TRANSCRIPT: More war crimes uncovered in NATO’s Ukraine: organ harvesting behind the Red Cross. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #23T

Pictured above: summary of initial evidence found at the Red Cross base in Mariupol, Donbass, by Russian military who have liberated the area. Let’s all work to make sure Nuremberg 2.0 becomes a reality, because many need to answer to humanity…


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More war crimes uncovered in NATO’s Ukraine: organ harvesting behind the Red Cross. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #23


James Bradley: Hello, I’m James Bradley referred to as JB East because my initials are J B and I’m way out here in the East in New Zealand. James Bradley. And I’m speaking with my buddy Jeff Brown, whose initials are J B and he’s way out there in the West. He’s JB West, in Normandy. Hello, JB West.

Jeff J. Brown: Hello, JB East.

James: Hey, so today we have a very difficult and shocking and some might think dark subject and just before we go through it, it’s detailed. I want to imagine that we have a listener driving down the road right now, and we need to orientate him before we get into this. And the old newspaper men’s rule of who, what, when where when… I’m wondering if we can just do a quick who, what when where when, you know, just take about three minutes. Don’t tell the whole story. Just tell us. Let me ask you the question. Who are the, who’s here? Are we talking about South Africans and Namibians? Are we talking about Peruvians or what? What’s the who?

Jeff: The Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian Nazis that are being attacked by the Russians.

James: And then, that’s who, where are we here in Ukraine and/or where?

Jeff: We are in Ukraine. And this particular discovery was in Mariupol which was liberated by the Russians after two months of an epic standoff, basically held it in Azov Steel Mill. Russians finally were able to get into Mariupol and liberate it. And they are finding all kinds of evidence.

James: Okay. You can tell the story in a second. But what, where is Ukraine southern Mariupol right now. And then, who, what, when over years, I guess.

Jeff: Yes, over the years. Yes, definitely. And we’re talking about organ harvesting.

James: Organ Harvesting is what?

Jeff: Harvesting human organs.

James: Okay folks we are going talk… you can turn off right now and we are turning up right now and start paying attention which ever you are. What is human organs, the harvesting and the why? What’s the why? Profit, Torture or what?

Jeff: Money, money, money, money. It’s extremely profitable.

James: Okay so that when Ukraine were gonna talk about organ harvesting? Jeff has done this research by the way. This is not, you know, some other channels. They might talk about an article that happened to pop up on Bloomberg and then read it to you. Jeff hass done, original deep work and been preparing for this for days. I have in my hand the article that he sent me translated from the Russian and its name is “Ukraine is a black market in transplantation”. The word is transplantation. Folks, we were talking Ukraine, black market and Jeff, what is this all about?

Jeff: As we know the Russians have gone into eastern Ukraine, and James and I’ve already recorded on bioweapon laboratories, WMD bio-laboratories and extensive money laundering by the US establishment. They are continuing to go into areas where the Ukrainians Nazis occupied Mariupol and elsewhere. And in this particular case, the Russians went into the Red Cross.

We’re talking about the Red Cross, Clara Barton and you know the Civil War, you know, doing good human things to help the sick, the wounded in war. She’s the one that founded the Red Cross. I watched the footage, the film footage they were taking while they were in the Red Cross, the main Red Cross base in Mariupol, which formerly, until about a week or 10 days ago was under the control of the Ukrainian government, which is basically the Ukrainians Nazis. It was shocking to see… Go ahead.

James: Jeff, you watched the footage where they were inside?

Jeff: These were Russian soldiers who were going in to clear out areas in Mariupol that were once occupied by Ukrainian Nazis and they went into the Red Cross base. Of course, I don’t speak Russian, but I could sure see what they were looking at and I got this translated article and they were actually showing pictures of weapons. You know, this is the Red Cross and there were colourful weapon images, of weapons that were written for adults and for children, how to use weapons, etc.

They were digging further and then they found all the files that were in the Red Cross, and they found a treasure trove of information on many, many, many, many children and their medical records were not about their sicknesses or their disabilities or whatever, the records were full of information about the health of their organs which would strongly indicate they were more concerned about harvesting the organs of these children than they were about taking care of them.

This goes back, as James pointed out in other programs we’ve done. The Ukrainians Nazis have been around since 1945. They’ve been doing the dirty work of the West for the last 75 years. And the information coming out by the Russians is absolutely frightening. Where do I start? They found all these records of children and it goes back to when Ukraine passed laws in 2018, 2017 on organ harvesting, supposedly to control the rampant organ harvesting, that was going on in Ukraine. But, in actuality the laws that were passed only made it easier for Ukrainian entities to harvest organs.

In most countries to take a somebody’s liver or kidney, or a heart, or whatever, there’s a massive amount of checks and balances, double controls etc. The Ukrainians passed these two laws allowing for organ donations to be done online. Just like, you know, for voting online in the United States, you know, and they allowed orphanages, get a load of this, orphanages where all the children are, military units, prisons, hospitals allowed them to without anybody’s permission above them to harvest organs, and they of course they’re supposed to get the permission from a loved, you know, the next of kin.

But if you do, under the circumstances, if they declare someone dead, then say to the parents, your child just died, I’m really sorry. Then, of course, you have to remember that the Ukrainian Nazis have been killing and wounding thousands and thousands, and thousands and thousands of people since 2014. So, there’s a lot of bodies out there to extract organs from. So, they are not only allowing, you know, online organ harvesting permission. And so, it is just like the money laundering, just like the child trafficking, just like the WMD bioweapons.

Ukraine has become a gigantic center for organ harvesting on a grand scale. One of their biggest partners is Israel. Israeli doctors have been working in Ukraine furiously for years to harvest organs. In fact, right after the Russians entered into Ukraine, on February 24th, teams of Israeli doctors landed in Romania, then went into Moldova, which is next to Western Ukraine and then moved on into Ukraine to supposedly be doing charitable work.

But in fact, an investigation showed that they were there to do the organ harvesting. Again, this is extremely profitable. I have a wonderful quote, Thomas Dunning who was a nineteenth-century trade unionist. He said,

Once there is sufficient profit, capital becomes bold, provide 10% and capital is ready for any use. At 20%, it becomes lively. At 50%, it is positively ready to break its head. At 100%, it defies all laws. At 300%, there is no crime that it would not risk even under the pain of gallows.

And of course, you know, the CIA with drugs, arms, human trafficking, money laundering, and we can add to this list, you know, generating, you know, fake death certificates for a poor victim in Ukraine to harvest organs.

James: Can I interrupt you for a second to make a point here?

Jeff: Yes, please. Go ahead.

James: I mean, for the listener, you know, organ harvesting mean, feel your belly above your belt then imagine the table, then imagine that soft area your belly up into your ribs, you know, you got to open that up. I’ve seen an autopsy. My dad was a funeral director and you got to take those organs out there. They are looking at the health of these children to get their organs. As part of this article, isten to this: “gutted corpses were buried in mass graves”, did you hear that folks?

It’s like a deer hunting in Wisconsin, hanging the deer up and then gut them. In 7 to 10 minutes, they could cut out a couple of kidneys from a wounded or burned soldiers during the shelling of a city. They cut out the kidney and the spleen from a twelve-year-old girl who had lost consciousness from a mine explosion in the farm of her father. The mother had her legs torn off in the explosion and she was sent to the medical centre “for a complete cutting into organs”.

Folks were talking about organ harvesting, extremely profitable to get that kidney, to get that spleen, to get that heart from a healthy Ukrainian and get it on the black market, now shift and Jeff has come across the video of the Russians discovering this and of the documentation. We’re not talking about, you know, a conspiracy nothing. This is real life money organ harvesting in the Ukraine and Jeff, isn’t there a US connection here?

Jeff: Well, the US connection is of course, the fact that the United States has been using Ukraine since the fall of the Berlin Wall as a, basically, a crime syndicate. And they have been using the Nazis since 1945, and they have been using Ukraine for everything for money laundering to a child trafficking, to baby farm to sell babies. They have WMD bioarm laboratories.

And again, we’re talking about not just the mafia in Ukraine, but we’re talking about, you know, the mafia in Israel, we were talking about Washington D.C. Congress, the White House, this is who the Russians are exposing, and James and I have posted a number of documents to show all of this. And this is what, you know, James read the title of this article. The subtitle was “the West is rearing up because it is afraid of publicity”, and this is what Russia is doing.

This is been going on for a long time. I found articles on money laundering and baby human trafficking and baby farms, going back to 2016 with which is the Google of Russia. And, of course, they don’t have all the censorship, the Big Lie Propaganda Machine censorship for these kinds of Articles. So, I recommend everybody out there, it doesn’t cost a thing. Use to do internet searches and you’ll find stuff that you cannot find on Google, Yahoo, or Edge or what, you know, Windows or whatever.

So, and by the way, that quote that James talked about the girl who was cut up, the 12-year-old girl. This group was led by a citizen of the Netherlands. This is testimony from a Ukrainian intelligence officer, who was told, who was sent to the war zone in Eastern Ukraine, where they were killing all of these Russophone Ukrainian citizens. Sent as part of a transplant team, can you believe this? You can see now, why droves Israeli surgeons are flooding into Ukraine, to harvest all these organs out of the wounded in Ukraine.

The group was led by a citizen of the Netherlands. Elizabeth Debru who forced medics to remove organs without the consent of the wounded. They were recorded as missing. I mean, folks, this is worse than anything that the Nazis ever did in World War II, with Joseph Mengele. I mean, this is beyond anything that the Nazis did. This is beyond anything the Japanese did with the unit 731 in China, from 1935 to 1945.

And so, this is frightening stuff. And what’s got the West scared to freaking death is that the Russians are going to expose this to the whole world and the Russians are going to make sure that they have all this sent to the 192 representatives of the United Nations to embassies around the world, etc. And you won’t see it on CNN, you won’t see it on BBC and you won’t see it in the New York Times.

But a lot of people around the world are going to be learning about WMD bioweapons. And now we’re looking at also money laundering and now we’re looking at organ harvesting in the Ukraine and think that the United States has already given 53 billion dollars to these people who are running this country, you know, for arms it is just simply, what can you say, James? It’s just sad, sad, sad.

James: I want to just say that to the reader, you know, if this is hitting you for the first time go back and look at our recordings where we showed that the US government was involved in the Ukraine since 1945 on, with the neo-Nazis. There’s a whole story about how we became involved and then the listeners remember that in 2014, we flipped the democratically-elected government in the Ukraine and there has been war against the Ukrainian Russian population ever since then.

The reader also knows that it was Senator Barack Obama, not President Barack Obama. The Senator Barack Obama who went to the Ukraine in 2005, there’s a photo of him looking at anthrax in microscope in Ukraine and he set up the original legislation for the biolabs. So, we’ve already Jeff and I have already done the biolabs. We’ve done the history of these neo-Nazis in the CIA. And now we’re talking about there is a little girl lost to her parents.

She’s an orphan for some reason or she’s in the hospital. She’s in some facility where someone is a boss, is the superintendent and they, with no permission above them, can sign paperwork, even do it online to ship that little girl to have her organs cut out, to have her murdered and sliced up and the profit is absolutely huge. So, anyone who gets into a situation, you know, a hospital situation.

I mean, I’m sorry, your daughter died and we cremated the corpse. Or they disappeared in war or in transit. There are refugees moving around. There’s opportunities for anybody with organizational power to grab these kids. And folks, this is not Jeff and James talking, this is Jeff saying that the Russians walked in wide to Red Cross facilities and found the documentation. it’s incredible.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. I don’t know if James, if you ever saw that 1978 movie with Michael Douglas and Genevieve Bujold called Coma, directed by Michael Crichton, where they were harvesting organs. You know, harvesting organs in hospitals. Well, this is life imitating art. I mean, this is like, this is so, it was depressing for me to actually read this article, but we’ve got to get the truth out and people have got to understand who they are supporting Ukraine and what they’re doing. And this is not something that’s just started last week, this has been going on for many, many, many years.

James: So, the Russian article, I mean Jeff is going to visualize this and put up links and so, you can do your own research, but at the end of this Russian article, he said they say, you can believe, or not believe in these revelations. By the way, there are many of them. It does not matter. We have the evidence that you can thoroughly check the facts about Ukraine and they will be made public. The West is on its hind legs because it is afraid of this publicity.

And if Russia publishes and makes available to the world community, this data on bio-laboratories, experiments on humans, organ harvesting. And finally on the participation of Western military and Western doctors in the conflict in Ukraine, it will be possible that this time Russia will not lose the information war. That is very interesting. That is very sophisticated. It is information war and Russia has been watching the power of CNN and the Washington Post. And what they’re saying is this time, we have the evidence. This is not an accusation spoke. This is hard evidence.

Jeff: I just got 60 more MB of PDF documents. They just keep rolling out. The Russians just keep rolling out evidence. I mean, these were signed, stamped and dated documents from Ukrainians, you know, WMD bioweapon laboratories. The Russians are going to… They have already said they’re going to have war crime trials. And I think we can, not only in addition to the WMD bioweapon laboratories, 31 in Ukraine, all run by the US military.

Not only are they going to have war crimes about those laboratories. It’s pretty clear they’re also going to have war crimes that organ harvesting in the Ukraine. So if anything else, it makes me feel good that finally, somebody in this world is going to stand up to these psychopaths that run Western governments and it looks like Russia is going to be the one to do it, and they are not going to let go. They’re going to follow through on this.

James: You know, I’d like to say something to my listening friends who have said to me in e-mails that Jeff and I are Putin apologists. That’s the new McCarthy 2.0 phrase that anybody who doesn’t carry the narrative of CNN is a Putin apologist, but let me just say we’re following the facts. I mean, if this was about the Japanese having biolabs in Ukraine, Jeff and I would be talking about it. Honest-to-God, if Putin had biolabs up there on the border of Canada and they were taking DNA samples from my Wisconsin patriots to study how to kill Wisconsinites, Jeff and I would be on it, and we’d be all over Putin for doing this.

We’re not looking at the side, folks, we are looking at the facts and there are biolabs. There are medical experiments. There is money washing. There’s the sale of children, the marketing of sex slaves out of Ukraine. And this is not a bunch of words and accusations. It’s true. And if Putin was doing it in Mexico against America, Jeff and I would be on the case. We’re just looking at the facts here, and get off our backs about, you know, who we politically support. We’re talking facts that the world has got to know, and we should tip our hat to Jeff for digging this out.

Jeff: Well, thank you. And I would also like to tell everybody that I posted this article on a web page that I created for a Russian woman named Irina Boyko ( She lives in Russia, but she lived in the United States. She was married to an American. She’s now a widow and she translates, she subtitles songs, movies and cartoons, that are Russian are Soviet, with English subtitles, and she digs up articles.

She sends, she’s a member of the China Writers’ Group and thanks to her, I found out about this article. She finds stuff in Russian, in the Russian press and it’s easy to translate with Yandex, Yandex does a great job translating. Everybody, if you go on my website, China Rising Radio Sinoland and just search for Boyko and there hundreds and hundreds of articles from Russia that she has sent us and I post them faithfully every day. Do you want to really find out what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine? That’s a great place to start (

James: Well, thank you. And folks, let’s get the truth out and let’s see how the chips fall. And let’s get this world cleaned up and I think that’s everything for me JB East. I want to say thank you to JB West and goodnight.

Jeff: Thank you. James. Goodnight.


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