TRANSCRIPT: JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #10T- Last year, US millennials suffered the equivalent of a Vietnam War, with no memorial to commemorate them.


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JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #10- Last year, US millennials suffered the equivalent of a Vietnam War, with no memorial to commemorate them.


Note before starting: we used an excerpt from Steve Bannon’s War Room Radio Show, with Edward Dowd, as a point of discussion. Herewith is the extract’s transcript,

Steve Bannon:

I want to have you back on in more depth on your assessment of the economy and particularly this economic quarantine, but we want to turn to the vaccine, your charts, walk us through what you’ve come up with, I want to make sure you get the floor. We’ve got about six minutes. Walk us through what you got.

Edward Dowd:

Let me set the frame. This is the CDC’s own data that we aggregated into all ages. The bottom line is, as an industry expert, former sell-side Wall Street analyst, we went into the CDC data. We were looking for other things, but what we found was pretty shocking. We took the data and we took some time and effort to do a lot of work. We broke it down by age and created baselines for each age group to come up with excess mortality.

And the money chart is really Chart #4, which shows that the millennial age group 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall. It’s the worst ever excess mortality, I think in history. Just to give you an idea, when you look at Chart #4, you see when mandates and boosters hit acceleration into the fall and then it reaccelerated into the end of the year. The drop off in that data you see there is reporting issues.

It takes time for millennial age data to be recorded because they’re usually not hospital deaths. So this data is gonna be updated and probably shows this continuing disturbing trend. So just to put some numbers on this, in the fall or starting in the summer into the fall with the mandates and the boosters, there were 61,000 excess millennial deaths. Basically, millennials experienced the Vietnam War in the second half of 2021. Okay? 58,000 people died in the Vietnam War, US troops.

So, this generation just experienced the Vietnam War (in one year). And I think this is the smoking gun that the vaccines are causing excess mortality in all age groups. And it’s no coincidence that Rochelle P. Walensky (CDC director) refuses to answer Senator Ron Johnson’s letters. They’re hiding out, she’s gone. She’s gone. They’re hiding. So, I’m going to put a word out there. It’s a word that’s old, but it needs to be reintroduced in the conversation. This is what we call democide – death by government. So, the US government mandates have killed people.


Okay, you know what I need to do is to add a new unit at a different time, we’re here in the imperial capital, we gotta set up. Hopefully have you back on the evening show because it’s so explosive. One question I’ve got, because you’re a Wall Street guy, not just at the top of Wall Street, this data is out there why did it take you and your research partner analysts, why haven’t other people done this?

Why is the first time we’re hearing this from you? Because if you’re correct, this is so explosive, particularly saying millennials, millennials have had a Vietnam War event just in 2021. Why did it take you to do it? Why is no one else, because the CDC, I know this information is recent, but why is no one else doing it?


Well, you know, that’s so interesting, because I was talking to my partner and he just didn’t understand why no one else has done this yet. We suspect insurance companies may be doing this and are trying to figure it out. And they’re looking at each other square in the eye. But that was an interesting question. We want other people to literally recreate the data here. And we’re also watching the CDC site to see if they hide this data because it took us a while to do this. So, it wasn’t easy, but you know, yes, actuarial training was used to be able to create the baselines, so it takes us more doing.


And you’re prepared. I want to make sure you know, because you know, everyone watches what you prepared. You and your actuarial analyst partner, prepare to put it all out and you’ll be taken to a murder board, right? You would sit there and have people try to tear this apart, hoping your theory of the case falls apart.


Yes. And just so you know, my partner is going to become public soon, but under his own way of doing it. I mean, I’m not controlling anybody here. He’s going public to a certain audience that has financial interests here and eventually he knows that I’ll go public, so stay tuned. In addition, I had a seeker, an actuarial accountant risk officer from a major insurance company, who reached out to me yesterday, who wants to compare notes. So, this is beginning speed up. People are working.


This can’t get any bigger. I just have one more question for let you go. And we’re going to use this show on my social media, teams are working to get me back on Saturday, because it’s so big. Does the liability protection that was given when they started this Warp Speed (accelerated vaccine rollout program), would that protect the Big Pharma in this situation as you see it, sir?


No, because I’ve done a lot of work into the clinical data with Brent Jackson, the prima fascia evidence that the FDA wanted to hide. The data for 75 years points to clinical fraud. There are also problems with the manufacturing process. It’s all coming out. This is the most ridiculous disaster in the history of a nation that I’ve ever seen, with a government cover-up.


Demo site. Ed, real quickly social media, how do people follow you, Substack, all over?


I am on Twitter @EdwardDowd. My seven-day suspension comes off today hopefully (note: this did not happen, his Twitter account has been deplatformed). I’m also on Gettr ( where I’ve been dropping information (note: Ed keeps his Gettr account up to date).


Ed, thank you very much explosive stuff. I will get it back up this afternoon or if not tomorrow morning. We’ll figure it out. Okay, be back here at five, two hours, explosive all the way through it, beating, will be going to join us to forget the Veritas data, politics, all of it back here five o’clock stay tuned.


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