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Looking at China through a lens, clearly. By Dr. Moti Nissani, Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University

    For a long time, I have been trying to satisfy my curiosity about China. I read as much as I could—in English and Spanish. I attended a scientific conference in Beijing, and although my Chinese colleagues were happy enough to talk about science, they were disinclined to talk about politics. I read Chinese…

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Russian Phoenix: Hope or Illusion? Are Both Russian & US Criminal Gangs Competing for Turf? 16.2.3

  The post-USSR Russian coat of arms and flag. Is it just a coincidence that the two-headed eagle looks like a phoenix, rising from the ashes? (Image by battlebrotherhood.com)   Author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown, of China Rising Radio Sinoland, is again honored to have on his show, Dr. Moti Nissani, who researches…

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Dr. Moti Nissani’s Interview on 44 Days Radio Sinoland- The Bank Cartel’s Death Spiral for Humanity 15.10.1

  Other than Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson was the only American leader who took on the Western banking families and their cartel, and not have his lifespan shortened. Can’t say that about Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Roosevelt, Huey Long, Kennedy and so many thousands more across history, going back to Jesus Christ taking on the temple…

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Moti Nissani, 44 Days Radio Sinoland Interview Part 2. Direct Democracy or Extinction- 2015.7.5

  Join Jeff J. Brown in Beijing for his 44 Days Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at home and around the world – information you almost never see and hear behind the Great Western Firewall. China is way too important to not have an insider’s perspective on how its leaders…

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