Wall Street Journal finally admits mRNA jabs are killing many healthy people. Will anybody listen? JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #60





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James’ recommended resources,

1-Wall Street Journal’s confessional article,

Covid Censorship Proved to Be Deadly

2-Michael Yon,


3-Clayton Morris on Redacted,


4-IRS agents’ congressional testimony on Biden family corruption,


5-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s congressional testimony on censorship,


6-Edward Dowd book on Covid vaccine deaths,




Jeff J Brown: Good morning. This is JB West on the D-beaches of Normandy in France, also known as Jeff J. Brown. And I’ve got my good friend and comrade James Bradley in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as JB East. How are you doing today, sir?

James Bradley: Well, I’m way far in the east here in Saigon and I thought, today I could talk a little about the world as I see it, and you could talk a little about the world as you see it. How is that?

Jeff: Wonderful. Take it away.

James: Okay. The first thing I saw was a Wall Street Journal article on July 9th, and it was called Covid Censorship Proved to be Deadly. And the article is about how this court case found that the Biden administration was censoring through social media. And there are a couple of lines I’d like to read because they are very unusual. And I think that they are a breakthrough in terms of Covid coverage. Followers of us know that Jeff and I called it out as a bioweapon a long time ago and that governments were trying to kill their own people by encouraging these. So, here’s a Wall Street Journal quote,

Excess mortality in most high-income nations was worse in 2021 and 2022 than in 2020 initial pandemic year. Young and middle-aged healthy people in rich nations began dying in unprecedented numbers in 2021 and 2022. Health authorities have not focused enough on this cataclysm.

So, my point here is that listeners know this is nothing new and that bioweapons started to kill healthy people, but this is in The Wall Street Journal, one of the top three of the mainstream media. And I just pointed out as a potentially positive thing that the truth is breaking through. I mean, Ed Dowd already 18 months ago in his book Cause Unknown laid out the stats. But here I think for the first time we see it in a top MSM organ.

I know folks there’s been a lot of articles about you know this study says this and this has doubts on that. What I’m saying is The Wall Street Journal is saying people are dying in unprecedented numbers and something’s going on. So, I think that’s the first time, the New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, and ABC, they have not said that healthy people in rich countries are dying in unprecedented numbers after the shots. The Wall Street Journal has said it, and I hope that we’re going to hear more about that.

So, I wanted to report that kind of breakthrough. But then that’s the positive. But I think that it’s all overlaid. There’s a problem out here. Reality has become politicized. In the last podcast (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2023/07/23/since-jfks-murder-americans-have-been-living-in-their-own-soviet-union-jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-hague-59/), I presented the factual story that Doctor Luft from Israel had reported on how the Bidens were taking money and wired bribes from China. And someone was aware of this, by listening to the podcast, all the details. So, all I did is report facts. And one this listener said,

“Hey, hey, hey, keep your focus on the main game. I mean, look at the Trumps they did a real estate deal ten years ago that’s suspicious”.

I’d like to say to this listener, is that my main game is not political. I’m not politicized. But I’ve realized that if you say like with The Wall Street Journal, if I say people are dying in unprecedented numbers, I’m guess what? I’m a Republican. The Democrats can’t say that. If I say Biden’s taking bribes, I’m for Trump. No, no, no, no. I’m not a little politicized baby. I’m a historian. When I wrote about President Polk, I wasn’t a Whig or a Republican or a Democrat because I wrote about President Polk.

When I wrote that what Eisenhower did in the 50s about Vietnam, it wasn’t for you to read, oh, Bradley’s talking about Eisenhower. Then he must be against the Democrats. No, no, no. I’m just looking at reality. But reality has been politicized in the United States. I’ll give you a couple of examples. Two IRS agents just testified in Congress. You can see it on YouTube. Look it up. IRS agents, they testified in detail about how the Bidens were receiving bribes from China, Romania, and Ukraine. These are facts. These are swift transfers. These are bank deposits.

These are tax forms. It’s black-and-white facts. So, I just mentioned that to a friend. And he said, yeah, the Republicans are crazy. Well, he didn’t watch the hearing. The two IRS agents are Democrats. One of them had to say,

“I want to say right now, I’m not political. I’m a Democrat. I’ve always voted Democrat. I’m gay. I’m married to a man and I’m an IRS agent who has these truths to talk about the Bidens”.

I mean, this is getting crazy in America that an IRS agent has to talk about his sexual orientation before people will believe the truth about a tax form.

I’m just saying that reality has become politicized. And we’ve got to break through and just look at the facts. If I talk, I realize, see, I was living in New Zealand when the masks came out for Covid in 2020. Well before that, I had had a medical problem two years earlier where French doctors told me about masks and how masks do not prevent the transfer of a virus. The holes are too big and the virus is too small. Do you ever see fish with a net? Some fish can swim through the net. They’re so small. And that’s how it was with the Covid virus.

So, I remember saying to friends’ masks don’t work with the virus. And suddenly, I was right wing. I was a Republican. I was in New Zealand. French doctors told me this. There aren’t any Republicans in New Zealand. You know what I mean? The French doctors are not a Democrat or in New Zealand. They’re not Democrat or Republican. But because I said on a Zoom call to Americans that masks are proven not to work, I was right-wing. I was a Republican. So, we got to stop all this junk. Biden’s taking bribes. And what does that have to do with Trump?

Are we so politicized that if you look at a fact about the current president, that means you’re for Trump? That’s ridiculous. And that’s childish. Is the fact that a bioweapon was deployed, is that Democrat or Republican? I don’t care. Grow up, folks. A bioweapon was deployed. Another big hearing this week that was heavily politicized was tied to a censorship committee. So, this is a committee investigating censorship. And they wanted RFK, Jr. to talk about how he was censored. And watch this on YouTube. It’s unbelievable. Democratic women pre-censored Kennedy.

They were screaming at the guy trying to get him not to testify. Now, folks, oh, I said Democratic women. So, am I a Republican male? Grow up. Look at the thing. If it was Republican orangutans, I would say Republican orangutans. I’m sorry. There were Democratic women yelling at RFK. You can see it. They were not male and they were not Republican. I’m just reporting the truth. And by that, I’m not pro-Trump or pro-RFK or anti-Arab. All this baby politicized stuff. My point is, RFK wanted to testify about censorship and there were human beings on the committee that tried to censor him.

And when he finally got to talk, it was a joke. He threw away his prepared testimony and he just said,

“Hey, committee, this is a committee about censorship. And on a censorship committee, you tried to censor my speech.”

Folks, this is how crazy it is. We got to get out of this political thing and just look at the facts and what are the facts. If you want to have a global view, I suggest that you go on the Internet and go to Rumble and search for the name Michael Yon. Who is Michael Yon? Michael Yon is America’s most experienced war correspondent and he travels the world looking at what is happening.

And if you listen to Michael Yon, as he told me last week, we have got to cut all this crap, all this politicized. If you say blue, you’re this and if you say up, you know that and you know Biden and Trump, and oh, my God, we’re not looking at what’s going on. So, what is going on? What’s the number one thing happening? The number one thing happening in the world, in case nobody is noticing, is a global war. Step back and look at the globe. There is a war going on, a unified global war, and it’s war by other means we’re looking for. It’s not a World War Two invasion.

It’s not going to be about troops hitting the beach. It’s not what’s going on in Ukraine. It’s war by other means. It’s called Democide. Democide is when the governments turn on their own people. And folks, I’m sorry. It’s just a fact. I don’t know if this is Democratic or Republican and I don’t care. But the governments have decided to do war by other means and they have turned on our own populations. I’m sorry, your government is not your daddy that you can trust. First, they deployed the bioweapon that was encouraged by governments on their own citizens and their own citizens are dying because of it.

You love Germany. You love New Zealand. You’re a patriotic American. It doesn’t matter. You got to get out of this idea that there are these nation-states and that Daddy cares about you. Somehow up top, they are united in democide in killing their with their own chaos. Michael Yon says we got to cut the crap talking about illegal immigration. It is not illegal immigration. It is pre-positioning for chaos. The globalists must break down borders. You can’t have an independent Germany that thinks of its independent German rights and an independent America. And we here in Oklahoma feel that we believe that.

No, no, no, no. You got to break that all down with chaos and you got to flood the field. So, just step back and look at the globe. From Africa to Europe and from South America up to the United States, many of these people to get up north need $20,000 to $30,000 per individual. Where are they getting that money? Go on the Internet and look at Michael Yon and Ben Bergquam and some of these people. You can see that in the middle of nowhere down in South America, the immigrants are staying in American-built habitats, getting on American paid for luxury buses.

Humans are being pre-positioned for chaos in the North. I am James Bradley. I’m a patriotic American. My father fought in the military for this country. But I have a right to ask, why is the US military being sent to Eastern Europe and Taiwan right now? Why is that happening? We started the Vietnam War not with 500,000 troops, but just a few hundred here and a couple thousand there. We just sent 3,000 troops to Ukraine. We just sent troops to Taiwan. Why is that going on? I can be a patriotic American and still question that. I’m James Bradley. I want peace with China and I admire China.

But I get to ask, why are Chinese military-aged males by tens of thousands marching up the southern border into America? Where are they going and what are they doing? Why is all this fentanyl coming in from China into America? What’s the purpose of that? And why are we allowing it? It isn’t just one national situation. What is going on? Joe Biden’s taking money from how many countries for what purposes? We’ve got to break down this political emotional stuff, these nation-state border thinking and look at the whole thing as a united population. We are getting attacked. There’s democide going on.

The chaos that we see in France that’s coming to America and it’s coming to a country near you. So, that’s basically my bottom line of what’s going on that we have to be able to discuss. Why is America fighting in Ukraine against Russia? Why are we sending troops to Taiwan? What’s going on in the southern border? I asked Michael Yon, how come tens of thousands of military-age males are marching up through the southern border? Why? He said if you stop them, they wouldn’t know why. He said this is classic infiltration. People are being pre-placed to later be violent.

He said, look at France. He said, James, the question of what’s the spark going to be? He said that’s the amateur’s question what the spark is that kid got shot in France. So, there were riots. No, no, no, no, no. He said that’s amateurs looking at it. He said the professionals look at the conditions. He said the conditions are being laid for violent chaos. It doesn’t matter what the spark is. Focus on the conditions. Folks, the conditions are being set for a de-population and for mass chaos. That’s the state of the world right now. And ask us all to open our eyes, get out of our political right- and left-ness, and take a look at what’s going on.

Jeff: Hey, James, can I ask you a few questions? Because you really stimulated me.

James: I’m here. Go, go, go.

Jeff: Well, what I’d like to ask is this censorship thing, and you and I know that you and I have been banned off of YouTube. We’ve been banned. So, it’s affecting millions and millions of people. You and your book, “The China Mirage”, did a humongous amount of research about how the MSM, the mainstream media, what I call the Big Lie Propaganda Machine got hijacked by the China Lobby and gave Americans and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt a very erroneous picture about China, which had a massive impact on American history and world history later on, in World War Two. How do you compare the MSM back then in the 1930 and the 1940s to what I call the Big Lie Propaganda Machine today, the mainstream media today? Can you compare and contrast the two eras?

James: I’m not sure, Jeff. I’ve thought about it and you know what I thought I asked you once about when you saw the Big Lie Propaganda Machine and you said it was later in life that you had already lived in China once before you realized all this propaganda in the Western Press. Right?

Jeff: True.

James: So, I think that’s more to the point. I think it’s who is waking up. The Propaganda Machine is always been there and it’s not some evil. I play for the Wisconsin team and I’m a cheerleader for the Wisconsin team and I’m playing you in Oklahoma, and you cheer pom, pom for Oklahoma, and I cheer for Wisconsin. And there’s a natural thing. I tend to believe pro-Wisconsin stories. I’m talking about you and I as high school cheerleaders just to make the point. You know what I mean?

And this is not some big evil thought process that you thought of how to fool yourself and how to fool other people. You’re just more inclined to cheerlead for Oklahoma because you were born there. So, I don’t know it does seem though that the press. Look at it, I watched an Australian program yesterday that said they put a stopwatch to the coverage of the Biden bribery. Now, this is testimony in Congress, folks. Again, it’s not political. It’s testimony in Congress. It’s IRS agents. It’s forms, it’s SWIFT transfers, it’s bank accounts. It’s black and white. It’s not ideology.

And this Australian channel said that this is according to them, there were 500 minutes devoted on the mainstream TV American channels to Trump being indicted – 500 minutes. There were zero minutes on the Biden bribery. So, I think it’s gotten extreme. But it’s so ridiculous that I hope people are just sloughing it off. I mean even if I was Biden’s best friend, I don’t want to live in a country that’s 500 to 0 in terms of coverage. I mean, that’s dangerous. And I have friends who I would say, you’re reading The Washington Post. You’re reading a bunch of propaganda. Well, they can read between the lines and they like the ideology of The Washington Post.

And it’s not that dangerous. And then what happened? They read The Washington Post telling them that an injection was safe and effective and they’ve ruined their lives. Looks at if it’s not censored, don’t read it. The Washington Post, The New York Times, Atlantic Magazine, CBS, NBC. They have not been censored. That means that they are just put pulling the water for the government. And this is not James Bradley only talking. Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia and Harvard. This is a real mainstream guy who wrote editorials in The Washington Post in The New York Times.

He just said on a recent podcast, he said, there’s nothing you can read anymore in the Times or the Post that is not direct government propaganda. He said there’s no reason to read them. So, that’s Jeffrey Sachs. Folks, if you’re reading an American newspaper that’s not censored, you’re just reading government propaganda. Toss it. Cut your subscription, go to the Internet, go to Rumble. Start looking at some truth tellers like Jeff Brown and Redacted with Clayton Morris. Look at Michael Yon in terms of the democide that’s happening worldwide. So, that’s a lot of talk, Jeff, but that’s as much as I can answer your question.

Jeff: You and I, of course, know both very well about Operation Mockingbird, which was started after World War Two by the CIA. And the goal was to manipulate and control the mainstream media. And in the Church Committee in the 1970s, they promised not to do it anymore. And, of course, Douglas Valentine in his wonderful book, “The CIA as Organized Crime”, talked about how they would promise people like Senator Church that they would not do this or that anymore, and they would just simply move the furniture from one office to the next and change the name and keep going. Do you think Operation Mockingbird is still in effect? And is this playing a role?

James: I heard a comedian say once I was drinking a lot, but I can stop drinking any time I want. For example, I stopped just last night. So, yeah, they stopped Mockingbird last night, but then they had another drink. You know what I mean? But again, I’m not trying to posit some evil here. Just think you work for the CIA, and your job is to control governments and overthrow them. What are you going to do? Let the Washington Post be a truth-teller? No, you’re going to take a company like Amazon that never made any profit, give them a $600 million CIA contract and say, hey, Jeff Bezos why don’t you buy The Washington Post with your own money?

It’s a wink. It’s a private transaction. And then, by the way, instead of $600 million worth of contracts, we’ll give you a billion or whatever the numbers are. Huge. Look it up. So, it’s not some evil. It’s just natural that the United States government would want to control its major organs. You can’t run a government. If The New York Times and The Washington Post were totally telling the truth about Biden right now, he wouldn’t last another day. You’ve got to control the organs of the media. And every government does it.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s well said. Well, that brings up a good point then why after you and I think probably saved a few lives in 2021-2022 by reporting on the US military bioweapon the Covid virus and then and then in concentrated form in the mRNA vaccines put out by Western Big Pharma. But why would Wall Street Journal come out with such an amazing confession that if you multiply it out to the entire world population, we’re talking about at least many, many millions of deaths and billions of handicapped people, injured people for life? Why now?

James: I don’t know. And again, it was pretty soft. It was kind of like saying Hitler caused some discomfort. They didn’t really toss in the blood and guts. But I don’t know why this is through. But then again, as I say, I was positive that that snuck through. And then I watched two hearings that are unreported in the press.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: So, I don’t know what’s going on, but what I do know is going on is people are heavily politicized. And there’s this Trump-Biden thing. If Biden falls down, you can’t watch it because if you watch it, then Trump is going to what? And again, I’m not in America, so I’m not in the midst of all this political craziness. But I’m just saying, as America is arguing and looking at everything in a political way, we’re not backing up and looking at what’s happening. What’s happening is the violence in France is going you’re going to see that in the Netherlands, in the UK, in America.

As Michael Yon says, he says if you get a tank of fish, you can’t put every single different type of fish in that tank at the same time. There are some fish that just don’t get along. And we’re just we’re mixing up cultures. We’re not assimilating. We’re just shoving people in. Okay, here’s a fact unreported. Go north of Houston. There’s a huge plot of land that Michael found being hacked out of the forest. They’re building homes for 200,000 people. 200,000 illegal migrants are going to be put in these homes. And it’s not reported in the Houston press and the Texas press.

Nobody knows about it. It’s the federal government doing it. He went there physically and talked to the people clearing the land, and he’s going to rent a helicopter and do a shoot on it. But I mean, can you imagine a city of 200,000 being secretly built with no reporting? Who are these people? They’re not American citizens but they’re connected to the US government. So, these tens of thousands of able-bodied males coming up, they have a cell phone that’s connected to the government. Right. How do they eat? How do they sleep? They’re sleeping in hotels paid for by the government.

They’re communicating on that phone. Well, they’re not American. What if the people on the phone tell them to go down to that armory and get some guns and start shooting down the people over there I mean, they’re not, you know what I mean? The Somalis who pick up guns will be shooting Americans. They won’t be shooting their own people. This is very dangerous. Michael Yon has been trained in infiltration. And he said these are classic infiltration tactics. They’re pre-positioning the able-bodied males for later action. I didn’t say it. Michael said it. You look at the videos, judge yourself, folks. I’m just trying to raise a flag and say, open your eyes.

Jeff: I’ll be sure and put Michael Yon’s Rumble Channel in our article. I’ll also put the links to the YouTube committee, the censorship committee against RFK, and also the YouTube links the gay married IRS, and IRS agents reporting on Biden’s taking money from foreigners, which we have to understand that’s high treason. People get shot or hung for doing stuff like that against their country. So, I’ll put all that on there. I’ll also put Clayton Morris’s hyperlink there. And so, what else you got, sir?

James: I just got questions for you. This is the East saying that’s what I know. How about JB West? What’s going on?

Jeff: Well, let me report on what happened with the riots. The numbers, the statistics are pretty astounding. They lasted for almost three weeks. 4,000 people were arrested. 1,000 have already been jailed. France is a Gestapo Country. I mean, they treat their protesters just like the Israelis treat the Palestinians, although they don’t shoot them dead like they do in Palestine. They’re just as violent and just as merciless as the Israelis are against the Palestinians. 2,500 buildings were attacked, including 105 city halls, 168 schools, and 273 police stations, and 12,000 cars and busses were torched. And the total bill is going to come to close to €1 billion.

I don’t watch mainstream media here in France. So, I asked several friends before we got on the show, hey, what’s going on? Are the riots continuing? And they all told me, no. The last big hurrah was on July 14th, which is Bastille Day, France’s National Day. And I’m sitting there thinking, well, God, this a couple of years ago 2 or 3 years ago there were a couple of immigrants that were shot here in France. And the same thing happened, although it only lasted about a week, there was a riot for about one week. And then it was like a bloodletting. It just stopped after that.

And then I started going back and thinking, well, yeah, Rodney King in the United States in Los Angeles, when they declared him guilty and the riots in Los Angeles and Compton, and when Martin Luther King got murdered by his own government in 1968, Trenton, New Jersey, burned up, Detroit burned up for a week or two, and it stopped. George Floyd the most recent case race case. And as you’re bringing up and Michael Yon is bringing it up this is all to create an ambiance of race chaos, racial hatred between the Muslims and the Blacks who are being allowed to flood into France by the millions against the traditional French population.

So apparently, the riots are over. The only movement that has had any sustained momentum in France is the Yellow Vests. And they went for two years until the Covid lockdown. Basically, the police state lockdown, using Covid as an excuse. And they are the only movement that has broad-based support, even among the well-to-do, even in the top 10 to 20% of the wealthiest people in France support the Yellow Vests, but they, too, have been bludgeoned by extreme, extreme Gestapo style violence by the French police. And you literally, if you put on a Yellow Vest, you risk your life. I’d like to point out that I personally have not experienced any of this.

I live in a small village of 500 people literally 150m from the D-Day beaches of Normandy. In fact, I can see them outside my window. But France is a very unusual country, in that it’s still extremely, extremely rural. And people don’t realize that Paris has 20% of the entire country’s population. And there are only three other three other cities, in the entire country that have over 1 million people. Paris has about 12 million out of the 65 million total. And so, there’s Marseilles, Bordeaux, and Lyon have over a million people.

And after that, the population just drops down into the hundreds of thousands. And so, there’s this huge dichotomy in French Society. You’ve got these four big cities, Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, and Lyon, and then everything else is pretty well, it’s kind of middle class and rural, and France is mostly agriculture, agricultural. I mean, Europe would starve to death without France. It is truly the breadbasket of Rome or the breadbasket of Europe. I mean, I’m surrounded by cows and wheat fields.

So, for those of us living out here outside of Marseilles, Bordeaux, and Lyon, and maybe a few handfuls of the other bigger cities in the hundreds of thousands instead of over a million. We have not been directly affected by these riots. They sure seem to be orchestrated. It was almost like somebody, a conductor waved a wand and they went nuts for three weeks and then stopped. But it was splashed all over the headlines and it’s embedded into the people’s memories. Interestingly, 40% of those who were arrested already had police records.

So, we’re looking at people who were already marginal in society. These were already people who had been arrested at least once by the police. These were not upper-class people protesting. These were the down and outs, the immigrants. It was almost all immigrants. And again, there’s this feeling that they’re using these millions of immigrants who have flooded into and I gotta say it, Blacks and Arabs and Blacks from Africa and Arabs from Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq from all the wars since the 1990s they’ve just flooded into Europe and they’ve been let in and encouraged to come in just like the southern border in the United States.

And it is setting the stage, as Michael Yon said, to create race chaos. And at some point, the French are very indulgent. They’re very idealistic. We had the French Revolution here. We had the Universal Rights of Man. The Universal Rights of Man were written here. So, the French have a very strong sense of equality, et cetera. But I think they’re just going to keep pushing this. And in the interim, as I reported in my report about how the destruction of the European people, until the next riots, there are just lurid, revolting violent crimes like MK Ultra Cyborgs who are just committing the most heinous crimes (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2023/07/15/timeline-of-european-peoples-destruction-connecting-the-postwar-dots-from-euro-socialism-to-the-current-riots-in-france-jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-hague-58/).

It’s daily in the media. It’s just like an acid drip on the minds of the people. And what do you know? They’re all immigrants. And so, this is again creating a huge divide between the traditional French population and the immigrant population. I know France is 10% Muslim, but I’m sure that the total population of immigrants must be maybe 15, somewhere between 15 and 20%. And as you said, they’re setting the stage. We’ve got inflation. They just raised the electricity prices 10%. Even though France exports electricity, they’re going to raise prices, even though we have nuclear here.

We have France gets 75% of its electricity from nuclear. Thanks to Charles de Gaulle who insisted on it. And so, we’re now paying 10% more. Gas is still 30 or 40% more expensive than it used to be for our cars. Heating oil and food inflation are just going through the roof every time my wife goes shopping. She comes back with less and less and we’re paying more and more. I just did a program on Press TV. They just had just done a survey and something like that 10 million out of the 65 million French people are literally in poverty. That’s a huge percentage.

We’re talking about what 15% of the population is now in dire straits. So, this can’t last forever. It can’t be kept up. The government does not represent the people. It represents Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the City of London, and NATO. And again, it’s bizarre for me because I’m like in this bubble in this little village looking out over the English Channel. But the misery is in the bigger cities and in the bigger towns. And at some point, it’s going to explode and we’ll have to just wait and see. As James, as you pointed out, they’re really working to destroy the Netherlands, Holland.

They’re working to destroy animal agriculture there. One of the most efficient and productive animal agriculture countries in the world with their dairy and pork production. They’re destroying that and forcing the farmers to kill them to cull out and kill their animals. And that’s just a warm-up because the big prize is France as again, I said it’s the breadbasket of Europe. And if they can destroy animal agriculture here, then it will go a long way toward the Malthusian depopulation that you’re talking about.

And of course, we just have to wait for the next bioweapon. The Russians have reported they have records found in US Military Bioweapon Laboratories in Ukraine that they are working on a universal bioweapon, a universal virus that can attack animals and people. And they are obviously targeting also Han Chinese genes and they’re targeting Slavic genes for the Russian population. So, we’re just starting here and I think you and I’ll keep reporting on it and letting people know what really is going on out there. So, thank you for letting me tell you what’s going on in Europe.

James: Okay. So, I think we have to think about the day that you’re referring to and we’ve given people enough to think about on this podcast. So, this is JB East from Saigon signing off.

Jeff: And JB West on the D-day beaches of Normandy in France. Thank you. Bye-bye.


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