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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff








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Kevin: Jeff Brown is one of those people that’s worth going around the world to catch up with and listen to. He spent over a decade and a half or something like that in China, and he’s now a real China expert. He has notably helped spark the coronavirus truth movement by coming on my show early on right after the first headlines about COVID broke out, and saying it looked like a US bio attack on China. So, lo and behold next couple of months proved that we were right.

So, Jeff was really the first person that I heard saying that he got he sparked my interest. And it’s really picked up steam since then Ron Unz has a great book out about it, and I’m sure most of my listeners know about that. So, let’s get going with Jeff tonight. He’s been publishing on all kinds of topics, and they’re all sort of loosely tied together under the rubric of the fall of the American Empire and the emergence of a new multipolar world. He’s one of a number of leading lights thinking along those lines. Let’s get his take on things. What’s up, Jeff Brown? How are you, man?

Jeff: Thanks for having me on again, Kevin. And greetings from the D-Day beaches of Normandy. We can wave across the Mediterranean to each other.

Kevin: Yeah, kind of I suppose, just like when I lived in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, on an Oxbow Lake that connected to the Wisconsin River, I theoretically could have thrown my kayak into the lake and portaged into the river, taking it on down to the Mississippi and from there to New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico, across the Atlantic, and landed on the beaches, the D-Day beaches by you. Likewise, I could do the same sort of thing from Sadia Morocco, I suppose theoretically. So, you pick interesting places in China and Normandy. What’s the story of that?

Jeff: You know, I lived and worked in the Arab world for ten years from 1980 to 1990.

Kevin: Yeah, you mentioned that and Morocco too.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, I was in the Peace Corps in Tunisia for two years from 80 to 82. And then I traveled and worked all over and visited the majority of all the countries in Africa, in the Middle East between 1982 and 1990. So, it’s a part of the world that is very special to me. In fact, back in the day, my Arabic was so good that nine out of ten Arabs thought I was an Arab. So, not true today because now my Chinese has overrun my Arabic and I haven’t spoken in like 30 years, but I love the language and the people and the culture and the food and the history and the poetry, and it’s just a wonderful part of the world.

Kevin: Well, I hope you get a chance Insha’Allah to come down and visit us in Morocco and try and rev up your North African Arabic.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely, would love to. Thank you for your hospitality. Yeah, absolutely.

Kevin: Yeah. All right. So, yeah, it’s a big world. And you’re originally from Oklahoma. Is that right?

Jeff: Yeah, Oklahoma. I’m from Oklahoma.

Kevin: Interesting. What’s with you Oklahoma people getting out and seeing the world like there’s some guy who also has the name Barrett, except he’s his first name, who has a very popular YouTube channel with his Moroccan wife. And it’s really good practice for my Moroccan Darija Moroccan Arabic. And he’s from Oklahoma.

Jeff: Oh, really? I don’t know that guy.

Kevin: Anyway, you’ve settled in Normandy, but you’re still kind of reporting on a lot of the same issues that you’re reporting on from China when I first started interviewing you.

Jeff: Well, the reason I’m here is my wife and I, after 16 years in China, tried to retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2019, Covid came. And the reason I know, the reason I knew about Covid is that I am a co-founder and the curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, which is the largest repository of media of all kinds, audiovisual, written books, I mean, everything about bioweapons and chemical weapons going back to World War One.

And it’s free and it’s available to everybody. And tens of thousands of people access it every year at It’s a fabulous library and it’s all free and it’s all downloadable. So, that’s why I was kind of ahead of the curve on the Covid because it was something I had been studying.

Kevin: Yeah. I mean, I kind of had the same sense. I haven’t studied it nearly as much as you, but I’ve read a number of books on the topic. And so, when Covid hit, my kind of first reaction was this is the sort of thing that they might do.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, we came back in July of 2020 ostensibly to take care of my mother-in-law, who was in a nursing home. And the borders closed back up. And, so we ended up retiring in Normandy, where her mother was, she’s passed away now two years ago. But we ended up retiring here and did a longest-distance move and canceled our lease on our house in Chiang Mai. And so that’s why I’m here in France. But of course, with China Rising Radio Sinoland and Seek Truth From Facts Foundation, I cover China extensively with all kinds of reporting, and also with the China Writers Group, which I founded, I’m promoting their work and it’s doing very, very well.

Kevin: Well, okay, let’s go to China then. It’s almost Ramadan. And there’s been a lot of propaganda in the West about a supposed genocide in Xinjiang. Now, of course, Chinese people have been posting side-by-side pictures of Gaza and Xinjiang and asking which one looks like there’s a genocide going on there. So, it’s pretty obvious that some of those reports out of Xinjiang have been grossly exaggerated. And you just wrote a piece about this. So, it’s almost Ramadan. So, reassure us Muslims that the Muslims in Xinjiang are going to be able to fast and they won’t be force-fed pork.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. That’s all just straight out of Langley. It’s just the most grotesque propaganda that they’re forced to eat pork and gulags and concentration camps. As I pointed out the United States, even in Wikileaks, admits that it’s a joke. They admit that it’s fake news, but they use it to try to destroy the Chinese economy and China’s image around the world. And then a couple of years ago, people from the US consulate in Guangzhou where we were living in Shenzhen our last three years were in Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong.

And she even publicly admitted that we know it’s not true, but we are doing this as leverage to try to harm China, etc., etc., etc. And these were representatives from the US consulate. So, everybody knows it’s a complete and total fabrication. The Chinese have had thousands and thousands and thousands of Muslims from every predominantly Muslim country around the world, clerics, professors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, diplomats, and leaders have come to Xinjiang and they’ve poured across that province. And they are just totally blown away by how the people are living as I pointed out.

So, none of them could report anything close to gulags or concentration camps. And what happened as I explained, after the USSR collapsed, the CIA and George Soros and Ned and USAID and the whole deep state used the Russian territory to infiltrate hundreds and later thousands of terrorists trained in Libya, Syria, Turkey, Waziristan and Afghanistan and Pakistan. And they infiltrated Xinjiang and China. From 1990 to 2016, China had thousands, not hundreds, thousands of terrorist attacks which I didn’t realize there were that many. So, that means most of them were not reported. Only the most sensational ones were reported.

Kevin: And what kinds of attacks were these? Were these attacks on the authorities, on military outposts, or just on ordinary people?

Jeff: Ordinary people like train stations, bus stations, public squares, and markets, and not just in Xinjiang, but in the rest of China, too. And they were highly trained and highly skilled. And so, hundreds of people were killed over that time. And so, the Chinese realized that they had to do something. And in 2016, they passed an anti-terrorist law.

And so, these supposed gulags and concentration camps are actually reeducation or education schools to reeducate the Xinjiang people because they were completely just brainwashed. The Saudis the Wahhabis were pouring money into Xinjiang and paying for mosques that were teaching fake Islam, violent Islam, etc., and those mosques and those were closed down but there are still 25,000 mosques in Xinjiang. I mean, there are mosques.

Kevin: So, they haven’t closed all the mosques. They’re not forcing people to eat pork.

Jeff: Drink alcohol. It’s just a grotesque propaganda. The economy is booming. It’s the hub of the Belt and Road Initiative to connect China to the rest of West Asia, the double-digit economic growth. People are and this is the key, Kevin. This is the key. China has not had a terrorist attack since 2016. That was eight years ago. How many countries can say they have not had a terrorist attack in eight years?

The United States can’t. I don’t think any of the countries in Western Europe can. And so, they have literally through massive education, economic development, infrastructure have literally stamped out terrorism in China because it’s from its bottom up, from the people getting the people involved and it’s a collective effort between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Kevin: It’s, Jeff, doesn’t this get to the issue of the relationship between the Chinese state and different sorts of ethnicities? Right? China does have a lot of different ethnic groups. And the Xinjiang region, of course, has these sorts of Turkic-speaking peoples. And what we really had here was more of a sort of separatist nationalist problem than an Islam problem, wasn’t it?

Jeff: Yeah, exactly. The George Soros and the CIA and their ilk created this East Turkmenistan Independence Movement. There’s another one, but it’s not quite as quite as important. And they got them into the United Nations. And of course, they’ve got offices in Western capitals all over the place. There are people that work there, have chairs, and anti-communist, anti-Chinese think tanks. They’ve got professorships and Ivy League schools.

Kevin: I had a representative on the show at one point, and she didn’t convince me. She was a little too hysterical and a little too fast and loose with her facts.

Jeff: Yeah, well, she probably hasn’t been there in ten years. I visited Xinjiang back in the ’90s. The Chinese after independence from Mao Zedong, etc. adopted the Leninist Vladimir Lenin’s philosophy that minorities should stay minor. They should keep their language. They should keep their alphabet. They should keep their religion. They should keep their culture. They should keep their history and their civilization and not necessarily integrate with the rest of with the rest of the country.

So, this turned out to be a big mistake, because in the long run, what happened after 1978-80, after Mao died and the reform and opening up during the Deng Xiaoping era, all of a sudden, these people in Tibet and Xinjiang couldn’t get jobs in Beijing. They couldn’t go to school in Beijing, Shanghai, or anywhere else because they didn’t speak Chinese well enough. And so, starting in the 1990s, they start teaching them.

It got really serious in 2000 and they really pushing China to learn Mandarin so that they could go to universities all over China, get jobs with companies in Shenzhen, etc. And then, of course, what does the West do? Oh, they’re trying to crush their culture. And they can’t win. But now they are teaching Mandarin and Uyghur in Xinjiang and Tibetan in Mandarin and Tibetan in Tibet equally. In fact, all the signs are in dual language. If you go to Xinjiang, they’re in Mandarin and Uyghur, and if you go to Tibet, they’re in Mandarin and Tibetan.

And so now the people are bilingual and they’re plugged into the economy, they’re plugged into the education system, they’re plugged into jobs and they’re migrating to other parts of China to seek work just as well as Chinese are migrating to those areas to seek work. So, that has been a big help because now they’re more of a daily part of life in China than before when they were kept in their native environment.

Kevin: Right. So, from a Muslim perspective, you can understand why people are kind of split on this. On the one hand, we have the West using these tactics against the Islamic world and also against China and training terrorists in the US vassal states like Saudi Arabia. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago admitted that the whole terror Wahabi terror thing was all forced on Saudi Arabia as a tool of American foreign policy.

Jeff: Sounds about right.

Kevin: So, Islam is under attack from the West using all of these different kinds of divide-and-conquer tactics, including the creation of crazed mercenaries to be used against the Empire’s enemies. But on the other hand, there’s a legitimate kind of historical grievance, shall we say, in that the Islamic world sees itself as a single Ummah (Islamic nation) and that nation has been carved up into bits and pieces over the centuries, recent centuries.

And some of it ended up in what’s now Russia and some of it ended up in what’s now China, some of it’s in what’s now India, and so on and so forth. So, there is that sense that people who are at least as much a part of the Muslim nation as of the Chinese nation, in the case, of the Muslims of Xinjiang, maybe more so that that’s just an intractable problem. So, I don’t think we should 100% blame the Turks for sort of seeing Xinjiang as being that should be part of the Muslim nation, because, I mean, it should, shouldn’t it?

Jeff: Well, it is part of the Muslim world. I mean, the Chinese go to Mecca every year. They go to all of the Islamic councils and international meetings. Muslims from all over the world come to China to attend meetings. There is no abridgment of any religious belief in China as long as you do not try to use your religion to overthrow the government. And that’s the limit. That’s why so many of the Christian churches there are 50 million Christians in China and they closed down a bunch of these churches because they were being financed by fundamentalist Christian groups in the United States to try to be political, create tension with the government, and go against the government and go against the way of life of the Chinese people.

And that’s true for the Buddhists. It’s true for the Muslims. I’ve never seen any problem with Muslims anywhere in China. We lived in Beijing. We lived literally a catty corner from a Muslim enclave. In Beijing, the Hui minority there in Ningxia up by Inner Mongolia. They’re much, much further east towards Beijing, about halfway between Xinjiang and Beijing. And the Hui people, I mean, they had halal restaurants we used to go to.

We used to go to the halal market. They had a mosque about 200 or 300m from where we lived. People would go to the mosque whenever they felt like it. It was open 24 hours a day. They didn’t have to have any guards or anything. They had total freedom to go to the mosque whenever they felt like it. And everywhere I’ve traveled, there are Uyghurs all over China because they’re kind of like the Uyghur restaurants are incredibly popular all over China. So, there are Uighurs everywhere in China because the people love Uyghur food.

And so, there’s no problem. In Shenzhen, just north of Hong Kong, there are six mosques. I mean, how many mosques are there in cities in the United States and Europe? They have a hell of a time even trying to get one built. Whereas in China, they’re everywhere. Everywhere you turn there are mosques all over the country. And so, Muslims have absolutely no limitations to practicing their beliefs, fasting, praying, and going to prayers.

Well, in China, it’s going to be probably on Saturday or Sunday because they do the Western Civil Week, Monday through Friday. The mosques are full, the people go, there’s no problem and you can buy Qurans in all the minority languages. You can buy Qurans in Chinese in bookstores. I would say that Muslims in China have a better quality of spiritual practice than Muslims do in some other countries, that’s for sure, especially in Europe.

Kevin: And the Chinese so-called war on terror does seem to have been kinder and gentler than the Western version. Of course, that’s not saying much. Well, basically from what I understand at this point I agree with you and I actually had a couple of people invite me to China to check things out and come pray in some of those mosques in Xinjiang and elsewhere across China. And I hope to do that someday, Insha’Allah. Well, how about another controversial topic that you tackled recently? Climate change. You had an interesting dialog with a guy named Heinrich, I think.

Jeff: Yeah. Heinrich Wahren from Tasmania, Australia.

Kevin: Yeah. So, what? He’s apparently a climate expert who agrees with the so-called expert consensus that human carbon-driven global warming is very much what they tell us it is, and that scientifically, he’s arguing that that’s the best interpretation of the scientific data. As for the political games, he kind of agrees with people like us about the political games around that. But he thinks that the science supports the interpretation of climate carbon-driven global warming. And then you’re agnostic about that.

Jeff: In Oklahoma, I’m a certified public teacher to teach science. And it’s always been my best subject and so I think I know science well. And when the Global warming campaign started back in the especially ’70s with the Club of Rome. And into the ’80s, for me, it was like it was almost like a religion. I just of course, if we’re belching out seven or eight, I think it’s up to nine trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere that’s been sequestered in the Earth’s crust for the last 50 to 100 million years.

Of course, we’re causing the climate to heat up. Of course, we’re causing global warming. And I kept I mean, I taught it. I mean, I taught Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, and I developed an entire syllabus for it, and I really took it seriously. And then but over the years, I kept seeing people that I respect and admire saying, well, but that’s not true. And I kept seeing Russian Climatologists and Russian scientists who were saying that it’s not true. And talk about cognitive dissonance, I was all in for this.

And they kept talking about how they were caught by Western scientists fudging the facts, leaving out data sets, and basically falsifying their research. And I kept saying, well, I respect Russian scientists. I mean, their science is at least as good as the West and historically and currently and I kept saying why. And then I just kind of flashed in my head. But they’re not bribable. The Western scientists are probably and I think they are being bought off.

I mean, they’re being paid to publish what the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission and now the World Economic Forum and the UN Agenda 2030. They’re being paid to publish this information. And then I started learning about geoengineering. And I’ve done hundreds of hours of research on geoengineering. And by golly, the evidence is overwhelming that the human race can alter the weather and can even cause earthquakes. And in fact, I even mentioned the one in Morocco.

And Lyndon Baines Johnson when he was president back in 66 or so, gave a public speech saying that we were working to control the weather in whichever country can control the weather will control the world and all the contrails and all the seeding and the skies and everything. And I began to realize that I think most of whatever climate change we’re going through is actually being man-made, not by carbon.

But by the diabolical deep state western geoengineering trying to create chaos, all these fires and food plants that are burning up and being destroyed in the hundreds of food plants and food processing plants in the United States have been destroyed. In fact, I forgot to mention my direct energy weapon starting fires. And so, I really think that now, I mean, it is I still think it’s possible that the carbon that we’re belching out is having an impact on the environment.

But I think that the geoengineering for de-population and to control our food supplies and to eugenics and also to create a totalitarian one-world style government that we’ve been hearing about for the last 50 years. I think that’s where it’s actually coming from more. So, it’s been very difficult for me. It’s a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. And I know I’m going to piss off a lot of family and friends by kind of coming out of the closet, so to speak. But I really had I just decided it was time to just say it. And this is my latest position in my arc of awareness about global warming and that’s where it stands. I know it’s going to make a lot of people unhappy, but that’s where my research has led me here.

Kevin: I can make even more people unhappy by saying that I’m not entirely sure. You’re right. and that’s going to piss off a lot of my audience. Your audience, I think, probably leans more toward the left politically than mine does. Although mine is probably fairly equally split, I have a lot of people who get mad at me when I say this global warming thing. Actually, this is one area where, as far as I can tell based on what I’ve seen so far, I would lean towards that consensus view that carbon really is pushing a potentially very catastrophic, at least to humans and maybe some other species kind of global warming.

I’ve looked at the arguments on both sides of this, and it does seem to me that what you just described could all be easily explained by kind of a both and hypothesis. That is, it’s not either that climate change is a hoax, as some of the Russian scientists say, and the whole thing is purely about a crazed control freak de-population agenda that has no real purpose other than increasing the control of the controllers.

It seems to me that all of those things, including the geoengineering madness, might be even better explained by assuming that this and other environmental emergencies are very real and that these folks understand that we’re in a huge problem. And they are control freaks. They’re madmen. Their number one priority, of course, is their own control. And so, they’re scrambling wildly to try to maintain and increase their control in a potentially chaotic situation, the chaos being the likely result of these various environmental catastrophes, including climate change.

And the reason I say that is that after I read a pretty thorough book, putting forth the best arguments against the alarmist position on carbon and so on. Most of those arguments end up being straw man arguments one way or another. That is, if you zoom in and try to look at the actual data that is relevant as Heinrich did a little bit in your dialog with him. The Russians point out that carbon has fluctuated and temperatures and climates have fluctuated a lot in the history of Earth, and the amount of CO2 that we’re talking about is very, very small in terms of its percentage of the atmosphere.

However, there is this tight correlation, even if there’s a little bit of a lag that can easily be explained between the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and the average global temperature. And that tight correlation generally swings slowly up and slowly down. And it’s associated with these rises and falls in temperature. As Heinrich pointed out, coming out of the last ice age involved a very gradual increase from 180 parts per million to 280 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere.

And now we’ve already pushed humans, have pushed it from the two 280 up to well over 400 today. That is a bigger increase that radically changed the Earth’s climate and took us out of an ice age into an interglacial. And the difference is that a much smaller increase that radically changed the Earth’s climate took place over maybe 8000 years. And so, what we just did is we just doubled that increase over a century. And if that’s not gambling, I don’t know what is.

Jeff: Well, the other thing that really concerned me is I kept the people that are presenting this, a number of them have fudged the numbers. People have gone in and analyzed their data and said they’re cooking the books. One of the big ones is there was a little Ice Age, I think it was back in the 1500s or the 1400s. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but there was a little Ice Age when the Northern Hemisphere got very, very cold.

And that’s inconvenient because it was cold. And we’re supposed to be getting hotter. And so, they’ve actually caught these people giving these presentations and they leave the little Ice Age out because it doesn’t square with their data. I can’t think of the guy’s name but there are a couple of people that have just done huge amounts of work on this. And again, I’m agnostic now. I mean, I’m no longer a fanatical believer in carbon only.

All I’m saying is that I think global geoengineering is having much more of an impact than carbon. But the problem is, it’s all pushing everything in the dangerous direction because they do want to make us quit using our cars. They do want us to quit eating meat. They do want us to buy and start eating lab meat and insects. I just saw Tyson Foods one of the biggest industrial food companies, especially chicken.

Tyson Foods in the United States has just signed a deal with a company to develop and use more and more insect protein and lipids in human food. So, I mean, this is where they’re pushing us. And for someone who grew up on an animal on a sheep farm, I strongly support animal agriculture. And, of course, they want to destroy animal agriculture. And they’re doing it in France. They’re doing it in the Netherlands. They’re doing it in Poland. They’re doing it all the big agricultural producers in Europe, they’re doing it.

Kevin: They’re not doing it in Morocco, Jeff. We have these sheep, a huge flock of sheep that traipses through our neighborhood every day. And then the neighbor, the guy who has the handout, the little grocery store of the neighborhood has a couple of goats where basically our neighbors, too. So, they haven’t banned animal agriculture here in Morocco. It’s everywhere.

Jeff: Well, unfortunately, they’re trying to do it very much in Europe. And they’ve attacked the Netherlands first, although France is the breadbasket of Europe and the Europeans would starve to death without France. And that’s the other thing, just this whole WEF totalitarian control and population control. And remember, Henry Kissinger said he who controls the food controls the population. And I think they believe that and I think that.

Kevin: Did he ever fight with Johnson about whether it was the food or the weather?

Jeff: Hahahaha. But anyway, unfortunately, I think it’s both but I have to come out and say that I think geoengineering is much more powerful than we realize.

Kevin: But, Jeff, wouldn’t it be likely that geoengineering is perhaps ill-advisedly attempting to mitigate global warming? See, that’s what I actually heard from a mainstream journalist when I was at a 911 truth conference in Chicago in June of 2006. This guy was totally skeptical about the 911 issue, and he was coming to perhaps mock us in the mainstream press, although I don’t think he ever published anything.

But he said that the one conspiracy theory that he knew was true was the chemtrails because he said he had interviewed people with firsthand knowledge of at least two. There were two programs, two secret chemtrails programs going on that were administered through the US military that involved spraying nanoparticles into the atmosphere. And he said there were two different programs. One was about mitigating global warming through a kind of sunscreen and the other was using these metallic flakes for radar-style imaging to give them away to spy on us better.

Jeff: Well, there are chemtrails all over France. I mean, I just, go out and take a walk and you can just see them just row after row after row. And as people say we don’t know really what’s in those and we don’t know if it’s the.

Kevin: Barium and strontium anyone?

Jeff: I don’t know but I just are they trying to hurt us or they trying to help us or they trying to kill us or they trying?

Kevin: To control everything.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. And so anyway, it’s been an interesting arc of awareness for me, and I just felt like it was a kind of a time to come out of the closet. And I did that, and I’m sure that I’ll probably lose a friend or two, but I did want to come clean because it’s been something that’s been on my mind for a long time.

Kevin: Well, you’re not going to lose my friendship, that’s for sure. In fact, probably my audience is going to be cheering for you and telling me that I need to get a little bit more paranoid.

Jeff: Hahahahahahahahaha.

Kevin: Oh, boy. So, how about the geopolitical battle against these particular control freaks, these Western empire control freaks who we probably would agree are trying to take over the world for neoliberal gangsterism and then impose all of these technologies of control over the population and pretty much reduce us all to the level of serfs on their high-tech plantation. So, those people are right now losing control in Ukraine, and it’s not obvious that their strategy of allowing crazed, millenarian genocidal Zionists to slaughter the people of Gaza is actually going to help them in even the medium terms.

That is, it looks like this empire is making a series of really bad decisions starting with 911 and the 911 wars, which wasted its resources on a fight that didn’t even need to happen. It was all about Zionism. And now they’re going down in Ukraine and they’re fighting this Zionist battle to the end in Palestine, which probably will be their end. So, I’m not sure these people are really going to end up controlling the world the way they think they are. But what do you think about this genocide as some kind of imperial control strategy?

Jeff: Well, yeah, I will answer that, but I would like to point out that there are countries that may not announce it publicly and say we are fighting the World Economic Forum and we are fighting the Agenda 2030 and we are fighting the Covid stuff. But when you look at countries like North Korea, China, Vietnam, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Eritrea, Africa and Yemen, there are a lot of countries that are fighting the good fight.

Kevin: Yemen’s the champ right now.

Jeff: Oh, God. It’s unbelievable. But people say, oh China’s endorsing the Agenda 2030. Well, there’s nothing wrong with the Agenda for 2030 and China because it’s for the people to help the people access to water, electricity, housing, adequate medical care, food, and education. But Agenda 2030, the Westerners should be scared to death of it because it’s being used to kill people, to kill the population. Whereas in China, it’s being used to help the people.

I think what might end up happening, Kevin, in the long run, is that they’re pretty much it’s already starting this multipolarity. You’ve got the Asian quad. You’ve got Russia Iran and China and North Korea. They’re just like a solid block. No one’s going to move them. And then in South America, you’ve got Venezuela and Bolivia who are hanging tight, and now somewhat Brazil. And then you’ve got the amazing Sahelian, the Muslim countries of Mali and Burkina Faso and Niger, and now it looks like Guinea and Chad or jumping in along with the Central African Republic to stand up to all of this madness.

So, I think it’s there’s going to be almost like two different worlds. There’s going to be the Western-controlled world, and there’s going to be the multi-polar world. But in the meantime, of course, genocide has been a policy. And I’ve written a lot about this. I mean, people don’t realize how much the West has been using genocide for centuries. During World War One, the British killed one-third and starved one-third of the Iranians.

Well, back then it was, I think it was called Persia. But they starved to death one-third of the Iranian population by exporting all of the wheat and barley to Europe to feed the soldiers in World War One. The British killed they killed one-third of the Irish. The Irish potato famine was a potato genocide. They intentionally exported all the grain out of Ireland to punish the Irish for standing up and demanding their demanding their freedom from slavery. And they did it.

Kevin: That was a bit like Gaza today, wasn’t it?

Jeff: Yeah, exactly. They starved 5 or 6 million in Bengal, India. The French and the Japanese starved 9 or 10% of the Indo-Chinese during World War two. This just goes on and on and on and on. I mean, this is what the West does. They sanction, blockade, boycott, and starve people to death. This is what they like to do. And this is what they’re doing in the Holocaust in Palestine today. It’s no different. It’s just another country where it’s happened over and over and over again.

So, war, of course, is a form of genocide. And I have always said sanctions are a form of genocide because innocent people are dying. Like the Iranians just, I love the Iranians, too. They’re just amazing. They just captured an American ship with $50 million worth of oil in it. And to pay reparations to Iranians who have suffered and died because of some rare skin disease. I couldn’t even pronounce the name when I read it.

They can’t buy the material, the bandages the medicine, and everything that they need from a laboratory in Sweden because Sweden won’t sell it because of the sanctions on Iran. Venezuela, the United Nations estimated that the sanctions against Venezuela, which was 2 or 3 years ago, had killed something like 19,000 people in Venezuela with diabetes and everything that they couldn’t get drugs and antibiotics and everything else. Sanctions are genocide. I mean, to me, the Western foreign policy is genocide and American Indians.

Kevin: Well, Jeff, wait. The definition of genocide involves trying to totally get rid of some specific group. And they say, you say in whole or in part, but if by, in part, you just don’t really mean trying to radically displace or eliminate the group, then maybe the word that you want for it is something other than genocide, right?

Jeff: Well, I don’t know. They want to get rid of Venezuelans. They want to get rid of Iranians. They want to get rid of North Koreans.

Kevin: In Arabic, (Arabic Word) which literally translates as something like mass extermination or mass slaughter, mass extermination that I think would definitely describe what a lot of these acts that you’re describing. But the international law definition of genocide is pretty specific, and it probably would apply to some of them more than others, but it certainly seems to apply to what’s happening in Gaza and in Palestine because it’s clear that the problem is establishing intent. And these crazed Zionists are shameless about expressing their intent to commit genocide at every opportunity.

Jeff: Well, if the United States slaps hundreds and hundreds of sanctions on Venezuela and Iran knowing it’s going to kill people, that’s intent.

Kevin: Right. But they’re not necessarily trying to eliminate the category of Iranians or Venezuelans.

Jeff: You have to start somewhere.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. I’m not trying to defend it, that’s for sure. Just saying the legal definition. And if we had certain holy Holocaust worshipers on here, they would tell us that the one and only true sacred genocide is the Holy 6 million Holocaust but that’s, of course, another topic for another show. Although actually maybe we should bring that up because I’ve noticed that since the Zionists are committing such a shameless genocide in front of the cameras of the world and their victims are filming the whole thing in real-time, it’s by far the best-documented genocide ever, and the one totally undeniable one in real-time.

And then they’re lying about it so shamelessly and trying to blame the victims so shamelessly, that it’s led a lot of people to rethink the whole grand narrative about Jewish suffering and Jews as a uniquely virtuous and always persecuted group that has suffered all of these horrible travails documented in the Old Testament and so on and so forth. And then the pogroms and all of that down through the holy Holocaust and I’ve noticed that it seems that a number of people haven’t gone there before.

Jeff: Oh, I’ve gone there. I mean, I have. I mean, this has been going on, this is another coming-out-of-the-closet thing. There’s no physical evidence of the Jewish Holocaust during World War two. Absolutely none. There’s zero physical evidence. It’s all propaganda. I interviewed Einar Schlereth (Rest in peace). Unfortunately, he died a couple of years ago, but he was a Jew who escaped into the West, and he even showed in his autobiography a newspaper article right after World War two where the Red Cross did a very careful analysis of the camps in Auschwitz and everywhere else, and in Germany and the surrounding area.

And they estimated that 250,000 to 350,000 people died in the camps. And they were not really concentration camps. They were work camps to go work in all the German factories, which is why the sign over Auschwitz said work will set you free because they were being sent to the factories in Germany and worked to death.

But they were not strictly concentration camps where they were just left to starve like Eisenhower did to 1 million German POWs in the Rhine fields after World War Two. He literally starved a million of them to death. And there’s no proof. There’s absolutely no proof. And then the shocking thing that he said all those films that showed the bodies on the conveyor belts supposedly going into the crematoria into the ovens to be burned. That was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Kevin: Really? I didn’t know that.

Jeff: Yes. And who was on those conveyor belts? The dead Germans that Eisenhower killed. Because he starved so many of them on the Rhine River. He just left him out in the open in the middle of winter, and they froze and starved to death and died of dysentery and cholera because they were drinking water straight out of the Rhine River. So, there’s no physical evidence, I think the whole thing. And of course, then the Jewish lobby didn’t like that number, and they started beating drums incessantly. 6 million, 6 million, 6 million, 6 million, 6 million, 6 million. And now it’s against the law for me to even say this in France. If I did, I could go to jail.

Kevin: Yeah. It’s a good thing that you’re levitating, right? Now off of your chair, you’re technically not in French territory. Well, maybe you’re still in the airspace. It depends on how high you’re levitating. Oh, boy. Yeah, when you get thrown in jail for expressing common sense about historical episodes, I don’t know, it makes you wonder what the much-vaunted freedom of expression that the West is supposed to stand for really means. Well, I think we hit the end of the show here, but it’s been a great hour. Jeff Brown, I’ve got your links up on the radio blog. People can find it by way of Click on the radio show link, find your way to this show, and follow the links to the work of Jeff Brown. Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you, Kevin. Bye-bye.

Kevin: Okay. Bye-bye.



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