TRANSCRIPT: USDems + Ukraine + BW + BigRx + BLPM = Evil squared. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #20T

Pictured above: flowchart of US Democrats using Ukraine, the US WMD bioweapon labs there, along with Big Pharma joining in what is likely the worst war crimes of this century.


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USDems + Ukraine + BW + BigRx + BLPM = Evil squared. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #20


James Bradley: Hello this is James Bradley known as JB East because my initials are JB. And I’m way out in the East out here in New Zealand and we’re speaking to my partner, JB West, Jeff Brown, how are you doing way out there in Normandy in France?

Jeff J Brown: Very well James. Thank you and it’s wonderful for us to help peel the onion of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine and help people understand what’s going on around the world. So glad we’re back together again.

James: Yeah, as listeners will know our last portion was on propaganda and after that recording, Jeff and I were talking about censorship as a subset of propaganda. Something different, censorship is not telling the whole truth, leaving things out. It’s not just saying something actively and you know, when people think of censorship, they think of that censor that evil man or woman with the green eyeshades and the black pen in the dark room, but not all censors are evil.

The great Norm Chomsky did a book and a film called Manufacturing Consent. And he said that these people on TV and radio and in our newspapers there now, you know, that it isn’t like, they see the truth, believe the truth and then they have a stomach wrenching time to censor and not tell the truth. No, he said these people are often groomed and get in their position because they agree with the narrative. Anyway, they agree with the mainstream narrative so they’re happy to leave inconvenient facts on the floor and it can be natural how things are censored.

I’d like to tell a story from my past a few years ago I was in Vietnam researching for a book on Vietnam and I was talking to what people would consider, it would be Vietcong, farm kids who fought for the Vietnamese side. They took up arms to defend their backyards, and rivers, and streams and villages. And now these Vietcong fighters who were fifteen sixteen seventeen years old back then during the war are now in their seventies basically.

And one day, I was in the living room of a kindly lady in the middle of Vietnam. Let’s say she was seventy to seventy-five and when I came to interview about the war, she had obviously, you know, tidied up the living room. And on the table between us, she put up spread of local fruits and crackers, and jellies, and juices, and tea. And she, you know, it was like the purpose of me coming was to eat. So, I politely had some tea and one biscuit and then, I took out my computer and wanted to get going to interview her. And I found out that she was a fighter defending her home. She talked in kindly language not as someone who hated Americans, but she said James, she said, Americans came to my front porch, they threatened my family home. If someone comes and threatens your home, you have to rise up. Everyone has to defend their own home. So, a gun was put in my hand.

During the interview, I learned that she had bullets still lodged in her spine from a Marine who shot her in her last engagement. And I asked her if the bullets hurt and she said from time to time, you know, as the seasons change and especially when it’s raining. At that point, the raindrops were making noise on the tin roof. And I looked at this kindly lady offering me oranges. “Mr. Bradley you didn’t eat this orange”. And then I’d ask her another question. “Mr. Bradley these bananas are local, why don’t you have one?” She was just so concerned about my poor stomach and whether I’d have enough food.

And I thought my mother would love this woman. And then suddenly I got dizzy as the room really moved. As I went back to a time when I was with my kindly mother back in Antigo, Wisconsin, 1968-1969, I was about fourteen years old, and I was packing a care package for my brother. Steve, who was in the United States Marines in this very area of Vietnam, where I would later interview these people. So, I remember packing this care package. You know, things had to be wrapped in plastic so that if they were searched, they could easily be seen. And she made the banana bread, a certain size. So, it would fit in just this way. And Steve’s favorite little goodies. And you know, my mother loved my brother. I love my brother. We are sending the care package off to my brother, the Marine.

Suddenly, I’m now years later, I’m in front of this kindly woman with bullets in her spine, thinking I’m wondering if my brother put those bullets in her spine, my mother was supporting The killing and shooting of nice women like, I mean, how, how, how could this be possible and I just it, I don’t know what the word is for it, but the room was spinning and kind of out of control for a few moments as I dealt with this. So, my point there obviously is that very, very nice people can support things that they don’t really know what the bottom line is about.

So now I’d like to switch to nice people in America who inadvertently support neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Now, folks, don’t ask us to take sides. War is wrong. Jeff and I don’t like war. No, we don’t agree with Putin going into Ukraine. We don’t agree with tanks solving problems, but this is what’s happening and there’s two sides to the situation. And while we’re hearing an awful lot about Putin in Russia, we’re not hearing about the size to which we are spending a tremendous amount of money on now, by now, everyone has heard the term Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Putin announced that he was going into the special military operation. One of his goals was to clean out the neo-Nazis, and stories have been bandied about in the international press denying that there are these Nazis in the Ukrainian government. A one article in the beginning said, how could there be Nazis? Zelensky is a Jew. Zelensky is being presented as a democrat fighting for freedom, worth us giving billions and billions of dollars, but there’s two sides and one side is being censored out.

Recently, Jeff Brown sent me a video of a Sky News interview of a Russian parliamentarian. So, Sky News in London, is interviewing this Russian Parliament member. And when this Russian Parliament member held up a picture of prime minister, Zelensky standing next to a soldier with a Nazi swastika, oh my God, the Sky News reporter, he immediately cut the interview short. Now, this was, I sent this interview to various correspondents in the United States and various friends. And you know, whom I’ve known for a while and a number of these people are liberal hipsters, you know, Bob Marley music and let’s get along and peace. And let’s have a talk and listen to some music.

But to my shock, a number of my friends and acquaintances, some of them professionals in the media, immediately labeled this Russian propaganda. And I had a number of exchanges with these people on WhatsApp, and which I said, that just a minute, how can this be propaganda? It’s just a, you can see in the news account, there is a Russian. He’s on the screen, he’s being interviewed. Everything is okay until he holds up a picture. The picture has a Nazi swastika, has it standing right next to prime minister Zelensky and they cut the interview short, it’s obvious, what’s going on. But no, no, no people in America that I was dealing with did not want to see what was in front of them.

So, I dug more deeply into this question of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Are there really neo-nazis in Ukraine who have a lot of influence? And I contacted my friend, Jeremy Kuzmarov, Editor of Covert Action Magazine, which I highly recommend. Go on the internet,, and it is fabulous. And Jeremy is a former professor, and he’s steeped in European history. And he’s written a book about Russia and I asked him about the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and he oh James, there’s plenty of information and he gives me the name of three books and a number of articles and he sends me stuff. It’s like, you know, James where have you been living, under a rock? And Jeremy recommended a book that I delved into by Christopher Simpson called Blowback: The first full account of America’s recruitment of Nazis and its disastrous effect on the Cold War,  which are domestic policy and foreign policy. Folks, the book is by Christopher Simpson and it’s called Blowback. You can see it on the internet. You can see interviews of Christopher Simpson on YouTube. It’s really worth spending an hour listening to him.

This book blew my mind. It tells the story of how these neo-Nazis, this is not some club just formed recently that Putin is talking about, the book tells the history of how the CIA in Europe was built upon the former Nazi intelligence network. There was a guy named Richard Galen who ran Nazi intelligence in World War II. When he was running Nazi intelligence, he ran the Ukrainians, who agreed with the Nazis, these became Ukrainian neo-Nazis. So, in Germany, they took over these huge areas. They had needed help. Not every German could be the mayor, the local police. So, they had to rely on others and it was Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Raise their hand and jumped up for sure. I’ll be mayor of the town and, and take those Jews out into the forest and shoot him. Sure, I’ll be the chief of police who will round up these undesirables that the Germans don’t like and make them lie down in the gully and machine-gun them. I’m sure, I’m a Ukrainian. I’m Nazi ready to do your dirty work. Now, after the war the OSS, which became the CIA, the story is very complicated. I’m just telling you the top outline, the OSS and the CIA.

They built their European network upon Reinhard Galen. Just get this, folks. The head of Nazi intelligence, a true documented war criminal, the OSS and CIA said, hey this guy’s great, he knows all about Eastern Europe in the Soviet Union, unlike us Americans. So, we’ll just dust them off, we won’t prosecute him, just like Verner Von Braun with the rocket program in Germany who later worked for NASA. We used Richard Galen as the chief of intelligence in Germany, so get this, folks, Richard Galen is a true war criminal, Stalin from Moscow is looking at this war criminal and America is looking at the chief of intelligence to help them out. Well, Galen had used these Ukrainian neo-Nazis during the war and so the United States CIA used these Ukrainian neo-Nazis after the war to create chaos against the Soviet Union.

Now, it’s a long story, but the point is, the neo-Nazis who the United States were empowered in 2014, Obama’s Ukrainian color revolution, everyone remembers that? It’s been washed out of American television. Everyone debates about why Ukraine is, you know, why there’s fighting in Ukraine and neither side can say, well, you know, let’s take a look at the 2014 revolution that Obama instigated, and Biden supported where we, we got rid of the democratically-elected government and we installed neo-Nazis. No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not allowed in the American media and I kind of assumed that was the beginning of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis who are behind it all.

Prime Minister Zelensky today, but hey, these neo-Nazis, who the United States is currently giving financial, support are lineal descendants of the neo-Nazis with whom the United States has had a relationship since 1945. Think of your local Elks Club, your local Veterans of Foreign Wars Club. Maybe the founder back in 1945 of your local VFW is not alive, but his son or his grandson is a member, there’s pictures of Grandpa up on the VFW wall. It’s like that. These neo-Nazis probably inherited over the generations uniforms and stories and armaments and they have inherited in a relationship with the United States.

Now the significance of what I’m talking about is not just these facts, but the significance is that Ukraine right now is the number one foreign story in the United States today. Hey, the House of Representatives and the Senate had to rush, rush, rush, hurry, overnight, overnight, 40 billion dollars for Ukraine. Emergency spending. We got to get this done. Folks luckily, Rand Paul has slowed the bill down a bit, but let’s have some questions here. Hey, this amount, this 40 billion, this almost equals the entire Russian military budget for the whole year. This 40 billion is equivalent to tern times the Ukrainian total defense budget. What’s going on here?

In the last six months, the United States has, has had to rush, rush, rush, for freedom. Democracy money over to Ukraine. We just gave Ukraine more money than America spends on all its roads and bridges in one year. Folks, we’re in a huge country. Think of all those roads and bridges and all that money. Well, we just went pop, let’s give that amount to Ukraine. No problem. So, here’sthe mind-blowing aspect. Ukraine is the number one foreign story in the America news, but walk around to your friends and ask him about the eighty-year history of connectivity between the neo-Nazis behind Zelensky right now. And America, ask your American friends about how we’ve been, you know, your friends could talk about how we’ve been allies with Japan since 1945, how we’ve allied with Germany, the UK? They all know that. Well, if Ukraine is the number one story, how come people are not, you know, how come they don’t know this story since 1945?

So back to my corresponding friends and my acquaintances in the United States who don’t want to face the facts, you know, this what we’ve been talking about right now, it has been censored out just like my mother packing that care package for my brother. She didn’t know the full story. Just like Americans who now are blindly supporting Ukraine. And yeah, there’s two sides to the story. We’re not defending Putin, but there is another side to the story and there’s a deep Neo-Nazi connection with America, now just as it has for decades has been supporting some pretty rough, bad characters and Americans should know who we are supporting before we spend a dime.

So that’s a little of the background on the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. But what is really startling now, what is really dirty and almost hard to face is the true information that’s coming out about the American biolabs that we inserted into Ukraine and the guy to talk about this is Jeff J. Brown. Jeff, take us into Ukraine and in these biolabs.

Jeff: Well James, thank you. And that was a wonderful anecdotal and experiential presentation. Like you said, the Nazis, there were tens of thousands of Nazis who were shipped out of Nazi Germany and sent all over Western Europe, North America, South America, et cetera after World War II.

We need to go back to 1945 when the Japanese were defeated in China and the Americans liked what they saw, just like the Americans loved the Nazis in Eastern Europe and  Germany, America loved Japan’s bioweapon program, that developed in China from 1935 to 1945. And so, for ten years to Japanese basically from 1935 to 1945, they became the leading bioweapon weapons of mass destruction developers on the planet. America loved what they saw, and they immediately, just like they took her Reinhard Galen. They took the top-level Japanese to the United States, with 8,000 microscope slides and containers full of documentation about the hundreds of thousands of people that the Japanese had exterminated in China with bioweapons. They were sent to Fort Detrick in Maryland and immediately Fort Detrick became the most important WMD bioweapons center for all of the world and it has never stopped. In 1950, you and I have covered this.

There were bioweapons in Korea during the Korean war. That were exactly like what the Japanese were using in China previously. And it just, it has not stopped. If anybody tells you that the United States sign the Bioweapon Convention in 1975, just like Douglas Valentine said, when I interviewed him about his book, The CIA as Organized Crime, they don’t stop, they just change the name and move the name plaque from one office to the next. So, that way they can say they have not lied to the Senate or the House of Representatives, since they keep on doing it under a different name. And they moved ten meters down the hall. This is continued to go on.

Well, what’s so shocking about what’s happened in Ukraine, is that Russia is exposing some of the vilest, most repugnant, most revolting war crimes in our day. Bioweapons and the Nazis you know were brought up into the 21st century when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in the US Senate from 2005 to 2008. And so, we had Biden, we had Hillary Clinton, we had Barack Obama in the US Senate from 2005 to 2008. And they pushed to develop bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine. This is all been laid out by the Russians, documents stamped, signed, you know, signatures, this is for real.

Obama was the one who pushed in the Senate to finance with taxpayer money, these 31 WMD bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton also in the Senate was the one who pushed through the concept that these labs would be “dual-purpose”. And of course, what that means is well, we’re going to try to find ways to protect ourselves from bioweapons, but we’re also going to make them too. This was of course in complete contravention with the Bioweapon Convention that the United States signed in 1975. But there is not a treaty that the United States respects, unless it is completely within its interests. Then Biden, he was also in the Senate, he was tasked to be the bag man. He was the money man. And as James has pointed out, Ukraine for the Democratic Party, and the Russians are showing this with documentation, Ukraine has become a gigantic money laundering center for the Democratic Party, Hunter Biden, et cetera.

And I’m a registered Democrat in Oklahoma. I voted Democrat all my life and so I’m shocked and disgusted by what I’m telling you all. But hey, sometimes we have to take a look, you know, in the mirror and it’s not pretty. And so, the Democratic Party has been using Ukraine, since 2005, as a bioweapon WMD development Center, for monetary profit. And how they did that is of course they use the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the CDC, the Central Intelligence Agency, and this money, US taxpayer money that’s the Democratic Party that pushed this through the Congress and the House, along with people like George Soros, who is also invested heavily in bioweapon labs in the Ukraine.

There’s also the Rockefeller Foundation. There is the Clinton Foundation. There is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There’s Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca. There is the Rockefeller Investment Fund. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and his investment funds CRDF. Also, EcoHealth Alliance. I mean, it just it just goes on and on and on. So, these people were given all of this money from the US taxpayers, it was then used in all these labs in Ukraine, bioweapon labs to make crimes against humanity and who else was involved?

Well, Big Phara, of course. And so not only were all of these labs operated by and paid by, and run by the US Department of Defense. But who else was there? Eli Lilly, Moderna of vaccine fame, Pfizer of vaccine fame, Merck Pharmaceuticals, which has been a part of the CIA since the 1950s. Gilead, which is a company that is highly, highly associated with the CIA and the vaccine scene, and then the US Embassy and key Pentagon contractors, like Black & Veatch, Hunter Biden invested in Metabiota, Skymont Medical and many others.

So, then what would happen is that they got all this money. Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Merck, Moderna, etc. They developed the bioweapons with black & Veatch, Metabiota, et cetera. The Pentagon contractor, they got paid. And then they gave, they gave kickbacks to the Democratic Party for their re-election campaigns. So, if you think about the Reagan corruption and even going back to Watergate, I mean Watergate is like a freaking parking ticket compared to what’s been going on in Ukraine, since 2005. And even if you want to go back to Ronald Reagan and Contragate, with the Contras and missiles being sold illegally to Iran, the October surprise, and all that, that’s like a speeding ticket.

This is the crassest, most craven, disgusting corruption on a scale that we cannot even imagine and it’s also war crimes. So, this is why the US is absolutely ballistic about Ukraine right now, too. And James told me, you know, Mitch McConnell said, you know, Ukraine is the most important issue in the world. Right now. Of course it is, because the Russians have got concrete proof of what I explained to you.

And as shocking as that may sound, the Russians have already announced it. And I’m not talking about social media, I’m talking about representatives of the federal government of Russia. I’m talking about representatives of the legislature in Russia, they are already saying that they are going to have war crime… Nuremberg style war crime trials to expose all of this to the entire world. So, you can imagine what Obama and Clinton and Biden and Soros, and Gates and Hunter Biden, and the Rockefeller foundation and all these other people, Pfizer Moderna, if Russia conducts war crime trials and they say they are going to do it, this is going to expose one of the vilest histories in the West going back to World War II, because of all of the Nazi connection.

I just want to also point out that this the most salient thing that we have learned. The other thing that we have learned is that Germany has been involved, they are up to their necks in working with the United States in the WMD bioweapon labs in Ukraine, as has Poland. They have actually proof of showing 3,500 blood samples of Ukrainian citizens, were sent back to Germany, which reminds me of the hundreds of thousands of DNA samples that Harvard University, took out of Chinese citizens in the 1990s from their lungs and their sinuses for the build-up to create the first SARS in 2003 (

So, this has got the Western establishment absolutely apoplectic and panicked. And that’s why they are trying to destroy Russia and went to Ukraine, so that this cannot get out. I would like to point out this is just some of the salient evidence that the Russians are finding. A veterinary lab in Mariupol, supposedly veterinary lab that involved the United States, they found samples of typhoid fever, gas gangrene, cholera, diphtheria, pneumonia, tularemia, anthrax, and several species of human dysentery. Now, I asked you, what do anthrax and diphtheria and typhoid fever have to do with dogs and cats? So, what they were doing, is that the Germans and the Poles, the Americans, they were covering up. And in the Germans supposedly were studying foxes in the Ukraine for the transmission of rabies. But what they were doing is they were using that as a front, while doing their dirty work with WMD weapons behind-the-scenes. That behind-the-scenes has now become front-and-center, because Russia is now exposing it to the entire world.

There’s some other really, really, I mean, it’s just like, it’s like a bad, you know, Monty Python movie. You know, with Vincent Price as the monster. I mean, they actually have evidence showing that the United States bioweapon labs took highly weaponized forms of tuberculosis that they undoubtedly developed. In these labs, put it on play money. Now, get a load of this, put it on play money, you know, for kids, you know, like we have play dollars and play money. They put highly infectious tuberculosis bacteria on play money and distributed it to children in the Donbass. And the Donbass actually had an outbreak of highly infectious tuberculosis in 2020 and that they now have the proof of where it came from. It came from the United States WMD bioweapon labs, who administered the tuberculosis to the citizens of eastern Ukraine, who are all Russophones, Russian speakers, it goes on and on and on.

Ukraine asked the EU, in a letter, everything is all here. They ask for under the aegis of “human international charity organizations”, the Ukrainians were asking for atropine, hundreds of thousands of doses of atropines and in fact the United States already had sent two hundred and twenty thousand doses of atropine to Ukraine in the first months of 2022. Why? Because atropine is what is injected in people who have been infected, who have been hit with chemical warfare. The Russians have been saying for the last months, Ukraine is trying to stage a false flag, using chemical weapons and/or nuclear weapons, to blame the Russians for the false flag attack.

In the same letter the Ukrainians asked the Europeans for potassium iodide for 1.7 million people for seven days. Well, what is potassium iodide use for? That’s what you take when you’ve been exposed to radiation, nuclear radiation to protect your thyroid gland from cancer. They’re asking for thousands and thousands of a chemical HAZMAT suit, chemical warfare mask, gloves, etc. And this is going back in the month of March. So, this was all supposed to be under the aegis of “international charity organizations. I mean, if that doesn’t make you throw up, it makes me throw up. And it’s just, it’s just beyond the pale.

So, get ready for war crime trials. The Russians are officially on board for conducting them. They supposedly already have two NATO generals, who they have caught in Mariupol at the Azov Steel Mill, one is Canadian, the one in the American, 3-star generals, the Canadian general was apparently the one who was conducting the bioweapon research in Mariupol. They supposedly also caught 20 French Special Forces in Mariupol and all of these people and the neo-Nazis, the leadership of the neo-Nazis, getting back to James’ angle, are going to be taken to Moscow. And they are going to conduct Nuremberg style trials, just like the Americans did on the Nazis back in 1946. So, this is just… How do you want to close out on this James? This just is just beyond the pale. This is almost like being shell-shocked to even think about all this. How would you like to close out?

James: Well, you know, some listeners I know from experience and trying to get this information in America might say. Yeah. But Jeff, you know, how about that Putin? He started everything and you know that might be all correct. We’re not trying to defend anybody here. What we’re saying is that censorship is leaving out the information that Jeff is talking about. Russophobia has been marinated into Americans over the past few years and it doesn’t allow them to see what Jeff is talking about. Folks, what was Jeff just been talking about? He said that Senator Barack Obama was supporting this as a senator back in 2005. Well, I’m sixty-eight right now. Let’s go back to 2005. Wow, I was just fifty years old. I only had two of my four books under my belt. Think of where you were in 205.

You know, I had two little kids who are now adults and I was traveling the country speaking. I was writing books. I was dealing with editors and I was living under a rock and I didn’t know anything about this. No one told me in 2005, that this young senator being groomed for the presidency, you know, was figuring out how to kill with bioweapons. You know, we had a huge campaign, hope and change, millions of people, not million but thousands of people in Lincoln Park, you know, wow, we’re coming to a peaceful time. We didn’t see this newly elected president, as a bioweapon criminal. How come we didn’t know about this stuff? Well, the point is Jeff knows about it right now and this is not propaganda. Jeff is reading from facts. Facts that Americans can’t see. The documents that Jeff has in his hands, Americans cannot get without a VPN and going in deeply into the internet like Jeff has, because the United States government has censored all this. Americans can’t even get the information folks. Come on, we have to wake up. The Russians know this. The Chinese know this. The world is going to know this.

Imagine if you’re in Arizona and you wake up one day and wow there’s biolabs on the Mexican border and they have been taking samples of people who look just like you, of people who look just like your children. What are those Chinese biolabs doing on the Mexican border? Taking the DNA from you in Arizona? You’re up in Vermont and the Russians are there on the border. And, and we revealed it, since 2005, infamous Russians have been supporting vile weaponry against people in Vermont folks, this is going to be known.

Look at some tough facts. Fact, Barack Obama went to Ukraine and looked at the quality of Ukraine’s anthrax, there’s a picture of him with a microscope, and Senator Obama didn’t blow the whistle and say this is a moral crime. No, Senator Obama was so enamored of this anthrax and Ukraine’s ability to help America kill their enemies with bioweapons that he went back to the United States and authorized money for biolabs in the Ukraine. Well, Bill and Hillary Clinton were big supporters of the Ukrainian Nazis because they could profit from the baby factories, human trafficking, and they could wash tons of money through Ukraine. As Jeff said, Ukraine has become a democratic money washing machine.

Folks, when Barack Obama was president, his scientists in the Ukraine, supported by Obama money developed tuberculosis, Jeff said. And then his scientists thought, why don’t we put tuberculosis on the currency because people handle currency. That’s an efficient way to get it innocently out. And then President Obama’s scientists researched the best delivery system for this currency poison, and as Jeff said it turns out to be that giving paper currency to children is the best way to kill a population, because children put it in their mouths before the adults get it and everybody is infected with President Obama’s TB-embedded currency. And of course, this is all fine and dandy with Joe Biden because he could have Hunter skim off the cream. We have to move from Russia, the fictional Russia to face some hard facts about America in Ukraine and around the world.

You know, my mother and I packing that box for my brother. We were under the idea that Ho Chi Minh was a Hitler and the whole world was going to fall apart. If South Vietnam, if my brother wasn’t in South Vietnam, shooting at year 16-year-old girls, who picked up a rifle to defend their porches. Well folks, America got pushed out of Vietnam and Vietnam got united. And I invite you to go to Vietnam, where I’ve spent seven years, a very peaceful country, that China didn’t take over, there were no dominos, that was all baloney censorship and propaganda, which helped kill three million Asians. My brother got a bullet right next to his heart, he survived. But we don’t have to go through this anymore if we wake up.

Today, America is being blinded by Russophobia and censorship and is not waking up to the facts. The facts, the documented facts that Jeff J. Brown has just told us all. So, we’ve got to get, you know, rid of this idea that there’s a Hitler that we have to save, and we have to blindly shovel money. Let’s take a look at what we’re doing, so that history doesn’t call us out.

Jeff: And I would just like to add as a refrain, my wife was just talking two nights ago with our aunt in Paris: Oh, that can’t be true, it’s Russian. It can’t be true. It’s not in Le Figaro, it’s not in Le Monde so I can’t be true. Well, I tell you what, the West only represents 15% of the world population. There’s about six and a half billion of almost eight billion people on Earth, and I think the rest of the world needs, we need to hear their point of view. And when you look at the evidence and I’m going to put this in PDF files and I’m also going to put this in  the Bioweapon Truth Commission (, so you can go see this. This goes back to World War One with chemical weapons, the French and the British, and the West was using chemical weapons in World War One, and it has not stopped since then, with bioweapons thereafter, with the Japanese in China.

So, I think, you know, as James was saying to me, Russians cry too. They bleed too, they’re people to. They have feelings, they have desires. They have dreams just like you and me. And if you look at what I’m sure are for you in terms of evidence, you need to be honest and say, well, you know that maybe it’s from Russia but it sure looks like, it’s obviously true. So, we have to get over this idea. We’ve been brainwashed by the Big Lie Propaganda Machine in the West that everything outside of the West is a lie and propaganda and can’t be trusted, whereas as James and I are kind of pointing out it’s actually the exact opposite. So anyway, thank you James, it’s been wonderful.

James: I am James Bradley better known as JB East. I’m out in the East here. In New Zealand, the sun is coming up and the beach is looking good. So, JB East wants to thank JB West, for all that information. And I’m going to sign off and run to the beach.

Jeff: And I’m going to get ready for bed.

James: Okay. Alright.

Jeff: Bye, bye.

James: Thank you, thank you, JB West.


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