JFK’s US government assassination: the palace coup that ended the American Dream. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #65






James crystalizes 20 years of research into a gripping, seat-of-your-pants account that changed the United States and the world forever, sadly for the worse!



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Jeff J Brown: Good morning, everybody. This is JB West on the beaches of Normandy. And I’ve got my friend and comrade in Saigon, JB East. How are you doing today?

 James Bradley: I am Jim Dandy. This is JB East in Vietnam, Jeff. Hello.

 Jeff: Hey, I tell you what, for the fans out there, James is a qualified expert on the JFK assassination. He is quoted on the front cover of the number one best-selling book about the JFK drama. He’s done well, 20 years of research on it. He’s a walking-talking expert. And he told me he’s got something really exciting he’d like to tell the fans out there. So, take it away, James.

 James: Well, November 22nd is coming up and I think we should bow our heads and remember a 45-year-old guy who left a 34-year-old wife and some kids. And you know, if you’re wondering about the control situation the cloud put over us regarding Covid and if you’re wondering about 911 and the Oklahoma bombing and the takedown of Nixon and Trump, we can go back to the JFK assassination. It’s all about a bunch of bad guys who want ultimate control, and they’re working together.

And it’s generation to generation, specifically about the JFK assassination two key questions. Number one, will we ever know? And number two, what about the documents that have been released and the documents that still have not been released? So, in terms of will we ever know? The answer is we do know. We do know almost everything about the JFK assassination. What the difference is it hasn’t been announced by the mainstream media. You haven’t had the equivalent of Walter Cronkite come out and say, this is what went down, and they never will.

So, it’s like saying, will we ever know whether the Covid 19 shots were poisoned? Well, I know and Jeff knows and a lot of people know, but you’re not going to have Joseph Biden and The New York Times say, you know what we got paid billions. We got paid off to poison you. So, we do know about the JFK assassination, it’s just that the mainstream media has not announced it. So, if you’re waiting for them to announce it before you’ll understand the JFK assassination, you can click off right now because you’re not going to get it ever from the mainstream media or from officialdom. `

In terms of the documents released and not released, they’re of very, very little consequence. Look at guys. This is a criminal conspiracy. So, take the heist of gold at JFK Airport, a train robbery in England, or a major crime in Japan. You don’t have the criminals writing down, you know. How do you spell your last name? Joe, I want to get you on this document here that we were meeting talking about the crime. What time is it? It’s 9:21. You know, you just don’t have that. It’s all in secrecy. Number one. Number two, everything was compartmentalized.

The people who set up Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t know if Kennedy was going to be killed in Dealey Plaza. They didn’t know. You know, the guy who had a rifle over here didn’t know that if they missed at Dealey Plaza, they were going to kill Kennedy at the Trade Mart at lunch. The gunman at the Trade Mart at lunch didn’t know that there were guys in Dealey Plaza who were going to try to pick them off first. So, folks, if you’d like me to tell you the whole story with all the characters, I can’t do it. I’m telling you that right now.

This is what I recommend you do if you’re sincerely interested in paying homage to the memory of John F. Kennedy and understanding the assassination. First of all, you can read the number one book on the assassination. Who says it is? Well, RFK Jr says to read the book name “JFK and the Unspeakable”. It’s by Jim Douglas. Ray McGovern ex-CIA, whenever he does an interview looks over his right shoulder, you’ll see the book “JFK and the Unspeakable” by James Douglas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JFK_and_the_Unspeakable).

On the cover of that book, I’m quoted James Bradley, and my quote is this book changed how I think about the world. And truly, when I read “JFK and the Unthinkable” by James Douglas, I can remember the room I was reading it, the Atlantic Ocean I was looking at, and it was like, jeez, I have been a dummy for decades here. This is unbelievable. The second book you should read is Crossfire by Jim Marrs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Marrs). If you don’t want to read a book and you would like all this information spun out to you on YouTube, go to America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert.

I’m going to repeat this. Mark Groubert is one of the best storytellers alive today. His last name is Groubert. They have a show called America’s Untold Stories (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLxnPpYTfr9pJd0F3ZGOIA), and they probably have 60 hours on the JFK assassination. And they break it down. They have an Officer Tibbets episode. They have an LBJ couple of episodes. All the different characters. They break down J. Edgar Hoover and whatever. And they do an hour. So, for them to tell what they know about the JFK assassination has taken on YouTube, maybe 50, or 60 hours.

So, please listening audience, give me a break. I can’t get it all into this one podcast. But what we need to know is that this was a palace coup. It was a criminal conspiracy. So, let’s say the question was who killed Marie Antoinette? Well, the name of the guy at the guillotine, his name was Harry. Did Harry kill Marie? No, there was a whole revolution. Her husband was the king. This involved courtiers and the opposite. Who was responsible for the Russian Revolution in 1917? Well, Lenin did it. You know, Lenin pressed a button and there was a revolution.

No, it involves a few more characters. This was a palace coup in 1963 and involved a large cast of characters. Again, it was a secret. Secret to each other. Nobody knew the whole plan. So, here’s a quote from Richard Nixon. Roger Stone said to Richard Nixon “Mr. President, who killed John Kennedy?” Nixon thought for a second and looked at him and Nixon said, “Both Lyndon and I wanted to be president. But I wouldn’t kill for it.” So, did LBJ kill John F. Kennedy? No, but LBJ was involved. He didn’t know exactly what would happen and all the details.

But he knew enough. It’s kind of like this. Like, I was admitted to the University of Notre Dame in 1972, and I was a freshman in Dillon Hall room 218. And let’s say I didn’t know that someone had wanted to kill an upperclassman who would be a senior that year, two floors above me. And he was a Chicago Bears fan. I was a Green Bay Packers fan. And there was a reason to suspect that he and I had an argument. And then they kill him, but they kill him with my knife. We had cleaners come into our rooms all the time, and somebody took my knife, killed him, and put blood on my pants.

And while I’m sleeping, they frame me and it’s like, wow, this took they admitted me to the University of Notre Dame. Well, the guy who admitted me at admissions, he didn’t know that I was going to be framed for a murder. He was just told by someone to admit James Bradley. So, it was like that. It was all compartmentalized. So, I’ll take you through this. And again, I can’t fit the whole thing into these next few minutes. But let’s just go back to something I think really is important. And I’m going to make a noise so I can stand up here for a second.

And that is let’s go back to the 1950s before the assassination. What people don’t realize is they see LBJ coming on the scene in 1963 taking over for Kennedy and Johnson wasn’t good on TV. And he was kind of a boring cornpone president. But you’ve got to go back into LBJ’s career. There’s a picture of him shaking hands as a young representative in Texas with a guy named Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And Roosevelt said, “Lyndon, I’m going to put you on the Naval Affairs Committee, and here’s a phone number.”

And it was Tommy, the Cork Corcoran, who was FDR’s fixer, the guy who did the cash. Johnson was known as the guy with connections to the Brown and Root brothers, two brothers named Brown and Root. Well, Brown and Root would later be Halliburton. FDR puts Johnson on the Naval Affairs Committee, and Johnson is sloshing money into what will become Halliburton. Huge military. You’re talking about building ships. You know, you’re talking about bridges and tanks and vehicles and Halliburton. This becomes very powerful.

There are enormous amounts of FDR-era money sloshing through this powerful LBJ guy who becomes senator, and he steals an election in 1948. They called him Landslide Lyndon because he won by 87 votes, he stole the election. Well, when Charles De Gaulle came to Washington after World War Two to say, “Mr. Truman, we’d like to keep Vietnam. And we want to give you a bunch of money.” You can call it the Marshall Plan, but we’re going to use it over in Vietnam for our military. Do you know who the guy sitting at the table was?

His name was Lyndon Johnson. Representative Lyndon Johnson, sitting with Harry Truman and Charles De Gaulle about Vietnam in 1945, folks. Lyndon Johnson was an enormous power in Washington throughout his life. He was huge. A half a bottle or a full bottle of Dewar’s whiskey every single day. Women were all over the place. He had a ranch with a private airfield and a private jet. The guy wasn’t making any money as a senator. How could he afford this enormous ranch? Well, he had his wife, Lady Bird, bshe ought a TV station.

Well, he’s government. The government gives the license. It’s the only TV station in Austin, Texas. I grew up in Antigo, Wisconsin. We had three channels. They only had one in Austin. Every single advertiser had to go through Lyndon Johnson in Austin, and that’s how he did the payoffs. Do you want a contract out here in Seattle Boeing? Do you want a contract with Northrup Grumman company in Long Island? Well, you just buy some advertising from my wife’s station. It was a money laundering operation down in Austin the LBJ Ladybird TV station.

So, in the 1950s, LBJ was huge. He was on the committee that handled the black budget of the CIA. He was an ally of Allen Dulles of the CIA. And again, folks, it’s hard to do this because when I say Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, you might think, oh, yeah, he was a point. No, no, no, no. Allen Dulles was the grandson of John Foster, who was secretary of state in the 1890s and negotiated the treaty between China and Japan. You’re talking about Washington royalty when you say the name Dulles.

Allen Dulles, his brother was Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. LBJ’s next-door neighbor was J. Edgar Hoover. LBJ funded a guy named Curtis LeMay and all his Air Force. So, LBJ was the master of the Senate. He was the Senate majority leader. When Eisenhower wanted to do anything, he had LBJ in the White House. LBJ was the most powerful man in Washington after Eisenhower. And if you would have gone around Washington in 1959 and said, who’s going to be the next President? LBJ or John F. Kennedy?

It would be like a joke. John F. Kennedy was a little sick party boy with a young wife. He didn’t have any record in the Senate but made a few speeches. John F. Kennedy was a lightweight. Lyndon Johnson was a heavyweight. There were billions of dollars going through Lyndon Johnson’s hands. The insiders in Washington in that world thought Lyndon Johnson was going to be the next president. And here John Kennedy with his corrupt father Joe projects this image and gets the nomination.

While out in Los Angeles when he’s nominated, two FBI agents come into JFK’s suite and show him a bunch of pictures of JFK with all these different women. And they say we have two demands that you not fire J. Edgar Hoover, and you make Lyndon Johnson your vice president. He was blackmailed. So, Kennedy says, okay, I’ll keep Hoover. And then I don’t mind offering LBJ the vice presidency because, I mean, LBJ, the vice presidency because LBJ will never accept it. He’s the most powerful guy in the Senate.

He’s not going to be my vice president. He would never diminish himself like that. But LBJ had broken into Kennedy’s doctor in New Jersey and found out that Kennedy had Addison’s disease, and he figured that Kennedy would die. And he knew that a Southerner would never be elected president. And this was his ticket. So, JFK offered them the ticket. LBJ said to his bagman, Bobby Baker, you go research how many presidents died in office and when they did. And Bobby Baker comes back and says, seven presidents died in office, averaging 17 years apart.

The last president to die in office was FDR 15 years before. And Johnson slapped his thigh and said, I’m a betting man, and I love those odds. And he became the vice president. Jack Kennedy thought he could put him in the background, but Johnson wanted Kennedy to die so he could be president. That was the goal. So, Kennedy comes in. This is a lightweight. Curtis LeMay was a general in World War Two, burning down Japan when John F. Kennedy was a lieutenant, stupid enough to have his boat cut in two by a larger ship.

These guys look down on this kid frolicking in the nude in the White House pool. The Bay of Pigs. JFK didn’t have any balls according to LeMay and Hoover and Dulles and LBJ. LBJ would have provided air cover for the Bay of Pigs. This was JFK’s fault, this little squirt. And then JFK fires Dulles. Folks, you can’t imagine that’s like firing someone off Mount Rushmore. He fired the great Allen Dulles and Allen Dulles is pissed. Hoover hates the Kennedys.

RFK took over the Justice Department, put a red button on his desk, and every time he pressed it, it would buzz in Hoover’s office. And Hoover had to go up and talk to the RFK kid, who he hated. These guys hated Kennedy. And then, after the Bay of Pigs comes the Cuban missile crisis. Well, LeMay, folks, you got to know the history here. The Joint Chiefs of Staff says let’s do Operation Northwoods. We’ll shoot down some civilian planes, and blame it on the communists who invade Cuba. This is the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is how they’re thinking. We need to bomb Russia. Go see, Dr. Strangelove. These guys wanted to carpet-bomb Russia with bombs. This was not a joke. This is how they were thinking. Kennedy’s. You guys are out of your mind. And they’re thinking this little squirt. The hatred for Kennedy is what people overlook. LBJ, Hoover, Dulles, and LeMay. They wanted this party boy out and he was talking to the commies. So meanwhile, LBJ is about to be dropped. He’s not only about to be dropped, he’s about to be jailed.

Folks, if you go back to November of 1963, you’ll see at the beginning of November guys like Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes on the front pages, on the front covers of Time magazine and Life magazine, well, Billy Bobby Baker was LBJ’s bagman, and Billie Sol Estes had been bilking the Agriculture Department out of billions of dollars. These were LBJ cronies that LBJ was getting a cut on. The Agriculture Department sent Harry Marshall down to Texas to investigate Billie Sol Estes. They tried to bribe him.

He wouldn’t take a bribe. LBJ said, “Kill him”. LBJ was later indicted after his death for this murder. He had his hitman. I can’t remember his name. Shot this agricultural inspector, Harry Marshall, five times in the stomach. Then they put him in the driver’s seat of his truck, put a garden hose in, and connected it to the exhaust, and they ruled it was a suicide. This was in Johnson’s backyard. Johnson was a murderer. Johnson had the guy who was having an affair with his sister murdered. He was later indicted for four murders.

So, LBJ is about to be humiliated, about to be dropped from the ticket. You read books by Barr McLennan, who was a law partner of the firm that represented LBJ. Barr McLennan, a lawyer for LBJ, later wrote a book about how LBJ did it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barr_McClellan). They have the papers. It was about oil leases. It was about all these bribes. He names all the names. Folks, now, I’m not saying that. I just said LBJ did it. I’m not saying LBJ did it. What I’m saying is let’s say they killed JFK and Bobby Kennedy was vice president.

They wouldn’t have killed JFK because Bobby Kennedy wouldn’t have covered it up. It was the fact that LBJ benefited and that he would cover it up that they killed them. The military, the CIA, and naval intelligence. Now, when I say the military, what is the military? There are millions of people in the military. Millions of people were not involved. Curtis LeMay was involved. There’s a lot of people in the CIA. Very few people knew about this. Allen Dulles knew about it. His hitmen knew about it. We have hit men all around the world. They don’t write orders to these guys.

Take out this guy. You know, shoot this guy in this capital when he’s on a campaign swing. Knife this guy in the gut in Brazil. They don’t write these things down. But we had murderers and they were brought into Dallas. So, Hoover is on a short leash. LBJ’s humiliated. Lemay’s pissed off. Dulles is fired, and JFK’s talking peace to the commies and wants to get rid of LBJ. So, let’s talk about the conspiracy. Folks, it wasn’t just Dallas. I don’t know if you know, but read that book by Jim Douglas and you’ll see there were three locations set up that November.

Chicago was the first. JFK was going to do a campaign swing in Chicago, and a landlady went into a room to clean it. And there were all these rifles and radios and scopes on the bed, and she called the FBI, and they got the Secret Service. See, it was compartmentalized. So, when you say the Secret Service was involved and the FBI and the CIA, not everybody, the Chicago FBI agents who went into the room and arrested these potential assassins, they didn’t know what they were doing.

But the Secret Service guy who found out about the Chicago plot to kill Kennedy and reported it, said, okay, thanks for the information. And then the next day, they arrested him for bribery on trumped up charges. And he spent 4 to 5 years in jail, reading his book, Abraham Bolden (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Bolden). So, he was going to be killed in Chicago. And they called that off when they found the plot. He was going to be killed in Miami. And there were some Snafu’s read the information. It wasn’t just Dallas and Lee Harvey Oswald and Dealey Plaza.

They were going to get John F. Kennedy. He had to be taken out. And there were multiple plots, a lot of moving parts. There was a patsy in Chicago, by the way. He was an ex-Marine, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. He was a great shot, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. They were framing him as a communist sympathizer, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. But it didn’t work out. Folks, if you have any doubt that there was a conspiracy, then you have not watched the Zapruder film of the assassination. Look the Warren Commission report says three shots, one shooter.

Just look at the film yourself (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2023/02/24/who-is-in-charge-how-the-fate-of-three-us-presidents-is-a-lens-on-postwar-democracy-jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-hague-49-transcript-and-podcasts/). It’s a shooting gallery. Kennedy gets it in the neck. That bullet came through the front windshield. Johnson took that limo and sent it immediately to have that limo taken apart in the factory in Cincinnati, where my dad had his hearses made. I later was in that factory. Johnson had that car immediately flown away and stripped. It was never investigated. But there’s one picture of the bullet that came through the front. Well, a bullet came through the front. You can see the kill shot hitting him from the side.

There are chips of cement on the curb past Jackie and others. He was in a shooting gallery. They took a bullet out of his back. He got shot from the back. He got shot from the front. He got shot from the side. He was in a shooting gallery. Who killed him? Well, was the Secret Service agent who put his foot on the brake? Repeat. John F. Kennedy gets shot through the throat and instead of speeding away, the agent puts his foot on the brake so he’s a better shot. Did he kill him? Was it the shooter who blew Kennedy’s head off from the right side?

Was that the killer? I mean there are a lot of names involved here. The point is, that Kennedy was in a shooting gallery. Also, in terms of the conspiracy, the corpse was operated on. Folks, America was a very civilian country in 1963. The law was that if a murder happened in a state, that state had to do an autopsy. So, the state of Texas had to do an autopsy on Kennedy. Secret service agents at the order of LBJ pulled their guns into the hospital operating room and took the body away. The doctors were saying, we have to do a Texas autopsy.

It’s the law. And the agents pulled their guns and took the body away. Why? Why was the body delivered to a military Institution in Bethesda? What did this have to do with the military? Why was the corpse at Bethesda? It was at Bethesda because they had a number of different brains there and corpses and ears and flesh and anything they needed. And they did cosmetic surgery on JFK. There are shots of him on the autopsy table, and you can see the right part of his head where the bullet entered, it looks fine. They put on makeup. It looks fine.

He didn’t get shot there. Well, folks, look at the film. You see his head explode. Listen to the testimonies of the doctors at the Dallas hospital. In the initial press conference, they put their finger to their right temple and said he got it through the head and it came out the back. Well, they did plastic surgery on the corpse, folks. Curtis LeMay was in the gallery watching the autopsy, and he was blowing smoke rings. A corpsman was ordered by one of the doctors asked that gentleman to stop smoking that cigar and LeMay laughed and blew another smoke ring.

David Atlee Phillips was one of the most powerful men ever in the CIA. He ran the Oswald file for years. Folks, this is so deep and complicated. Let me just tell you a couple of stories. Lee Harvey Oswald is a marine. He was stationed at Atsugi Air Base in Japan where I have been with former President George Herbert Walker Bush. It’s the CIA node in Japan, the Atsugi Airbase. And they say that Oswald was a marine like he was in a barracks shining shoes. He was examining top-secret U-2 photographs. The U-2 airplane was unknown to most of the Congress.

That was top, top, top, top, top secret. He was examining U-2 photographs. He had top-secret CIA clearance. He was in the intelligence net back in the 1950s. So, listen to this. Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly defects to the Soviet Union. This is 1958, folks. I repeat, get your mind back to 1958. He walks into the US embassy and says, “Hey, mister embassy employee, I hate America. Here’s my passport. Take it. I’m making a big fuss so everyone will remember this. You take my passport.” And the embassy employee takes his passport.

Well, the embassy employee in 1958 who took his passport was the same guy running the Situation Room in the White House in 1963 who called LBJ’s plane on November 22nd when it was mid-air between Dallas and Washington with John F. Kennedy’s body in the back and said, Mr. President, there’s no conspiracy. We found the shooter’s name is Lee Harvey Oswald. Got that? The guy who says it’s Lee Harvey Oswald in the White House is the guy who took Oswald’s passport from him. They were both intelligence agents.

But they didn’t know what each other was doing then. I’ll give you another story. There’s a US soldier working in military intelligence, not a soldier. He’s a high-ranking Army guy in American intelligence working in Belgium. He comes across information that they’re going to kill JFK in one of these setups, Chicago, Miami, or Dallas. And he goes berserk. He goes down to Switzerland and he goes to the US embassy there. And they won’t listen to him. He goes to the media and they think he’s crazy. LBJ vice president hears about this.

This is October 1963, and LBJ jumps on Air Force Two and goes to Belgium to shut this guy up, talking about the plan for the JFK assassination. The month before the assassination, LBJ spent one month at the ranch. I wonder why. The night before the assassination, there was a party at Clint Murchison’s house. He was a big oil guy. Hunt was there. The oil guy, H.L. Hunt, Richard Nixon was there. The former vice president of the United States, J. Edgar Hoover was there. LBJ was there.

LBJ walks out of a meeting in a room with Hoover and these guys and says to his girlfriend, “The Kennedys are never going to embarrass me again after tomorrow, baby”. She testifies to this. It’s on film. It’s in books. One of LBJ’s good buddies, the guy that he had been shoveling money to for decades, buys the Book Depository in Dealey Plaza in 1962. Oh, that’s 1962, when LBJ learned that JFK was going to cut off the Vietnam War, and D. H. Bird wasn’t going to make money through Bell Helicopter in the Vietnam War.

  1. H. Bird buys Bell Helicopter then buys the book depository. Oswald gets a job there through Ruth Paine, whose family is two generations of CIA. It’s a fascinating story. Do you know who was the mayor of Dallas that day? His name was Cavell. No. Chief of Police Cavell. And who was Cavell? He was the brother of a guy fired because of Bay of Pigs. Cavell was the chief of police who changed the route that day. So, Kennedy had to make the hairpin turn in front of the book depository. Look at folks.

There was a former jeez, who’s the guy who inspired the JFK film? He’s portrayed in there. He has a three-part name, like Joe Blow and his. I’ll think of his name. There are tens of hours of information. He wrote four books on this, and he’s told in November, “Hey, you got to go down to Antarctica on a mission.” So, he knows how the CIA and the military work together. So, they send him to Antarctica, and he’s in Christchurch, New Zealand when he learns that Kennedy got killed. Well, Christchurch, New Zealand was a little cow town at that point, and he’s in the airport.

He picks up a local newspaper and they have a front-page story with Lee Harvey Oswald’s name in it, and they have a whole bio about how he defected to the Soviet Union, his pictures, his communist affiliation. And he’s like, he knows this is how we do it. This is a patsy that we set up before they had the bio written. How did that get out? Through a British newspaper agency down to New Zealand hours after this, like half a day after the assassination. He said, right then I knew it was a setup and he’s the key inspiration for the movie JFK.

So, J. Edgar Hoover called RFK at his home about six minutes after Oswald’s brought to the police station. And J. Edgar Hoover is in Washington. He calls RFK who he hates and says, we just found the assassin of your brother, like six minutes after he’s in the police station. They know this guy acted alone. There are memos from Hoover and from Katzenbach, the assistant attorney general. Our job is to convince the American public that Oswald acted alone. Folks, if you wonder if there’s a cover-up, the Warren Commission is wrong.

How could the Warren Commission be wrong if there’s not a cover-up? LBJ called the doctor in the operating room when they were operating on Oswald and said, “Doctor, this is a president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, and a Secret Service man is going to come in that room with a pad of paper, and he’s going to take down Oswald’s confession that he was the lone assassin.” And the doctor like the president of the United. I’m working on it. I’m trying to save this man’s life. Well, Oswald never came to consciousness, but the Secret Service guy was there to write down the confession.

Folks, look at the evidence. Gerald Ford admitted that he changed the bullet. The back bullet hit Kennedy in the right shoulder. Ford was an informant on the Warren Commission working for the CIA and J. Edgar Hoover, he changed the back bullet from the shoulder to the neck so they could say that the neck shot came from behind. The next shot came from the front. They have evidence of it coming through the front windshield. But the lying Warren Commission said the next shot came from the back. Gerald Ford moved it.

Folks, you might say how does James Bradley know that? Well, Gerald Ford, after he had been awarded by these jerks, the presidency when he was in retirement, confronted him with the evidence. You moved the bullet. And Gerald Ford said, yes, I did. It was for the good of the country. Gerald Ford admitted he did this. The Warren Commission is a bunch of thugs. Arlen Specter is the lawyer who came up with the magic bullet theory. The magic bullet went through Kennedy. It did a hula hoop. It went through Connally.

The magic bullet. It’s ridiculous, folks, but they came up with this magic bullet theory. Well, Arlen Specter, this no-name lawyer lied for the CIA and the powers that be. And guess what? He was awarded. He became a senator. Do you see? Ford becomes president, Specter becomes senator. You go along with the big boys, you protect them. You will win. Folks go on the internet and look up Mark Shaw. I know him great guy, Mark Shaw, the author. He does a lot on Dorothy Kilgallen. Who was Dorothy Kilgallen?

She was the number one female reporter in the United States read across the country (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2961054-murder-one). She attended the Jack Ruby trial, and she was the only reporter who interviewed Jack Ruby. 400 reporters at the trial, they were all going out at night to drink, and they were smoking their cigarettes, and they were a bunch of guys in suits. Nobody interviews Jack Ruby except Dorothy Kilgallen. She comes back to New York and tells friends I’m going to blow the top off of this thing. And the next week, she’s found dead in a bedroom she never used, with a book in her lap that she couldn’t read.

She needed reading glasses to read, and her reading glasses were in another room. They drugged her and said it was an overdose because she was depressed. She wasn’t depressed. She was going to break the biggest story of her life. A fabulous book, folks, Mary’s Mosaic. Mary’s mosaic by Peter Janney (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Janney). Who is Mary? Mary Pinchot Meyer. Mary Pinchot knew John Kennedy in the Ivy League in the Northeast. They were in the same social circles. And then they were sleeping together in the White House.

They were smoking dope and marijuana together. Mary Pinchot Meyer inspired Kennedy was part of the inspiration to do the American University speech for peace. They were reportedly doing LSD, but for sure marijuana and Mary, this old friend who he was sleeping with was like, you got to go for peace. You know, you can’t listen to these warmongers. And he gives a peace speech, which Lemay. That was the last straw. Well, Mary Pinchot Meyer had married Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was like number three in the CIA.

Cord Meyer was part of the JFK assassination. But Mary and Cord were divorced at this point. He was a real jerk. Mary Pinchot Meyer just lost her lover, JFK. She reads the Warren Commission, and she’s going page by page, paragraph by paragraph, taking notes in an art book. And she’s going to go public and talk about how she knows from her insider knowledge, she was married to one of the killers that the Warren Commission is bullshit, and she is killed by a guy when she’s out for her daily walk.

There’s a whole book on who that guy was the killer. They found a black drunk by the river, and they tried to railroad him. They had no evidence the trial was a farce. Mary’s Mosaic is a fascinating book. So, if you want to, like, know about LBJ and you’ve read Robert Caro’s books on LBJ, you’re reading comic books. The name Billie Sol Estes. Billie Sol Estes and LBJ built the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Robert Caro won’t mention Billie Sol Estes in his books. Robert Caro won’t manage (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Caro).

Won’t mention Cliff Carter, who was LBJ’s number one political guy who helped arrange various murders. Robert Caro won’t mention Mack Wallace, who was LBJ’s assassin who later got indicted after they were both dead, along with LBJ for murders. So, stop reading the comic books. Go read JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglas, Crossfire by Jim Marrs, and go listen to America’s Untold Stories with Mark Groubert, and you will learn about a palace coup.

The reason they call them palace coups is because there are a number of people involved. Not every chamberlain, not every door guard, not every manager of the horses, but some of them were. And it was a conspiracy involving a number of people, not thousands, not hundreds, but more than ten. And they got it done. And then the guy on top was president of the United States. And I’ll finish with this story. Is it really possible for LBJ to have covered this all up? He was about to be blown out of the water by Look magazine. Here’s a story.

Don Reynolds was an insurance executive who was paying Bobby Baker suitcases of cash so that Senate Majority Leader Johnson, Lyndon Johnson, would give him these government insurance contracts. And they had him up on Senate testimony. So, this is being covered in the newspapers. Don Reynolds and he’s testifying in November of 1963 about Bobby Baker, LBJ’s bagman, and how he was bribing the Senate majority leader to get these contracts. And he had the receipts and day after day of testimony.

And then he’s testifying on November 22nd, 1963, against Lyndon Johnson. And the word comes into the Senate that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. And Don Reynolds stands up and looks at the Senate panel. He’s under oath. He’s subpoenaed. He has to be there. They could arrest him for not testifying. He stands up and says, “Gentlemen, I’ll testify against the vice president of the United States, but not the president.” And he takes his briefcase and walks out. No more hearings. It was the president of the United States, folks.

So, that’s a little hint if you’d like to know the whole story, I’ve given you the avenues to look. It was a palace coup, and it was about control. And it went on to take down Richard Nixon. And the same currents went on to the Oklahoma City bombing (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2023/04/19/updated-never-forget-the-us-governments-bloody-terrorism-in-oklahoma-city-28-years-ago-today-its-where-todays-headlines-began-parts-1-and-2-china-rising-radio-sinoland-230419/), and the same currents went on to 911 (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2019/09/20/9-11-the-deep-state-false-flag-that-keeps-on-condoning-western-terrorism-at-home-and-around-the-world-china-rising-radio-sinoland-190911/). They didn’t get all the control they wanted with the COVID shot (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2020/03/07/its-all-here-the-china-rising-radio-sinoland-covid-19-chemical-and-bioweapon-file-film-and-tape-library/). So, we’re going to have some domestic terrorism, maybe some assassinations, but there are some big boys who would like control. And as George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you’re not in it.”

 Jeff: Well, James, my gosh, this is not the first show that we’ve done where you talked about JFK, but this is clearly the home run, the grand slam, home run out of the park. This has been really amazing. I’ve just been taking notes and notes and notes and notes, and I’m going to put all these names and references on the page. It’s just amazing. And it’s bigger than life. But unfortunately, it’s true. That’s what’s just so incredible about it. I knew LBJ was a crook, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. And I read those Caro books.

 James: He was a murderer. He was a drunk. He was walking around the White House drunk, talking, and calling the blacks the N-word. And this guy was filthy, but he was powerful. FDR was shuttling the money through Tommy the Cork back in the 30s. Truman had him in discussions with Charles De Gaulle. You know, so you can’t like it isn’t like this was vice president and got an idea. He was a next-door neighbor to J. Edgar Hoover and controlled the budgets and secret budgets of the FBI and the CIA.

He knew more than I mean the idea that John Kennedy, this pipsqueak would be president, this little sick guy. But when you say names, let me say something like this name, like Abraham Bolton, the black Secret Service agent who found out about the Chicago plot and then was jailed. You could put that name down. But if you listen to America’s Untold Stories with Mark Groubert. When he talks about Abraham Bolton, he’ll tell you the four books about Abraham Bolton. You know what I mean?

When he talks about Tibbit’s murder, he’ll intersect the seven books about the Tibbet’s murder. I mean, there are libraries full of stuff with this and Mark Groubert worked with Oliver Stone on the movie and his only bone with Oliver Stone and Robert Caro and these guys are they won’t finger LBJ. A lot of authors whose names you know, people I know and I don’t want to name them will write about various characters, but then like they’ll write about Allen Dulles, but they won’t get him up to the JFK assassination.

They just stop. You know, but there’s tremendous. So, do we know who killed Kennedy? Yes, we know, but the mainstream media isn’t telling you. And it’s not the name of Marie Antoinette’s guillotine operator? You know what I mean? You can’t make it that simple. It was a palace coup. And if you want to spend five, or ten hours, you can see all the pieces coming together.

 Jeff: Well, James, this has been absolutely amazing and I know the fans are going to love it and I can’t thank you enough for putting this together. As you said it’s there are hundreds and hundreds of books and there are thousands of hours of videos and you’ve managed to condense it down to less than an hour or so. Anyway, thanks. In fact, you were the one who recommended JFK and the Unspeakable to me, and I read James W. Douglas’s book. And it’s really powerful.

So, I will definitely get all this together. I know the fans are going to love it, and it’s in fact, I’d forgotten that November 22nd was the anniversary. So, I will put this out the day after tomorrow if I can get it transcribed. And it will definitely be a fitting tribute to a great president and a shocking and unbelievable story about how he was murdered. So, thank you very much, James. I really appreciate it. We all appreciate it. Everybody that’s going to be listening to this. So, thank you very much.

 James: Hey JB East saying that just like you, I cried the day that Kennedy was shot. And I hope that the audience will remember. JB East signing off.

 Jeff: And this is JB West signing off in Normandy. Thank you.



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