TRANSCRIPT: JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #11T- A personal audio/video message and update from Jeff J. Brown and James Bradley.

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JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #11- A personal audio/video message and update from Jeff J. Brown and James Bradley.


Jeff: Hello, everybody. This is a message for all of the fans of China Rising radio Sinoland, as well as James Bradley’s and my newest effort, JB West and JB East present: See You in The Hague! series. And below this video, I will post our first ten installments that we have covered.

James would like to excuse himself, he’s been under the weather the last few days and he is not up to it today, but we have been in contact by phone and talk quite a bit, and he asked me to represent him as well as me in this message.

First off, we both feel that our initiative to bring the International Criminal Court covid complaint to the forefront of humanity’s conscience is extremely important. We almost feel as though it’s a calling that we have. It is James who gets the credit. He’s a war crime writer. He’s the one that wrote Flyboys, knows war crimes and has studied war crimes for years and years and years.

He contacted me and said, “You have got to see this”. When the International Criminal Court received a complaint that is charging Bill and Melinda Gates, Boris Johnson (the prime minister of the UK), the four CEOs of the four Western Big Pharma manufacturers of the supposed, so-called vaccines (it’s a genetic treatment), Anthony Fauci, the president of the Rockefeller Foundation and others, this is an earthquake.

This is absolutely a foundational document that will have an impact around the world for years to come. A quick background about the ICC, it was created through the United Nations, mainly by Western governments, so that they could go out and persecute their perceived enemies in the developing world. Up to now, the only people who have been convicted by the International Criminal Court are all black, African, Asian, dark-skinned.

The only one that is a Caucasian was Slobodan Milosevic, who was from Serbia and his case was a complete, unfortunately, a complete kangaroo court. He was innocent. He died of a heart attack during the proceedings. It was a complete sham and not the proudest moment for the ICC. Then about three years later, on page 69 in the New York Times, in the lower right-hand corner, “Oh, the case is dropped, because there’s not enough evidence”. So, he’s the only White guy who has been tried by the ICC.

The United States will not even allow anybody in Latin America, Central, or South America or the Caribbean to be tried, because it’s too close for comfort and the one case that was brought before the ICC against Israel for war crimes, which are being committed every day in Palestine on our TV screens, in our headlines, massive, massive war crimes, Israeli war crimes… The ICC judge who accepted the case was extorted, threatened and she not only dropped the case, she resigned from the ICC as well. I’m sure they probably did the usual, “We know where your children go to school. We know where you live”, etcetera.

Therefore, this is the first case where wealthy, powerful well-known Westerners are being charged with war crimes. So, it’s quite, quite foundational. And then, at the same time, right on the heels of this, Russia goes into the Ukraine to get rid of all the Nazis, the Nazi government, etcetera.

Now, bioweapons have come to the fore, into the global conscience of humanity. I’ve done some reporting on that and I’m a co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of its Global Online Library (, so it’s something I know a lot about. Thus, for the two of us, we have completely changed gears. James was working on other projects. I was, just before all this happened with the Ukraine thing popping up, I was announcing that I was going to put out one or two articles a week, instead of one every three or four days, in order to finish my two books.

I’m not writing as much about China as I was, because right now Ukraine is such a huge event. It is tipping point. It is another tipping point in the history of the world, which will change the dynamics of geopolitics dramatically. Therefore, James and I are constantly sending each other information and talking about the covid plandemic and its origins, Ukraine and the Western WMD bioweapon labs there, and we both know that America has 336 bioweapon labs around the world.

These are weapons of mass destruction – WMD – production facilities, development and research facilities for weapons of mass destruction. And there is zero degrees of separation between the covid plandemic and all those WMD bioweapon labs. They are absolutely and fundamentally integrated.

I’ve read a wonderful book about Huawei and I want to do a book review on that ( I’ve got an article already in my head about the meaning of the Wuhan lab getting involved in covid and how they unfortunately got tagged, basically being tarred and feathered with the covid name, the “Wuhan virus”, “kung flu”. I just did an interview with John Hobson, in which his book covers a lot about China ( .

In any case, I’m going to be struggling to do bioweapons, James’ and my “See in The Hague” and also keep doing my usual heavy research into China, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Thus, that’s where we’re at on this. These are extremely exciting times. We will also be reporting on the Reiner Fuellmich international grand jury on the covid plandemic. As he calls it, it’s a scamdemic and he now has his international jury. He is now doing a Crimes Against Humanity Tour around the United States for the people. People can buy tickets and go see all this.

Never in the history of the West has there been so much awareness about the manifold crimes against humanity that Western governments have been perpetrating since the 20th century, with chemical warfare in World War One and then gassing the Russians during the Russian Revolution, the British killing tens of thousands of Russians. It not just biological, its chemical, the West asking Saddam Hussein to gas Iranians and kill a hundred thousand Iranians with their Western chemical weapons, to keep the Iranians from winning the Iraq-Iran war in 1988.

Thus, these are exciting times and James and I feel a real sense of purpose. We feel a real sense of duty to you and to the rest of humanity to expose as much of this as possible, and sensitize you to unfortunately, the very sordid history of Western empire, especially since World War II.

We hope that you can somehow fit in to the cause to make the world a better place, make the world a win-win, mutually beneficial planet for all of us, for the 99%. More than anything, to bring these people to justice and get them tried for the many, many war crimes they have been committing for a long, long time, for justice, and for compensation.

Therefore, James and I thank you and I hope that he’ll be feeling better here in the next week or two and we’ll be back together for another radio show. Bye, bye.


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