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By Jeff J. Brown

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Note before starting: great to have Don back on the show. For his introduction, here is our first interview to watch/listen to or read,

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Jeff J Brown (Host): Good evening, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown China Rising Radio Sinoland and I have back on the air an incredibly informed and knowledgeable person, Don Hank. How are you doing, Don?

Don Hank (Guest): Hi, Jeff. Great. How are you?

Jeff: Really happy to have you back on. Don and I had a show about maybe a month ago. I’ll put the link. I’m not going to get into his introduction because if you didn’t see the first interview, watch, listen read it. Don has a new Substack that he is transferring over from his daily airstrike email. And it looks good. And he’s doing a wonderful job. And I want everybody to know that Don is completely fluent in Russian. And so, he is gathering information from that part of the world on a daily basis to let us know what’s going on in the NATO-Russia war in Ukraine. And he also has a real passion for the plight, of the genocide in Palestine by the Israelis. So, Don, just take it away. What’s happened in the last month? How is Russia doing? How is Ukraine doing? Give us an update, please.

Don: Okay. Well, I’m going to combine Russia and Ukraine together. You said you wanted to talk about those countries. I’m going to combine them. I mean, I just completed I just recently wrote an article for Global Research. They asked me to do an article on ammo, and I thought, how boring. It turns out to be extremely interesting, extremely interesting. Ukraine absolutely. I don’t make predictions. I better not say it. But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, how can they possibly win? We’ve been reading that Ukraine has been saying that they are doing great, but the Russians are dying like flies, right?

You’ve heard that fake, total fake. And then this Pentagon leak. These documents, the Pentagon documents leaked out, and now it says it’s just the opposite. But there, of course, they’re quickly rushing to tell us that that’s somehow Russia got involved there and changed the figures. I don’t know how that’s possible. I don’t know if the Russians even saw the documents before we did, but I’m going to try to enlarge this. Hope this works. Oh, yeah. Now I can see you and me up in the corner there. The article that I wrote is a lot is based on a Time Magazine Report which says that Josep Borrell himself the EU Minister of Foreign Minister, has admitted that Russia is firing off something like 50,000 rounds a day.

Now I think Borrell is mixed up because I had read that Russia was firing off more like 20,000 a day, but it goes up to 50,000 on certain occasions, but it doesn’t matter. He said that they are firing off 50,000 rounds a day of artillery shells, 155 millimeters. And Ukraine is only firing off 6,000 to 7,000. That’s not true anymore. They’re not even. They almost have nothing left. Okay. But anyway, he’s admitting this. This comes from the West. This is Time Magazine. This is not some conspiracy theory site. We don’t have to research this any further than that. We know that they are not winning. And we also know that the figures for the casualties are a lie.

Because I put in another link to another article in which it’s author is a military expert says that the most important thing, the crucial factor in whether you win or lose in a war is artillery. Ukraine doesn’t have it. Russia has an abundance of artillery shells and so the Ukrainians are dying like flies. And it’s really a shame. Zelensky just sends them in like, go in there and die for me to save my job. It’s horrible. It is just horrible. And now we know because these Pentagon leaks are being confirmed. The big guys in Washington are admitting. Yeah, that’s true. It’s true.

And then I read elsewhere that the United States Army is going to be supplying more shells than they have so far. And they said they were going to send them something like I forget the exact number, something like 20,000 a month. That’s the number of shells that Russia fires off in one day. Yeah, really. It’s no joke. But then by 2025, oh, they’re going to hype it up. They’re going to beef that up. They’re going to bring that up to 90,000 a month. Now, that’s as much as Russia fires off in three days. So, they can fight for three days and then ask for a cease-fire. It’s just incredible. But yet Americans don’t have any idea of this.

Jeff: Yeah. What about, I know it’s not the Russian name, but the name that’s commonly used in the Western press is Bakhmut, what’s going on there? And why are the Russians so moving so incrementally slowly? I look at maps and it’s like, nothing’s changed in six months. What is their strategy?

Don: Well, it’s more of a, not so much a strategy as it is a desire not to kill a bunch of innocent people and not get a lot of Russians killed. And this is Prigozhin who’s doing most of the fighting there. And he presents news almost every day and he always says we’re making progress. And I believe that they are. But it’s very, very slow.

Jeff: You’re talking now about the head of the Wagner group via private military outfit from Russia. All right. Well, so that’s why, obviously and another thing that people don’t realize is, is that Russia completely controls the airspace. And after artillery, the next most important element of modern warfare is in the air. So, Russia has control of the airspace. They have magnitudes more artillery. And so, what do you think is going to happen? I mean, I’ve been told that they are moving 500m here, a kilometer here.

Don: That’s the main thing. They’re going forward. They’re not going backward. The people who are retreating are the Ukrainians, the ones that survived. But that’s still called the Meat Grinder. And it is a meat grinder.

Jeff: I was on a show 2 or 3 days ago with Regis Tremblay, who lives in Crimea. And he says that it’s a known fact that there are lots and lots and lots of NATO people in Ukraine and not in Russia. Excuse me. Well, as far as I’m concerned, Ukraine is Russia. But anyway, historically speaking. But is it really true? I mean, are there as many NATO personnel in Ukraine as suggested?

Don: I don’t have any source that would admit that. I don’t think the Russians are saying too much about it. But you do recall maybe this rumor, which I think is true that in early March, I forget the exact day something like the eighth, six Kinzhal missiles, the fastest missile in the world in anyone’s arsenal, at least hit a bunker that was 80ft below the earth. Now, when you have six Kinzhals, the first one can take a few meters, a dozen meters. The second takes some more. And by the time you get to the sixth Kinzhal, the bunker is destroyed. And there were NATO personnel in this bunker. And the figures they’re throwing around are so varied that it’s hard to say how many were there, but it was enough to make them sit up and take notice.

Jeff: Yeah, I heard up to 200, but don’t know if that’s true or not.

Don: Yeah, I think I read that 200. One author said 300. But we don’t know if these were all I don’t think they were all NATO. They were mostly Ukrainian commanders.

Jeff: Okay. All right. So, what do you see happening? I mean, I’ve been reading reports where Wagner reports. I mean, they’re like, going street by street and apartment block by apartment block. And strikingly slow.

Don: They took the train station, which is very important.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, for the transport of material.

Don: People were hiding in there, too.

Jeff: What do you think about the fact that the English have sent chemical weapons to Ukraine in the form of depleted Uranium shells? What has been the reaction in the Russian language or Ukrainian language or the Ukrainian press in Russian? What’s the reaction there?

Don: Well, the West generally says that’s no problem because it’s supposedly depleted. But the fact is, I got a series of articles about two days ago from Joel Pinochet in France, sort of a neighbor of yours. And she wrote articles about 4 or 5 articles on this depleted uranium. And she started writing in 2005. These are old articles. And back then they were saying, well, this is no problem. They’re just depleted.

But she said they’re almost not depleted at all. They’re just right over on the borderline of depleted. So, they’re very dangerous. And she writes extensively about the children that were born with defects and so forth. Of course, we never know. This is all anecdotal and you can’t completely trust anecdotal evidence because you don’t know what their cause and effect was there. But I was tempted to try to run a translation in my Substack. But these are huge articles really long, so I don’t know what to do.

Jeff: Oh, you mean they’re in French?

Don: Yes. I don’t know. I thought I had sent you a copy of this.

Jeff: You send them to me again and I’ll see what I can do. Well, depleted uranium is incredibly destructive. I know that when they bombed Serbia, when NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 for 100 days, tens of thousands of missiles and artillery and today, in fact, they have already shown that as a result of that, the level of cancers and birth defects in Serbia is higher than they were after Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. So, then there are other instances in Iraq. I cannot think of the name of the city but anyway, they leveled it with depleted uranium. Anyway, those people. children born with no brains, children born with one eye, children born with holes in their hearts and their chests.

Don: That’s all in her article.

Jeff: All the no arms, no legs, deformed this, deformed that. Basically, it just completely, completely messed up genetically. And what’s so scary about it is, is that like in Vietnam with Agent Orange Dioxin, they used so much in Vietnam that it has now gotten into the genitals of men and women. And to this day, there are now tens of thousands of deformed babies in Vietnam as a result of dioxin because now the dioxin has genetically mutated the sperm and the eggs, the ova of the citizens there. And so, now it’s in the gene pool. And Vietnam is fighting this horrific problem of birth defects because of dioxin, it’s not even radioactive depleted uranium.

So once depleted uranium gets into the people’s bodies, it’s going to mutate their sperm and ova and it’s going to continue to carry on for generation after generation. So, I saw an article, it was on RT said that somebody in Russia I don’t remember if it was someone from the Duma, the legislature, the lower house in Russia, or if it was Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But anyway, they said that by doing this NATO is turning Ukraine into a nuclear graveyard. So, that means after they do that and all the breadbasket of Ukraine, they won’t be able to export their grain anymore because it’ll be radioactive. So, it’s really horrific.

Don: Putin has promised to answer that, provide an answer to this response.

Jeff: I saw that, too. What do you think it might be?

Don: I’ve been wondering. I had no idea. I mean, he’s not going to do something similar to NATO countries because he doesn’t behave that way. But he’ll do something big.

Jeff: So, we just need to sit tight, and for those of us who understand Russian history, Ukrainian history, Western Empire. I would love to see a map where they’re moving 5 or 10km a day all the way to the borders of Poland and Slovakia and Hungary and Romania and Moldova. But so, a friend of mine contacted me and had the same why can’t Russia defeat Ukraine? And why aren’t they advancing? And I told him that to me, it’s like of course you’re an American and you know all about Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest boxer. But you remember he had the Rope-a-Dope technique where he would lean back into the ropes and let his opponent. I can’t remember his name. Who was it?

Don: Jack Dempsey

Jeff: No, no, it was after that. It was someone like George Foreman. Anyway, he would just lean back into the ropes and put his arms up like this. He worked on his stomach muscles. Whether it was Ken Norton, I can’t remember. I think it was the one in Zaire, the one in Zaire in Kinshasa. But anyway, his opponent exhausted himself, trying to pummel Muhammad Ali, and did very minimal damage. And, of course, Muhammad Ali had a stomach like a sheet of iron. So, it didn’t really hurt him. And he protected his head and his face. And then after his opponent was exhausted, he came out and clobbered him. So, I told him, I think that’s what Russia’s doing. They don’t need to advance right now. They’re just letting Ukraine get sucked in with a Russian Rope-a-Dope. They’re just losing people, losing soldiers, losing arms, losing materials.

Don: That’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re depleting the troops. That’s in fact, I forgot to mention that I should have said that I wasn’t ready for your question.

Jeff: Listen another thing, another part of the world that thank you for all your comments about Ukraine. So, we sit tight. We just wait and see what happens and how long the Ukrainians can hang on while Russia sends 20,000 artillery shells a day into Ukraine. But let’s talk about Palestine. You do a lot of reporting almost every day you have something about Palestine. What do you see happening there with the Intifada and the Israelis going in and beating up people praying in Al-Aqsa? I mean, it’s just the most revolting genocide. What can you tell us that you’ve learned?

Don: I probably don’t know more about it than you, actually, Jeff. But I think their only hope because they’re just dying. They’re throwing themselves into a meat grinder and nothing good is going to come out of that. I think they probably should stop fighting back until they’ve got enough. That is the Palestinians should wait until they’ve got enough ammo, enough rockets, or whatever they have to fight back and then really hit them hard. I think if Iran were to get involved in this, it would be over in no time.

Jeff: That’s for sure. I don’t know if I ever told you this is why Iran and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon have such incredible missiles, right? It’s because of North Korea. They work with the DPRK. And it’s North Korea that has worked with Iran and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. And that’s why Iran and Hezbollah have kilometer after kilometer after kilometer after kilometer of tunnels full of missiles and material because, of course, the North Koreans are the best tunnel builders in the world.

And it has been purported that with the help, of course of Iran financing it, but with the DPRK helping Hezbollah with the technology, Hezbollah has somewhere between 100 and 200,000 missiles hidden away in the mountains of Southern Lebanon, so that the Israelis can’t get to them. So, they actually have I mean, of course, Hezbollah kicked the pants off of Israel when was it, 2006 or 2009? I mean, Israel just got its butt kicked by Hezbollah and lost thoroughly.

So, Israel is very, very afraid of Hezbollah. They’re very, very afraid of Iran. And I think what’s going on is Israel is falling apart, the public dissatisfaction. I mean, I think Hezbollah and Iran are just waiting, biding their time as horrific as it is for the Palestinians. They’re just waiting until Israel continues to deteriorate internally. But until then, the Israelis are just getting so desperate to try to hang on to their previous suzerainty over Palestine. But it seems to be that it’s slipping by the day.

And so, we’ll see what happens, if they can get Turkey out of Northern Syria, that would sure also sure help, because then Syria could be providing more help to Hezbollah to put pressure on Israel. But it’s just genocide. I keep telling people it’s now popular to call Israel apartheid. Apartheid is genocide. And that’s just all there is to it. Yeah, I don’t even talk about Israel except in terms of genocide and extermination, because that’s all it is. Apartheid now has become a little bit too gentrified. It’s become a little bit too mainstream. No, it’s genocide and extermination when you talk about Israel. Well, listen, I want to tell you, congratulations on your Substack.

Don: Thanks.

Jeff: Good. We talked about that during our first interview. It looks wonderful. I’m going to encourage everybody to sign up for his Substack. Make a donation if you can, and we’ll get together again in a month or so and just keep talking. And I’d like to thank you for posting some of my work in your daily airstrike information. I really appreciate it. And I’m happy to reciprocate. So, let’s stay in touch, and let’s hope that something happens. Let’s hope that the red portion on the map starts moving in Ukraine towards the West a little bit more so that we can see some territory. And as you’ve been talking in your airstrike maybe they’ll make a move on Kyiv, that would be the death blow for Ukraine if that did happen. So, any last comments, Don?

Don: Well, I would like to urge people to read your books or your China Trilogy. What you said about your lecture on Regis’s site was something like I imagine that probably you’re the only person that could have given that lecture. No other Western historian would come out with all that and it wouldn’t be politically correct anyway because that makes China look nice. So, China makes it.

Jeff: Well, everybody read Don Substack. And if you feel like buying one of my Trilogy books, go ahead.

Don: Right. Okay.

Jeff: All right. Well, listen, Don, I’ll give you a nice Buddhist bow from France.

Don: Oh, thank you.

Jeff: I’m going next week. I’m flying to Hong Kong on Wednesday and I’m going to be in Shenzhen for three weeks.

Don: Shenzhen is a very exciting city.

Jeff: Yeah, well, we lived there for three years.

Don: A lot of manufacturing.

Jeff: I am going back there and get some business taken care of and hopefully, I’ll be able to start going back to China at least once a quarter. So, we’ll see what happens.

Don: Great. Yeah.

Jeff: All right.

Don: Okay,

Jeff: Don Hank, Daily Airstrike Substack. Russian language maven. Sign up and we’ll be back.

Don: Daily airstrike here.

Jeff: Later, Don.

Don: See you, Jeff. Thanks.


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