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Pictured above: the Chinese people have conquered terrorism, not by oppression and authoritarianism, but by education.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff








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A member of the China Writers’ Group posted an article from China in 2019 ( that brought back a lot of memories for me. The article mentions a documentary shown to the Chinese that year, which shows a number of bone-chilling, goosebump-raising terrorist scenes in-country ( After working in China from 1990 to 1997, my wife, daughter and I moved back in 2010, and lived there until 2019. When we got there in 2010, China was struggling with terrorist attacks, ostensibly Xinjiang terrorists, from the Muslim province in northwest China that has a minority called the Ouighurs. We definitely shared with the Chinese people what they were feeling. It was a scary time, since we were doing a lot of traveling, and they were attacking train stations, public squares, et cetera.

The history of these terrorists goes back to, of course, NATO, the CIA, George Soros, the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID and all the thousands and thousands of supposedly non-governmental, color revolution organizations that they fund and direct around the world. Of course, NATO trains all of the Islamic terrorists in countries like Iraq, Syria and Libya. They also train people in no man’s land in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a desolate region called Waziristan.

All these terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh, et cetera, are all NATO financed and trained proxy armies that they move with military airplanes around the world, to create terrorist cells and color revolutions. This was no different for China, because the western and northwestern borders of China are really no man’s land of desert and mountains, including the Kyber Pass into Afghanistan. Therefore, it was extremely easy for these Western trained terrorists to infiltrate into China, and that’s exactly what they did.

Another problem was that Turkey was enamored with these terrorist groups for a number of years, because Turkey’s leaders have had fantasies of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire from the Middle Ages. The Ouighur language is Turkic, which extends from Turkey all the way to Xinjiang, so they dreamed of a neo-Ottoman empire stretching all the way Sinoland. The Turks were actually helping these terrorists by giving them passports. This has now stopped. But at the time, these guys were going to Malaysia and Indonesia, where the Turkish embassies were giving these terrorists passports, so that they could get into China. That was another way that they were getting in.

The West created bogus organizations like the East Turkistan Independence Movement (ETIM), and they created a flag that looks exactly like the Turkish flag, which has also enamored the Turks, except instead of a red background, it has a sky-blue background, and instead of a white crescent and a white star, it has a gold crescent and a gold star. Other than that, they’re identical. Of course, the East Turkistan Independence Movement and others have offices in Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and other places around the world. They’re lavishly funded by the CIA, George Soros, and all of their thousands of color revolution NGOs with bogus names. The leaders of ETIM and other bogus independence movements get professorships at Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. And they get six-figure chairs working for anticommunist, anti-Chinese foundations and think tanks. They get to give speeches in the UN and win “freedom” prizes from their paymasters.

Of course, all of this was allowed to happen because NATO, with Mikhail Gorbachev as their stooge, brought down the Soviet Union in 1990. Then, of course, they raped and plundered Russia for ten years. This gave the CIA-Soros-NED Clique the opportunity to use Russian territory and former Russian republics, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, et cetera, to infiltrate into China. From 1990 up until 2016, China had thousands and thousands of terrorist attacks across the country, especially in Xinjiang, but also as late as 2008, in Tibet, again, the CIA with phony Tibetan liberation movements, et cetera. The referenced article mentions 1,588 terrorist groups, 12,995 terrorists and 2,052 explosive materials captured. Thank you, Western empire. The Chinese knew that all of these attacks were being perpetrated with outside financing, training and organization. Thus, in 2016, they passed a National Antiterrorist Law.

It was passed on January 1, 2016, and the entire country, not just the government and the police, but the entire country, including the people, were mobilized. As you can see, the first picture below, ironically, they used the colors of phony East Turkistan (sky-blue and yellow). That’s quite interesting. I just now noticed that.

In the second picture, you can see on the 5 January 2016 they were already in Xinjiang, having meetings, mobilizing local governments, police and educators.

In photo number three, the police are showing workers at a factory what they need to do to fight terrorism and how to respond.

In picture number four, they even went up into the mountains and met citizens in Xinjiang, up in the boondocks, to give them posters and information, to show them how to teach others in their area how to fight terrorism.

In picture number five, you’ve got the Chinese police learning how to do antiterrorist drills and what to do if there is an antiterrorist attack in a public area. Unlike the West, they get captured and tried, not gunned down.

Then in the next two pictures (#6 and #7), you’ve got wonderful traditional Chinese art showing the police apprehending terrorists, working with citizens, showing a terrorist attack that happened on July 5, and another one that happened on July 28.

Then in the next picture, #8, you can actually see photographs of posters that were put up in Xinjiang about do’s and don’ts, reeducating the people, since they had been brainwashed for the last 26 years by all of this extremist ideology coming from West Asia, again, paid for by NATO and the CIA Clique. Notice that in this picture with the public posters, they’ve got images of t-shirts with the Turkish flag in red and the Turkistan flag in baby blue. Notice also that they have them in both Chinese and in Ouighur, which uses the Arabic script.

In the next poster, #9, this one is from Sichuan, and it shows a military soldier silhouette, telling everybody all the people need to be involved in terrorist suppression. Notice the QR codes, so that they can contact people, get more information, et cetera. Of course, the western half of Sichuan is the Tibetan Plateau, another area of China destabilized by the West for decades. I traveled there when I wrote my book, 44 days Backpacking in China. So, if you want some great stories about Tibet, read my book, 44 days Backpacking in China (

Then they had to go out and do massive reeducation among the population, because they were brainwashed with religious extremism into believing that they needed to be free from Chinese culture, et cetera. You can see here in picture, #10, these are booklets about the new antiterrorism law. Notice they are in Ouighur and in Mandarin languages.

Xinjiang still has its 25,000 mosques and true Islam, but the local population had to be reeducated, de-brainwashed, de-programmed of 26 years of massive Western backed propaganda. This is why everybody talks about the supposed Xinjiang “concentration camps and gulags”. They are not concentration camps and gulags. They are reeducation centers. You can see in picture #11, Abdul Tursuntohti. There were thousands of Ouighurs in China, like this guy here talking about, “I will even kill my son, to say nothing of infidels”. This is why thousands and thousands of them had to be reeducated. They were brought into schools and taught about real Islam, the real China, et cetera.

We lived next to a Muslim (Hui minority) community in Beijing and I wrote about what was going on during that time (

In any case, the West knows there are no gulags and were caught admitting it in public, as I reported here (

In the next picture, #12, there’s a Ouighur woman saying that she didn’t realize that she had been brainwashed, essentially, that she did not realize what she had been taught was to be a terrorist, and that if she hadn’t been reeducated (and leaned the real truth about Islam and China), she would have continued down the criminal path.

There are thousands of international clerics, professors, scientists, diplomats and government representatives from Muslim countries from all over the world, who have combed across Xinjiang and have nothing but praise for what China has done to stop all terrorist attacks since 2016.

I’d like to ask you, China has not had any terrorist attacks since 2016. ZERO terrorist attacks for the last eight years. Can your country say that? Contrary to all the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine vomit, the Chinese succeeded in crushing terrorism – no because of oppression or authoritarianism – but thanks to unified, national cooperation, reeducation and economic development.

Now, Xinjiang is a massive hub for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Its growth is double digit, as well as Tibet’s – twice that the rest of China – because they’re both heavily involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. The quality of life of the people in Tibet and Xinjiang is better than in a lot of places in the United States and Europe. There are no homeless or hungry people in Xinjiang or Tibet. Very little crime. Everybody has a home, the vast majority owned by the citizens. Everybody’s getting the education that they need, universal health care for all, almost zero unemployment, which is unfortunately not the case in the rest of China.

This is to let you know that you cannot have that kind of economic success if you have terrorist attacks threatening the people nonstop.

In picture #12, you can see they even have a museum in Xinjiang, The Fight against Terrorism and Extremism in Xinjiang. The Chinese can rightfully be proud of what they have accomplished for the benefit of society

To close out today’s presentation, I’ll just show you the world’s biggest, most violent and genocidal terrorist organization. The last picture, #13, is NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Thank you.

Pictures from China


#1: China passed its national anti-terrorism law on 2016.1.1.

#2: Meetings began immediately across the country with local officials, police, educators and businesspeople. This on was in Urumuqi, Xinjiang, 2016.1.5.

#3: Outreach and education took place in workplaces across the country.

#4: This same outreach went into the mountains of Xinjiang, handing out posters to put up in remote villages.

#5: Chinese police are trained on how to handle terrorists, when caught. In the West, we just gun them down.

#6: Traditional poster showing two terrorist attacks, Urumuqi on 7.5 and Shache on 7.28, with the police and citizens cooperating. It says, “Terrorism is every person’s collective enemy”.

#7:Another traditional poster show police on guard and catching a terrorist with K9 dogs. It says, “Share bitter hatred of the enemy, resolutely attack terrorism”.

#8: Public posters in Xinjiang showing citizens the do’s and don’ts of fighting terrorism.

#9: A public service poster in Sichuan, whose western half is on the Tibetan Plateau. It says, “Build together the anti-terrorist line of defense – All the people fight terrorism, together building harmony”.

#10: Millions of booklets in Chinese and Uighur languages were distributed all over Xinjiang, to explain the new 2016 Anti-Terrorism Law.

#11: From 1990-2016, China was infested with a steady stream of NATO trained terrorists, like Abdul Tursuntohti. Along with the West funding thousands of color revolution NGOs in-country, the Chinese had their hands full until 2016 for incoming terrorism, and 2020, with the passage of the Foreign NGO Control Law.

#11: A young Uighur woman talking about her re-education and how if she hadn’t gone through the program, she would have followed religious extremists and gone down a criminal path”.

#12: To share China’s incredibly successful victory against terrorism, a museum in Xinjiang was created to tell the story.

#13: Every attack that took place in China, 1990-2016, was financed, trained and implemented by the the world’s biggest in its class, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.


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