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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: DPRK on the left, ROK on the right.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Recently, out of the blue, I got the following email,

I am a Korean living in the ROK (Republic of Korea = South Korea) and I personally believe unification will happen within my lifetime, possibly within the next 10 years, but on the terms of Pyongyang and not that of Seoul.

That said, I don’t know what such a future will be like and, if it comes to pass, what will become of the 50 million Koreans south of the DMZ who won’t accept Kim Jong-Un’s governance.

I also have no idea what Kim plans to do in such a scenario where 50/75 million Koreans (2/3rds of the population) reject him.

I can only pray that he will be merciful enough that they are given a chance to accept his rulership or leave the country.

But if not, tens of millions of people and their families will find themselves sworn enemies of the state.


I was so impressed by what he had to say, I replied back to ask him on my show. Afterall, how often does one get a chance to talk to a Korean with a perspicacious global view of the headlines?

South Korea has a national security law that makes saying anything nice about the North punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. There are citizens who are in prison for this “crime”. Thus, he replied back that he would prefer to remain anonymous and to do so in writing. Can you blame him?

Anonymous ROK (AROK) is 30 years old, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies and is living in the capital, Seoul.

Herewith is our discussion…


Jeff J. Brown: What are your own impressions and opinions about the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea = North Korea), its people and governance?

Anonymous ROK: That’s a difficult question to answer. I have mixed feelings about the DPRK, its leadership, its government, its people, and history. But one thing that is undeniable is that they have a much stronger sense of pride and dignity in who they are and what they believe compared to their southern brothers.

Jeff: Why do you think reunification will happen sooner than later? It boggles the mind as to how it would all transpire. The fall of the Berlin Wall was tragic and disastrous for many Eastern Europeans, especially Russians.

AROK: I believe it will happen between now and 2040 in some form.

Jeff: Have you ever been to DPRK?

AROK: No, I haven’t. I’m a US citizen and cannot travel there.

Jeff: Do you know anyone from there?

AROK: No. But my grandmother is from the city of Kaesong, which was part of the ROK before the war, but became part of the DPRK after the ceasefire. All I know is that she came from a wealthy family, that my great-grandfather was involved in Korean independence activism, that the two were separated during the war, and that they never saw each other again. My grandmother passed away in 2020, aged 90.

Jeff: Are citizens in the ROK fully informed about the horrific genocide and war crimes committed by the US and its allies during the Korean War, nor only in the North, but in the South too?

AROK: I’m sure some of them are. If not many. Certainly not the people around me. They reacted with shock and disbelief when I told them and suspected I got that info from pro-north sources trying to delegitimize the south.

Jeff: How about the fact that the US used WMD bioweapons on the Chinese and North Koreans in 1951-52, along the Yalu River?

AROK: Likewise. I personally haven’t met many people who knew.

Jeff: Is the “International Scientific Commission Report on Bacterial Warfare During the Korean War” (ISRC), headed up by Dr. Joseph Needham and published in Korean, available in libraries or online? It proves the use of America’s WMD bioweapon use during the war. I am the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission. We have it in the other ISCR languages, English, Russian and Chinese online. I have a print copy in French to get scanned one of these days, but the cost is prohibitive (

AROK: I have no idea about the WMD book you mentioned. I have to look it up. I wouldn’t be surprised, though.

Jeff: South Koreans recently learned that the US is conducting secret WMD bioweapon development, against national laws. What is the status of this case (

AROK: I have no idea what is the answer for this one. I don’t know of many people around me talking about it. The ROK media is extremely one-sided in its approach and I don’t like it at all.

But then again, my extended family tends to be very pro-American and staunchly against the DPRK and China.

I am sympathetic to the DPRK, neutral on China, negative to Japan, and mixed towards the USA. I admire what the USA once stood for and hate what it became and what it did to our people.

I also admire President Trump for his great contributions to taking steps to normalize relations with the DPRK.

Jeff: What do you think of the ROK having about 30,000 US soldiers occupying the country?

AROK: I don’t know what the majority thinks, but I, for one, am opposed to it. 30,000 American soldiers are FAR, FAR too small to even fight the KPA, which has 1.2 million soldiers on active duty alone and possibly as many as 5-7 million in reserves and paramilitary. A battle between the ROK/US against the KPA will require upwards of 640,000 American soldiers from all branches and would the biggest theatre war the US has ever fought since WWII. In addition to the DPRK’s numerically superior military, artillery pieces that can inflict tens of thousands of casualties within the first hour alone, 200,000 special forces soldiers, and nuclear weapons that can now strike the US, there is always the possibility that Russia and China will intervene to support the KPA.

This could escalate from merely the destruction of Korea and possibly Japan into a global nuclear exchange. The US military’s constant misadventures in the Middle East and draconian vaccine mandates have produced a military incapable of fighting and winning a war against a peer level opponent. This isn’t to say that the US would lose a nuclear exchange with the DPRK. Of course, it would win a nuclear exchange given it has thousands whereas the DPRK has a couple dozen. But is China just going to allow the US to nuke a neighboring state? Probably not.

Note: Since 1961, DPRK and China have had and continue to enforce a mutual defense treaty. That means if the US goes to war with the North, China will join the fray.

Jeff: What is the general attitude about being occupied?

AROK: I don’t know. I think people more or less bear it, since the US soldiers are not going away.

Jeff: If there was an honest, popular vote, would a majority vote to make them leave?

AROK: I hope so. But given the US doesn’t obey anyone’s laws, including its own, it might not leave. Washington Deep State hates everyone, including its so-called “allies”. It doesn’t want nations dealing with one another as equals and sovereign states. It wants total, unconditional submission through threat of violence. The US has too much invested in Asia and will not leave quietly.

Jeff: I saw a wonderful documentary called, “The Ghosts of Jeju” ( and was saddened that the ROK government completely ignored the citizens and forced the building of a big Obama-mandated US naval base there. Just like the citizens of Okinawa in Japan and every other Western-style democracy, the 99% almost always get ignored, with the 1% obeyed. Are South Koreans aware of this problem, or are they  just as brainwashed as Westerners that they have “freedom and democracy”?

AROK: I don’t think Koreans in the ROK are brainwashed to the extent that Westerners are. But I’m not impressed with the ROK media’s objectivity. It doesn’t criticize the US anymore like it used to in the past, for some reason. It didn’t ask tough questions about COVID, the vaccine, side effects, and didn’t discourage people from getting vaccinated, despite the same news acknowledging that young healthy people died from getting the vaccine.

Jeff: Any closing comments?

Note: at this point, AROK continued to send me his penetrating observations about global geo-politics,

AROK: Also worth noting, the Muslim World is up in arms regarding its hatred of Israel, yet is strangely silent regarding the supposed situation in Xinjiang. Given China has been accused of horrific crimes against its Uighur minority, you’d think they’d ask a few questions. But no. They’re silent. Makes you wonder.

Note: I recommended AROK watch the documentary “Al-Nakba” (

AROK: I don’t have as great an opinion of China as I do about DPRK and Russia. China’s Communist Revolution under Mao were said to be extremely brutal and destroyed its traditional culture while Mao himself was said to live quite a debauched life with underage mistresses.

I do not believe CCP is guilty of genocide against its Uighur population. I do suspect some Uighurs were abused, but not on the industrial scale claimed by the Western nations.

That said, China is by far the lesser evil between it and the US. Its government is far more concerned about the welfare of its citizens than is the American government.

Note: reference the Mao Era, I hope AROK reads Book #2 of The China Trilogy, China Rising ( For China’s Muslims, also worth checking out my article/podcast (

AROK: If the ROK and Japan join the US in using Taiwan to instigate a potential shooting war between US and China, not only are their economies incapable of surviving such a suicidal attempt, but the US Navy will arrive too late to defend the island, before the PLA has taken it. This according to former USMC officer Scott Ritter.

Second, the US has acknowledged Taiwan as part of mainland China. Taiwan can’t defend itself from the PLA if the mainland truly wanted to unify the island to itself by force.

AROK: The US-trained Ukrainian Army is not only losing to the superior trained Russian military. It is losing weapons, with desertions, and attacking its own civilians. They are a bigger danger to their own countrymen than the Russians are.

Just like Taiwan, the US has NO obligation whatsoever to defend Ukraine from a Russian attack. In fact, it’s the Ukrainian military that started shooting first.

AROK: S Korean neo-cons can’t bring themselves to admit that American bombing against the DPRK in the Korean War (killed 20% of the population), the placement of nuclear weapons in the South (that were only removed in the 1990s), and constant military campaigns abroad against the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fact that the DPRK’s bordering neighbors are nuclear-armed, give the DPRK much stronger justification for possession of nuclear weapons than USA, Russia, and China.

Sleepy Uncle Joe said he is willing to go to war against the PRC, Asia’s largest country with the world’s 2nd largest economy, largest military and the US’s largest foreign creditor of its 30-trillion debt, over Taiwan, because this is the “agreement we signed onto”.

I think he is confusing Taiwan for ROK and Japan.

Nixon recognized Taiwan as part of the PRC and said he would not go to war against China over Taiwan. Even if Taiwan was an independent country, which it isn’t, the US Navy would arrive too late to defend the island. US Naval exercise wargames showed that the PLA knew exactly what the US would do and had an answer for everything the US Navy had. Deceased Admiral Rickover said the US Navy would last 2-3 days against a peer-level adversary.

Having fired so many military men for refusing a vaccine that has caused people to test HIV positive and for bowing to the woke/CRT/transgender agenda, Biden doesn’t have enough men willing to fight and die for the empire.

Never in history has a nation set itself up for a collapse of Biblical proportions as has the United States.

AROK: In light of his comments on Taiwan, I don’t think Biden is senile anymore. I just think he’s stupid. And I don’t mean dull a little. I mean, UNEQUIVOCALY CRIMINALLY, FUCKING STUPID.

ROK should simply send the DPRK defectors back home like China does, if you ask me. Many of them can’t adjust to life here and they end up regretting the decision to move to the ROK. The ROK’s hyper-competitive capitalist system is not going to be sustainable eventually.

I also oppose the idea of a unified Korea under Seoul’s capitalist system. A unified Korea ought to have an alternative system. Possibly emulate China or Russia.

I believe even today that ROK should not only ditch the US alliance, but also strengthen its relations with China and Russia. At a time when the US is declining, while China and Russia, Korea’s immediate neighbors are growing stronger, it is the rational choice.

China owns more US debt than any other country. It manufactures and pays for most of what Americans need.

Russia is a highly self-sufficient, immensely natural-resource-rich country, that has much lower debt than the US at $285 billion and weapons systems far superior to anything the US fields.

The US is a distant neighbor across the ocean. China and Russia will always be there. We might as well get used to it.

Historically speaking, China and Russia were the lesser evils of the four Great Powers vying for influence on the peninsula. The USA and Japan were much more militaristic and brutal to the Koreans than the Chinese and Russians were.

If China was as warlike as the US (which it isn’t), ROK, Japan, and Taiwan would have been nuked off the face of the earth within hours, if not minutes. But it hasn’t. Which shows China is a far more benevolent hegemon than its American counterpart.

AROK: Even if Taiwan was an independent sovereign nation (which it isn’t), the US Navy cannot defend it. It’s too far away and China’s navy will have already blockaded the island, preventing anything from getting in or out.

And thanks to Hunter Biden’s investments, the PLA has stolen a lot of US Navy technology.

Pentagon war games mapped out the PLA defeating the US Navy every time. The PLA knew exactly what the US would do before it did anything.

Ex-Marine officer Scott Ritter admitted the US would lose against China over Taiwan and also lose against Russia over Ukraine. He even expressed doubts as to whether the US could defeat Iran or the DPRK.

Michel Chossudovsky said the US would lose to Iran because none of Iran’s neighbors will allow the US military to pass through their territories, on top of Iran being the largest, most militarily powerful country in the Middle East, which is also an ally of Russia.

AROK: My dad and I went on a DMZ tour near Panmunjom and the tour guide and exhibition made so many historical factual mistakes. South Korea was “not included” in the ceasefire agreement. In truth, President Lee refused to sign it, because he wanted to keep on fighting.

Jeff: AROK, thank you for being on the show today. Your knowledge and understanding of history, plus how the world works is impressive and gives me hope. It has been a positive blast!



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