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Our previous shows on China Rising Radio Sinoland,

Steven Sahiounie talks Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Empire and Mideast Discourse on China Rising Radio Sinoland 191121

Steven Sahiounie talks Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Empire and Mideast Discourse. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220811



Steven: “The United States can finish this war this second. If they put real pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu, the suffering of the Palestinians can stop now”.


Jeff J Brown (Host): Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown on the D-Day beaches of Normandy and I am going to go on to the beaches of Syria and Latakia in Syria with my good friend, Steven Sahiounie. How are you doing, Steven?

Steven Sahiounie: I’m doing okay.

Jeff: Well, listen, I’ve had Steven on the show a couple of times in the past. He has a wonderful website called Mideast Discourse, and I will of course leave that link for everybody to see. He’s boots on the ground. He’s Syrian. He lives and works in Syria. And he’s right next to Lebanon, right up the coast from Lebanon and the Jewish state. And he’s right south of Turkey. So, he’s in the thick of it. So, thanks for being on the show, Steven.

Steven: Thank you very much for having me on.

Jeff: Well, listen I sent you a list of a bunch of talking points. And since you’re an expert in actually living there, I would love to hear what you think is really going on. The first thing that shocked me is I heard that there were rumors that Egyptian President Sisi was being bribed with a $14 billion World Bank loan and in exchange, he would let the Jewish state take over Rafah, the border between Gaza and Egypt. Is that really true?

Steven: The problem is, the majority of the Arab leaders go under pressure. I’m not making any positive or negative points about Sisi, but the timing of the loan, at the same time, the timing of giving investments to Egypt from the Gulf countries worth $35 billion also. At the same time, there is something as the Americans say, there’s something fishy about it. I don’t trust it. The Egyptians the Arabs in general are about 300 million Arabs. They are the richest countries on planet Earth. And they cannot stand by Palestine. They cannot let the aid and food come into Palestine. That is what is depressing the situation.

Yes, I think Sisi has bowed down to the pressure from the World Bank because he is going through an economic crisis in his country. The Americans love putting pressure especially economic pressure and blackmailing countries. The Egyptian people do love Palestine. We’re not talking about the Egyptian people, but the leadership of Egypt. Yes, they have bowed down for I do think. They have bowed down for pressure. And they accepted the bribe from several countries, from the World Bank, and from the Gulf to not do anything and just turn their face the other way.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s depressing, Steven. That’s really depressing. Well, on that unfortunate note then I’ve been reading about a land bridge from the United Arab Emirates. Then they’re trucking through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and through Jordan to supply the Jewish state with food and materials. Is that really happening?

Steven: Yes, it is. Jordan and Turkey actually are sending food. They are sending all kinds of products to Israel. The vegetables, fruits, crops, everything to Israel.

Jeff: Unbelievable. Well, you’ve just confirmed a couple of really sad points for me. You have got a tip your hat to the Palestinians for what they’re up against. They’re not only up against NATO and the Jewish state but they’re also against their own people. It’s just horrible.

Steven: Yes, that’s so true. The backstabbing, that’s what hurts the Palestinians the most. The backstabbing by Egypt and Jordan. They’re two neighbors. Jordan is supplying and sending food and everything to Israel, while at the same time, Jordan makes a Hollywood movie about dropping a few tons of food and medical supplies, and then they dropped in the sea. So, that Hollywood movie hurts the people of Palestine because they’re using it for media. They’re not really helping.

Jeff: Yeah. Just propaganda. Golly. Well, what impact do you think the International Court of Justice’s first ruling? It just seems like it’s not having much of an effect. And that ruling was that the Jewish state is supposed to do everything it can to stop the genocide in Gaza. And I think they also included the West Bank. And it appears that’s not happening. Is that true? I mean, are they doing anything to try to slow down the slaughter?

Steven: The problem is, until this day today, the superpower in the world is the United States. No one has an influence on Benjamin Netanyahu besides the United States. If Washington, D.C., does not pressure Benjamin Netanyahu into making a cease-fire and sitting at the table or doing the two-state solution, no one on Earth can force them. Because, as I said, the United States is in charge until now. The other side of the world hasn’t gathered their powers. But yes, there is something positive happening.

We are seeing today not only organizations, not only individual countries like South Africa and Indonesia, but we are seeing today for the first time in this Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 75 years, we are seeing the streets of New York, Chicago, California, London, Brooksville, down in the streets, pro-Palestine against Israel and against the Israeli genocide. They’re not against Israel. They’re not against the Jewish people.

They are against the Zionism killing machine, against killing Palestinian people. And that is the positive point that we are seeing. The people are waking up and believing the propaganda that there was mainstream media like CNN, BBC, Sky News, and other TV stations around the world who are pro-Israel and pro-Washington, D.C. So, that is the positive point. That does create pressure.

Today, there are boycotts against cooperating companies that support Israel. And here I’m talking about McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Starbucks. They are losing in the billions because of the boycott. And the boycott is not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe and other places in the country, and that is putting massive pressure on them. In the end, that does have a small role that that kind of pressure.

Jeff: Yeah. The upcoming International Court of Justice ruling this summer has much bigger teeth and is much more serious for the Zionist entity. They are actually questioning there were 52 countries and organizations that gave presentations a number of them even questioning the legitimacy of Israel’s existence and others questioning, saying that they have no right to be in the West Bank and Gaza and that they and all the occupied territories in Palestine that they have to go back to the 1967 boundaries. What do you think the impact of a ruling like that would be for the world?

Steven: For the world and the former media that will show that Israel is a genocide country and committing genocide. But on the ground, it’s not going to help the people of Gaza. Today, there are babies dying from hunger. I don’t know if you’ve seen their pictures in the media.

Jeff: I have.

Steven: And that’s heartbreaking. While the world standing and watching children and women, they don’t belong to anyone. They don’t belong to Hamas. They don’t belong to Fatah. They don’t belong to any Palestinian group. Those are civilians dying from hunger. In the end and as I always say, from October 7th until this day to day, the number one cause of these people’s suffering is the United States.

The United States can finish this war this second. If they put real pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu, the suffering of the Palestinians can stop now. The problem is with the media, yes. On social media, on the ground, in Western countries, the people, the individual people are doing their best everything they can do. South Africa, they have done a beautiful job.

Jeff: Yeah, I agree.

Steven: There are thousands of kilometers away from Palestine. They’re not even Arab. The only Arabs, they never did such a thing. But in the end, to stop the suffering, the United States State Department and Biden have to be serious and put pressure, put sanctions against Israel to force Benjamin, because today, Benjamin Netanyahu is scared because if this war finishes now, he will lose and he will go straight to prison.

And that’s why he wants this region in the war. He might open a war with Lebanon. He might open a war with several countries as long as there’s tension in the area. And he is in power and not out of power, so he doesn’t go to prison. That’s the whole case. He’s willing to kill, not to 30,000. He is willing to kill a million people, Benjamin Netanyahu, but not go to prison.

Jeff: Yeah. I just read this morning Steven before we got on the show today that it was revealed to the US Congress that the United States has not sent two shipments of arms to Palestine. They have sent 150 arms shipments to the Zionist entity since October 7th. So, the Biden team and the US military are even lying to Congress.

Steven: That’s so true lying to Congress and to the world. That’s called the double standards of the United States. They’re famous for that for the foreign policy of Washington, DC.

Jeff: There are also rumors that there are possibly Western NATO military in Palestine, Gaza, the Zionist entity, etc. Is that really true? Are there actually boots on the ground?

Steven: Since day one, there were rumors and there were reports that they had been on the ground. The Israelis have denied it, the Americans have denied it, and NATO has denied it. But there are media reports that are true. And especially today the Israeli, IDF is losing big time. They are not used to this amount of loss. The Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation, against the Israeli genocide is really hurting. Today, we’re talking about 850 to 1000 tanks been destroyed since October 7th.

We’ve been talking about hundreds of soldiers, thousands of injured. The Israeli military in their ideology, they’re not used to this kind of numbers. They are used to coming in killing several thousand, wiping out the ground, and coming out with no losses. This is a new way. This is where they were surprised. That is the failure of their intelligence because of the amount of gunpowder, and the way of fighting the tunnels, and all of the tactics that the Palestinian resistance used, they have they were surprised by the power.

So, yes, they have accepted aid. They have accepted the fighters from the ground, as reports say. And they as I said, they can till now. And that’s why the people of the Israelis are against Benjamin Netanyahu because they’re seeing their children either coming back with no legs, no hands, no eyes, or half-crazy because of the fighting or dead in the coffin. And they lost this war. So, now they achieved what they achieved? Nothing. The destruction of Gaza, the infrastructure, and the killing of 30,000 men, women, and children civilians. And they freed two people. They freed two soldiers in this since October 7th since 4 to 5 months now. That’s the only thing they achieved.

Jeff: So, do you think that even if the Zionist entity literally raises Gaza to the ground the resistance will still be able to keep going?

Steven: Until this day to today, they are still going. Until this day today, the missiles are coming out of Gaza. That and this still day to day, the tanks are being destroyed. Their soldiers are being attacked. They are being booby-trapped. Until this day today, the missiles are coming out of the north of Gaza. The resistance is still in the north of Gaza. So, this is proof that this is Benjamin Netanyahu has failed in this war. How can he come out and say that he took over the North? Well, his soldiers are still dying. They are moving from one area to area because they cannot stay stable in one area.

Jeff: You know, they have to keep moving.

Steven: Yeah, because of the resistance.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. Well, what about to the north of Palestine is Hezbollah in Lebanon? And they’re a much, much more powerful entity than the Gazans. How much damage are they doing to the Zionist state? Because I do look at these channels, the resistance channels on telegram and it’s just it’s kind of hard to tell how much damage they’re doing. What do you think?

Steven: First of all, Lebanon and Hezbollah, as you said in your question, are much more powerful, much more advanced than Hamas. And this is what I was saying, the madness of Benjamin Netanyahu. He is trying to cause a war with Hezbollah. Today, Hezbollah and they only use 5 to 7% of its power. They forced over 100,000 settlers from the north of occupied Palestine to be refugees and took them out of their cities, homes, and villages over 100,000.

And that is where we are different from all of the military points and military bases in the north that have also been attacked. This is what we’re trying to say Hezbollah is a different way of fighting. Hezbollah is much more advanced. But Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t understand that or doesn’t care. He’s taking his own country and his own people, tourists, and the whole region and his ally, the United States and the United States, into a regional war risk, just because, as I said, he doesn’t want to lose power.

Hezbollah, until now, as I said, only used seven percent of their power. He caused so much damage in the North. People were out of their houses, and out of their villages. Over 100,000 of the Israeli military have confessed they have lost an enormous number of soldiers and vehicles. Their headquarters have been targeted. They’re using new ways and new kinds of weapons, new missiles. That’s the latest situation between South Lebanon and North Palestine.

Jeff: Wow. Okay. Well, I did read that I can’t remember the name of the city, but 23,000 people in that village, Sheamus, or something like that. Anyway, it’s now a ghost town. I mean, there’s the factories are shut down. Everything’s just shut down. And that used to be a part of what we call Israel, and it’s now deserted. But you’re saying the numbers are much higher than 23,000. You’re saying it’s 100,000, which is really that must be having a devastating effect on Israel’s economic activity.

Steven: The whole north, the whole border with Lebanon has deserted and left their house and villages. Over 100,000 settlers, over 100,000 Israelis. Factories. Houses. Shops. Cities. Everything.

Jeff: Wow. Unbelievable. Well, let’s move on to a country very dear and near to you. And that’s your country, Syria. This always just confounds me. Israel just seems to be able to bomb airports and infrastructure, civilian infrastructure in Syria with impunity. Do you know why can they get away with it? And why aren’t the Russian S-300 installations working?

Steven: First of all, this battle about the Russians, this battle is between Syria and Israel. Russia is a friend of both. Russia is not going to stand with Syria against Israel, and it’s not going to stand with Israel against Syria. They are in the middle. So, they took themselves out of this conflict because this is a conflict between Damascus and Tel Aviv since the 1973 war and even before that. That’s number one. Number two, Syria has just come out of a massive war, and we still have some pockets of radical Islamic terrorists.

12 years of bloodthirsty radical Islamic terrorists from all over the world came and killed and destroyed. The society is weak. Syria has been trying now to stand up on its feet even though the earthquake happened, even though COVID-19 happened, and even though the sanctions on Syria, the Syrian people are suffering. Today, if the Syrian government and the Syrian military want to make a decision and interfere and shoot down the planes and use the S-300 we are talking about full-scale war.

To go into a full-scale war, you have to have food, you have to have electricity for the Syrian people. The Syrian people are suffering from the sanctions. And that is why. But even the Palestinians and the Lebanese resistance, they all said, we are not expecting anything from Syria. They did their part and they paid the price. Syria paid the price of supporting Palestine for the last 40 and 50 years. We paid the price of the destruction of the country.

They destroyed Syria…the West by supporting these radical Islamic because we supported Palestine and we supported Lebanon. Syria paid the price. Syria did everything they can to help Gaza and to help the Palestinians. But today Syria cannot go into a war. This already the Syrian people are suffering. They are barely making their everyday life. We have one hour of electricity, so we cannot take big responsibility for the leadership in Syria. They cannot hold they cannot make a decision like that because they can see the situation is very bad economically and the society is very tired from 12 years of war.

Jeff: Yeah. Not to mention that the US is illegally occupying Syria’s oil fields and shipping wheat and barley to Iraq to be exported elsewhere. So, it’s a horrible situation. Well, speaking of that, after October 7th, there was for a couple of months, the resistance really built up in Iraq and Syria attacking American occupiers in Western, I’m sorry, in eastern Syria. And then all of a sudden it just stopped. Why did they stop? Or am I just wrong? And they still are.

Steven: The Iraqi resistance, they’re the ones who are doing these operations in the east of Syria. They have just done as media reports said, an operation against sending drone drones to the Haifa port in north occupied Palestine, north Israel. But they have decreased because as I understood and the reports and the articles I read and the reports I heard that they want they got pressure from the Iraqi government and reports from the Americans that they didn’t want, they tried to prevent Iraq from going into a full-scale war because also all they are suffering. But no, the operations are still happening once in a while.

But not, yes, not the same as before, not that same kind of gunpowder that they used to do on October 7th. But yesterday there was a statement from the Iraqi resistance, Lebanese resistance, and the Houthis in Yemen that they have. They got reports that Israel is preparing a military operation to take over Rafah. And they are going to escalate their operations and their attacks if it’s in the Red Sea if it’s against the Israelis in the North, or against the Americans in the region. So, we are waiting for the next few days. It’s going to be a big escalation, except if a miracle happens and a ceasefire happens. If a ceasefire doesn’t happen, we are talking about a month of Ramadan.

Jeff: Yeah, which starts in two days.

Steven: In two days, high tension in the region. And it’s going to be a month of war. If a ceasefire doesn’t happen then in the next 48 hours.

Jeff: So, what you are hearing is that Israel is going to go ahead and try to take over Rafah, which of course, for the people out there that maybe don’t know the geography that is the border, the town, and then the border that separates Egypt from Gaza. Is that right, Steven?

Steven: Yes, that is true.

Jeff: Yeah, and where I guess the Israelis could come in from the south and then squeeze the Palestinians from north to south.

Steven: And there’s over 1.6 million civilians refugeed in that area. And it will be much bigger than a genocide if they do this operation.

Jeff: Well, it already is a holocaust. It’ll just be a bigger holocaust.

Steven: Yes, a bigger holocaust.

Jeff: Yeah. Absolute unbelievable.

Steven: Okay. The UK-U.S. war on Yemen has not been successful and it won’t harm Yemen big time. They couldn’t and they can’t invade it. The Saudis already tried for several years. It’s very hard to occupy Yemen throughout history no one successfully occupied it. The only country that hasn’t been occupied is Yemen. So, the US occupying Yemen is impossible that’s number one. Number two is the gun power and the power they have, it’s much stronger than Hamas and Hezbollah put together.

We are talking about smart missiles and ballistic missiles. We are talking about air-to-sea missiles and air-to-air ballistic missiles. We are talking about a very sophisticated, supported, well-trained group. So, NATO war on Yemen. It won’t have any effect. It’s only causing the people of Yemen to suffer. But as a military, as a power, no, that won’t affect Yemen at all.

Jeff: Wow. Are they making these missiles, or are they buying them, or how are they acquiring them?

Steven: They are making them. They get technical support from France country from the acts of resistance like other countries like Iraq, Iran, and other countries around the world. We are seeing what they did, the pressure they are putting on the world on what they’re doing in the Red Sea and the other Gulf because in the support of Gaza, they are causing big pressure on the United States and on the world Western community in the Red Sea.

Jeff: Wow.

Steven: They couldn’t stop them till now.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, one ship has already sunk, and apparently, another one is about to sink. Another ship bound for Palestine is also about to sink. So, that makes two ships that they will have sunk. It’s just unbelievable. It’s just unbelievable. I give my praise to the Yemenis every day I wake up. They’re amazing. They’re just amazing people.

Steven: Yes, so true.

Jeff: Amazing people. Well, listen, Steven, this has been the craziest interview I’ve ever done with all of the bad connections. I wish we had more time to talk and had a better connection, but I think I can put together a great show. This is Jeff J. Brown China Rising Radio Sinoland signing out in Normandy, France. Talking to my good friend journalist Steven Sahiounie, who is in Latakia, Syria.

Steven: I’m very sorry for this.

Jeff: It’s not your fault. Your country is at war with NATO. And I will put our two previous interviews, and I will put his website link. It’s a great resource. And go to it and start following Steven. Okay. Thank you, Steven.



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