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Jeff J Brown: Good morning, everybody. This is JB West on the beaches of Normandy, aka Jeff J. Brown. And I am so happy to be with JB East in Saigon, Vietnam, aka James Bradley. How are you doing this morning?

James Bradley: I’m Jim Dandy.

Jeff: James and I had a wonderful conversation yesterday on the phone and we decided we need to share some very, very interesting information that we discussed. And so, James, take it away.

James: I just thought I’d talk the United States, which I’m sad to say is pretty putrid. The southern border is open and replacement migration tremendous violence in the US. We just suffered a huge psychological operation regarding the bioweapon injections. And if you look at Ed Dowd’s book on the bioweapon and the aftereffects, he’s talking about 30% disabled, 10% dead. And if you look at the contraction of the worldwide airline industry, it’s about 35, 40%. But the press isn’t reporting anything. I’m the son of a funeral director.

100% of the obituaries. We call them obits, always said Mr. James Bradley, age, location, died on Sunday, October 16th. the exact date it was pronounced dead at 2:19 p.m. And the next paragraph, the cause of death was and now there’s no cause of death. They just died suddenly. And he was such a nice guy. We really loved him. Okay, that’s fine. But before you get there, why did this guy die? Oh, well, look at the front page of The New York Post today. It has a beautiful New Jersey bodybuilder. This guy is gorgeous and he’s 30 years old.

He was famous, had a big social following and then just drops dead. What’s the cause of death? Let’s see. An aneurysm. An aneurysm in a 30-year-old guy. Hmm. The mRNA spike protein attacks the blood. Hmm. But we’re not going to talk about the bioweapon causing that. So, there are a lot of strange things going on in the United States. I had a speaking career, and I used to be in San Francisco or Orlando and Dallas and Seattle and Portland and Chicago and Omaha and I was all over the country speaking all the time. And I know these cities pretty well.

And now if you go to downtown Omaha, downtown Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin some really nice cities, they’re dystopic at 1030 at night gangs, guys dressed in black tents, sleeping bags, feces on the street. America is a mess. And I’m saying this not to criticize America, but I’m an American. I’d like it cleaned up and I’d like us to sort out our problems. See, I’m out here in Vietnam, I’m in Saigon. People think I’m living in a poor country and they talk about the poverty here. And I say to my friends in San Francisco or Seattle or New York we don’t have anybody living in the degradation of your homeless.

Americans think, oh we’re a wealthy country and everything’s fine. And then we have this euphemism called homelessness like it’s detached from the body politic. No, no, no, no. Connect the homelessness. That’s part of the American fabric right now. And these people living on the streets, they’re living below poverty. They’re going to bed in that tent and their back is on the cement. Families are cooking on the street. They are defecating and urinating into the gutter. That doesn’t exist here. I’ll give you $1,000 for you to walk around the city of Saigon and find somebody living on the street. It does not exist.

So, America is in a really distorted type of trouble. And I dated the 22nd of November 1963, and that’s the day that we started to become the Soviet Union. The CIA and the military, and the bright big men who shot John Kennedy through the right temple and his brains, seen in the Magruder film, and we got lied to about an assassin coming from the back. Those guys did that because we had to stand up to the Soviet Union and JFK was reaching out with peace feelers to Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro and didn’t want to go to war in Vietnam.

And we had to fight against communism. Well, we have become that communist state that we fought against and I mean communist in the sense of gray control, Soviet Union, Stalinist Soviet Union. That’s what we have become. I mean, California, Oregon, Washington, they’re passing laws where if you’re little Jimmy in school one day says, “I feel like a girl today”. And the teacher says Jimmy feels like a girl and we need to cut his balls off. If the parents interfere with Jimmy’s decision, they can be taken away as child abusers.

The state of Michigan passed a law. It’s on the governor’s desk. We’ll see if he signs it. And there’s two years in jail and a $10,000 fine if you harass somebody by misgendering them, by using the wrong pronouns. So, some guy’s six foot two with a hairy chest and a beard shows up in your store and he’s got a pink tutu on and you say, hey, buddy, how you doing? Well, I’m not a buddy. I’m married and you got to address me by a correct pronoun. I’m calling the police on you and the police will be right there ready to throw you on the floor for those incorrect pronouns.

They might not show up if your shop’s being robbed or burnt down. But, man to enforce this Stalinist Soviet Union state, it’s getting tighter and tighter. And again, it happened in 1963. And you know what I did today? I watched District Attorney Jim Garrison. Anyone saw Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, in 1991, it was about Jim Garrison. I can see the actor who played him. I can’t remember his name, but it was Jim Garrison, District Attorney Jim Garrison coming up with evidence. Well, I watched Jim Garrison, 1968, Johnny Carson show, and Johnny had him on and questioned him.

And Jim Garrison says outright, he says the CIA and the military killed John F Kennedy to change American foreign policy. They didn’t like the foreign policy of John F Kennedy and they eliminated him. This was a conspiracy by a number of people. And Garrison says you are not going to have the America that you were born into unless we get to the bottom of this. And he says it on the Steve Allen Show and then NBC, which is a CIA deep state outlet forever. And I know this for various reasons, they slimeball Jim Garrison. And so back then, you had the I can’t remember what it was called, but it was the right of rebuttal.

If a network said something about you, oh, it was equal time, you could demand equal time. So, NBC gave Jim Garrison equal time. And folks, you can look this up on the Internet, Jim Garrison on NBC, Johnny Carson, on Steve Allen. And he’s eloquent. He’s an American hero. And he’s saying that there was a deep – he didn’t use the word deep state. And I don’t care what word you like to use, the controllers, leave behind the state, the deep state, the bureaucrats controlling things, the bad guys, whoever it is, this permanent undemocratic state that killed John F Kennedy has ruined our country and brought us to where we are now.

And it’s amazing to see Jim Garrison telling the public this publicly. I was only 14, 15 years old and I didn’t understand what was going on. But I wish I could bring my father and mother back to life and ask them why they weren’t paying attention to this. We lost America at that time. So right now, we have a guy named RFK Jr, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, and Bobby Kennedy. And this is amazing. Bobby Kennedy is challenging an unpopular Democratic president who is very corrupt and is running an unpopular foreign war. His father was challenging a corrupt Democratic president who was running an unpopular war.

And the swords are going to come out in New Hampshire. The comparisons between 1968 and 2024 with this election are just amazing. And look it up. RFK you can see it on YouTube is still allowing it. He is telling you who killed his uncle John F Kennedy ( + It was the CIA and the military and J. Edgar Hoover. And it was a conspiracy of a bunch of guys who didn’t like this young punk president who didn’t want to get into a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. You can look it up. RFK Jr. is talking about who killed his father.

It wasn’t Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan Sirhan was shooting from the front, and he had no memory of the event. Still, today, he doesn’t. Bobby or Robert F. Kennedy Senior got killed by a CIA operative who worked for Lockheed. He got shot in the right back. When Robert Kennedy got shot, he turned to his shooter and grabbed his plastic tie, which came off in his hand. You can see him holding that tie as he’s on the ground. And he knew who shot him. It was the security guard right behind him CIA. And you can see Bobby Kennedy telling the story. So, the best book to read on the JFK assassination is called “JFK and the Unspeakable”.

And it’s by Jim Douglass. Who is saying this is the best book to read? JFK Jr. recommends the book, Ray McGovern, and the CIA recommends the book. And I am quoted on the front of the book. The quote from James Bradley says this book changed the way I think about the world. It’s an amazing book. It’s worth your time. It’s called “JFK and the Unspeakable”. It’s by James Douglass, and it’s recommended by JFK Jr. Another great book to read is by Peter Janney. And it’s called “Mary’s Mosaic”. Peter Janney “Mary’s Mosaic”. What’s that about?

JFK was getting on with Mary Meyer, a girlfriend. He had known her for years, and she was inspiring him to give his American University piece talk and to reach out and she was one of the inner circle friends who was encouraging JFK to go for peace rather than war. And she was very close to JFK. Her husband was one of the conspirators who killed John F. Kennedy. Peter Janney, the author, his father was CIA and he was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Peter used to play in the home of this Mary Meyer.

And then later in life, he realized, oh my God, my dad helped kill JFK. And they assassinated Mary Meyer because she was going to come out and talk about how the Warren Commission was a bunch of junk. So, it’s Mary’s Mosaic again, recommended by Ray McGovern on a podcast just the other day. Those are two fabulous books, folks that will set you straight on how the United States was changed. So, after the Assassination, I don’t know if you know if Kennedy was assassinated, they had the funeral. He was still unburied.

And President Johnson met with Henry Cabot Lodge, the ambassador to South Vietnam, and said, “I’m not going to hold anybody back. We’re going to go full speed ahead in Vietnam.” And then he signed the order reversing Kennedy’s order to get out of Vietnam. And then all of LBJ’s buddies, the Brown and Root folks down in Texas, Bell helicopter, the Byrd company, Mr. Byrd made helicopters. Mr. Byrd owned the bookstore. What’s that bookstore called? That Oswald supposedly shot from.

I mean, there are all these entanglements and it’s fascinating to get into. But LBJ was involved in the assassination of Kennedy and then that was it. We’ve been Deep State CIA ever since Nixon, Carter. Carter was Navy. Reagan. Reagan was an FBI informant back in Hollywood. He was in the deep state. Who did he choose as his vice president? The former head of the CIA, George Herbert Walker Bush. Then you have Bush. We always say Putin was ex-KGB. This Putin thug was ex-KGB. We never say hey, Bush was ex-CIA and he was a vice president with Reagan. This Bush was ex-CIA and he was president of the United States.

Hey, this Bush was CIA and he became good friends with Bill Clinton. Hey, this is Bush, who was ex-CIA, his son became president of the United States. Look into Obama’s background. His mother was an anthropologist in Indonesia when the CIA was helping to wipe out hundreds of thousands of communists. Anthropologists were often used as covers for the CIA because an anthropologist had an excuse to go anywhere. Journalists and anthropologists were often CIA fronts. And how come?

Just before the election of Obama, John Brennan, who would later become the head of the CIA, was out there in Indonesia going village to village, telling people to be quiet about Obama’s mother’s time in Indonesia. Trump interrupted this deep state situation, and that’s why they went nuts and 92% of the press beat up Trump. He wasn’t part of the team. They thought Hillary was going to win. New York Times, 84%. Hillary’s going to win. Trump surprised everybody. The people got a vote and the Deep State didn’t like it.

And they beat him up and now they want to put him in jail. He’s facing like 400 years in jail. You don’t have to love Trump. The point is, the American system is it’s not the Soviet Union. It’s a one-party. Let’s talk about Colonel McGregor. Folks, if you don’t know who Colonel McGregor is, then you don’t know what’s going on in the Ukraine war. Colonel McGregor is on a number of podcasts. He’s a military expert. I mean, he’s an experienced colonel. He knows how to run troops. He knows the military. He knows the Pentagon.

And then he knows Eastern Europe and Germany and Russia. He speaks some of those languages. He’s an excellent commentator. Throw away the Washington Post, New York Times, and all the propaganda press on Ukraine and just search on YouTube and on Rumble Colonel McGregor and listen to him. He has been right about the war from the beginning. I’m not just saying I like him. I’m saying I follow people who get it right. As soon as McGregor would get it wrong, I would have dumped him.

But he’s been right from the beginning. And Colonel McGregor, now you have he’s an ex-colonel. He’s ex-army. He’s not some tie-dyed whatever. He’s a straight-up guy. And he’s talking about the fact that we have lost our democracy, that democracy is finished in the United States, that we are the Soviet Union, a one-party state that we are undergoing replacement. We are letting in millions of people who are not Americans through not only our southern border but through our northern border.

Colonel McGregor says the strategy is that the Democratic Party, which is running the Soviet Union American state now, did a study years ago in early 2000 that said that with the demographics of America today, the Democrats do not have a hope of capturing the White House and Congress long term, that they needed a demographic shift. So, this is what we’re getting. We’re getting a demographic shift in the United States to have a permanent Democrat majority.

And what he is saying is that we’re bringing all these people in and then military families are discouraging their offspring from going into the military. I don’t know if you know it, but all of the military services right now are highly disorganized and disoriented. They’ve been very politicized and the Soviet Union state does that to their military and recruitment is way down. So, Colonel McGregor is saying that the strategy is when some emergency, probably some ginned up false flag emergency takes place, they’re going to say to these illegal aliens, hey, you volunteer for the military and we’ll give you U.S citizenship.

We’re not going to do it like you serve 3 or 5 years and then we’ll give you a passport. No, no, no, no. You come down, raise your hand, say you’ll go into the military. Here’s this ready-made passport, and we’ll probably have a ballot clip to it that has Biden or Biden’s replacement already marked. Can you imagine? 1 million out of the 8 million that have just come in the ones that are not being used as sex slaves or as industrial slaves just found a bunch of illegal alien slaves packing Cheerios at night, working at night in dangerous situations.

One of them had her scalp ripped off by the machinery. We’re bringing in industrial slaves and sex slaves and then military-age males. And Colonel MacGregor is just one of many, many who are saying we’re going to give these people passports when they enlist in the military, they will vote Democratic. It’s going to be the Soviet Union all the way. So, folks, America has changed. And do you know who Matt Taibbi is?

Matt Taibbi is an investigative journalist. He worked for Rolling Stone, a number of outlets. And then Elon Musk said, hey, why don’t you look at these Twitter files? And Matt Taibbi was bringing the truth out about how the government had honeycombed Twitter. So, Congress said to Matt Taibbi, would you testify to us? We have this committee on-government overreach. I can’t remember the subcommittee’s name. It’s headed by Jim Jordan, a Republican. And Matt Taibbi said Jordan sounded like a First Amendment guy.

And he said the media wasn’t reprinting any of the stories I was coming up with and I thought this was important for First Amendment. I go to American Reasons and testify to Congress. Well, folks, do you know this story? If you don’t, it just proves my point that we’re living in the Soviet Union now. The news is not getting out. This is the story. Matt Taibbi, the honest investigative journalist, goes in front of the United States Congress to talk about how the government has infiltrated Twitter.

He’s testifying as he is seated in Congress, an IRS agent knocks on his door and leaves a note. Hey, call us. Simultaneously with his testimony, you have an agent of the United States government probably armed, knocking on his door to intimidate him. And you can watch his testimony. It’s amazing the Republicans ask questions like what did you find? The Democrats ask zero questions about what they find. They just totally smear them. You’re not a real journalist. Who are you?

What is Elon Musk paying you? You’re in this for the money and the fame. You’re a liar. And they try to slimeball him and then he’s stunned. This is a guy who is a Democrat. He’s no Republican. Look at his history. And then he goes home. He’s dealing with government harassment through the IRS. And then he gets a letter from the Chief Democrat on the committee saying that they want to bring him up for perjury. The acronym for some government agency that he is referring to, let’s say, is ABC. And he said it was ABD or something.

He just it’s too much of a tongue twister to tell you the facts. But you can watch his interviews. He just misspoke about the acronym of an agency and the Democrats took that out. This is perjury. We are threatening you. So now all of a sudden, this guy’s going to go to trial. Maybe he hasn’t been arrested, but this is harassment and maybe he’s got to come up with $100,000 or $200,000 to defend himself. So, folks, we’re in the Soviet Union and there’s no free press. Much of the News of the World is not getting out to people.

The story came out that the Bidens were accepting money from China and Romania, and Ukraine. And you didn’t hear about it in the American press. You heard the emotional submarine story. Oh, we’re hearing pinging. Oh, are they alive? Oh, there was a young person, and oh, my God. Well, no. The US Navy knew instantly that the sub was gone and everybody was dead, but they lied to the American public and they strung that sub story out to cover in the press the Biden corruption story.

It was the same with the Trump indictment. The day that the House of Representatives had the press conference to show that they had the swift transfer money accounts on the Biden bribes. They indicted Trump, and the press was just full of Trump. The cameras were there. Here comes Trump’s motorcade, the first president ever indicted. Hey, just a minute. There was a press conference showing evidence of bribes taken by the president of the current president. No, no, no, no. Nobody saw that.

So, folks, something happened in 1963, in November. Democracy died that day. Jim Garrison risked his life by going out to the public, saying, if we don’t solve this if we allow this to happen, if we allow the American public to continue to believe that JFK was killed by a lone assassin, if we continue to allow people to believe that the Warren Commission was truthful and full, we will not have the country that we were born in. And you know what, folks? Jim Garrison was right. And now we have this country. We need a big change. Over to you, Jeff.

Jeff: Wow. Kevin Costner was the actor for Jim Garrison. They actually look a little bit alike. All right. Thank you very much. I loved it. And I know the fans out there are going to love it even more. And it’s a wake-up call. It’s a wake-up call for all of us. And we’ve got to do something. And now we know why. This is JB West in Normandy. And thank you, JB East.


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