it was then found out that the lady is a Rockefeller secretary. She has been a secretary for them for 30 years, but she finally was the good soul and she was just outraged by that. I mean, can you imagine? Stealing.

Jeff- Stealing the people’s gold.

Moti- And, oh, yeah, I mean, it’s so awful. And guess what happened to that lady Ashley later?

Jeff- She died.

Moti- She jumped from the 10th floor three days later. Yeah, that’s the way the work. I mean, and then.

Jeff- And then. And then they come out with letters posthumously where she wrote how she was depressed and not feeling good. That’s always the always the standard. You know, they get to cover it up again.

Moti- I mean, you just I mean they don’t even have any three days later, OK, you don’t. And they have a license to kill nothing. They always have nothing, nothing happened. And to continue with a gold heist. A lot of countries like Germany like Netherlands and so on put gold in the federal for safety.

Jeff- After World War Two,

Moti- After World War Two. And guess what? Germany, for example, asked, please, can we have more gold? Germany officially has I think they think they can collect.

Jeff- Nine hundred metric tons that supposedly the Federal Reserve and they and they can’t get their hands on it.

Moti- No. And they gave them a little bit but said, well, we may give it to you over seven years and over seven years if we have Gold and Well, please, can we see the gold? The Germans are saying, please, please, Mr. Bankers, can we see we don’t want. No, no, no, we cannot. It’s just too complicated that we are not going.

Jeff- And then. And then what Moti what little gold they have gotten back instead of the original ingots that they that’s a German federal banks. Deutsche Bank actually I’m sorry, Bundesbank, the Bundesbank put in in the Federal in the United States gold vaults. What little they have gotten back has come back with no stamps on it. And it’s obviously been mixed and re-melted. And now they don’t know whether that gold they got back is, you know, is blood gold, you know, from Africa, you know, that, you know, has been illegally imported is just an absolute fiasco.

Moti- Absolutely that that’s true. That they that’s another indication that something is and look even at our own goal, somebody like it has to be audited and somebody like Paul has been trying to please show us it’s our goal. Let’s see if they refused to do it.

Jeff- There has been one since 1957 was the last audit.

Moti- OK. If you imagine, I mean, the audacity of these people. So, OK, so we have the gold and then we have the national debt. We all feel the time about national debt according to if I am not wrong and I’m not qualified on that point. But according to somebody like Alan Brown in the Web of Debt, a book already wants to understand what’s going on. I strongly recommend a web of debt

Jeff- By Alan Brown.

Moti-By Alan Brown. Yes. And I got into a comment talking about the national debt. It’s not necessarily about the national debt. It’s totally unnecessary. We can if we if we print our money, which is our proposal, and there are other ways it could possibly we can go back to silver and gold. I don’t know which one is better, but certainly the government takes over the issuing and coining of currency as Kennedy wanted, as Jefferson wanted, as if Jackson wanted.

If we just take over that, we can to eliminate the national debt. But let’s just clarify to what happen again. We are seeing a trajectory of ever since Jackson, Jackson eliminates the national debt, ever since it’s been going and going and going and going exponentially. Now we have the liars are telling us, know what? It is officially 18 billion, 18 trillion.

Jeff- It it’s yeah, it’s closer to two hundred when you take in all the future obligations and

Moti- Exactly the real debt and they are immersing professor. But he’s telling the truth. His name is Kotlikoff. I forgot his University phone, but you have many interviews and you keep saying that is a lie. That is a lie that we actually two hundred trillion. And how did it happen? How did we get into that awful position? Well, you know, the culprit is the private bank, and that money is now sitting in the offshore accounts. That money is now sitting in the gold vault someplace. It’s not that we just owe it. It went someplace. It’s stealing from us. And they’ve got it.

The next scam, I mean, this is really a list, the fact that they can get away with the fact that these people can not only get away with murder, but get away with such an obvious scam. It’s also. The next scam is bail out. We know that we gave Ptarmigan. How I mean, there are so many of them, I mean, and it’s been going on those results is Ed Griffin, the creature of Jekyll Island creature from Jekyll Island. It’s another it’s available online.

It’s another book that the creature from the island being. And again, it talks about in great detail, it’s a scam. They are telling us that too big to fail the banks now or central or whatever it is, it’s simply a scam. They’ll simply transferring. It’s another way they fail to gather or whatever they do and then simply take our money and stuff it into the pockets. And they even the mainstream in Rolling Stone, the guy by the name of Matt Taibbi

Jeff- Matt Taibbi, he’s really good.

Moti- Yes, very good, very good as he has to be is constraining what he is allowed to say. Not allowed to say, but he’s allowed to tell you that it is just everything is rigged and that the bailout is just and who is sitting the committee that the Federal Reserve Committee that decides who will get the bailout? Well, according to him, the head of JP Morgan, Dimon is the nominal head, the head. The real head is somebody else. But the nominal head is sitting there where the federal is part of the Federal Reserve, deciding whether to give to give it.

Jeff- To give himself money.

Moti- Exactly. Exactly. I mean, this is so, so outrageous. That’s why people like McFarren, like Charles Lindbergh, the Congressman Lindbergh and so on, they were so outraged. OK, it’s in your face. It’s sunshine and it’s not a little 50 percent of the oil.

Jeff- There was there was there was the savings and loan bailout that was 500 billion in 1980s dollars. And then there was Bush’s TARP. Remember that after the economic implosion. And that was 700 or 800 billion. And that was just a warm up. Now we have, you know, quantitative easing and, you know, they’re printing 80, 80 billion dollars a month now, you know, to turn around and hand to the banks who use it to buy stocks, to pump up the stock market. And it just is just total, total lunacy.

Moti- And it’s all money. Can you imagine if they gave each family that money? Will be. Can you imagine what we’ll have a long time ago? Simply if its people don’t revolt immediately because they’re not in the city. But, oh, hey, we are every day. We are getting every day we’re getting sixty tons every day. Dipo,

Jeff- 16 tons and deeper in debt.

Moti- Yeah. Nothing like that. Every day people in debt like, like we have now a small coal town as well. The United States, the entire world is a company that’s getting deeper and deeper.

Jeff- Well, now, Moti, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here, because we are talking about the Western world. I’d like to point out to our listeners that until 1974, Canada Canada’s National Bank, National Treasury actually printed its own money and they finally fell under the heavy hand of the American banks and switched over to having private banks loaned money to the Canadians. So that was a Western country that actually had who actually printed their own money till 1974.

I’d also like to point out that China, Brazil, Russia and many other countries do not use the Western, you know, you know, Federal Reserve type banking or central bank type reserve system. And, you know, you just look at what’s happening in China. Yes, they have lots of problems, but they’re not they’re not paying. And yes, they have debt, but they are not paying interest on that debt.

And because the People’s Bank of China prints its own money and manages its own affairs and in fact, there are no private banks in China. They’re all they’re all owned by the people. They’re all state owned. And, you know, you look at the economic performance of China, even going back to 1949, you know, with liberation and kicking out all the Western banks and kicking out all the colonialists and the and the exploitive capitalists. And China has far outperformed the West since 1949 and up until today. And they don’t they don’t they don’t have private banks.

Moti- That’s a very good point. And before we continue, we need to address is it. The Canadian story. It was also in Australia for a while. It’s wonderful and it’s a key it’s a necessary condition for prosperity, really, to the government owns the bank and does not pay interest to the bank. Now, as far as China and, you know, for me, it’s one of the key questions. Who controls the Chinese National Bank and who controlled the Bank of Russia? And it’s a key question that I’ve been trying to find out for quite some time, and I’m not entirely sure. For example, I’ll give you I’m more familiar with a great deal more about China than I do.

I a little bit more familiar with Russian culture and with the Russian political situation. And I was reading today, and it’s very important to me to find out because if Russia is under American bankers, then all the brouhaha about standing up to the United States means nothing. They already under the control of the United States. So the question is, could all control the same people the United States is not a sovereign country, is under the control of the international bank located in the city of London, in the financial center in London and in Wall Street.

Jeff- Wall Street.

Moti- So the question the question for me, and I cannot if you know that Russia is very happy to hear it, but let me just give you again, devil’s advocate out of view. I was reading just today, there is a brilliant Russian guy is, I think, an adviser to President Putin. Very important and they keep quoting him all the time and he’s a top notch intellectual. What you know, it’s just a pleasure to read occasionally when translated to hear what he says. And he also looks I mean, I’ve seen it several times giving speeches and he looks slightly different. I don’t know if that means something or not.

Jeff- Yeah, I know you’re talking. What is his name is Episcopacy. I can’t remember his name.

Moti- Segi Glazyev.

Jeff- Yeah, Glazyev, I’ve seen some of his videos translated into English. He’s really a fascinating character.

Moti- Yeah. Now you put today a proposal to the Russian government. I forgot the official cut today. You look it up when we all go. But really, I got and I just I had to prepare for the talks. I didn’t have time to read carefully. But I did look at one thing that it’s basically how to save Russia? How to save Russia as an independent country because Russia and China under the most surreal look, for example, the bombing China today, it’s not random. It’s not just a couple of terrorists. It’s being orchestrated. Some oil.

Jeff- Absolutely.

Moti- Absolutely. And the Chinese chemical, I don’t know three chemical factories.

Jeff- Yeah, that’s Tianjin. Hebei etc.

Moti- Yeah. So what he said, what this guy said and somebody else, also another Russian intellectual keep saying if the Bank of Russia is actually owned by the Americans, by the bankers of Wall Street and that the Bank of Russia is actually, for example, by raising it. So it’s something let’s leave it let’s leave it for our listeners to figure out. It’s one of the biggest questions, maybe the biggest question that’s facing the world now, because if the Bank of Russia, the Bank of China, because of all the power that they have, actually belong to the same people that owned the Bank of England in the Bank of the United States, Bank of Germany and the Bank of Australia, the bank of Canada. If that’s the case, then all the fight is about nothing. So it’s a very important question. And if you are sure, are you sure that it’s actually the Bank of China is totally controlled by the by the government, by the Chinese government?

Jeff- Well, Moti, you know, I can’t say for I can’t say for Russia. I mean, Russia’s had a lot more association with Europe through the centuries. Plus, you know, they were absolutely sodomized, you know, during the nineties with Yeltsin and the selloff of state assets to the criminal, you know, oligarchs and so I really can’t say for Russia. I can say that having lived here for a total of 12 years, I do not think that the Bank People’s Bank of China or the banking system is under the control of the Western banking mafia. You really have to go back into Chinese, you know, modern Chinese history.

If have to remember that in 1949, Mao cleaned house over here. He kicked out every comprador. He kicked out every Western bank. He kicked out every Western company. He kicked out every Western capitalist. And all the Chinese comprador, who were in support of the Western colonial system either accepted China’s communist revolution or they were shot. And if they resist, if they if they were defiant, they were shot. And you have to remember that from 1949 until the 1970s, the West treated China just like it did Cuba and North Korea.

China was completely, virtually completely shut off from the international banking community, the international, you know, international commerce outside of ComiCon, you know, with the, with their fellow communist countries. And today, you know, there are no others, maybe one or two. You know, I know they’re trying to open up some small ones, but essentially China’s banking system is 100 percent owned by the government of China. Four of the top ten banks in the world are Chinese and they’re all state owned. The largest bank in the world, ICBC is government owned.

I really you know, and just their, the way they reacts, the way they the banks. They’re not doing the banks any favors. I mean, if the banks have to take a hicky. If it means maintaining stability, if it means, you know, maintaining jobs, etc., the Communist Party over here does not hesitate to tell the banks what they have to do and what not to do. And the banks comply because they are owned by the very same said government. So all these stories I mean, I read these stories about, you know, the White Dragon family and all these Chinese people.

Moti- I’m talking about a white dragon. I’m talking about Rockefeller.

Jeff- Well, but I’m just saying. But, you know, all these like, you know, and that they own the you know, and that Mao was nominated to be the editor of a paper at the Yale University, you know, and they’re just closet, you know, closet capitalists. It just does not add up over here and I just don’t see it. And you’re probably right.

Moti- I look it up a bit more careful.

Jeff- Russia like Russia, I can’t I can’t say. But for China, the way they the way they, you know, ignoring the West and taking care of business at home and taking care of their people at home and making sure that there’s stability and there’s not, you know, social unrest and, you know, mass poverty.

Nobody over, you know, they admit they’ve got 90, you know, 90 million really, really, seriously poor people that they’re trying to bring out of poverty by 2030. But, you know, people aren’t getting kicked out of their houses over here. People aren’t. You know, it’s just it’s like it’s like a parallel universe over here compared to Europe and the United States.

Moti- Now, Jeff, you speak Chinese and you can read Chinese.

Jeff- Yes, yes.

Moti- In what memory? You’re right there in the belly of the beast. Maybe you can make a few inquiries, which should be very simple to find out. I mean, from the Chinese sources, for example, is the Bank of China. I tend to agree with you. I’m very delighted that situation and that would also explain the phenomenal Chinese growth rate.

I mean, obviously, that they don’t have to paint us to the banks, by the way, to find out. The key question is. Does the Bank of China print money if it’s owned by private capital, the Rockefeller Watch? I don’t have anything to do with it that they print money and then loan it to the government or does the government itself?

Jeff- Oh, no, no, no. The government prints its own money. The People’s Bank of China presents it owns the Mint. But that’s true in Brazil. It’s true in Russia. There are actually quite a few countries I’m not sure about India with its legacy, with its British legacy. But I do know that China, Russia and Brazil, you know, the BRICS are do not borrow money from private banks, that they print their own money.

Moti- Ok, we need to we need to a way for me a very quick question. And I look it up a little bit more carefully. I tried and I get conflicting. Some people will share your view, but some people say no, some people you hear occasionally some statement I don’t know that are only four or five banks that are not yet controlled by the banking families. And they don’t.  These people who claim that don’t mention China, depending on how well.

Jeff- They don’t want to admit that that that’s the world’s largest banking system is completely owned by the state. And that’s why it’s a state and that the state is run by the Communist Party of China.

Moti- Ok, so shall we go back to our list of clients of the Federal Reserve?

Jeff- Absolutely.

Moti- We are out of time. You want to continue for a few more minutes?

Jeff- Well, we’ve talked for about an hour and 10 minutes.

Moti- Ok, it’s up to you. Do you want to continue? Why don’t I just summarize very quickly?

Jeff- Yeah, I think I think I think we’ve really I think we really I think you’ve done a great job of spell it out. And I think this will be a very informative and fascinating and educational interview for our listeners out there. And I think it’s just been terrific. I’m pleased to wrap it up. And I can’t wait to get this thing posted on 44 days dot net.

Moti- Ok, let me just mention there are a few other events to  Inflation, unemployment, the boom and bust cycle, the Great Depression, what we had the bubbles, also the Federal Reserve, all markets, as Matt Taibbi is saying, or markets are. That’s also the Federal Reserve, the bank of Walls. That’s another, you realize that 1986 in perpetual wealth were invent enemies. Why? Because they are making money out of all that. All of us.

Jeff- Absolutely.

Moti- And in the process, it’s always these bankers accelerate. So now we are fighting all the time against an imaginary enemy. So then we have the rural drugs. It’s also the cartel is heavily involved, for example, and it’s in the news. For example, one of the bank

Jeff- Laundering Money

Moti- Shanghai H. S

Jeff- HSBC. Yeah.

Moti- Right. They involved in laundering. We are supporting two sides of the rural drugs. And if somebody tries to point out that, for example, Afghanistan, the production, we are controlling that country now, the Bank of Control of Everything went up by God bold.

And if somebody tries to again, the story of Gary Webb, who died, wrote the book Dall Alliance and what the series of articles in mainstream press and of course

Jeff- San Jose Mercury News.

Moti- Yes, exactly. And exposing that situation. And guess what happened?

Jeff- He unbelievably committed suicide.

Moti- And I think committed suicide. And he shot himself in the head.

Jeff- Twice.

Moti- He shot himself in the neck. Next, next, next achievement is world conquest, that you can just go and consult John Perkins, how the IMF and the World Bank are operating, how they are impoverishing the entire world.

Jeff- Confessions of an economic hit man. I just read it recently. It’s really revealing.

Moti- Exactly. And in my article, you don’t have to read all book in my article. If somebody looks it up, I’m going to give you a reference to a talk with John Perkins, 15 minutes. That is in some ways better than the book because it just summarizes it all. So you have world conquest, really. Then you have then you have another record of this. You have something like civil forfeiture. OK, we’re now in broad daylight. They are stealing billions, I mean, billions of dollars from Americans traveling abroad.

That’s incredible. Next you have next you have a police state. I mean, this is just I mean, how many how many people get killed? Every how many people are incarcerated in the United States? If they are saying that China is not a free country, China, that China with four times the population has less prisoner. How many people I mean, you see, for example, the Occupy movement abilities. I just can’t believe I can’t believe that the United States I mean, they are planning on murdering those people.

And the banks were directly the banks, the Federal Reserve, the FBI, and now they are shameless, according to the mainstream press, even looking up its bankopedia otherwise called Wikipedia. Even they admit it that the Federal Reserve has been involved in targeting. And then you have another price we pay for the banking cartel is the war on truth. We talked about it already. So we do have to continue. But they are lying to us about everything. Everything is lie, the unemployment rate its lie, the gold in Fort Knox is a lie. Everything, everything,

Jeff- And the inflation rate,

Moti- Inflation in Russia

Jeff- Debt levels.

Moti- I think that Vladimir Putin is. One of the nicest forgets about this human being, you look at him again and it’s just it just it tries to do honestly try to do super. You look at the records of what that guy has done to the Russia is disaster.

Jeff- It’s unbelievable.

Moti- And how did they you know then calling him Hitler, but that’s the way it is. It’s they declare that it’s over and they declare war on truth. So that’s another casualty of war. And then you have and then you have what James Corbett called Rockefeller Medicine. They declare a war on our health. And just to give you one, it was a takeover. You can anybody accept James Corbett report. You can look at the episode called the Rockefeller Medicine. If it’s not to you, it will be shocking.

Just to give you one example. One example is Spaniard’s leave 80 Thiele’s Americans live. Life expectancy is seventy nine, four years difference. It’s a huge difference. And yet Americans spend three and a half times more in Spain or Switzerland for getting such lousy results. What’s going on? Well, it’s Rockefeller medicine. It’s the same people who killed Kennedy.

It’s the same people who bought us inflation. They are the ones who bought us also chemotherapy and a short life situation. So that’s another record of these people. And the last item I wanted to mention, and maybe it’s the wars and we talk about it before. And that is the state of the environment, and that is the one unforgivable sin. We can recover from Inflation and we can recover, I mean, humanity as a whole then recover, but we cannot recover if we destroyed the.

Jeff- Ecosystem, yeah.

Moti- Ecosystem, the biological and physical foundations of life itself and the bankers are busy I mean forget about the slogan. They are busy in doing it to the point where a lot of a lot of ecologists and lot of ecology are saying, hey, it’s as we talked about before, game over. So in summary, I’m ready for summary. In summary, the creation of the private cartel, the Bank of England, the federal them and whatever the branches are. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest disaster in human history.

If we want to succeed, if we want to get a better world. That is where we have to begin. We have got to follow the recommendations of so many people like Kennedy, like Jackson, President Kennedy, Jackson, Lincoln, so many intellectuals have been telling us over and over and over again, you’ve got to stop that scam. Nobody will want to take any price. It takes because if not, they are going to they are taking us all down, fails to road slavery and then to a world of nonexistence.

These are that is what that meant when he said that then to road of nonexistence. That has to be the people versus the bank and each one of us, the ones most people are sleep, but one of us who are awake, who know what’s going on, we have a moral choice. Are we going to fight them as you are trying to do or are we going to let them get away? Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff- Well, thank you, Moti, and we will continue to get together and have these wonderful conversations and try to come up with some ways, as you say, your revolutionary tool kit and trying to do this without, you know, killing millions of people in the process, you know, with violence. And let’s just keep talking, keep thinking, keep visualizing and keep dreaming and we’ll talk again soon and try to come up with some more ideas and to add to your evolutionary toolkit. And we can’t wait to see it in book form.

Moti- Ok, thank you.

Jeff- So, Dr. Moti Nissani in Patagonia, Argentina, this is Jeff J. Brown in Beijing, China, 44 days radio Sinoland signing out, and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Moti, now I’ve got to tell you, with this new with this new Facebook thing, it’s not automatic, like the Skype thing that turns on automatically. So the first five minutes, I didn’t realize was not turned on. So I’m going to have to go back know because I’m so used to the Skype one turns on when the Skype call starts automatically, this one didn’t.

And so now I need to go back and listen to it. And can you hang on for about another 10 or 15 minutes and let me listen to see where we came in. And then also and then I’ll tell you what we have to what we have to repay. It’s not much. It’s about, you know, hi, how are you doing? And you had just gotten started and I realized that it was talking.

Moti- How much time, Jeff? How much time do you need to find out?

Jeff- Ok, can you give me 15, 20 minutes?

Moti- It’s excellent because it’s excellent. I tell you why. Because it just getting to be dusk here and I’ve got through with animals in. So it gives me enough time. I’m not going to be on a computer for the next twenty minutes and then give yourself twenty minutes. Half an hour. It’s important.


Moti- Then I’ll be back and we can and then you can just figure out what you do,

Jeff- What we need to repeat.

Moti-But most of the conversation you have.

Jeff- Oh at 95, 98 percent of it.

Moti-Perfect. OK, so I’m going out and putting the lambs all twenty one of them.

Jeff- All right. I’ll talk to you in about 30 minutes.

Moti-OK, bye

Jeff- Bye. Thank you.


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