China Writers’ Group Saint Patrick’s Day special! Pepe Escobar’s latest and “This Week in The Greanville Post”: 28 multimedia posts to feed your starving brain…

Pepe Escobar: The German-American Strategic Depth Clown Show — Strategic Culture (

This Week in The Greanville Post

16-Mar — The last stammering of Jewish fascism

16-Mar — Zionists SLAM Oscar Speech

16-Mar — MUST SEE—Trump against empire: is that why they hate him? (Video & Text)

16-Mar — Jimmy Dore Dispatches: Interviewing Controversial US General Anthony Tata

16-Mar — In Yemen, tribes hold the keys to power


16-Mar — The Fake Countries Within White Empire: Starting with the worst, ‘Israel’

15-Mar — Mistakes Were Made

15-Mar — I’m back in the EU, site of the 21st century’s biggest political disaster

14-Mar — The Delusions Of Western Leadership

14-Mar — Breaking news and analysis on Gaza’s Al-Aqsa Flood | The Electronic Intifada Podcast

13-Mar — How effective are Palestinian soldiers in targeting Israeli snipers? with Jon Elmer

13-Mar — Pretending The US Can’t Just Drive Aid Into Gaza

13-Mar — WOKE DERANGEMENT: Trudeau Demands Life In Prison For Speech Crimes

13-Mar — Palestine is in Africa, and Arabic Peoples are Africans

13-Mar — ESSAY: United States Oppresses Haitian Masses, Hermina Dumont, 1930

13-Mar — The State of the Union is “Failed”

13-Mar — Nobody With Real Power Cares If You Refuse To Vote For Biden

11-Mar — Nukes, Red Lines and Popes

11-Mar — The State of the Union(s) / Are we really witnessing the end of the world?

11-Mar — The Jewish Roots of the Gaza Rampage

11-Mar — How Many Gazans Have Already Died? Perhaps 200,000.

10-Mar — The depth of the present Western evil is quite possibly unprecedented

10-Mar — Putin’s BLUNT Warning to NATO has Macron in Panic ft. Scott Ritter

10-Mar — Youhoo! Tucker! Here is why Putin calls for denazification (which you called “the dumbest thing I ever heard of”).

10-Mar — NATO headed for Nuclear war with Russia? Scott Ritter, Steve Starr, and Jose Vega with Diane Sare

10-Mar — Jon Stewart Says Israel & Ham@s Are Equally Bad!

10-Mar — Pepe Escobar joins on NATO’s march to WW3 with Russia as Putin, China chart multipolar world

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