What is the Chinese people’s secret ingredient to their never-ending success? It’s staring you in the face, but I bet you can’t see it. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220219


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Euranglolanders tried every which way to destroy the success of Beijing’s 2008 Olympics and failed. The West is even more desperate to ruin this year’s version, and again embarrassed itself.


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The second Beijing Olympics 2022, the first being in 2008, again prove that the rest of the world struggles to match the Chinese Nation and its 1.4 billion citizens.

I’m not just talking about high-tech, which I tried to keep up with for 1.5 years, by doing short video reports called China Tech News Flash!


It was a blast and a half, pardon the pun, since I was able to use innovation and invention to show friends, fans and followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland (CRRS) how China functions economically, governmentally, scientifically and militarily. After more than 100 videos, I realized it would be a full-time job just to keep up with China’s tech progress, so I am maintaining a hyperlink library that you can check on a regular basis for the latest news,

I can’t keep up! Baba Beijing and the Chinese Nation are so unstoppably prolific with High-Tech, innovation, invention, infrastructure, space and military, that I’ve created a hyperlink library – growing every day – which you can access 24/7. Enjoy and learn. China Tech News Flash! 210921,


I note the most recent date when I add news, so you can keep track. Even maintaining this library takes time to glean the internet to find relevant news and then post.

As well, outside high-tech, it is dizzying and impossible to keep up with all the amazing, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet progress China has been making since communist liberation in 1949, accelerating as I write. Be it Sino-society, culture, government, administration, commerce and services, quality of life factors are rapidly challenging in more and more Chinese communities – and in many cases outstripping Eurangloland (NATO, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel).

My wife and I recently lived and worked in Beijing for 13 years and three in Shenzhen; one year in Chiang Mai, Thailand and now one and a half in France. To be honest, comparing Paris to our two Chinese cities is not that hard and I’m sorry we ever left both countries. Infrastructure in France is barely hanging on and in slow decline.

A case in point is high-speed internet, which was very good in Thailand, outstanding and nearly ubiquitous in China, and in both places, reasonably priced. Here in France, we finally just got optical fiber to replace our antediluvian ADSL phone connection – imagine that – not until 2021! The worst part about it? It is total shit and expensive, compared to our previous Asian services.

Here’s a shocking statistic. China built not 8,000, not 80,000, but over 800,000 bridges by 2016 (https://news.cgtn.com/news/30597a4d34597a6333566d54/index.html)! Most of these have been constructed since 1949. Incredibly, China has 10,000km of high-speed train bridges, to link a total of 38,000km of 300-350kph rail lines, by 2025.

Back to France, a country that used to be the pride of Europe for its roads and bridges, is not even maintaining what they already have. In 2016, it was reported that 30% of the country’s bridges were structurally deficient (https://rmc.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/le-monde-de-macron-30percent-des-ponts-a-reparer-en-france-1608-1095035.html), with a total of 25,000 in 2019 needing overhaul to bring them to safe standards (https://www.boursorama.com/bourse/actualites/france-25-000-ponts-a-renover-financements-a-augmenter-rapport-44ea3317b5d64d16331ec3bae2044b42); this with 800, or 7 percent ready to collapse (https://www.francetvinfo.fr/monde/italie/effondrement-d-un-pont-a-genes/plus-de-800-ponts-menaces-d-effondrement-en-france-quatre-questions-sur-ce-chiffre-inquietant_2898709.html). Be careful where you cross.

Need I mention the USA, which is now a certifiable infrastructure banana republic (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2021/09/24/the-usa-is-falling-apart-at-the-seams-and-nobody-seems-to-care-the-rest-of-eurangloland-is-hot-on-its-collapsing-heels-this-while-the-chinese-nation-is-a-speeding-infrastructure-and-technology-bulle/)?

It is not just bridges. Driving around France tells you all you need to know that its once pristine highways, roads and streets are slowly degrading. While not yet at the USA’s second world level, it is only a matter of time. By then, the American Dream will be a third world nightmare, and already is for many of its citizens.

In France, all the excellent, once state-owned toll roads have been privatized to profit well-connected billionaires and their corporations, at the expense of the citizens. The nearby Normandy bridge costs €9.00 to cross, yet it is not that long. We never paid to cross a bridge in Mainland China, hundreds of which dwarf France’s bridges in scale and technology. Not only that, Baba Beijing (my wry name for the government) waives all the toll fees during Chinese New Year, National Week and other important holidays, as a gift to the people. How can they do that? Because all public infrastructure is, well, publicly owned by the masses to serve them.

The point being that a country’s economy lives and dies with its infrastructure and the people’s well-being, culture, society, commerce and services do, just as well.

Nor will France or any other country in the European Union improve their infrastructure. Why? Because, the European Treaty (ET) is a neo-liberal, privatize everything atomic bomb to destroy this great continent’s many fabulously successful, for-the-99%, postwar, socialist structures.

Mind you, after realizing they were lied to about the awful, anti-people European Maastricht Treaty, the French people defied jackboot, brownshirt Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) brainwash and voted twice against the even more hardcore, neo-liberal ET. It goes without saying that French “democracy” completely ignored the citizens. Eurangloland’s 1%-controlled simulacrum of “freedom and democracy” always serves its aristocratic, elite owners’ interests first. Thus, in the middle of the night, France’s legislature passed the ET anyway, undoubtedly bribed, blackmailed and extorted by their same said owners.

Now, everything in Europe must be privatized and the ET clearly states that there can be no government intervention in “the markets”. This is a bad joke, since governments everywhere are involved in policy and laws affecting commerce. What neo-liberals want is lots of government interference that enriches the trillionaire global capitalist dictatorship, while impoverishing the 99%. That is all.

I just talked to a friend in Cherbourg, where nearby is one of France’s biggest nuclear energy plants. After World War II, this country developed the world’s best, most successful national atomic energy grid, state-owned and managed by one of the world’s most well-run utilities, Électricité de France (EDF). Thanks to the ET, France now has 1/4 of its 75 nuclear power plants out of commission, since neo-liberal austerity measures (raise taxes on the 99% to pay interest on the private banksters’ ginned up, ever-growing national debt) are forcing society and economy-destroying cuts across the board.

State-owned EDF has to sell 49% of its power grid to these same said trillionaire dictators, who will force more cuts to infrastructure and services, so as to pocket double digit returns. Who suffers the skyrocketing energy bills and rolling blackouts, since EDF now has to make up for the deficit, by buying energy on the high-priced spot markets? We, the people.

State-owned EDF was also the global leader in the most advanced new-generation, super-efficient, low-waste, never-need-to-rebuild nuclear energy technology. Thanks to global capitalist austerity budget cuts, it was all tabled for fifty years. Who ran with it and is now the global leader in all this fabulous high-tech? Why, none other than Baba Beijing, cranking out these space age plants, to assure the Chinese people of abundant electricity into the 22nd century.

Isn’t capitalism just the bee’s knees?

Not only that, but the European Treaty is forcing EDF to sell off all its hydroelectric, wind and solar power grids, to rape-and-plunder investors, who will undoubtedly liquidate the assets and junk what is left, for maximum, short term profits. Not to mention also concocting behind-closed-doors, well-planned short sales of their newly minted common stock to the gullible public, to rake in even more billions, at the expense of the citizens. This, while making sure their internal, preferred shares only keep going up and up.

Isn’t capitalism just the cat’s pyjamas?

Thanks to the European Treaty, EDF has to sell its own electricity at a discount to wealthy, well-connected investors, who can then resell it at a profit. The result? Robber baron “free market” companies like Hydroption garnered 200 clients, including the City of Paris, the French army, government entities, many companies and local collectives, by undercutting EDF! Like all good capitalists, instead of serving his customers for their long-term benefit, the founder-owner of Hydroption, Michel de Kerever, bet all his EDF-bought electricity to sell short, whereas it massively increased in price. Overnight, Hydroption declared bankruptcy and France’s army, the City of Paris and all the other hundreds of customers were suddenly scrambling to keep the heating and lights turned on, by buying megawatts on the spot market, at ever higher costs (https://www.lefigaro.fr/entrepreneur/electricite-armee-etat-mairie-de-paris-et-industriels-plombes-par-la-faillite-d-hydroption-20211222).

Michel de Kerever surely wrote himself a cushy, golden parachute compensation exit package, will walk away free, rich and unpunished. Well-connected and with pockets full of fuck-you money, he will be back to plunder French citizens again and again.

This, my friends, is the “logic and genius” of capitalism, and this is why the Chinese Nation is so incredibly successful, because it is 180 degrees opposed to neo-liberal, global capitalism. Scratch a Chinese citizen and they will tell you they agree with Mao Zedong’s geopolitical vision: global capitalism and Western imperialism are evil and to be defended against. Even Chinese who don’t like Mao admit this. They know that communism and socialism, when not destroyed by outside (Western) forces, works best for the 99%.

We can only imagine where communist-socialist-anti-imperialist (CSAI) Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Vietnam, Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Eritrea, USSR/Russia, not to mention China and so many others would be today, if they were not constantly being attacked 24/7 by Western war, invasion, sabotage, BLPM psychological operations (fake news), false flags (black ops), assassinations, extermination, genocide, bio- and chemical warfare, economic/commercial/financial boycotts, blockades, sanctions, piracy, asset theft – totaling tens of trillions of dollars in losses since 1917 (the Russian Revolution) – all of which I wrote about in fascinating detail and with years of boots on the ground experience about all this in The China Trilogy (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2018/06/30/praise-for-the-china-trilogy-the-votes-are-in-it-r-o-c-k-s-what-are-you-waiting-for/).

Above, these are most of the current CSAI countries, that are being attacked 24/7 by the West. I did not include past ones that were crushed into vassals. Otherwise, there would be many more.

This is why Eurangloland’s trillionaire global capitalist dictators are in white-knuckle fear and hatred of the Chinese people. They have been successfully communist-socialist for the last 5,000 years of continuous civilization and since 1949, they put a name and a plan to it, by practicing Marxism, Leninism, adopting Stalin’s successful development strategies, then adding Mao Zedong’s visionary aspirations of,

Serve the People!

Continuing with Deng Xiaoping’s, Jiang Zemin’s, Hu Jintao’s and Xi Jinping’s inputs, thereby further racing past the West since then, and leap-frogging them with their Sino-society, culture, government, administration, commerce, services and quality of life factors.

Capitalists abhor competition, so Mao’s vision must be destroyed! Otherwise, you might start asking good questions about your conditions in life.

The China Trilogy is the ultimate, low-cost, honorary degree in Chinese studies. Nevertheless, I’ve also written, podcasted and interviewed about it until I’m blue (and red!) in the face, here on CRRS. Simply search key words that interest you. There are hundreds of related posts. Here are few search words to begin with,

Democracy, Mao, Media, Accountability, Social Credit System, SOEs, State-Owned Enterprises, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Freedom, Xi, Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, Tiananmen Square.

I will close out with a telling, anecdotal story, since the vast majority of the world’s non-CSAI peoples are brainwashed to the bone, by the West’s BLPM, that the Chinese people live under a totalitarian regime.

A while back, my daughter and I were having a pre-plandemic coffee on the sidewalks of Boulevard Champs-Elysées, in Paris. Can’t get any better than that in the City of Lights. She had come home for summer vacation, from her studies at Beijing Normal University. Mind you, she had spent her first five years in France and then ten more in the USA, so she knows Western society very well, on top of living, studying and working in China for another nine.

As we were sitting there with a beautiful, warm sun hanging over us, the sidewalks full in this opulent, Western success story of a place – for all things economic and socio-cultural – she suddenly said (I’m paraphrasing),

Dad, I know this sounds really strange, but coming back to France makes me realize that I have much more freedom in China, than here or in the US!

I couldn’t agree with her more. Having been just as brainwashed for most of my life, I am sure your cognitive dissonance is off the charts, thus I can fully empathize. Been there and moved on.

Maybe do some more reading, while letting our years of life experiences and empirical observations sink in for a while.

Postscript: notice these are Western, not Chinese stats…

Your BLPM has brainwashed you that China is totalitarian. Its people beg to differ.


Freedom of the press? You think you have it, but don’t. The Chinese Nation wants theirs owned and managed by Baba Beijing, to protect themselves from your Orwellian BLPM.

The BLPM has brainwashed you that Baba Beijing is a soulless vampire, keeping its people in chains. The Chinese Nation knows better.


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